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tv   Tomorrow Today  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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the secrets to the great. alexander 100 more of our series on tomorrow today we want to see what he saw to experience what drove him a journey through latin america following in the footsteps of the great scientist the journey continues from the deserts of our room to the fascinating underwater world of the humboldt current. to borrow to do it in 30 minutes body double. the bauhaus turns 100.
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100 years of modern mr arkell temperature. 100 years of functionalism n.p.r. isn't. what's behind the legend. we asked the experts about it. in 60 minutes on the w. s o s europe the european crisis. if it's to have a future it will meet champions young champions. meet for activists who are countries. they are fighting for the dream for you measure up. do they stand a chance for. can they save the european idea.
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oh my god i need to stand up for european values and contribute to something important that she of. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d. w. . brazil's president jacob also not who has authorized the deployment of the country's armed forces to help combat fires raging in the amazon rain forest this comes amid a growing international outcry over the blazes that threatens a huge trade deal french president emmanuel in my cong said the fires were an international crisis and vowed to block a trade agreement between the european union and south american countries over brazil's lack of action. activists gathered in the french resort town of be at. it's ahead of this weekend's g. 7 summit described global poverty as another kind of fire threatening the world the
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meeting of the globe's richest nations promises to be challenging in addition to brazil's wildfires g 7 leaders will consider a range of hot button issues including migration u.s. iran relations and international trade. $356.00 migrants have been allowed to disembark on the mediterranean island of malta ending the latest impasse between european union governments and n.g.o.s q. ships the migrants will be relocated to 6 other countries france germany ireland luxemburg portugal and romania. the u.s. supreme court says justice ruth bader ginsburg has undergone treatment for a militant tumor in her pancreas the court said the 86 year old supremes court judge needed no further treatment at this time. a $12.00 punch practically designed to take off donald trump he's responded in kind
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out there china if the u.s. with a fresh round of tariffs on american goods and after the feds jerome powell didn't respond the way trump wanted him to. some worries they can't drink away french bent nerves are anxious over donald trump's threat to slap levies on their wine. a historic free trade deal between the e.u. and the worthless or blocking they go up in flames as pressure mounts on brazil over the wildfires of raging in the amazon. basin of the w. business i'm joined now in berlin welcome now this may surprise you but china's earlier unveiling of a new round of retaliatory tariffs on about $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods at an angry response from president donald trump he's an entire tariffs on chinese goods starting its. tambour that's after an earlier tweet storm accusing china of costing the us trillions of dollars he also said u.s.
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companies were quote here by order to immediately start looking for an alternative to china now just as a reminder the latest round of tariffs from beijing was a response to washington's last move to tax an additional $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods taking effect on september 1st and december 15th which has now been increased to 15 percent from 10. yes carter joins us now from wall street younes when trump says that american companies should look for alternatives to china apart from shifting manufacturing back to the u.s. what does that even mean. well i mean clearly the u.s. president can force the u.s. corporations to move their business away from china about to it clearly marks an escalation point in the trade relations between china and the u.s. and after the market closed here on wall street u.s. president donald trump announced that he is going to increase tariffs on chinese
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imports and investors on wall street clearly got to call it on the wrong foot and then specially shortly before the weekend nobody really wanted to have too much risk in the market before the weekend and we saw quite a sell off here on wall street at some point. by about 800 points by the end of the day blue chips were off by a good 600 points and that marks the 4th consecutive week of losses here on wall street. a fast moving story right before the weekend we can all relate but stick around because there's more to get through and to another target of trump's ayer us federal reserve chairman jerome powell has been under pressure from the president to slash the interest rate soon apollo has given little and the occasion of any change to interest rate policy in his speech to the u.s. central banks will gathering in jackson hole wyoming here he is walking with outgoing bank of england governor mark carney after delivering his remarks the
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world's most powerful central banker said the u.s. economy continued to perform well but he did note the risks linked to its trade war with china and said monetary policy alone cannot fix all the potential economic fallout from it. and we're back with course to on wall street now again what is wall street expecting now with regard to future rate cuts jerome paul as expected stood not to mention that we are going to see another interest rate cut anytime soon you said that he's going to he and his fellow. members of the federal reserve are going to close the observed the developments and then act accordingly but the bets on wall street are crystal clear investors here see 100 percent chance that we will see another rate cut at the next meeting mid september and chances for another rate cut in october stand more than 70
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percent of wall street is convinced the world see those rate cuts and they've actually calmed the market a little bit before we got this storm from a u.s. president donald trump. card to they're with us on wall street thank you very much . and returning to the topic of tariffs at this time from the us on french wine wine is france's 2nd biggest export the us is by far its biggest market and last year it imported 3600000000 dollars worth of the stuff washington has threatened to flop flop he would levies on it a move which would place serious pressure on vintner's across products. at the end of the summer trimming the vines of their excess leaves is one of the last tasks wine makers face. after that it's wait for the harvest this year vindu pierre thomas thinks his bordeaux could turn out fairly well. on media zeman
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so far the year has gone smoothly. it's only august the wine harvest is in early october so we have a bit of time before we know for sure. 11 you know so i'm. less predictable is what will happen to sales especially to the united states after president trump said he would slap a huge import tax on french wines of thread pierre's brother in law is taking seriously the family has worked the vineyards here for 3 generations and he says every penny counts. i think he was already that's his character. but i hope he is not serious. if he really was the customs duties of french wines really i don't know if we will be able to make any money on the wines we exported to the united states. any.
