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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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may be your soul to train me. to stay. the same. as you start september 2nd d. w. . hello welcome to equal a sustainability magazine that puts the focus on innovations and solutions that hope you make an informed choice to live a better tomorrow every week we bring you ideas from across india and go to and the stories of the people who make them possible son coming to you from mumbai in india over the next 30 minutes the public conservation facility in goa is creating
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a platform for scientists to study the region's biodiversity if you have a small village in job just cause celebrate spend a good child this book. and how an artist is using the leaves the highlight the need for embodiment protection. but 1st let's stick to india's best and cards also called the country's green gold the mountain green gen it's ecosystem is one of the hotspots of biological diversity in the world but an increase in human activity division like mining has had this tremendous effect a conservation facility is not only helping ecologists and by life biologists to carry out long term monitoring in the region but also enticing tori's to understand and appreciate the treasures of nature there we. waged a big. in the tri stude boundaries of goa are not
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a crime our astra lies in incredibly rich biodiversity hotspot. home to tigers leopards and scores of other threatened species. it's silence broken only by the constant hum of secada as. a region abundant not only in a vast diversity of life forms but one also rich in minerals a dangerous quality for forestry in as it makes it a huge draw for the mining industry. these forests have you know our lives piece of land in fact a lot of large portions of land which are not secure which are not. forests
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but. in private ownership and there was one. crucial because it was you know the birthplace of 6 or 7 waterfalls and was. mining. mining in india is open cast it actually. scars on. has. mining has affected our forest absolutely there were. only 21 at the time decided to start reaching out to people and his quest led him to others who believed in the same idea and to the mother region it was time to see for forest one challenge was to earn the trust of the villagers who lived in the forests. it's the ones who would have benefited the most from the mining industry.
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going to meetings in villages. being asked questions in because that is supposed to be the sanctified me as we speak the truth and you know being asked questions by. saying their minds will provide jobs. you know i don't know. and we would keep telling them that you know this. directive that we would put away that. would be sustainable. can be exhausted that is when the idea of eco tourism took seed. completely. you know if support. will not. support the local community. and. the beginning of.
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the resort's operates 2 facilities. and the company owns and protects about 700 acres of forest land in the western cards in keeping with the principle of minimal interference the results themselves take up only 3 acres on this sprawling property another 15 acres are used for nature trails the rest of the forest is strictly protected and only researchers are allowed access. the land also acts as a wildlife corridor connecting beam go to wildlife sanctuary in karnataka to mother the wildlife sanctuary and to reserve forest areas in maharashtra. and. it's unknown because we are doing a constant and regular camera trapping but almost 56 years now we know what is the
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time. when is the time when the females from that area come to. the resorts only employed local villagers who are then trained in various departments. liked the way. the camera trap expert witold started here he knew nothing about species protection. they were the focus that are currently focused on and study camera trapping in birding birding involves spotting and identifying bugs and chemical trapping involves collecting data identifying the animal and taking its photographs. at last check the results support 120 families directly and more than 300 families indirectly in this region empowering communities has also meant questioning each old traditions and overthrowing entrenched prejudices.
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15 years after it began operations struck back on the has not only protected by the forests but has also clubbed poaching provided livelihoods and saved the catchment areas of 2 important tributaries of the mother. but challengers continue to crop up . the current process of monoculture plantations is at its worst. completely cut down know and rabbit is being planted this not only causes the situation and can cause anything from flash floods to you know large scale the forestation. and water shortage but we're losing these forest and can never be replaced and it's too since in its true form. water does not come from the tap it comes from the forest. this as soon as possible as
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many people understand is change this is what we need to tell people and this is what out of communities and our teams over here. are being getting the people to tell them. now the western guard still have all good forests which is one of the reasons why they had a biodiversity hotspot but this is a very in 28 of the world lost 3900000 hectares of all court forests and next explain how we help you understand what this number means. these seemingly impenetrable forests offers a glimpse of how wild environments can thrive when human interference is minimal. they're known as primary or old growth forests.
