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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but mostly i'm laughing with the german people germany thinks deep into the german culture. you ridiculous grumpy and you go. who you know i'm rachel join me on the course. how low everybody and what africa this is reserve and the 7 percent that show for africa's you i want to. welcome coming out for you on today's program e.q. money heads to south africa to speak with the youth about the so-called black top and that is having to help their families financially even those with barely enough to feed them or feel. in at least other thought if we take a ride in a taxi which is presuppositions to pregnant women.
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and we explored by the gulf coast capital and the people through the lens of the feed andrea. foss report is on an issue that affects many young africans it's not uncommon for us young working people to financially support our parents and siblings sometimes even our extended family and many are happy to do eat because it's always nice to give something but right but what happens if you don't on enough money to support yourself and your family are if it's stopping you from realizing your dreams. we max our young man in nigeria who has what he's life on hold to help his family. getting ready in the morning without running water isn't uncommon in many parts of lagos all abound you saw them on all a corn has to make the most out of his 5 metre square. he
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works in a small saloon giving money cures and pedicures. very close it is out and i say do something so if you're going to get ready he can't afford to lose another client it's the rainy season and business is slow but that doesn't stop the messages from home his family still asks him for money i get a message from my sister about school fees. so they see me from one year of my of the hair of the cloth i would never do that water for your kids to go to school is fine his salary changes every month depending on how many customers he gets in a good month he might and about $600.00 euros about half of this goes to his family i dislike it i don't like it but. you're trying to. get me i know it's not supposed to be like that on his way to work on
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a bungee visits his father he lives alone and lost his job a few years ago but thanks to his son he still gets a warm meal every day without his son support he says he wouldn't survive. a. life through right now on the bangi is unable to build his own life or start a family in nigeria people like him a cold to the sandwich generation he's stuck in the middle taking care of the older generation while also wanting to raise a family of his own. needs 3 to 4 trying today to end a decent wage but today he has only 101 this client understands all a bunch is the limit which affects many nigerians very unfair but i know that the whole for me problem the problem lies with the government only issue is that the government we do not have a social welfare system here so people especially those i really like the
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discretion of the profit most affected by it if you are only used to model. this billboard promises a different reality retired to a rifle value it's for i mean surance company advertising private pensions but even those who earn a good wage can't afford to put money away for their retirement were made on his way to circuit training during the week he works in a bank just like other bungy he supports his parents financially but luckily he and enough money to support himself too. i feel privileged because i have a very strong sense of attachments was my family. and that's my perspective i believe that we've done so much for me it's a way for me to get back to the farm is a way for me to leave the country but train lifestyle. and what if he. children someday should plan support him too if. that's what i want to see
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myself in a situation where i have to depend. on my children for so. many young africans are happy to support their families when they need it but for some it's a heavy weight on their shoulders. it's a tree can't top it for sure a week social welfare system is just one of the reasons why many africans have little choice but to send money home to their families in salt africa this phenomenon is known as black tax there the minimum wage is about $215.00 euros a month compared to $75.00 euros in nigeria for example it just goes to show even the strongest economy isn't immune to block tax our reporter if you mind travel to draw highest back to find out how young professionals are dealing with laptops other constable helping out their families or does it place too much pressure on them.
