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ration if you pepper an economy too much it gets complacent but this is the long this is the short term view and this is not why many economists are asking that mr shaw as our finance minister gets a bit more creative in hughes ing you know the situation and why he should spend more he should spend more on the future or on the long term trends of the economy on our infrastructure on you know the challenges of climate change on the digitalisation and stuff like this and in this situation why not profit more from the extraordinary situation that germany actually gets money from investors for the privilege to lend the money to us. let's come back to you what does this german obsession with the black 0 votes in or what does it mean a wire politician so sworn into it was because germans also you can see this in figures they don't like going into debt even if they don't get interest that's what
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we're seeing around right now and it would be seen as a sign of weakness if the german government wasn't able to stick with this self-proclaimed goal it is kind of the last hallmarks of stability that the magical government can demonstrate and all if so it's the finance minister goes along with that let's just put it this way the leading photograph for wolfgang swipely who became infamous for being so tough on greece over that debt was all of his staff members forming the bloc 0 everybody behind yeah bend. and as a leaving present say actually one of the experts who work that out is now in a think tank and is questioning the very concept right now so that's where we are and i think the next weeks and months will tell how adamant he will stick to it come of back to you briefly last week even rumors that germany might invest more
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and provide some stimulus help lift it lifting stock markets around the world how important is this. well you're right out of course many other factors are driving the markets as well in particular at the moment the question about whether or not america the economy of their is facing a recession but germany is among the very very few players worldwide to be able to set a counterpoint to give a signal of optimism and of spending on the future contribution in frankfurt thank you very much same to. chief political editor we stay on budget issues in the u.s. there's quite a different picture the u.s. budget deficit is a spectator. to more than a trillion dollars in the next fiscal year the nonpartisan congressional budget office warns that the federal debt is on an unsustainable course it says the budget
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deal signed into law earlier this month would increase deficits by $1.00 trillion dollars over the next decade see below is also projecting slower growth in the coming years that means lawmakers will have to increase taxes cut spending or do both to put the brakes on spiraling debt. at the g. 7 summit in have barretts this weekend inequality is one of the major topics but inequality is not always about the poor and the rich it's also about men and women gender parity is seen by many economists as a foundation for prosperous and sustainable economy each year the world economic forum examines the divide between women and men in employment education health and politics and its global gender gap report according to this year's edition the most equal country when it comes to men and women it is iceland that has close over 85
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percent of its so-called gender got next to other nordic countries the top 10 also features some surprising candidates a latin american country nicaragua 2 countries in sub-saharan africa that's rhonda and namibia and one from east asia the philippines of the 149 countries rated for gender equality overall only for the g 7 members make it into the top 20 france germany the u.k. and canada the united states only lands at position 51 there is an even further back on 70 and japan is the taillight of the g 7 group at position 110. switzerland just made it into the top 20 if you ask women there they'd probably place their own country much further down the list it's mainly down to the fact that once children are involved swiss women for off the career grid especially probable in rural regions. dolman lives on
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a farm in the beautiful region of argyle in switzerland and she's an advocate for women's rights many women in the region are totally dependent on their husband she says they aren't paid and have little or no social security. you've probably heard by there are problems when the couples get divorced the wife loses her home because the farm is often inherited from the husband's parents the woman married into it and when she leaves it's hard to prove how much work she's put in otherwise nothing if i could. that's why baumann has a part time job and a prenuptial agreement her husband is very supportive. i think it's good we often discuss matters like these over breakfast. bowman upset many of her neighbors when she asks them to join a demonstration they saw the protest as a provocation. that took place last june 100000 women hit the
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streets across the country demanding better pay and affordable childcare and because management often looks like this more like this we're like this. manuela hanukah says that women in switzerland find it nearly impossible to combine family and career. and 80 percent of swiss mothers who have small children only work part time while the fathers continue to climb the career ladder he says that i feel on god in a country as rich as this it's absurd that the women have sold low income and so dependent to survival on either their husband or the state i mean. it's incredibly unfair that he will get a ticket advocates say one step towards more justice would be more paternity leave for fathers legally male employees get just one day off when their child is born as it is so good for men if this topic really were important to fathers then paternity
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leave laws would have changed long ago but if there are more men and women in our parliament. the women's rights demonstration had a big impact when its advocates say it's long overdue. and that's it from me and the business scene here and that business news check out our comprehensive website e.w. dot com slash business stay tuned for the governor's. quick roundup of global markets at this hour.
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how about taking a few friends who could even take a chance on. don't expect a happy ending. to the church. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 6 of. me and me. and you know what time all voices.