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given. in some time in young and some $2400000.00 cases of wine are produced every year mind making here goes back to roman times the region was even declared a unesco world heritage site the finest vintages always find a buyer but wine merchant maxine peake says meat market producers will suffer. or die points they might survive it and new markets will come i mean if it's done they're going to us they will go to another place is when you're de best in something you would already have them and so that's i my opinion not a big problem for the main production it's going to be a huge issue yes and that means wine makers like pierre and his family for them politics add another layer of uncertainty to a laborious production process a process that is already being threatened by extreme weather that most scientists
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put down to climate change nationally for hector's of our vines froze this year and it can hail any time before the harvest there are many weather patterns we just can't predict it. pierre and his family are confident the french president will stand up for them i think g. 7 summit whether or not he wins the political battle could affect wine lovers all around the world. french president. has promised that this year's summit of g 7 leaders and bar it's full focus on the fight against inequality it's a tall order given that the g. 7 been talking about this issue for years now with little to show for it at least that's what she's 7 critics say. ahead of the summit the organization set out 7 key issues it says the g 7 was act upon. for years oxfam activists have shown up at g 7 summits to protest against social inequality. this time around and berets is no
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exception to the g 7 countries oxfam says have to get their act together. the protesters demands include increased climate protection more funding for education and health fair tax systems and gender equality because we need to show that there is a difference between the acts of all the. prisons here in derry it's the reality. there is a lot of speeches very interesting all the warts are there but the act not and we need to tell them that it's time to be brave time to be great time to act against inequalities time to act against poverty. some of these points like the one concerning gender equality came up in talks on friday between among the president of g 7 host country france and n.g.o.s representatives but several protests calling
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for an end to empty promises are still slated to take place on the sidelines of the so much. the free trade deal between the e.u. and south american bloc marcus or took 20 years to negotiate was finalized in june but now it's on shaky ground france and ireland say brazil has were nega on environmental commitments in the deal and they will block it as a result that's amid an international outcry over wildfires raging in the amazon. the amazon fires may be an environmental disaster but they are being found by the country's crippling recession. populus president gyre bazza narrow is using his country's economic plight as an excuse to allow corporate interests free rein in the wilderness under both the narrow deforestation has accelerated white swathes of the rain forest have been cut down for timber or even worse burns down to make room for cattle for soybeans or to be developed by mining companies there are rich
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reserves of copper in the area a treasure trove for a populous president many experts say the dire economic situation and much of the country has enabled by the narrow to implement his agenda. there wasn't by easing we have a country an economic recession and this kind of thing is happening and dizzy the father has under the tree house saying it's illegally done by people invading areas that shouldn't be ok pyatt but. both scenarios planned on wednesday that environmental groups are responsible for the fires without evidence when pressed for evidence he said it was simply his feeling the fires are strongly suspected to result from the recent intensification of deforestation in the amazon brazil has seen an 84 percent increase in far as far as this here more than half in the amazon region. that's it for me and the business team here in berlin for more business news and features check out d.w.
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dot com slash business are follow us on social media i'm john el-gamal and thanks for watching and happy have a happy weekend. if
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you ever have to cover of a murder best way to make accidents raring to. remember reading my christmas. list. streets. she said meeting. up of the agenda little inequality the crisis with iran and international trade. of donald trump stacked with his host french president michel and the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion for is bright press and show. reporting from the g 7 meeting in p.r. it's life for d.w.i. news. it's time to take one step further than face the loss of. time to search the no fun for the troops.
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time to over come down during this time to connect the world it's time for them to be doubly fixed coming up ahead of. the facts. this is t.v. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the zimbabweans who've been tortured a comedian is in hospital after the last man to touch it and tortured him she say story attack as accused her off and on might in the government with biscuits while the as she lay in search to see the detachment in the slave told me to do what soldiers do in training they shoved my face in the water then they said drink the water goggle it as if you look goggling salt water. and the poison generation in 70 is sick and dodge city rights groups say children in cub way are exposed to.


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