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the 77 percent is in south africa this week and we're here to investigate a phenomenon that's experienced really across the continent the idea of a black tax what is it what does it mean and what could it mean for the future luckily for us we have a really cool crowd here who are going to help us answer that question and i want to begin with. she actually wrote extensively about this was your thesis if i'm not mistaken so maybe just set the tone for us what is this black tax and is it exclusive to people in the black race takes is such the big elephant in the room when it comes to africa when it comes to the african continent as a whole so we use black text as a color a colloquial term to describe the money that is fucked up by young professionals to help at home is it exclusive to black people or is it people of color or is it experienced across all you know spectrums statistics have shown that it is predominant in the black community more than in white communities and the rest of
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other races ok so we have a group of young professionals here and i just want to see by show of hands how many of you have experienced what we're talking about this black tux the idea that you paid back to your family so see you also raise your hand can you tell me how it affects you on up on a regular basis like when you get your money at the end of the month what are you thinking when i give my mind it in a phantom thing in life i have fees to pay i have rein to pay but then at the same time you're like oh no i have still have to give back money to my family at home and then now you have to go through a lot i didn't see how much money do you have lived because sometimes i feel like it's too little so you have to give more but sometimes you don't have that more but you like kate's my family let me help out but sometimes you give because you have to not because you want to i want to go to see who is right here i think would describe him as a social commentator is this a responsibility or is it a burden really depends on how you want to look at it if you're giving money back. your family because they need that money is not a bad thing or
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a good thing right most people would say it's a good thing but the tax aspect is the idea that you as a young person who's finally getting the opportunity getting a 1st paycheck are not allowed to contribution fully to your own development so right now it's sounding rather depressing and it's also sounding like it's a moral issue but somebody watching from europe might think but you can just say no . saying no it's hard because the 1st thing they're going to tell you is that we made you who you are so you also think of that my family did this and this and this and that the least i can do is give back but i know that it also has psychological and sometimes emotional pressure and you have yo you're nodding it can cause depression some people have experienced depression because of playtex yes i know a friend who has been severely depressed and has collapsed at work because of it when you think that you are working so hard but you yourself you have nothing to show for it but you're at work every day from 8 till 5 but that's when they ask you
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what are you doing with your money don't you just what i what are you doing with your money this is a question that i hear a lot as a cause of what does this do to the social fabric of a nation such as this one so i like the commas that have been made right but at some point we have to take our lives our own hands and say government is tapped out the tax base of the country is so small you can't get more money out of government so the question is to the point that how do you become creative as a young person so one way is do you have to pay your block tax every single month what happens if you say no really tell me what happens if you say no have you ever tried to say no i tried to say no but then there are your parents will disown me if you say no the will tell you. we have raise you we paid for you for your fees and all that but then why would you do that why don't you pay us back ok so fear of being disowned any other comments from the site you. i said no for the 1st time in my life i refused to pay tax i was banished somehow in the family.
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my uncles get comments such as what's your problem what's what's with you. what's your problem return back home there's no need for you to anymore there's no point for us because now it's like you you've turned back. right yeah yeah ok no sofas even love is starting to be questioned is being questioned like best a thing because of now it's. ok yes you are spending your incomes this. however you helping your touching the family in this way and that way but then i think the level of satisfaction that is demanded through tax does at some point resonate with the concept of love being questioned from then on do you think our parents relatives sisters uncles are aware of the things that we're discussing here african parents make it look like they are protecting us they make it look like they are
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live ing is they actually covering this whole thing in the thames spirit of humanity but when it's actually embedded in i think the nor it but maybe for their own questions and to try in convince us otherwise humanity ok how do we make sure that our children are not here with another it is kimani discussing the same thing i mean it's difficult the 1st thing is. do you want your children to be paying you 40 years from now the question is do you have to give the money back to your family in the terms of money doesn't have to be 3500 that goes into the account every month how can you say this money can only be used for education and all we thinking about that because if we're not thinking about that we're going to end up in a situation where all children will be lecturing us to say but why am i still paying this tax so. be a little bit more assertive rethink ways of spending and stretching that money and
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perhaps even sending non-cash benefits how else to break from the cycle it's a tricky situation edith because yes ideally in the real world we can come back to black text by saving but the blood tax keeps circulating in rotating so if i don't save years if if i don't save then my son should look after me when i'm older because i've enough money to save for my pension so can we come back to that the stage i don't think so ok let me finish with c.e.o. do you feel like you have more agency when it comes to this issue and i do but at some point i do not because we come from different families sentiment is going on us then when you say no but in some cases some of us are actually irresponsible because you get your money for the 1st time and you're like oh ya i have a must have an expensive car must have an expensive apartment then when you think in a month in you're like oh no i made all this but you can find cheaper things that you can actually use and money too so you can have money to save and give to your
