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moving it around without taking into account what is contaminated it will be released into the atmosphere and anyone who. will get radioactive nuclei into their lungs. has been giving informal tours of the spot to journalists and locals. local residents like are worried about what could end up in the river and in their long. if you know that this nuclear waste is here but they aren't going to touch it then it's not to worrying but knowing that they're going to build a right here and all this waste could slip down the hill that's really scary. says locals have always known about the nuclear waste in their neighborhood the site is partially closed off but the riverside nearby is popular with the residents. of view from above shows just how urban the area is the nuclear waste site is slotted between a park and moscow's main river. now the plan is to build
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a fly over parallel to the railway bridge here construction is slated to begin later this year the city says the new road will ease traffic in moscow and they insist that construction is safe. but the people who move them which the soil will not be disturbed by support for the flyover will be built its foundations will be up to 5 metres below the surface we've carried out studies of the sort at that depth and there were no radiation measurements above the norm that the road went touch the ground here. but it could put people in the area don't believe the author already they recently held a protest against the highway which people here see as the latest sign their government just doesn't care about the signs here read road of death and warn of a 2nd term noble catastrophe. lives in the high rise apartments across from the plant construction she grew up here and has been fighting the highway since march.
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from my point of view they're committing a crime against the residents who live here i don't know whose interests are driving them but they are in no way considering our interests. we're going to the frustration here is palpable but the other protesters want to keep fighting with petitions and protests to make sure their homes and their city stay safe. our next story takes us to the u.k. where residents of the world's coastal village of sorrow are feeling the effects of climate change the sea is coming ever closer you know residents are being told they don't have to leave their homes. mike russell has the sea right on his doorstep he's a dedicated angler who's lived on the coast of wales for over 40 years. right now the irish sea is bright and shiny but the people here have seen their share of storm surges. my house
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stands right behind this dike it's held firm against wind and tide so far. it's hard to realize that. with rising sea levels all this could be gone. they say in as little as 50 years it's hard to believe. they're born as a seaside village of about a 1000 people and say the experts doomed by climate change several 1000000 pounds have gone into building downs and dikes to protect the houses from the sea. but now the welsh authorities are throwing in the town and calling on the villages to find new homes. when measuring the sea levels in the area across the north wales coast i'm way off finding evidence the sea levels are rising that reality and so before and it's a strong. a happens before anything big happens we really really need to be making
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sure that people are aware of those risks and that we're talking to them and involving them in the solutions. but what solutions can there possibly be mike and his partner see their lives their home and lots of money at stake quite amazing well the situation again but it's not a symbol for them as pensioners to buy a new house elsewhere they feel that the state has left them on their own 25 years in the future the fact is that they have no answers for us they can't tell us where to go to move us they can't tell us when they're going to move 1st there's no financial support no compensation or tool and the sting in the tail to the us is if the insist that everybody moves out. they would expect michael leiter pay for the demolishment arts his hopes. it's true that fairborn won't be the only town to face imminent danger in coming years. over 30 communities in wales
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a dealing with erosion and flooding from rising seas. and infrastructure such as rail and power lines and roads are also at risk climate experts say it's a massive financial time bomb for britain's coasts i the residents of fairborn complain that everyone simply passing the buck it's mike and angela say the prospect of a forced evacuation is always hanging over their heads they're just hoping they can stay in their current house as long as they possibly can. cambodia is drowning in plastic waste broken body and some cells are responsible for much of it dozens of illegal containers filled with plastic waste from overseas were recently discovered there the trash will not be sent back to where it came from. the water in this stream can hardly move it's full of plastic and it isn't an isolated case.
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plastic piles up on phnom penh streets in fact cambodia's capital city is littered with plastic waste. the plastic tide starts to rise at 5 am in the street markets it's the packaging of choice of these traders and it spreads across the city as their goods and sold and distributed discarded plastic is simply swept to one side and whatever is left there just days there. was. the market traders all use plastic because it's best fish and vegetable merchants use plastic because it protects their goods from rain and damage. with a population of 5000000 phnom penh accumulates 3000 tons of garbage every day waste disposal workers are simply overwhelmed by the amount. and because there is
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no kind of rubbish separation it's all mixed up gangs of scavengers go through the waste at night to find any recyclable plastic waste. in cambodia only about 20 percent of plastic waste is recycled the rest ends up in landfill or strewn around the countryside. but that's not all $83.00 sea containers full of plastic waste have been found at the port. they were there for months without being picked up so customs or opened them to find that they were full of illegally imported plastic waste from the usa and canada customs of dorothy's want to take action against the perpetrators. you get which. can be. true because.
