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tv   Quadriga  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2019 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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one thing many times that a board that was commissioned by post but. i've needs that when it comes to research like. that it takes on. the northern ireland has to be one of the unique actually pointing to a situation whereby ireland will actually divert from the rest of the us but the point is there that actually. how would i buy the northern ireland we seem a you meet that is somehow. there is no solution to the border problem boris johnson said multiple times over the past 2 days that the u.k. under no circumstances would put checks or controls on the e.u. border and you've just been touching upon this so if there is a no deal brags that what does happen at the border. look i mean perhaps in the short term both sides will be locked on to boot immediate on the border but in the long term and especially if the u.k.
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decides to divergence from the e.u. standards so leave the u.k. as it warms makes a free trade agreement with big us and boards goods that do not correspond to pay you stand that they you buy by definition in order to. give us a new market then shown consumers we have to put some things now whether they will be on the board or they will be that i learned so far i've learned or somewhere else it's something to be discussed but it's possible to have no board of note 6 even the u.k. and they you out of not. to a certain extent right that is the legal situation of course nicholas i want to ask you a lot was made particularly in the british media of anglo american suppose that a 30 day timetable that forced johnson then said he welcomed this blistering schedule she commented on that today she walked that back a little i want to play you what she said. was the month it would be better to say
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can be done by october 31st so it's not about 30 days it just means it can be achieved in a short period of time after all the u.k. says it wants to leave the e.u. on october 31st also. you can see reality is whatever happens whether it's 30 days or not it has to happen fast so how quickly do they have to come to an agreement to avoid a no jail break that on october 31st. the 1st one that one has to make is that there has been an argument between. the u.k. and the other 27 governments this agreement has not been ratified by the by the parliament show. if they want to reinvent the wheel and to lead i then let it drive the whole agreement i don't think that is enough bang they did for some consummate saying this but there is not sufficient time to actually say the whole agreement and there is no up but i to my understanding of actually seeing the backstop so i
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think what the europeans buddies missed medical of the commission mr mike own i actually pointing is to saying seize in the political the collaboration finding ways to make sure that the backstop we need be that legally but it will be very very difficult to get it unless the u.k. sam how accepts that less bowlers jumps on finds that as a landing zone for spoiling our situation it's very difficult to see in the current political constellation and agreement to be achieved all right nicholas qataris a senior lecturer in european union law at the university of east anglia thank you very much for joining us thank you. well the british prime minister struck an informal tone in his talks with chancellor merkel and president mccall calling them both by their 1st names and indulging in a few jokes and not even the pomp and extravagance of palace in paris could install a sense of decorum the press lapped up but this moment when boris johnson leaned
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back and casually put his foot on one of the tables johnson was heard to say sorry but the french president in seem to mind too much it certainly produced the most memorable snapshot of the day. in iran president hassan rouhani has been talking tough about the world's oil supplies he says that if the u.s. keeps up its pressure to stop iran from exporting its oil then international waters will no longer be secure in the past tehran has threatened to close the strategically important strait of hormuz much of the world's oil supply passes through this waterway last month iran seized a british flag tanker in the strait didn't you so there's a top a went to the island of hormuz in the strait and sent us this report. it's early morning in the sun beating down on the island of relentless there's no natural water source and few other resources for that matter despite that the
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island has been highly valued for centuries as a strategic location portugal for instance constructed this fortress spec in 597 to control my routine traffic in the persian gulf today the strait of hormuz is once again witness to conflict as the standoff over british rectangle ceased by iranian authorities continues a fisherman takes us out into the straight past the island of la rock the iranian military uses the island to monitor the area which includes the narrow passage all ships must pass through to reach the largest oil imports in the region. like this a quarter of the global oil consumption passes through the strait of hormuz making it a very strategic location for international trade and an important leveraging point for iran republic has repeatedly threatened to close the strait of hormuz for international ships as long as it's not allowed to export its own oil but so far it hasn't done so but the detainment of the one british tanker is already enough to
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slow down traffic and trade in this area. currently very few international tankers use iranian waters to navigate the strait many fear being swept up in the conflict between washington and tehran and the iranian military is not alone as it petrols these waters the u.s. has also deployed ships into the persian gulf the u.s. wants to strengthen its presence here to guarantee the passage of international cargo ships which has angered the iranian government as well as the iranian people . i don't think they will do well come any sort of you know military presence down from the region itself that's a part of iran's political culture not to you know ally with. you know non local actors in the region iran try to reach out to again to you know many countries in the region kuwait qatar oman and they are open of course to the u.a.e.
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and i think saudi arabia as well to discuss these kind of fissures and. there's been no movement on the issue so far iran's neighbors seem unwilling to offer support. few people on the island seem interested in politics they're just hoping there will be a swift end to the regional standoff. bene's them and again if the tensions are resolved the entire economy may improve and we're part of that. everyone is out of work here in hormuz i don't know what to do with my wife and kids we can't all live on fishing alone. things would improve for tourism more tourists would pay a visit to this island and that way it could develop. without stability turning homo's into a popular tourist destination remains a distant prospect.
