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have. much. of this is deja vu news live from berlin as the amazon fires in brazil will rage out of control and international dispute but no action brazil's president accuses france of the man on the call of being a colonial for saying the blazers. should be treated as an international crisis
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look at what's behind the record number of fires in the amazon also coming up. tight security in the southern french city of b. arrests as it prepares to host the g. 7 summit this year global leaders will focus on the fight against inequality also tell you about some of the changes the annual meeting. plus it is the ultimate dream of many climbers but over crowding near the summit of mount everest has prompted nepal to consider restrictions on who should be allowed on that field. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show international concern is mounting over the record number of wildfires in the amazon in brazil the french president of money well mccall has called it an international crisis tweeting our house is burning
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literally the amazon rain forest the lungs which he wrote produce 20 percent of our planet's oxygen is on fire but brazil's president fireball sonar has criticized what he calls foreign interference slamming across remarks as sensationalist also are also says brazil lacks the resources to fight the fires war controversal he is accused environmental groups of starting them for political gain effects of those fires are being felt well beyond the locations of the flames. half past 4 in the afternoon and the heavens dark over sao paolo smoke and clouds blotted out the sun . everything went dark i came out of the bathroom and it was night unbelievable nights but not nighttime the government says it's just the weather but climate experts say the cause is 200 kilometers away where pristine forest is going up in flames as wildfires consume the natural world there are far more places than usual
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at the start of the dry season farmers are also suffering. we planted man york and corn here it's all gone so bad farmers may be victims of the flames but some may be the fire starters big an agriculture is one of the few success stories in brazil and has an ally in right wing president. asked if farmers were responsible for the fires he blamed environmentalist's again maybe the farmers everybody's a suspect but the biggest suspects are the ngos the destruction is driving environmentalist's onto the streets they're fearful and they're angry at the accusations leveled at them. for their motives are not a statement of responsible everyone knows that the environmental organizations are against climate change and for reforestation. brazil's forests are burning at an
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unprecedented rate with unknown consequences day turned to night in sao paolo is only the beginning. and we're happy to be joined now by her also man expert on sustainability from university here in berlin she's now researching deforestation thanks so much for joining us can you tell us why have these fires reached the levels the extreme levels are at now and and who's responsible for this. as you've heard there's been an 80 percent surge. from previous dry seasons so yes in the amazon but in the dry season people used to. pastures and farmlands right now in brazil with the current government situation and unprecedented it is promoting organized crime for forests carrying using fire yes and and also killing of indigenous people who are trying to protect that and the land ok so
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you're saying there's a there's an element of criminality involved criminality an organized organized crime for that you know terry the amazon produces 20 percent more oxygen are these farmers threatening our oxygen supply for sure for sure but a muslin is really important for 3 reasons one it's a hot spot of biodiversity. it's the last vestiges where indigenous people in the in the natural ecosystem and as you've just mentioned it plays a really important climate function now scientific models show that if you get 25 percent of the amazon you have the oxygen you have an effect on the oxygen level which affects the climate and which reduces for example agricultural productivity up to 2550 percent in the region. to 40 percent breadbasket in the south american countries affected more than that the whole americas' much of the
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whole of america is affected so this is having a huge input and we're talking about huge implications to the. ok so when you say the americans not just south america but north america as well as what's going to be affected by this your mission criminality involved i'd like to get back on to that boat so narrow has been loosening the protections the environmental protections for the amazon is there a connection between the loosening of the protections and this organized crime you were mentioning for example in the deforestation you know. he's loosening the laws he's undermining indigenous rights and indigenous people have been the one fighting against clearing of that. so it's quite clear he's promoting organized crimes for us. and right now in. this fight.
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and undermining of indigenous rights we have signed a trade deal with muck with all countries to trade so what you see. right now. because. face that we should respect that. he is this month these environmental laws and we are signing a trade agreement. thank you so very much for coming in today. of france's president manuel more crime wants to put the amazon fires on the top of the agenda of the g. 7 summit that starts tomorrow and directs will be hosting talks with the leaders of the world's major economies on a wide range of topics from tensions over iran to protests in hong kong and the bleak outlook for the world economy but the main theme of this year's meeting is the fight against inequality in all its forms. in developed nations the gap between the rich and the poor has reached its highest level in the past 50 years the
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average income of the richest 10 percent of the population is now about 9 times that of the poorest 10 percent. and. the anger of those that feel left behind was most popular in france this year's g. 700. was it triggered the yellow vest protests that raged for 5 months and fools president maicon to announce a host of measures to redress economic inequality. that anger has also sparked a trend to its anti establishment an anti elite movements. donald trump's provocative rhetoric chimes with that mood. as does the brig's a debate in britain. was. the target and that anger has federalizing support for populist parties often on the
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far right. there. in berlin the alternative for germany is now the main opposition party in parliament. life side. while in its early material salvini head of the n.j. immigration league party could soon be crowned the new prime minister. the main drive behind many of their voters economic dissatisfaction. so while the g 7 leaders will be discussing how to fight global inequality there remains a note of what for them to do on their writing. let's talk about some of that work now with claudia smoko she's the head of the globalization and world economy program of the german council on foreign relations thanks very much for coming in
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this morning let's start out with the amazon the host of the summit the g. 7 summit wants to bring it to the top of the agenda manual mccraw is that going to happen the g 7 is a very informal format which means you don't have a strict agenda what you need to talk about which meets once of you to meet they will talk about everything that's pressing and i didn't and will says that's something you want to talk about so they were definitely have that discussion on the amazon forest ok i know you've been following cloudy the g 7 for many years of fighting economic inequality is the main theme of this summit but that's something we've seen before definitely the president see it's a very informed the format as i said before and the president chooses the focus off the t 7 just to give a tomato to it to make it easier for the people to understand what they are talking about but then you choose inequality and below this headline many of the old issues they've been negotiating for a long time so on the inequality they talk about gender inequality konami
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inequality climate inequality so they basically continue the agenda with a slightly different focus ok but following this agenda is going to be complicated this year isn't it by the by the trump presidency u.s. president dollar trump is that he head of time he's going to hold bilateral talks what as you mentioned is a very informal group of everyone sitting around the table but how is that going to affect this summit well the thing is you need content is that the 7 is an informal group as i said no rules or regulations how to deal with the how to find a compromise so what you need is you talk you know each other you you sort of find a compromise and if one. country or the u.s. president on trump is not willing to negotiate with the others the whole summit will be we'll reach no confusion which is a problem for this kind of format so if he comes and says i really basically want to do by electrolux this is a dispute guide for the g. 7 for mitt because he says i don't care about much electorate ism i don't care about the 7 i am here the president of the united states and i want to talk to
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individual people ok money will mccraw nonetheless get something done in spite of the bilateral so big going on led by the u.s. president yes he's very eager he's very focused he's been preparing a lot what he wants to achieve and actually they've been negotiating for a whole year it's not that the only have the summit and suddenly need to read to conclusion the media or in many of the newspaper focus on the conflicts which means they focus on climate change they focus on trade because of you have all the trade problems but there are many more issues but they are actually getting along so something will get done the question is is it enough or is this kind of summit ok what's going to come out of the summit what do you see getting done as a longtime observer of the g 7 well then many issues not only dealing with trade and climate change i think they will have a focus on the paris agreement because france is the holes but there's the danger that they will have this kind of g 6 versus united states agreement but they will have.


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