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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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but the main theme of this year's meeting is the fight against inequality in all its forms there's war. in developed nations the gap between the rich and the poor has reached its highest level in the past 50 years the average income of the richest 10 percent of the population is now about 9 times that of the poorest 10 percent. and. the anger of those that feel left behind was most popular in france this year's g 700. that was it triggered the yellow vest protests that raged for 5 months and false president maicon to announce a host of measures to redress economic inequality. that anger has also sparked a trend towards anti establishment an anti elite movements donald trump's provocative rhetoric chimes with that mood. as
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does the brig's a debate in britain. the. was . and that anger has federalizing support for populist parties often on the far right. that. was in berlin the alternative for germany is now the main opposition party in parliament. life cited. while in italy much hail salvini head of the and jim aggression league party could soon be crowned the new prime minister. the main drive behind many of their voters economic dissatisfaction so while the g 7 leaders will be discussing how to fight global inequality there remains a lot of work for them to do on their own doorstep. let's talk about some of that
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work now with claudia smoko she's the head of the globalization and world economy program of the german council on foreign relations thanks very much for coming in this morning let's start out with the amazon the host of the summit the g. 7 summit wants to bring it to the top of the agenda manual mccraw is that going to happen the g 7 is a very informal format which means you don't have a strict agenda what you need to talk about which means once of you to meet they would talk about everything that's pressing and urgent and says that's something you want to talk about so they were definitely have that discussion on the amazon forest ok no you've been following cloudy the g. 7 for many years now fighting economic inequality is the main theme at this summit but that's something we've seen before definitely the president see it's a very informal format as i said before and the president chooses the focus off the t 7 just to give a tomato to it to make it easier for the people to understand what they are talking
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about but then you choose inequality and below this headline many of the old issues they've been negotiating for a long time so on the inequality they talk about gender inequality konami inequality climate inequality so they basically continue the agenda with a slightly different focus ok but following this agenda is going to be complicated this year isn't it by the by the time presidency u.s. president donald trump as head of time he's going to hold bilateral talks what as you mentioned is a very informal group of everyone sitting around the table how is that going to affect this summit well the thing is you need content since it is 7 is an informal group as i said no rules or regulations how to deal with how to find a compromise so what you need is you talk you know each other you you sort of find a compromise and if one country or the u.s. president on trump is not willing to negotiate with the of those the whole summit will be will reach no confusion which is the problem for this kind of format. if he
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comes and says i really basically want to do by letras this is a discreet guide for the g. 7 for mitt because he says i don't care about much letter it isn't i don't care about the 7 i am here the president of the united states and i want to talk to individual people ok money will mccall nonetheless get something done in spite of the bilateral sobig going on led by the u.s. president yes he's very eager he's very focused he has been preparing a lot what he wants to achieve and actually they've been negotiating for a whole year it's not that the only have the summit and suddenly need to read to conclusion the media or in many of the newspaper focus on the on the conflicts which means they focus on climate change they focus on trade because of you have all the trade problems but there are many more issues but they are actually getting along so something will get done the question is is it enough for this kind of summit ok what what's going to come out of the summit what do you see getting done as a longtime observer of the g 7 well there are many issues which are not only dealing
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with trade and climate change i think they will have a focus on the paris agreement because france is the holes but there's the danger that they will have this kind of 26 versus united states agreement but they will have a renewed commitment with regard to trade they definitely help to get something done and reform but this is a very sensitive issue as we all know we have taxation that's high on the agenda so we might get some kind of minimum tax form or to national corporations we have migration on the agenda we have digitization how to educate people how to use digitisation as a source for economic froze so there are many issues that need to be tackled but actually everybody will look at how does climate change in trade come out of it so it's will be a very critical summit ok climate is climate politics and trade the 2 areas where we could see progress claudio thanks very much for coming in you're welcome. let's preview now some of the other stories making the news today italy's president
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sergio motorola says that he's agreed to requests 5 political leaders for more time the form of viable coalition government has given them until tuesday to do so it is a populist governing coalition collapsed after the far right league party withdrew its support of the people. why an airline says all 184 passengers and the 7 crew members were safely evacuated after the captain declared an emergency and landed in honolulu slides were deployed people were evacuated onto the runway 7 people were taken to hospital with smoke related symptoms. at least 5 people have been killed in a stampede at a packed rap concert in the algerian capital algiers thousands had gathered at that concert by a local rap star videos posted online show medics attending to some of the victims . this is the news live from berlin still to come on the show hitting the ground running in sudan the nation's female footballers waste no time in
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a new political climate and start there only with 18 clubs. but 1st forcing children to work is illegal of course in most countries but in bolivia it is legal to employ a child from the age of 10 as a result more than 850000 young people are earning a living outside of school we followed some of them who say they want to help support their families. yet known was nice for children are singing to honor that didn't. but not because the deceased is a loved one. they're doing it for money. at the end they chant our father and the fact that there's a camp are forgotten yellow patty and kevin this cemetery is their place of the. employment they're hired to sing for the relatives of the dearly departed. they
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receive 20 bolivian knows each time worth about 2 and a half euro's that's a lot of money for children who are growing up without a father. with his. 10 year old kevin longs to buy a football but he has to spend his earnings on medical treatments for his mother who's ill. it's strange working in a cemetery that grounding katzenbach in dogs all around everywhere in. these children who come every day after school are known as the graveyard kids every 4th child in bolivia has some kind of job that's about 100000 working children. starting at 10 every night the 15 year old energy buys cigarettes at a kiosk and resells them for any profit he can manage.