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so what are old growth forests and how many of them still exist today. a forest area is called old growth when it has remain unaffected by human activity for a long period of time. the oldest trees in these forests have been around for more than a 1000 years but the famous 10 in my u.t. or lord of the forest which is new zealand's biggest curry tree. complex natural systems like water and carbon cycles are seen in old growth forests simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. these trees capture vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere according to scientists 30 to 70 percent more than other forests banters global carbon sinks by locking up carbon they play a pivotal role in combat in climate change. old growth forests are an invaluable source of fresh water and aid in the retention of think organic soil. today old
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growth forests make up about one 3rd of the world's woodlands but only between 12 and 22 percent of those forests are protected. once these forests are logged thank you net. the same way what replaces them are usually 2nd reforest. these younger regenerated counterparts fall short of delivering the full suite of benefits provided by the old growth forests. that include supporting their unique and endangered inhabitants. in that sense old growth forests or nonrenewable resource like fossil fuels. if we lose the last major blocks of all growth forests the consequences will be devastating for biodiversity across the planet. now with more and more. cities in india a closing in on what was once the home of white animals on the outskirts of mumbai
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for example sightings have become very common in germany too seems to be facing a similar issue with a population of wolves rising. earlier this year estimates suggested that there are $73.00 facts in the country farmers who are often the 1st responders in the conflicts with wolves with their cattle being taken out in the fix and looking to the government and environmentalists for some. problems. it might seem strange to think of wolves in germany but there are an estimated $300.00 just imprint in the state surrounding berlin they usually hunted dusk or at night silently and in packs and their number is growing. famines are all too aware of the problem the wolves don't only hunt wild animals but also livestock out on the fields and that is taking its toll financially for brandon farmer you can friends on the walls of causing so much trouble he's worried about his
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livelihood. i think the wolves are getting smarter. we have a feeling that they're going into the herd chasing them and separating from the. the last 30 cards last year compensation is only given if it can be proven that a wolf is to blame it's tricky when the calf's just disappears or if it's still born because the mother was under stress farmers a supposed to use fencing but that's expensive. the state authorities in brandenburg have responded to the farmer's plight they have authorized hunters to shoot wolves if as on friends as farm they have repeatedly attacked livestock or a human being your animal conservationists are concerned stefan who has been observing a pack of wolves in his area for years and is convinced the situation isn't that
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dramatic as long as the wolf isn't lewd him with food it will avoid humans zoom of course it was here that you see these fresh wolf tracks only a few hours old in 9 years i've only seen 15 or 6 times they're usually very shy way just observer magine. moves a most commonly cited with the help of camera traps. of the does the owner of the thing turn because he had the camera with it's a black flash so he can't see it he's where it. says walls should be allowed to live in brandenburg there is no need to authorize shooting them it's just scaremongering. these train wonders this is an endangered species the few worlds we have are going to wildly multiply up to 30 percent a year ago i can't listen to this argument anymore we barely have $1000.00 wolves
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in germany. the branch of the hunting association says that is still too many it says such a large predator has no place in an area where there are lots of farms it wants to see shooting quotas and more freedom to decide when a wolf is to be shot some hunters say just a single pack in any one area would be enough i. think you are or one track is about 4 to 6 animals they can live sustainably or they can rear their young have a home it's rare to everyone if you want to see more worlds go to the zoo. getting everyone on the same page is going to be a challenge. but amid the bitter disputes between hunters farmers and animal rights groups is still quite hopeful that wolves do have a future in germany the reason we need to work together until it's better
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of. working with the hunting community like this is groundbreaking ford so you know that every time you just get resistance down the wall shoot them all. and i just shake my head. walls were driven out of the country 150 years ago reintegration the animals in modern day germany despite the difficulties is a task only humans can do. shifting focus now there's a village in the north indian state of. the plant's a $111.00 trees every time a good child is born now this is extremely significant not only because the villagers are envisioning a green a planet but also because it obvious time has been one of the worst performing states in the country when it comes to 6 fish or the number of good compared to the boys how did this mindset change because a closer look. at.
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these trees have a very special significance specifically in honor of my sisters and all the articles in this village. the tree supercenter lives and not a symbol of theirs to mission they are now held in a spot of the local community. they . yelled at. me made me yes. let's see. how much they go gay lady give it all go by village have trees in their names but this is not the case in the rest of country. they were planted by my mother so they are very special to me i want to them every day. i tie a thread on my trees as i do with my brother to celebrate them brother sister
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festivity and how much value could i give my trees are just like my brothers and that cuba. planting trees for cause after he lost his own daughter in 2006 when she was 16. if. the. illustrated to him how little a girl's life is what indians are just on street. this memorial to my daughter kiran who died of dehydration some of the man. in her memory we started planting trees on her birthday. i'm going with what they've got every time we see her memory and it gives energy and inspiration to do good deeds whether. i'm outta. here in.
