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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 1:00am-1:03am CEST

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respect. widespread fires in the amazon jungle have sparked a diplomatic spat french president emanuel and mark kong said they were an international crisis that should be top of the agenda when g 7 leaders meet this weekend brazilian president chair bowser noddle who will not attend the g. 7 shot back saying the suggestion evokes a misplaced colonialist mindset nasa has described the amazonian blaze as record setting. activists gathered in the french resort town of be at its ahead of this
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weekend's g. 7 summit described global poverty as another kind of fire threatening the world their meeting of the globe's richest nations promises to be challenging in addition to brazil's wildfires g 7 leaders will consider a range of hot button issues including migration u.s. iran relations and international trade. 356 migrants have been allowed to disembark on the mediterranean island of malta ending the latest impasse between european union governments and ngo rescue ships the migrants will be relocated to 6 other countries france germany ireland luxemburg portugal and romania. one person died and at least 2 others were injured after an explosion near an israeli settlement in the west bank the israeli army described the incident as a terror attack but further details are not yet known. brazil's president says his country lacks the resolve this to control the wildfires
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raging across the amazon rain forest that he accuses france's president of colonialism when he tweets that the fires are an international crisis that should be a top priority at this weekend's g 7 it's a meeting that shaping up to be fraught with tension with disagreements on core issues like climate iran and even whether russia should still be at the table i'm filled in berlin this is the day. the world was teaching a long time and now it's the g 7 i must say i'm very much with chancellor merkel in thinking that the case has yet to be made out for russia to return to the g 7 i think it would be a good thing if russia were there so we can speak directly to speak for the record
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