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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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you have that advantage of a car visits one of these camps the photographer does not conceal the suffering but wants to make sense of it in her own way. she meets a young woman who was held captive by boko haram. 40 once traumatized women like her to be accepted by society. and. you know it is a lot to tell you that feeling that has to be born and we have to be appealed but i would say that our resilience is what we want people to see that yes we have suffered we have been through a lot but we are moving on way keen to see that we reviewed and we you know move on . that. these women and girls are also trying to move on
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for months even years they were all held captive by boko haram. the local government has set up a shelter for them in my degree. and. that. my. wife and. i know the family commissioner of the government is visiting and she wants to see how the women are doing. the girls were forced to marry the islamic state fighters were raped and then gave birth to children zahra and i have suppressed their experiences. magazine i don't have the men in my heart i can't remember them i just live my life. so yeah i don't think about the past i hope that one day i
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will find a good man who will marry me in spite of my story. that i see and i don't know what i'll tell my children about their father but they will probably find out when we have peace probably before i can even talk to them about entirely human bones and. zara and i were able to escape were picked up by the military and brought here. in the women's shelter they are given psychological counseling and are also under observation the government fears that they might have been radicalized by boko haram. some of them are not telling the truth because boko haram thing is within as is not it with people. you understand so sometimes the they the hate something because we are not there. the women are guarded in the shelter the fear that they might still have contact to the terrorists is large. in and around the city fatal suicide attacks are sometimes
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carried out by young women like i show it was our all in the name of religion. they polluted them. they polluted their met him you got one day if you die you will be in paradise. because. you are not going to stay in this. completely so you must go back to your court so this is the only wish. their lack of western education they let was an education and also the legion education. that's why we are trying to leave you in our schools. and the other women have to learn to live with the violence they were subjected to. and with the mistrust of their own government they are not even allowed to see their families. you know. i would like to see my mother so much she's in
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a refugee camp here in my degree i would feel so much better if i could be with her that's where i belong not here and. nigerian society has to learn how to integrate i and thousands more traumatized women. every day in my degree is a tightrope walk between normality and the consequences of war. photographer fancy a boubacar captures it all. one sign that my degree is looking ahead is a visit from a famous star musician mr easy. to. alongside all the suffering the photographer wants to show that life can also be fun. to watch. trust. you if you.
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want but. we're. just south of nigeria and the sprawling bustling city of lagos is a stark contrast to the north of the country. doctor only orekunrin doesn't take much time off but when she does she likes to go to taco bell and i'm in beach near lagos harbor. she's a british citizen but sees her future in nigeria when she travels abroad she is constantly confronted with negative clich├ęs about africa. it would surprise. for a. conference a few weeks ago and whatever like i did just how bad the impression is it's what every guy comes to cover and shut me up for i say but i'm from africa no matter like what he's doing he can be like
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a she shy guy he could be working behind the team at the most but he was wants to rescue me and i just thought you don't even know me like you did before i like living in africa but why is this the 1st thing. that we can really wants to rescue people herself people in have chosen home of nigeria. as a doctor she wants to change things in africa. she often travels to communicate her idea that medical aid should be available for everyone from. this meeting in her office in lagos stunts with the issue of obesity in nigeria. if a patient is larger than those boeing aircraft and i think the patient actually has bigger issues to worry about because obesity is a widespread problem that people didn't have a seat to get my do you think it's going to go that's
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a. no gave you see movies patients or you know information. in the western world before these diseases of lifestyle came about yet almost successfully eliminated the infectious diseases but here in africa we're fighting with bottles at the same time. after his study is older orekunrin moved to have parents home and set up flying doctors nigeria. their commitment is very personal. her youngest sister died while on holiday in 1000 rhea . the rescue plane from south africa arrived too late. i think it appears have gave a century wrong. but i just didn't want my particular organization to have to rely on the funding because africa needs to be passed i felt very passionately when i
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actually came that nigeria needs to be able to stand by itself eventually without the uniform. instead of setting up a charity she decided to found a profit oriented business now only works as an entrepreneur. in rwanda as capital kigali although orekunrin is taking part in the world economic forum on africa she exchanges news with women from the whole continent she's confident that change is afoot in previous conferences it was trying to get multinationals into africa so that they could employ people but now they're saying i'm i mean from the likes of. actually african entrepreneurs can be really to come scale up their business and then they can start employing people here very in for me i think what really stood out for me was female voices i was entrepreneurs as professionals as students as mothers as wives i think the african women for the
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most part has been largely ignored. you know half of the population on the continent has not realized its full potential. yet everywhere women are taking responsibility like these 3 business women from.


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