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the boat off or girl used to be good news the girls were seen by their families as a financial burden primarily due to the traditional obligation to pay a dowry they were not suitable for walking in the fields rarely sent to attend school and write instead married off in rural areas of india very tough infections and other illnesses some girls was and is sconce because lehi. unlike today a shocking number of baby cos in p. planty used to die under mysterious circumstances as mother remembers very clearly how can swear just a decade ago. times past the parents used to be unhappy even they had a baby girl because girls could not study or get a job they would face problems they would be had as by their in-laws but now things have changed today the girls can stand on their own feet and refuse to be dictated to. and they're prolly wild was the mayor of his village when his daughter died it
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was all to bring about widespread changes including in the mentality of his new us since then every new born baby girl has been given an account comprising donations and government grants and return the parents undertake to send their daughters to school to wait until over 20 before night in their mouth and to plant 111 trees on the new slant to. the people and this means the protection of our daughters water trees and wildlife and we provide nature based employment to the villagers that will need. to do their part of a baby girl in the plant trees considered a blessing for the parents the free. it's and for the environment. and other villages the notion of ghosts returning to school is far from normal a school teacher should pass when he tells us. why men have exactly opposite
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subsidy but i have seen in this will is that the opportunities given to girls are immense the girls are given priority here and they participate in all kinds of activities whether in home or at school one will have to go back to work day was. and become addictive to granting idea has not become popular outside the plant yes rather and has been adopted by 150 villages in people on 3 local survivor 200000 trees turning brown and one into a flourishing forest in honor of the village close to. the humble leaf be used to create masterpieces of intricate art about it yes a spanish artist's delicate miniature words from ordinary lives to draw attention to his and by better message. there's so much to discover in a single tiny leaf. these filigree most to pieces were handmade by
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spanish artist lord enzo montoya did and. he cut them into leaves harvested from trees and bushes. on the. bush when i go into the forest more than anything it's just i'm looking for peace and quiet. this is where my creativity really gets flowing and the movie on a much relieved. if you're here in spring the money where to go searching through the forests of his home province guadalajara for just the right. technical draftsmen by trade he lives with his family in a village about 75 kilometers north east of madrid. their house doubles as a gallery for his art
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a central theme is nature and people's bond with it. is especially drawn to working with the materials nature provides him. the perfect leaf doesn't exist. leaves grow in nature and they've undergone a process of evolution. but it's precisely their imperfection that in my view makes them perfect. these works give little hint of the time effort and dedication that's gone into them. their own presses the fresh leaves and lets them drive for a few days. believes have to be dry enough that cats don't smear or discolor and yet most enough not to crumble. the image stencil is attached to the leaf with fixative then he carefully worked his way around with
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a scalpel cut by cut. and i was inspired when i watched a caterpillar getting its way through a leaf. yeah but i gave me the idea to cut my own designs into leaves. over time i learned more and more and developed my own technique meeting. depending on the design it can take lorenzo did on several days to finish the cussing. the almost minutes to work. 13 years ago to run still worked in construction when he lost his job it hit him hard but then he discovered his artistic bent. he started out painting in oils and began his leaf carvings. for him his has been a journey of self-expression. now have been
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a part of. the scene one side of a leaf is turned to the light. and the other stays in shade you know the there's a similarity there to us humans no one side of us is visible the other is not. a hard thing when i work on a leaf i'm in touch with a side of me that isn't visible. i suppose you could call it the subconscious mind so. quite a few things became clear to me and my talent which i'd never recognized before came to light. today lawrence a man who i didn't makes a living as an artist. his works up published in design blogs international press magazines and books. his works also in demand with companies for green media campaigns leaves cleanse the air of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen making them an ideal symbol for
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a healthy environment put it on sustainability and green ethics of very important. short i want to express is that human beings original bond with nature. today we've lost that sense of connection. so not only if we humans manage to see ourselves as a part of nature that we can learn to respect our environment again. if they carefully preserved his objects can survive 10 years or more but it's like nature itself late to answer tree fortunately neurons a month i did on keeps turning out neelix of us. i hope you enjoyed today's episode we bring you many more solutions next week each one taking us one step closer to a sustainable future good bye and have a wonderful week. it's
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all happening to fit. your link to news from africa to the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from fun to meet from the news of easy to our website down here come smash africa join us on facebook t.w. africa. lysaght she said meeting. some
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of the agenda global inequality the crisis with iran and international trade. but donald trump spent with his host french president marcos and the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion for his great show. reporting from the g. 7 meeting in p.r. it's life for d.w.i. news. how does taiwan take on a. w correspondent susumu her. coast to basically good. for the fairies flavors of the exotic losing i am a challenge for you all the way to mend the. food confusion and the fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w.
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this is my son peter. a local a minute dogs help. on. a concept you know him pretty a prison or a communist a judge ruled he was a continental missionary and then try to take away last. game any time now. just to try. 2 to talk like.
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the boy. this is d w news live from bali as the amazon fires in brazil rage out of control an international dispute but no action brazil's president accuses france's a menu item at home of being taken to saying that the blazes should be treated as an international crisis look at what's behind the wreck or number of fires in the.


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