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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 11:15am-11:30am CEST

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it started as a doctor's garden for medicinal plants today more than $10000.00 plant species grow in the green noses and garden grounds. that. this may look like a greek amphitheater but it was built as a stage for events by the nazi party. today the dings shown to use a listed monument and is used for open air concerts. so has heidelberg been a hit with today's visitors assessors and a bit here and i enjoy it if the how can i meet i may come here again very interesting city they're good they're going forward and a very friendly. if you want to visit juddering go to i do have is the best thing.
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a popular hardenberg souvenir is the student kiss a specialty by the city's oldest chocolate maker. but many a seasoned politician has enjoyed the sweet treat. back in the days smitten students would gift a box as a token of their affection now the customer is most likely a tourist looking to take home a memento of their trip to heidelberg. now it's time for a trip to the crew next to the mountain meaning kings jare we're going up on the from the chiller it has several stops you can also get off at the castle but i'm going up all the way. you. do you have to change trains from a new train to one of the oldest from the chiller railways in germany. the poets of
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the romantic era would no doubt have found some flowery language to describe the experience. it's a slow and bumpy journey very nostalgic. right. there right up here next to it is worth it simply for the spectacular views across title back and its surroundings but that's not the only reason i've come up. here waiting patiently. to come on and. once or twice a day in summer the 2 new quitters fell can read this place it's birds of prey common vilma 1st shows us the eagle owl you were young. the show lasts about an hour and a half and there's lots to learn about owls falcons and eagles visitors are welcome to share their knowledge and earn a feather or 2. that's how do they differ from other perhaps america can anyone
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tell me yes you know i think al's are an upturn will stand that's ready to get a feather yeah. the only time that animals are nocturnal they prefer to fly in time to at night or in twilight. yeah. you just. do your own invoke would have such good hearing that for instance the barn owl which has the best hearing of all can hear an insect crawling on a blade of grass i'm not kidding crawling 1st robin and even more amazing it can hear that from a distance of 100 meters that made our own family. it has now put her on your hands put your thumb out for that's the 1st exercise. the next birds that carmen shows us are felton's of varying size she trains them to
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chase for hunting for example with a lure program she can't that in the air don't go flying on at the end common presents a very impressive animal a bald eagle. oh come. now it's time to get up close and personal. and. we're going to be fighting back again and parents to a really hot region in the united arab emirates just for a jump has invited us to abu dhabi here is our little local slot. hello my name is george etc to john i would like to welcome you to abu dhabi which is my home for the past 7 years i'm originally from malta and i'm happy to be showing you some of the best highlights the city has to offer.
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this is one of the best beaches we have here in abu dhabi the thai kilometer stretch of beach something which i really enjoy here is you come to the beach as a backdrop you have all of those skyscrapers behind you so you can get a feeling of both nature and the greatness of my career. i love living in abu dhabi for the security is gives me about 2 and so the mix of traditional and modern which tend to balance off each other in a very nice way only in the city of upper darby we have over 3001. around people here although having all of the modern luxuries still turn back to their traditional values following the up push your religion which is now.
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a night. in such a cosmopolitan city the vegetable the molecules takes you back to what life. are you all about it here or do whatever it is a very deep sea of people is to live a very normal life and. this is our dow hobby. the doll being the traditional boat which also represents the rich maritime history that abu dhabi has these dolls are the dolls that go out late at night come in early in the morning selling their fresh catch to the local fishmongers at the fish market.
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and now for our last stop in abu dhabi i have chosen to take you to do observation deck at the edge i had tell you. this is the observation deck the highest point one can visit in abu dhabi 300 meters apart 7 to fulfil is situated in the cluster around the tallis. this was my day in upper darby i hope you enjoyed seeing go into beautiful sights and hope to be seeing you soon and as they say in this part of the world my son in law. to and my 2 off idle back i'm going back up the hill across from the critics on the opposite side of the
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neck up this path is known as the philosopher's walk. historically it was just a path through the vignettes but during the romantic period it scenic beauty drew students professors and philosophers today it's a highlight for visitors it gives fantastic views of the city and castle. i don't think i need to tell you any more about the romantic city or fight a back you've seen it for yourself and a quote from a famous german song pretty much sums it up my path in heidelberg final that means i lost my heart in height of.


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