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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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maybe the militants also who tried to march on here it's which is only 6 kilometers from here they want to enter the red zone to make them heard at the summit itself but this is unlikely that the police will let that happen yesterday although the protests were very peaceful 9000 people marched through and they and you ruined it 20 kilometers from here and they demanded what they want to demand from the g. 7 more protection of the climate it more fight against social injustice in the world all right to tell his bentley get thank you very much. now the g 7 is also pressing for more action on the massive wild fires currently raging in the amazon rain forest french president emanuel is threatening to block a european trade deal with a latin america if the fire is on not plays out so now brazil's right wing president. is sending in tens of thousands of troops to deal with the blazes.
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a wall of flame eating its way steadily into the amazon rain forest. leaving in its wake the charred wasteland. and few signs of life. in rwanda only a state one of the worst affected there's despair while people wait for help to fight the fire is. all good and usually they save my neighborhood has 100 head of cattle and there's no grass lot of. nearly the whole family die out trying to put out the fires. nobody's turned up the. brazilian president. has authorized the military to join the firefighting efforts and offer that's been taken up by 6 of the region's 9 states so far. the military operations are part of an abrupt about face after both narrow came under heavy international criticism he made developing in the amazon rain forest
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a priority but now says he wants to protect it from a war. we will showed 0 tolerance for people who break environmentalists was. born after all that's why we're offering the amazon states our full support of the . pressure from the agricultural lobby may have also played a part with fears growing that both in our response in the world could end up sinking a key trade deal between south america and the. public pressure is mounting to. both now is responsible for the destruction because of his radical statement. the activists have pledged to step up protests across the country determined to push home the need for urgent action in this part of brazil so crucial to the fight against global climate change. that's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world it's not just
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brazil's amazon rain forest that is burning fires in neighboring bolivia asked rationing people and wildlife 800000 hectares of forests have been destroyed in recent days and experts say it will take at least 2 centuries to repair the ecological damage and bolivia. thousands of ranger refugees have rallied in a camp in bangladesh the action marks 2 years since the region jeff led a violent crackdown by the army in neighboring me in march there and just say they won't leave bangladesh until their civil rights guaranteed at home. now violence has fled as pro-democracy activists in hong kong took to the streets on saturday in the territories 12th straight weekend of protests police fired tear gas and mounted bass on charges against activists demonstrating against what they call state surveillance dozens of protesters were arrested more demonstrations are
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expected today and some rail services have been suspended. and the. pill is covering those process for us and she joins us now on the line from hong kong charlotte what message are the activists trying to send with today's protests. i knew there to protest going on concurrently at the moment where the size is one of them is pro-democracy crisis hundreds of people that gathered in the sporting right. on the show everywhere protesting the bombers the earlier on today we were at a different protest a couple of kilometers from here and that was being run by families of police officers now was a process that was open eyes by by the approachable the activists so it wasn't a protest in favor of both defending what i have to say is excessive use of police force and said to the people that we spoke to said they want to just there is also a thing they think is being given a bad name by
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a fight or receive the police who are using too much what will that is well you said that he simply wanted to hear the other side of the defective oh what is going on here in hong kong there's been so much anger directed at police the recent weeks that this was it shows by some people but those offices 2 people say doing their job one man said he thought that they would be used as a tool for government which he doesn't agree with now yesterday so activists making a point of tearing down one of being cool small lamp posts during their march can you tell us a bit more about that. and i'll try this tomorrow so it's already said used to measure air quality traffic whether protesters. fear that there is a lamppost failing to they really say that they are being used the spatial recognition now the presence of how one area where they lamppost the being piloted
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they have this road out across the whole of home and why they decided to hold that particular process that the what we're seeing is process he is finding lots of different ways of expressing that anger at what they say is the courage that 30 didn't say yes on the whole call that it rhodesian based. all that that will rise it could be the latest example of how. being creative writing both are different ways of expressing that fact right you don't need health and pill in hong kong thanks so much. now some sports and in the bundesliga by in munich not just the 1st win of the season with a victory away to show the match also saw a new signing felipe continue to make his 1st appearance but it was an old favorite who was the hero. philippe could she stepped onto the pitch before kick off but then had to settle for a place on the bench binds he was stuck still catching up in terms of fitness but
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another big money sunning did stop the guy 80000000 euro purchase lucas handed us. a shout the fans were in good voice and the team needed the encouragement the last time winner of a bind k. 9 years ago. the match was slow to get going with the best chances coming from set pieces as so often probably even though she was the 1st player to go close forcing a say from have examined nubile by an up the tempo and when jonjo kinney felt kingsley kimo had the chance to take the lead from the spot and else he made no mistake one nil 20th minute. the host struggled to create real chances in response to a mom or squirrel flashed wide a shock to look to level the schools but a half time bomb held a slender lead after the break bar and again profited from a shock of foul this time live in dulce he kills on the free kick the bundesliga is running top score and now scored in these last 9 games against the royal blues.