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family at the end of the day so i do have but i do not have well the question was asked can africa overcome the so-called black tax burden and i think the conversation here has told us that maybe and maybe not either way thank you for watching. thanks as always for bringing us that debate and to all participants as well it's a delicate discussion for a lot of people if that topic hit home for you you can watch a longer version of that debate on our you tube channel. i want to bet made at least one point clear people are almost always really to help those who need it that brings us to our next report toward rosabel high drives a taxi in ethiopia but he's no ordinary cab driver he offers transport to pregnant women in a. free of charge let's meet him now. how is this for service man
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he's in the final stages of pregnancy and taxi driver to work. is offering her a free ride to hop weren't meant to the clinic he said my husband got to take his mobile number and called him he brought me to the health center yesterday night too he stayed there with us for a long time and took us back home he took me to the clinic again for ultrasound check up in the morning and they too would have a high has been offering a free service for pregnant women in at least a bit about since 2016 so what prompted this taxi driver just to tanning out free rides it all began with a might toward mosul never forget. it was $230.00. minute i saw a pregnant woman and her husband on the streets. they were begging for grave us to stop and take them to hospital we pulled over and the lady was in labor we drove in
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the house but she had the baby and you know what that's about. it. and the bat get mant is also great for 2 wardrobes kindness she often thinks of the taxi driver when she saw 3 month old daughter. i got the news on that. i gave birth and i was at the health center when my husband called him. up he dropped everything to come and take us back home since then we have spoken often on the phone. about his job and he has told us many things as only get the hint he had whenever he called us he checks up on my health. he taking. giving bad here can be dangerous. health facilities and hospitals often overstretched and difficult to get to. see that this is if you quit it is impossible to say that
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a disservice doesn't cover 5 percent of the country so it's not enough. going to germany and the drivers are taking note of toward his generosity. amazing personality and he should keep going i think it would be even better if you could get someone to support his good deeds have to work trust quite a reputation in town this group of students recognize him in the street as you know how can you afford to do this and possible action made based hope women in need will there be a pregnant in labor or anyone who wants to go for a check up i just give them a free right to madrasa gets back to work who knows when he will get his next call from a mother to be in need of his help. what a kind soul being pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful thing for many women around the world but in order to get pregnant
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something else must enforce which with the right person and at the right time can also be beautiful yes i'm talking about his calves our resident sex and relationship expert with a straight. i'm all there and welcome to the spread a safe space where we get to discuss everything sex and relationships today our question comes all the way from zimbabwe and our sister is asking cat as i absolutely love this show thank you so much for helping many of us my name is i have this problem like many women i have never experienced the ever so coveted and desired orgasm i have googled and searched and tried the recommended solutions but so far nothing my boyfriend is threatening to leave me because of it what should i do let's stop with the last part of your problem but 1st if your boyfriend is
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threatening to leave you because of this chances are he has some deep rooted insecurities that he's trying to place on you my opinion he's definitely not worth it now that we've got that out of the way let's get to the root of your problem 1st of all you're right over 70 percent of women are unable to orgasm during penetrative sex this is sometimes known as the pleasure gap and even though it is a loose term it carries a lot of weight to it unfortunately women in africa haven't really been taught about the importance of pleasure for the most part conversations around sex still focus on procreation motherhood and saving yourself are the one so lessons on pleasure especially self pleasure and of being ignored my 1st piece of advice to you would be stop spending so much of your time and energy researching orgasms on the internet and research on your body instead we don't always know how to pleasure ourselves or find our erogenous zones simply because of a fear that was instilled in us when we were young so ask yourself how is it that
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you expect somebody else to turn you on when you yourself have no idea my suggestion is get to know yourself a little better use a vibrator or any other toy anything that makes you feel good be intentional about it that way you can easily guide your partner to those areas that make you smile of course another. problem that always gets stuck in a rut in the bedroom we can't switch our brains of we're always thinking about things like bills are the kids are asleep can they hear us and this can be so distracting so here are a few tips on how you can help keep your mind off every day things spend more time alone with your partner disengaging from everyday life sending each other sexy text messages throughout the day ask your partner to give you a relaxing massage and last but not least try to enjoy sex without the end goal of the orgasm just focus on the pleasure that each touch brings and remember it's not your fault because you haven't had an orgasm it will come from
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a cab but. well from zimbabwe i hope you got the answers you were looking for and now it's time to pack your bags for an island get away we're heading to madagascar but don't refuse to feed andrea and takes us on a discovery tour through his city antananarivo. let me. this city is built on a beautiful ruling and to the memories will mean for. wow what an understatement with 1500000 inhabitants but i guess because come to think is the undisputed cultural and economic heart of the island to feed on the people and the streets of tunnels the particular subjects were a curious photographer. like. we are headed to.