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of the 77 percent we talk about. this. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. the for. the. sounds of john's trying to miles davis from a new documentary now on general release. welcome to arts and culture more on not moving in a moment but also coming up. the great renaissance master peter broad of the elder is being celebrated all over the belgian capital prospects. and gamers delight here in germany at the moment when the world's biggest computer games event
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games cong. for jazz fans the long wait is over what is being hailed as the definitive documentary about legendary trumpeter miles davis hit cinemas this week the director stanley nelson 1st started this project over 15 years ago most importantly with the permission of miles davis family and sony music but it was shelved until 2 years ago now the story of one of the most influential and brilliant musicians in the world of jazz can be told in both of the cool. that more than any other jazz artist miles davis had the qualities of a rock star when he was a boy his father gave him a trumpet the rest is history music has always been like a curse with me it's the 1st thing in my life go to bed thinking about it and wake up thinking about it that's all i live for. that passion made him a legend. miles started very early he looked at things differently he saw things
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differently without a doubt the most unique person i've ever known. the new film miles davis birth of the cool tells davis his story from beginning to end director stanley nelson unpacks the any graphic troubled artists hides and loves fame drug abuse domestic violence and of course music the wait miles davis lends his voice to i think one of the things that is a highlight of this film is that miles is the narrator we use clips from miles all biographies so miles you kind of hear my story a few miles around the world and i think that's so unique and different perspective you know. into what made him tick and drove everyone what drove his music aside from his voice the documentary features never before seen. and never before heard music made available by the artist friends and sony music.
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what emerges is the portrait of a musical genius who was. tormented by the racism and divisions that surrounded him . but refused to let cliches define them. a lot of the old guys who went to school it would make you play like you away to hide something from theory you would lose the feeling in your claim i wanted to see what was going on and all the music the put his heart right into the microphone changed the whole world yes right there. he comes up with the style that is truly with selective of who he is he is angry antisocial but then he starts playing in people i. davis his personal life was a tumultuous his professional life always innovative if anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change. and most my sense of discipline started to treat oh i knew it i had a heroin addict. and yet he maintained
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a cult of personality around him i started to the area. and. the elevator opened and i was like in a movie when you meet the vampire and you know you're going to die and you don't care. a lot to do with communicate what i felt through. the documentary hits cinemas this friday. right stuff. is celebrating the life and times of one of its most famous psalms the great man assaults artist pizza boy brougham brawl ugle the elder is the 450th anniversary of his death in 1569 that's being honored because no one is quite sure when he was born the whole of brussels is celebrating the man who painted every day scenes of ordinary life when most else is for painting religious pictures or
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portraits. like a 1000000 puzzle pieces the paintings of peter brew elder are all about details with a multitude of motifs and characters with live stories and secrets of their own beyond brutal is the new exhibition at belgium's royal museum of fine arts here computer animations bring the artists present studies to life is minute details are blown up taking visitors back to the 16th century when europe was engulfed in religious wars . in the arctic even in the backgrounds of his paintings he lends detail to his figure is in composing his pictures he is able to leave the feel as i threw instance by painting some figures with their backs to the viewer and then to a full scale the few minutes into the night of the. san bruno painted the seasons he was the 1st who dared to paid landscapes with snow. the originals are also here
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in brussels albeit much smaller and very fragile. painted them more than 450 years ago on thin oak panels the scenes are bursting with life. life that the master observed here in brussels quarter where the artist lived got married worked and died. now a collective of street artists has brought him back to my boat with 14 murals featuring contemporary reinterpretations of his most famous works was that for me it was all about the stem of winter hunters in the snow that was the composition of the story so i just transformed the hunting dogs into a sort of hybrid animals part dog part rat. the murals lead visitors on a tour of the neighborhood and those works because if i put the exodus from egypt
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into a contemporary context since we're talking about migration so much. migration doesn't know time where borders and just how brutal like to add little stories i've got mary offering her donkey a virtual carrier because it's. brutal outdoors and for free 450 years after his death he still inspires it. and it really fits brussels where people are always looking for murals of comic figures these are surprising because they aren't comics but that's a really neat. brutal influenced many other artists as well including his sons and grandsons he founded an artistic dynasty but none of his descendants painted details so 2 playfully so masterfully as peter the elder. games com is an annual trade fair for a computer and video games held in cologne in germany this year up 240-0000 fusion
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are expected to visit making the biggest game of dent in the world it is a huge business loss in america alone the business was worth $44000000000.00 making it an even bigger industry than hollywood i'll be talking to my colleague mike accrued about late his trends but 1st a look at games call 2019. monsters and l. suppose peacefully side by side that means games come started in international commerce players developers and fans from all over the world. get us was on the special this year is that we've once again expanded games comics to almost $220000.00 square metres of exhibition space and so far we have a total of $700.00 exhibitors from over 50 countries here about 2 and that simply shows the games com has become zeke local events for the computer games industry worldwide.


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