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minimally invasive surgery is unlikely to pose any major risks to forty's and the advantage of this method is that you can assess the state of the interior of the abdomen so the surgical trauma and therefore the pain that might arise after the operation is pretty small because it during the operation under general anesthesia 3 small incisions are made an audience abdominal wall and the surgical instruments are inserted the hernia is visible on the monitor here too and mesh is used it's pushed into the abdominal cavity fire and discos and closes up a hernia from the inside. open honey a surgery has also gone smoothly. of course i was very relieved to wake up again. it's silly to say or fear that i had before has vanished i'm glad of got out of the way for the. add that has a little bit of pain for a few months i thought that it took
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a while before i could feel confident about my body again. now he can finally go kitesurfing again everything has healed nicely and he's back in the water. with our leeward hardly smell i'm talking about mouth odor not the one when you eat raw onions or garlic i mean the one that doesn't go away what's it all about check this out. turn has an important appointment with his dentist this piece of equipment will show whether or not his hala ptosis has been cured. it's big enough we're taking america sample from the back of the mouth above the tongue and we'll have a look at the result of just this point. 4 weeks ago when to see his dentist having spent a year trying to cure his back breath. he also works with patients. so he was very
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self-conscious about it. and the whole thing started when my wife had a word with me she said my breath and started to smell but it was a big surprise at 1st i was shocked i also deal with patients so it's really embarrassing because i'm sure i have a good dental hygiene you know i use an electric toothbrushes laws i clean my teeth after meals are you. but i realised it wasn't enough because i know if i meet. the dentist uses this holly meter to measure the levels of salt 1st. breath. bacteria excrete sulfur compounds that cause the unpleasant smell. it can be a difficult subject to broach we asked members of the public if they tell someone about that bad breath. there was no no you can't do that you just have to ignore it . my math teacher has been bred but i don't tell him because i don't want to risk migrating. i wouldn't say anything because they usually are you know.
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they might worry that you think that. china fucked up and it was the odor is caused by anaerobic bacteria. 95 percent of them sit in the space between the gum and the truth. and sometimes they're at the back of the tongue. for you can use a tongue cleaner to get rid of them. in between the chief it's very important to use an intraday into a brush that's the right size that so you can get the bacteria under control the odor comes from areas in the mouth that's hard to reach with a normal toothbrush even with the most thorough cleaning there are easy ways to gauge your own hygiene. you can floss between your teeth and smell it or stroke the back of your tongue and smell your finger breathing into a bag or your hands isn't very. you can't smell your own breath that well. i mean
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i'm. going to has been using him to dental brushes under tongue cleaner has he managed to clear up his hala ptosis it's just over and that's a really fantastic result you're well within the normal range down we're not seeing those big build ups of so far anymore because we've reduced the levels of oral bacteria it's flawless this is. true paul i'm so pleased thanks for the information might never have known about you know you'll be able to kiss your wife again. this is how the ptosis can affect anyone so it's good to be open and speak freely about the conditions it's certainly paid off for them to. one of the most dangerous any moves in the world is the most kito worldwide it transmits a lot of diseases some of them even fatal lucky me not here in germany. can
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still be very nasty especially if you scratch. they bug you even if you just want one it's already too late it chews swells and mosquito bites are often more than just annoying. in tropical countries many species of mosquitoes such as the asian tiger mosquitoes are vectors of disease that's long been known but nowadays many people in germany are visiting their doctors for mosquito bites as the bites become severely inflamed. we see a lot of patients with mosquito bites they come in and we can send them home quickly. within 9 days we had 6 people with infected mosquito bites who all had to receive antibiotics. was bitten on the foot by a mosquito 3 weeks ago her leg swelled up severely when it got to the point where she could barely walk she sought medical help. so i thought going to the doctor
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firm askey tape might seem pretty stupid i didn't want to go but i called when it got really swollen and they said i should come by. if an infected insect bite turns red and gets as big as the pall of your hand. or if you have a fever on you on shore then you should go to the doctor. and among the. bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the mosquito bite from there they spread throughout the body and multiply near the vessels that transport the tissue fluid from the leg toward the heart the bacteria clog the lymph vessels the fluid cannot get through the leg swells up and the infection spreads. and that's why you called spock prescribed 10 days worth of antibiotics for for. and now the swelling in her foot has gone down whether the bacteria entered the womb through scratching or the mosquito transmitted them is unclear the mosquito saliva
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plays a big role in determining how irritating its bites are and it can vary widely. why there are more reactions in some years than in others likely depends on the composition of the saliva changing from year to year no one knows why it could be climate or weather changes. another guess many mosquito bites become infected if farmers use liquid manure on their fields the mosquitoes come into contact with the fecal matter and when they bite aggressive microbes enter the womb. that's something no but god knows believes last year his hand swelled up so massively for 2 days after being bitten by a mosquito that it didn't look like his own hand anymore. it's not a i know i had such a gigantic fat swollen hand and i couldn't move it anymore told not even my fingers then i went to the hospital and the pain was excruciating i felt my hand would explode to monaghan plotzed. apart from that
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a red line formed on his arm an inflammatory reaction that indicated blood poisoning. before i knew it i was lying in bed with a huge i.v. containing antibiotics covering the. he was treated in the hospital for 3 days if he had waited just 24 hours before going to the doctor it would have been too late. experts say to treat any mosquito bite don't scratch it but cool it. cooling it is a good idea it lessens the blood flow not surely and also reduces the chance of the germs being able to spread quickly and it helps to stop the itchiness. cortisone can help if it gets worse you can also take anti histamine tablets if the bite stays swollen and you get a fever then show your mosquito bite to the doctor. today
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and more information. on our facebook page next week and then it's to stay in get sick.