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iraq and. so feed again grew up in this lively streets and knows every nuke and cranny. and one thing's for sure he's not wrong about the view. but as a photographer he wants to show the ugly side of his city too it's one way for him to speak his mind about the country's politics a time out before him term corruption has grown ever since of course the public it's almost the same people in power who don't do anything crazy history she said. in the fall yell for the. world to give us a sense of what daily life is like for most people in and turn and the river for fried andrian takes us down into the under water here to believe from what one
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between the heels it has to offer. into 16 to feed andrea and set up a crowdfunding campaign to build an education center for kids here michael newdow he said. it really is you know the. song the cell phone if you are poor in most cases their parents don't have the time or the means to send them to school that's why we take them here to educate them and to give them the chance to go to school after wards. you know donate or shows focus what are the early call austin for regionally until then a river was built on 2 raised areas people lived in the drive used and grew rice in the swampy lowlands but overall past 50 years the city has grown so rapidly that more and more right foods have morphed into residential neighborhoods like. this
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there is don't have the best reputation when you consider and jessica i know the area plowed by 1008 but it would hold these camera feet and real hopes to change this perception. that means. people begin to understand what it's like. to spread. to work in the. cover you know. as much as to feed and really love the picturesque streets on the mountain tops of tana his photography as i drove him down to the hearts of the water where life happened it's not a picture of perfect life but through the help of locals like to feed 100 days the hope that things are on the up in time now life through what do you think of that
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report if you have any suggestions ideas all feedback for us you can connect with us via email or on the d.w. offical facebook page that's it from us today but before you go away here is a sneak peek at our next program. this time he came on he is in germany for next. weekend with young people in philly and about their experiences in the past. and cannonball drop a nice at t.v. has struggled with identity and which has been. thank you so much for tuning in but you know the drill before we go here's a bit of music for you yes straight out of time when you yes this is the never ending and south african duo trucks and boys with back for me by.
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telling us something else. when you. get.
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kicked off like. the broom in the stadiums has lost their lives by is the fact. that the bad guy and his got the best sensibly compared the big leagues around the world i'm making promises my club some surprises in store the bad guy. in the sinister world of modern slavery.
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we meet people who've been enslaved. i am the activist i'm afraid the. new search for the perpetrators. even get one to speak with us in a rare interview why did he keep playing. blackjack the following minutes on b.t.w. . planet earth the good interest guide truman is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the battleground of venice nightlights tourism. i love even once sure it was a day certainly looks like the substrates like me despite this 15 nations 50 story
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. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's a very best. book announced mr lamb every week on t.w. . starts rising people fight for some of the money he's out of luck when there's a flood water comes up to your waist going to close fast to everyone but. a lack of water is equally dangerous. to send people to see people moving south so they can plant crops and trying to meet. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could not write any up or going to matter if you want a problem or the federal. climate exodus starts september 5th on d w.
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cut. this is d w news live from berlin to world leaders gathered for the g. 7 summit in the french city of jarod's they're hoping to reach a consensus on arranged. issues including global trade climate change and iran's nuclear program the divisions are deep and it's unlikely the u.s. president donald trump will join ranks with his counterparts also coming up. brazil sends in the army to battle forest fires and across latin america demands are growing louder for more.


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