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anyone who's a fan of the sound of music will remember julie andrews yodeling her heart out in the song the lonely gold heard long before the advent of smartphones cow and goat herders used the else as a way to call from one mountain to another but what began as a melodic language in switzerland and austria has involved into a sophisticated musical form in itself one that has staying power. really. ok it could be but be totally meaningless and lally will. be did we don't know when the 1st alpine dairy farmer let rip with the 1st. warning . perhaps the most plausible explanation courting the scattered head of counties in from milking but would so much artistic creativity be invested in just such
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a monday in task. time oh you are are you are. it's rather hard to imagine now but there was a time when yodeling was considered revolutionary. you could even say there was a kind of republican yodel for example in switzerland one of the 1st democratic countries or role of the was to free it from the podium at the beginning of the 19th century. these countries were associated with freedom in the eyes of the rest of europe. so the euro songs that came down from the out to europe were transformed
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into songs of freedom hide an interesting theory where the battles of just great p.r. measures 4 point folk music well christoph doctors research does suggest that there was a yodel at that time one which gripped the whole of europe and soon produced its 1st superstar of growing the family from silla top. in addition to the rhinos hundreds of alpine singers and even opera divas took yodeling to the lives. and 2 overseas postures near 0 balance also at the new york metropolitan opera their views were not great but that didn't stop your mania gripping the us considered a good cough the whole world made in the usa in the 19th century this woman a mix of languages was spoken my idea is that yodelling was the lowest common denominator of the glades to get. no no no no no no no no. in the usa yodel mania
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lost its luster in the 1950 s. . but 2 decades ago yodeling was liberated from being solely the preserve of german folk music t.v. shows indie folk music bands and everyone's gone vocalists have breathed new life into. and why not what could be more beautiful than transforming those cries of distress into a positive heartfelt yeah that echoes around the world you. live . all right that's it for the day but as always a conversation continues online to find us on twitter either athlete i've been in storage at some ugly ass don't forget to use our hash tag the day i'm sumi so misconduct thank you for watching and for making us a part of your day. 3
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international. journalists discuss the topic. coming up on quadriga hong kong protesters want china to respect the rule of law and the city's semi
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autonomous status but will beijing give them gum freedom their dramatic talk about that coming up on part. quadriga next d.w. . still need our ears to hear in the future. can make music so new to the town of unfolds. and will new technologies expand down son income. brain behaves and journey into the future of listening. to the song. starts rising people fight for some. money out of a moment when there's
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a flood water comes up to your waist close fast to everyone but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. you can see people not self so they can plant crops and find. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any about going to night if you want informative. the battle. for climate exodus starts september 5th on d w. hello and welcome to quadriga using international talk show coming to you from berlin i'm brian thomas and on our show today you've seen them for about 3 months
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now every weekend out on the streets of hong kong thousands of protesters calling for democracy and the rule of law one protest 1700000 people peacefully staking their claim on freedom police holding back this time with no tear gas no rubber bullets but will beijing give hong kong the freedom and autonomy it so desperately wants and why is the west been so reluctant to unequivocally back up the protesters and their calls for democracy. our topic today china's power play hong kong for trade to talk about this i'm joined by from the the views asia desk he says china wanted to experiment with the rule of law and democracy in hong kong with one country 2 systems and now also has the make concessions. on our boxes a senior expert on egypt where the bertelsmann foundation based here in berlin he
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says companies that have percenter of the global competition of systems western democracies should show solidarity and resilience and the ability to learn. and carry channels from hong kong works for g.w. social media team in berlin she says china's propaganda war is only uniting the people of hong kong and they will not stop fighting on the streets until they get a real response from the government. thanks so much to all of you for being here today and to our viewers of course from around the world as well whoa if we could start with you you know you say that it's all a matter of of the people talking in in hong kong and of beijing experimenting with this city have they lost control of the laboratory the laboratory that is right hong kong right now for the chinese government are and are
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events taking on a life of their own there one see it is out of control of beijing never controls hong kong in the remaining but it's not conscious of the public image of the international words the situation hong kong is like it is hong kong trying to be the part of that one country 2 systems to the part of the one of the 2 systems in the world with the demanding a democracy and rule for all this written into law and that's what the dimona beijing is not ready to give them the freedom ok to 2 countries to use 2 systems is one country and one of the systems is clearly totalitarian the one in beijing hong kong has been frayed to this point a baronet you say that hong kong is on its way to becoming a police state. at least the police have played a role in the last couple of weeks that i think has surprised a lot of hong kong is because in hong kong there was a lot.


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