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the kosher coffee i found myself a mission under one eye at a complete. new day the. policeman fights any semitism in the wake of rising hate crimes in paris. if it's available to me we
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have to take anti semitism. just because we do something here every strong coming up on dollar. fine dining moves tradition the rooms biggest news coming close. to serious celebrates leave our good to. find a place on what's behind it and what join the. 30 minute spot. how does a timeline taste. correspondent
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susan hom and a host may lead to explore the various flavors of the exotic cuisine. fusion and so on i am a challenge for you. tasty tied to. start september 1st on d w. closely. carefully. to suit your needs to get. much. discomfort. subscribe to the documentary on. the water
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starts rising people might force. her she's clearly dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could write any up i'm going to be snide if you want and probably most of the book of. climate exodus starts september 5th on d w. leaders of 7 top industrial countries are meeting in the french resort of b.f. gets brought disagreements on issues such as global trade and climate change may consensus unlikely for the 1st time in more than 4 decades there will be no joint statement at the end of the g. 7 summit. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets
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of hong kong again but a standoff with riot police descended into violence officers with batons and tear gas chased the demonstrators who held bricks and petrol bombs the violence interrupted nearly 2 weeks of calm in hong kong. north korean state media say the missiles launched this weekend were part of the communist states test of what it called a super large multiple rocket launcher pyongyang launched the missiles in defiance of international efforts to denuclearize the country south korea had reported that the missiles were short range ballistic rockets. around 35000 people have taken part in an anti racism march in the eastern german city of tristen the demonstration comes a week before elections in the federal states of saxony in brandenburg the far right alternative for germany party is expected to make significant gains.
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you. may attack the jewish boy with a knife here to strip the american left him lying there. is. a growing number of jews in france no longer feel safe that thousands have already emigrated. excuse of pigs do we really have to flee to you to anti-semitism. just because we do use. it makes me want to cry. all the key we give the victims of the virus and accompany them to the police. we also provide them with a lawyer and psychological counseling were necessary. what he said for.
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ringback an afternoon in november some egos lawn and his wife winnie have just landed at shiloh to go on a porch in their old hometown paris. 4 years ago the couple immigrated to israel after so many had received a series of death threats but he comes back to france every few weeks for the 77 year old former policeman the fight against anti semitism has become a personal mission. of secret police this time they will be spending a whole week in paris well monique will be enjoying time with their grandchildren some me as always has no end of appointments he spent months planning a meeting for victims of anti-semitic attacks. so they prefer course that of course my family would prefer me to stay home. but i'm going to be very busy all week so there won't be much time for. most of the time with this. i found myself
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a mission and it's one i have to complete their initial. day the only one of. the family used to it will be happy to see him but i know he won't have much time. because learns will be staying with their son and his family as they always do when they're in paris. first they catch up with their grandchildren school grades a bit like in the old days when they all lived in the same city. so you sure it's hard being so far away but we talk on the phone a lot to keep in touch. deciding to leave the country like the gaza instead is something a lot of french jews do these days france is home to the largest jewish population in europe and the 3rd largest in the world after israel and the us. in many parts
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of paris jews express their identity and really.


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