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you're watching the w. news from ghana and i'm headed to humphry up next is business with monica joins of course you can always get the latest news around the clock on our web site at his d.w. dot com thanks for your company and c.c. . laws from the g 7 meeting. up of the agenda global inequality the crisis with iran and international trade. donald trump spent with his host french president much of the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion for his great purpose of show. reporting from the g. 7 meeting india routes life for d.w. news. in a puzzling news out of
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a long it's not easy to go to another country and know nothing about the wife of a young do this because we can't stay on venezuela i know. that because global news that matters to you w made for martin's. the for. everyone is talking about inequality these days even g 7 leaders said their summit in berates banks will it change anything no it takes more than just words. also coming up how to turn an aggressive we need into a climate friendly charcoaled senegal as found a way to. come to do business in africa i want to johns and thanks for joining us french president in manila not call as promised that this year's summit. 7 leaders
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and b. of its focus on the fight against inequality it's a tall order given that the g 7 have been talking about this issue for years now with little to show for at least that's what g 7 critics say among them oxfam ahead of the summit of the organization set out 7 key issues it's as the g 7 must act on for years oxfam activists have shown up at g 7 summits to protest against social inequality this time around in bihar it is no exception the g 7 countries oxfam says have to get their act together. the protesters demands include increased climate protection more funding for education and health fair tax systems and gender equality some of these points like the one concerning gender equality came up in talks on friday between. president of g 7 host country france and g. o. representatives but several protests calling for an end to empty promises are still
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slated to take place on the sidelines of the summit. well let's talk a bit about oxfam's demands there joining us from berates where the g. 7 a 7 summits takes place this weekend is oxfam spokesman. good to have you with us so we just heard about oxfam reports in which you basically name and shame the g 7 for the 7 deadly sins french president has pledged that he would put equality or inequality high on the agenda do you think this is just lip service. me so far but we are pleased that it's on the agenda of the g 7 because we think it should be on the agenda of every g 7 and also by the very on the agenda of the g. 20 because the g 7 and the g 20 the the they have caused this problem and they must change the policy so it's lip service so far because income inequality and
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inequality of both has been rising since the 1980 s. now to end inequality of course one of the suggestions or demands you make is fair tax more investment in education and health can the g 7 or even the g 20 realistically deliver all of that on their own to what extent is there also responsibility on the side of developing nations like africa. of course the site of the coin of development so to speak if you need responsible governments but we also need an active civil society and we need macroeconomic a macro economic context which is in favor like a fair texas them for example the african governments they have the responsibility for their domestic resource mobilization they have to put in place tech systems that are efficient that drug but on the other hand for example if corporates national international companies are allowed on
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a legal basis to avoid taxes and to shift their profits to tax even. to the extent to buy per year you can shift money and $200000000000.00 u.s. dollars into texas even though this money bridge which the governments in africa and elsewhere in the developing world we need very urgently to invest in good quality public services like health and education to fight in the quality now of course we're witnessing a movement towards protectionist even nationalism and some of the so-called developed world including members of the g 7 how hopeful are you that a topic like climate change will be high enough on the summit agenda. president put climate on the agenda also please visit at least the g. 7 except probably 0 responsible us the must opposite the must really fulfill their promises i mean so far. climate targets are not high enough the must get higher
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targets n.z. must implement them also the german government i mean we have seen so often that the governments they brought to the pressure of the fossil fuel industry like car makers like traffic culture this has to change dramatically and i hope that we live in. public pressure as a rising young friday for future movements a result of the latest european elections they have shown that public support for strong climate action is rising and that there will be a signal from the g 7 there is time to walk the walk now you kalinski from joining us from here it's thank you. the inequality is not only a problem in that 7 or in developing countries if you ask women in switzerland they too have a story to tell it's mainly down to the fact that once children are involved swiss women fall off the career great that's especially palatable in rural regions. and
