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the powerhouse turns 100. 100 years of modernist architecture. 100 years of functionalism n.p.r. is and. what's behind the legend. we ask experts about the. next d.w. . strong women in africa.
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the battle against horrific violence. physical and sexual abuse and contradiction. in many countries in africa women girls are still subject to terrifying atrocities. but they're fighting back. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to his shadow and a few news papers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the strength of many can trust and their problems are always the same 14 source of inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the show. and since you know michael folds who have decided
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to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson i work. so for. the 1st. time in the powerhouse with an international cosmopolitan school they wanted a completely new world of design they were breaking with the generation of their parents and i'm going to they wanted to throw out useless they wanted new life styles they wanted to be different.
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this year at bal house one of the world's most influential art and design schools turns a 100 and the 710 or 8 is being celebrated in big style. but how much do we really know about this famous movement and how much is made we went to find out. design classics which are simple and functional designed by a small art school which revolutionized the industry 100 years ago powerhouse dispensed of unnecessary for us with its radical vision faltered copius wanted to rethink architecture in the arts with artists such as best we can do. today at leo and on finding out he founded the state house in weimar in 1919. there arts college soon became an avant garde. in their workshops they experimented with materials and
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form creating design which was unprecedented in its clarity and functionality. but it didn't appeal to everyone the 1st show home in weimar was seen as a provocation and met with heavy criticism a bunch of free spirited individuals who held nothing sacred not colored materials nor perception. breaking conventions they explored new lifestyles which were rather too wild provided by 925 it was all over they were too adventurous for their home city. they ventured on the desk in industrial city that welcomed the bell house with open arms and funded a completely new building for their school. the master houses were built nearby white cubic villas for the professors designed and equipped by powerhouse artists with furniture from their own workshops. director of
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the whole p s shape the city with the ball house movement the church and settlement offered light space and a garden for everyone as an antidote to the cramped gloomy residential blocks of the industrial cities every last detail was designed with precision and the 314 terraced houses were built cheaply and quickly. also designed by gropius was the employment office it was one of the 1st of its kind with bright glass corridors. the same ascetic was used here for different purposes with karl feeders riverside cafe on the album. from 1928 its new director harnessed maya made the bauhaus even more political and radical his houses were an attempt to make social classes based on need and not luxury. funding ended when the nazis came to power in the powerhouse close in 1930 to one last privately funded attempt came from its fund a hole in berlin but it failed in 1033 the boss had shut down. is
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about house history have its ideas run their course hardly in these times of up people people are rediscovering its visionary potential how was bauhaus continuing to inspire today we visit via again. constantine by a is used to having breakfast in his own gallery it's just like one big family the found as an artist of the gallery i can hire all graduates of the legendary bauhaus university their contribution to the 100th anniversary year is called contemporary bauhaus. complete flyswatter as. which can also applaud for the boat house thus also thanks this private gallery is the official showcase of the bauhaus university and the
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artists don't see bauhaus as a brand but an attitude towards the weald a common theme in their art is the destruction of the environment and the loss of nature constantine vias installation focuses on this theme to artificial palm trees and a shell which doesn't contain the sound of the sea rather the babble of advertising slogans these works ask questions of society in keeping with the principles of bauhaus. how sustainable should our society be how do we handle digitalisation these are the questions we analyze in our exhibition the challenges of the next 100 years but. thinking big and acting globally the gallery i can home has become an international institution foundations the great institute and artists from china are all part of the worldwide network of the gallery owner and his business partner bianca folk to creating synergies was the principle of the battle house university right from the start. as
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a media artist which i am you could use the architecture workshops just as well as the product design or workshops. or this brings in an interdisciplinary aspect along with the sense of community which was characteristic of weimar busy. such a sense of community hasn't always been a given in 1925 the borough house had to leave and was regarded as a disgrace environment just like the gal forum is today a monumental nazi building right next to it a mighty cube has been erected in the new battle house museum. bright and minimalist an architectural statement. it's purpose is not to consent of the bow house tradition but rather to act as a forum for discussion. instead i'm social questions are opened up again viewed through the mirror of history. and there are some incredible things to see from
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playful structures and expression of sketches to little wooden houses with so-called furniture for the people functional but far removed from what is supposed to be battle house style by maya has long been a place of experimentation. assumes self said that before tackling the design of objects you basic.


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