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he was a really nice guy. but he was selling weapons for the government at the time. and i was well known so many even wrote a book about it. when he lived here 30 years ago he really took care of the place he had 7 gardeners top. chef. the neighbor says the sheik bought the estate but left it empty but back then mansions used to host intelligence officers and other people for. host weekend meetings there who had weapons manufacturers and people from the defense ministry there with their garage and it was reportedly a lot of drinking. into the evening for an introduction. documents from the b. and d. and other sources indicate the agency was losing control of militants in his business activities. the material includes photos and transcripts of confidential meetings between b. and d.
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officials and matins. a report from one meeting hints that the agency had no idea how to rein him in. november 1965 militants met with 2 b. and d. officials to warm and hams it off at his villa in switzerland the talks went on for days. met and picked up hams dorf at the geneva airport storm arrived later that evening the men started drinking wine. merchants who reportedly had drank whiskey beforehand was quoted as saying that they were going to have a real party. at one point he was also reported to appraised of hitler. maton said that he was negotiating with iran to allow surplus born to spare aircraft to land there for leadership went to pakistan. he also admitted that he was working with the cia. but then the alcohol got to him.
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the v.n.d. people experienced met in erratic behavior the next day he brought out a secret report from the egyptian military and documents from the coal company he said that the b.m.d. could make copies there is no record of how the 2 guests responded to all this. the other what was merton's relationship with the b.n. deal like. shit that's difficult. in the beginning i think the b. and d. had a lot of respect for him. and he was a self-made man who set up an international corporation in just a few years. and then it's not about years or. rights but it became clear early on that merton's was unpredictable. made it clear that he was going to pursue his own interests regardless of the people who were protecting him or not of
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a unique shoots and all the in the b.m.d. all this he also knew that if something went wrong he wasn't going to have to take the blame. hughes. at the end of the 1960 s. the b.m.d. wanted to break of contacts with militants he was called to appear before an internal b.m.d. commission that was investigating the agency's involvement with weapons deals. with beijing puzzle one they wanted to know about his other contacts and how much they knew they wanted to take control of the situation. perhaps he was a double agent course. probably yes. what do you think of the sessions. and i can't say but he was very self-confident i can't imagine that he felt intimidated by these people what. did he bring lawyers. for what.
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he had all the documentation you needed from the b.m.d. exactly. hard mittens now turned against the b.n.p. that could be dangerous for a lot of top government officials. this is villa hama schmidt near ball the official residence of the west german president until 1904. karl causton served as the president from 1979 to 1904 he began his government career in the 1960 s. as a state secretary or deputy minister 1st in the foreign office and then in the ministry of defense. in 1968 and 69 carstens was the head of the chancellor's office his responsibilities included keeping an eye on the b. and d. so he must have been familiar with the hard manton's weapons deals and his cooperation with the intelligence agency.
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you also do is a member of the bee indeed historical commission. he would interest this ecstatic a lot of stuff came across carsten his desk at the chancellor's office including some things that could turn out to be illegal. but he said later that he couldn't remember a lot about some of it's. so later he was called to testify before a parliamentary committee that was looking into the b m d's activities. in 1974 costin's was interviewed about the be india's involvement with the sale of surplus weapons. if the b. and d's role in weapon deals is to be fully clarified a special investigation must be carried out. would you be prepared to testify that such a course but i'm not convinced that such an investigation will be in the country's best interests there's no point in asking questions about activities that were
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perfectly legal and be followed cause they give these as in. costumes told the committee that when he was head of the chancellor's office he was not aware of any b. and d. weapons deals that implies that he knew nothing about the internal b. and d. investigation into merton's activities. chancellor court new york using on scene here on the far left appears to have had a chief of staff that was rather poorly informed on this matter. the s.p.d. was particularly upset about the reports of weapons sales to india and pakistan and demanded answers from kissing as government. in 1969 really put out and became chancellor the s.p.d. launched an investigation into the b. india's involvement with weapons deals. matins sought as
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a move to discredit costumes. of i'm tired of people picking on. just this morning i weighed in spiegel magazine that a court judge in lower saxony is looking into some new allegations. that was i can only say to those who attacked custance that i could make similar claims about the activities of the current science not that you know the flu study but it does the same thing it does there. matins felt that he was being targeted by the new s.p.d. government but once chief of staff. proposed a series of b.m.d. reforms but at the same time he refused to hand over files to prosecutors who were investigating matins him because said that to do so would be detrimental to the interests of the government. in november 1900.


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