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cambodia can't cope with even more waste coming from abroad the country already looks like a garbage dump in many places and while some private initiatives are trying to tackle the waste even they don't know where to put all this plastic. story takes us to germany for many merlin or is there a lot like a 2nd but these greens producers are increasingly dangerous they are supposed to make way for housing in schools which the german capital also desperately needs. the. lovely these allotment gardeners are happy when their tomato plants their fruit. it's paradise to the kluges who have been tending watering and harvesting here for 32 years. and. we're actually here every day almost without
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fail when we're done with everything else the housework all the doctor's visits you can find those here who. don't want to hear from you for the clue it's the plot a half leased from the city is their 2nd home they pay $300.00 euros a year for it many other hobby gardeners do the same there are 70000 such a lot mens' in building alone more than any other european city. with a klute plot as part of an allotment colony that is surrounded by apartment buildings the land is sought after the city wants to build a school here and the garden is designated to be torn up to make room so will their black berry hatch be dug up by a bulldozer to clute a very upset. no limbs what would be losing here is the quality of life.
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i don't know what will do them a moment wisely can only. do a few other lockman colonies are also slated for destruction land is limited in the growing german capital which is why the city sees no other option than to sacrifice some of the green spaces. we don't want to make life difficult for allotment gardeners but will need to repurpose some of them in the coming years because berlin is a growing city that needs space for schools daycare centers and sports grounds and a few allotment gardens about one percent did have to make way for those plans in the years ahead for. the kluges intend to fight for their garden they have joined forces with their neighbors in the colony. they agree that schools are important but feel they should not necessarily be built here. the allotment garden
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colony has already been squeezed to make way for apartment buildings once before now it could completely disappear the end off a 102 year old green oasis place . on the 77 percent we talk about the issues that montage. many young africans view providing for their families as an owner. but what happens if they barely able to feed themselves slave one a young nigerian free place. next.
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to go back is a sprint it's a big chop. it is a must see the foot and mouth of the club's owner well charles. lovelace have already fallen on the specificity on the. joins us as we explore. michael ballack playing 30 minutes on d w. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. true. don't expect happy ending. the church relaxed. stress. hallo everybody and what africa this is reserve and the 7 percent that show for
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africa's you i want to como are. coming out for you on today's program. kimani heads to south africa to speak with the youth about the so-called black top that is having to help their families financially even though with barely enough to feed their own feel. him at his other daughter we take a ride in a taxi which offers for free services to pregnant women. and we explore by the gulf coast capital and mary both through the lens of the feed andrea. report is on an issue that affects many young africans it's not uncommon for us young working people to financially support our parents and siblings sometimes even our extended families and many are happy to do eat because it's always nice to give something but right but what happens if you don't
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on enough money to support yourself and your family are if it's stopping you from realizing your dreams we met a young man in nigeria who has his life on hold to help his family. getting ready in the morning without running water isn't uncommon in many parts of lagos while a band you saw him on only has to make the most out of his 5 metre square or. works in a small giving money cures and pedicures. i'm very close to decided i was to do something so. you can't afford to lose another client it's the rainy season and business is slow but that doesn't stop the messages from home his family still asks him for money i get a message from my sister about our daughter's school fees. so they see me from one of the hair of the cloth i would never do whatever you came to go to
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school is find them use salary changes every month depending on how many customers he gets in a good month he might and about $600.00 euros about half of this goes to his family i dislike it i don't like it but. you're trying to stop me doing just blasting me but. i know it's not supposed to be like that on his way to work and a bunch of his it's his father he lives alone and lost his job a few years ago but thanks to his son he still gets a warm meal every day without his son support he says he wouldn't some 5. 100. people horses running through life through right now on the bungee is unable to build his own life or start a family in nigeria people like him a cold to the sandwich generation he's stuck in the middle taking care of the older
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generation while also wanting to raise a family of his own. needs 3 to 4 clients a day to a decent wage but today he has only one this client understands all a bunch of stay limit which affects many nigerians very ill but i know that the opening problem the problem lies with the government only issue is that the government we do not have this issue welfare system here so people especially those i really like to do especially work the problem most affected by this if you grew up owning the least amount of. this billboard promises a different reality retired to a life of value it's for an insurance company advertizing private pensions but even those who earn a good wage can't afford to put money away for their retirement were made on his white to circuit training during the week he works in a bank just like a bungee he supports his parents financially but luckily he and enough money to
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support himself too. i feel privileged because i have a very strong sense of attachments was my family. that's my perspective i believe that they've done so much for me it's a way for me to give back to the families away from italy because of the training lifestyle. and what if he. he has children someday should parents support him too if they're going to be for the interests for me what i want to see myself in a situation well have to depend. on my children for sustenance many young africans are happy to support their families when they need it but for some it's a heavy weight on their shoulders. it's a treat for sure a week social welfare system is just one of the reasons why many africans have a choice but to send money home to their families in salt africa this phenomenon is known is black.


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