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lives on a farm in the beautiful region of argo in switzerland and she's an advocate for women's rights many women in the region are totally dependent on their husband she says they aren't paid and have little or no social security. probably in the 5 and there are problems when the couples get divorced the wife loses her home because the farm is often inherited from the husband's parents the woman married into it and when she leaves it's hard to prove how much work she's put in otherwise nothing if i could. that's why baumann has a part time job and a prenuptial agreement her husband is very supportive. but i think it's good we often discuss matters like these over breakfast. bowman upset many of her neighbors when she asks them to join a demonstration they saw the protest as a provocation. that took place last june 100000 women hit the
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streets across the country demanding better pay and affordable child care and because west management often looks like this more like this we're like this. man willow hanukah says that women in switzerland find it nearly impossible to combine family and career the. 80 percent of swiss mothers who have small children only work part time while the fathers continue to climb the career ladder this is what i feel are going in a country as rich is this it's absurd that women have so little income and are so dependent to survive alone either their husband or the state but. it's incredibly unfair. advocates say one step towards more justice would be more paternity leave for fathers legally male employees get just one day off when their child is born as
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it is so good for men leave this topic really were important to fathers then paternity leave laws would have changed long ago but if there are more men and women in our parliament. the women's rights demonstration had a big impact on its advocates say it's long overdue. and all the news china has unveiled retaliatory tariffs on about $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. good splitting an additional 10 percent on top of existing rates the move in the tit for tat exchanges comes after washington and that's tariffs on an additional $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods including consumer electronics the new levees are scheduled to go into effect in 2 stages on september 1st and december 15th. u.s. federal reserve chairman sharon powell has given no indication of any change to interest rate policy in his speech to the u.s. central bank's annual gathering in jackson hole wyoming pressure has been building on powell to lower interest rates not least from the u.s. president on a tramp who has regularly targeted power on twitter
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a power said only that the fed would act as appropriate to sustain the expansion it did have some strong words on global trade though saying that the fed found itself in and quote unprecedented situation due to the on. in the us china conflict. trade conflicts climate change geopolitical tensions now these are among the many major problems world leaders have to deal with these days and there's often little time left to tackle individual regional challenges so it's down to the locals themselves to come up with solutions next report takes us to senegal where reform we now provide shelter and sustainable steady income. for the senegalese farmers clearing out wheat has become a lifeline for. g.b. dionne your harvests the time for plant you know order to provide his village with a precious commodity fuel. we make time for charcoal we
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also use it for the roofs of our houses and enclosures for the animals. it feels like payback years ago the invasive weed crept into his field and those of many farmers on the banks of the senegal river leaving them helpless. but i used to contemplate rice over there millette on the other side and melons too we had to stop growing rice in these fields all because of tifa. now dionne you know so you can turn the weed into a year around income after joining a co-operative run by women in a nearby village. girls are drawing to a new takes them to the tight for charcoal processing plant and the women take over . first the typhus troy's burned and then mixed with girl morale because before
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being pressed into pellets the women churn out 5 or 6 times a week of this clean burning fuel. in a wrong makeshift markers type for charcoal pellets so for 15 euro cents a burg. wood is scarce because villages in this region have cut down almost all the trees for use as fuel. is the sustainable in a place where electricity and gas are out of reach for most. doesn't only use type of charcoal it turns out the weed is a perfect material for a cooling waterproof roof to. abraham was racking his brains to think of a senegalese alternative to the fat grooves he'd seen in europe the answer was right under his nose. the people i knew and brittany had never heard of time for so i took some to france to show them they said it looked like it would work and that's how it all began to. sell
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a roof to school and several houses with his stanch tifa and as overseen training for local artisans to take the method back to their villages around 50 men have become traditional factures through the program. in a region threatened by climate change and ravaged by deforestation cooking on thai for charcoal under a tie for roof has given villages sustainable means of tackling serious problems. and that's awful business africa year and u.w. for me and the team in the end thanks for giving us company.
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