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pitching you know they might ease the boot just before the alamo he and bind had to contend with a brief shelf to fight back onside felt they should have had a penalty for handball when this free kick can and off even on paris it. by hand held on and live in dusky sealed his hattrick in the 75th minute comfortable victory for the champions thanks to be it a reliable strike. quick reminder of the top story we're following for you frisson and america have raised hopes of a breakthrough on trains between the 2 countries but leaders of sense helped western economies need thing in france from 1000 i did on a wide range of issues. you're watching news life from that. and coming up next a documentary film on a sea of the nazi s.s. man who became a powerful arms dealer in west germany stick around for that if you can i'm back
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with more international news at the top of the hour but so much want you to. follow me and i'm doing some of the ground news in delusion who are most focused on his personal devices consider topics that affect us all moderate climate change and the return of. only green fields check out.
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when gephardt merton's drove his taxi around him a half an in $1049.00 he had no idea that he would one day do business with the west german intelligence service the b.m.d. and also the cia mittens was a former member of the s.s. a daredevil paratrooper many of the government files about his post-war activities remain top secret to this day. other shit also fog of us there's no question that merton's worked at the cia especially in the sale of weapons if you see a guy but those arms deals lead to foreign policy problems and that's why the files remain closed and so forth not on you so what does arc much beyond offer for fish was. found at his taxi company and claim often in the late 1940 s.
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some people who met him said they found him intimidating. traditionally and so for me i can still picture him it was a big strong guy and he knew how to throw his weight around post stuff really get well. met and soon establish connections with powerful government officials around the world and later sold weapons on behalf of the b.m.d. . merton's was ideal for the b. and d. and because he knew how to keep those weapons deal secret. triumph over $300.00 have to. matins called his company taxi. in the post-war years his former comrades were among his employees. they drove cabs similar to this one.
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the company is still in business. in the office there's a photo of the original site. files from the braman state archives reveal the names of some of the men who worked for me or teens at taxi lloyd. one of them served on americans as a paratrooper during the war. his name was going to allow bush. 70 years later met his widow still remembers the name of another colleague. of mine i recognized that name right away mchugh my husband and lindemann founded the taxi company. on done up till such time had a number of men from his former paratrooper unit who'd ended up in braman. along the phone. and that's how he was able to build up the company.
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first of the merton's now lives near washington d.c. in a quiet residential area in northern virginia her husband died 25 years ago until recently she lived on in the same house she had shared with and. now she has moved in with her eldest daughter and i get to it took 2 years for us to convince americans to give an interview about her late husband she was nervous about appearing in front of a camera she may also have been concerned about the subject matter but she feels comfortable in her daughter's company and agreed to talk to us. she shows us some family photographs she says that she fell in love with her husband almost at once. because he was really ambitious
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and he always did what he set out to do. in 1901 matins took part in germany's airborne invasion of crete he was one of about 10000 paratroopers that occupied the greek island during the occupation the germans massacred large numbers of civilians the atrocities are remembered on crete to this day. the airborne invasion began on may 20th graphic artist all over court shows us what it might have looked like. militants was a unit commander at the time after the war he was to form a network with many of his fellow paratroopers and some of them became employees in his new taxi firm and famous often. that's who do for mertens was a highly decorated officers. and he started building this network of former
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paratroopers known as the green devils. but they were all right wing extremists. in august 1943 of these paratroopers matins wish and haka took part in a failed german effort to hold back the allied offensive in northern france. after the war mansions and his colleagues turned up in blame and which was occupied by u.s. troops. the us authorities soon issued a business license to matins taxi company he was the owner and going to law which was the authorized signatory. matins hired other former paratroopers including zick . as life slowly returned to normal in post-war western germany business picked up
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for texas lloyd. it held a monopoly which allowed it to drive american soldiers around and transport goods through the soviet occupation zone to the u.s. kerrison in berlin. veterans and his family lived a comfortable middle class life in braman the couple now had 2 daughters but ursula says her husband soon became restless and was looking for a new challenge. in the early 1950 s. he moved to egypt to work for the country's military his family later joined him there. sure is no god at 1st he was there all by himself. but he soon recruited some former german office says george mitchell are no good for and these were people that he knew well and they had
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a very specific job to dave for. that job was to train egyptian paratroopers egypt wanted an airborne division like the one the germans had used on crete. egypt hired german advisers including former general vilhelm. with them in their small intimate i mean from merton signed on with the egyptians in march $951.00 called one of many german military advisors and trainers and i said that this work paid extremely well the stuff was the thought. the matins family now lived in cairo in a city that in the early fifty's was rapidly developing into a modern metropolis. but merchants often returned to west germany to develop his business contacts be empty documents show that the diamond.


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