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but people thought this space would be a specific when i was kid if i have to work so i can bring money home that's why i try to sell a lot see. that but isn't that illegal and he works in a pub district. 5 days a week he makes his way through run down bars and clubs selling cigarettes for $0.25 each. business is always sluggish at 1st. then more profitable as the night progresses. please when clients are seated it's easier for anybody to make a sale. but he has to keep a watchful eye. on most of that. also districts there are lots of criminal gangs and they are the biggest threat for me as a. not far from entry is christiane all of 10 years old he's collecting garbage because he wants a better life. on the premises but i want to buy new
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shoes. and go to school. like other working children here christiane belongs to a bolivian child laborers union 5 years ago it pushed through a demand to allow miners to work legally starting at age 10. youngsters like and marry and christiane say they have more rights now and they're hoping for bigger opportunities. i want my own business a house of the car i'd like to be an important person. expensive. because. the singing graveyard children say the only way to support their desperately poor families is by working. in a minute they pay us 10 to 20 bolivia for every prayer sometimes 100 because i'm so . young said campbell. that's nearly 12 year is a lot of money for
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a working building and children. now a few months ago back in may this image came to define the rush to climb mount everest climbers lining up for hours to reach the summit of the world's tallest peak overcrowding has contributed to making this one of the deadliest climbing seasons on record 9 people died in the ball as they were climbing the mountain and to avoid more fatalities on a pole government committee has recommended a slate of measures among them to acquire a permit to climb this mountain applicants must have climbed the peak higher than 6500 meters undergone high altitude climbing training and importantly have a good health record and pay a fee of at least 35000 dollars now these proposals are designed to make climbing everest of course less deadly and would sharply reduced though the number of
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climbers they have yet to be approved everest's the holy grail of many avid manta nears scaling the peak was a dream few realized until the poll removed it strictly of us on expeditions in the early $990.00 s. . this year nepal handed out a wreck or 391 permits to climb everest images posted online showed the queues near the summit as climbers took advantage of a short window of clear weather in may to make their ascent. this year was also one of the deadliest yet on everest 9 people died on the nepalese side of the mountain sherpa guides have experienced mountaineers say overcrowding contributed to at least some of the deaths there is currently no cap on the number of climbers who can attempt to some us at the same time. they also point to
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inexperienced climbers alive on the slopes. commercial operators dominate the peak today offering wealthy thrill seekers with a chance to make it to the top but they often lack training as extreme altitudes endangering themselves and other mountaineers critics say the new requirements proposed by the nepalese government could easily be forged like proof a climber has scaled another major mountain or a certificate of physical fitness nepal has refused to let us the overall number of everest permits issue relies on the climbing industry as a key source of revenue and it wants to maintain the booming allure of the world's highest peak sedan has started a transition to civilian rule in the changing political climate has prompted plans to kick off the nation's 1st ever women's football league it will include 18 clubs
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in the 1st match will take place next month this marks a huge change since the ousting of president omar bashir earlier this year. a year ago the idea of a women's football league in sudan was far fetched females wanting to follow their football plain aspirations in the past were without hope. before the revolution i could not of them not just myself being a player in a woman's football team or even expected myself to be able to play the sport i've loved there were many restrictions on sudanese women and it was not possible to play football. but now a joint military civilian sovereign council is in power and it's seen as a significant event women are part of the ruling council in measures are being taken to further women's rights and promote sports and the arts. that it
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could get in the past it was difficult for women to play football but there were many complications that prevented them from participating in this activity but now everyone is looking forward to a new reality and has a new ambitions now society has become more receptive to this idea and more accepting of the participation of women and all the areas of life by people in. a new reality where sudanese women athletes can follow their ambitions. and staying with football the former byron munich star has put pen to paper and signed a 2 year contract with the italian top flight football team spirit. is the 5th transfer signing for the club this summer and city of florence is already in love with some thousands welcoming him and his adopted city tina has struggled in recent years and fans hope the 36 year old can bring the kind of quality he showed. off 5 elephants have been rescued after getting trapped in an abandoned illegal
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mining pool video filmed by malaysia's department of wildlife shows a herd gathered as a path was carved out for them to climb out the rescue operation took about 4 hours and all the elephants walking free there are believed to have been trapped there for more than 2 days. let's give you a minder now of our top story international concerns mounting over the record number of wildfires raging out of control in brazil's amazon rainforest but the country's president fireball so far as condemned what he calls foreign interference in the process. the state of your news live from berlin up next i'll be back with quadriga hosting a discussion about the situation in hong kong don't forget you can always get the latest news and information about any and all of these stories on our web site e.w. dot com for now though thanks so much.
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