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for this agreement to be signed into law and for this meeting within 2 presidents to take place. i would rather talk about concerted initiatives and exchanges rather than mediation because at the end of the day we have constant exchanges with president trump i share his goal sometimes we say we don't agree on methods but i want to get there i want to have an agreement. and i think there's been a true change this morning president rouhani showed himself to be open to this meeting happening and president trump has been saying for weeks that he's being demanding he's being tough he's put forward sanctions but i'm ready to have a meeting to make a deal and i think that we're making progress i want this meeting to happen and i want there to be an agreement between the united states and around and france will play the role that it's about to play together with the united kingdom with germany and all of the other signatory powers and the permanent members of the security council iran is a country that is not the same country that it was 2 and a half years ago when i came into office. iran was the number one state
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of terror throughout the world there were 800 sites of conflicts in in my 1st week when i spoke with the folks at the pentagon including lots of generals and lots of other military experts 18 sides of confliction meaning 800 sites a big problems every one of them was backed. by iran or in some cases actually using a rainy and soldiers but it a minimum a rainy and wealth much of it given and the ridiculous deal where they were given $150000000000.00 plus one point $8000000000.00 in cash and they use that money for some bad purposes with that being said i think that a red is a country of tremendous potential we're not looking for leadership change we're not looking for that kind of change this country's been through that many times before that doesn't work we're looking for no nuclear weapons no ballistic missiles and
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a longer period of time very simple we can have it done in a very short period of time and i really believe that a red can be a great nation i'd like to see that happen but they can't have nuclear weapons and i think. if the circumstances were correct toward the right i would certainly agree to that but in the meantime. they have to be good players you understand what that means and they can't do what they were saying they're going to do because if they do that they're going to be met with really very violent force which kept no choice. so i think they're going to be good i really think they'd like to and by the way president mccrone told me every step that he was making yes to a lot of you said oh he came in and he told me long before he came in what was happening what was i didn't think was appropriate to meet yesterday too soon and things have to be worked out 1st but president mccrone told me exactly what was
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happening who was coming what time they were coming where they were going to meet and after the meeting he told me exactly what happened and i think he had a very positive meeting prime minister of japan also a large purchaser of oil from iran he was also very much involved in looking those everybody there so he was a very very positive force but i have to tell you the president's done an excellent job and we're going to see how it all turns out maybe it works maybe it doesn't i say it all the time about everything maybe it works and maybe it doesn't but i'll tell you what we made a ridiculous deal we gave 150000000000 gave 1800000000 and we got nothing we got nothing and by the way that agreement was so short term that it expires in a very short period of time with a country you don't make a deal that your countries last for a long time and you know to short term deal specially when you're paying that kind of money so i have to have good feelings about iran i have good feelings that
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it will work i know many iranians living in new york city have many friends from are in there incredible people incredible people so the last thing i'd like to see is a big problem but we have to do what we have to do. go ahead please no no no you 1st go. well no go ahead yes those big president a crown did you did you see president trump's permission before you invited foreign minister zarif or did you simply inform him that he was coming thanks for this earth precise question. meant to be very clear and. we are part of. we decided to remain as the so we are very much interested by the situation as a sovereign country that's why we want the different parties to move on those
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assigned us prison term made it very clear over the summer we never spoke on behalf of all the countries we just tried some solutions and to see if we can find an agreement with different countries so we took an initiative this summer to make a proposal a technical one i got the reaction from iran's president visits on friday or friday morning and purse after the discussion we had at the dinner on saturday evening. i thought that it was very clear about where we can go together. so the day after i decided to invite as friends. minister zarif so i informed before making it i informed prism trump that it was my idea not to involve the united states not to see this is on behalf of you or the robot but to
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see our friends i think it would be a good idea to ask him to go back and try to negotiate something separately. so i did it on my own i informed before making it 1st in front it was informed that each made it about as the solution to situations or and the idea for me was in case of. sexual move. and. important move an appropriate solutions perhaps to have meetings between ministers not a prison term slow because prison from prison paul and so this is my presence this is a french initiative but made by clear information of the us president before information as will of the the so europeans and its timeline from prison from in
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order to money towards a situation and to appreciate together is something more was adopted. i have to say the a c. was a. bad deal. should not have been entered into a lot of things could have happened that would have been much different they're allowed to test ballistic missiles you're not allowed to go to various sites to check and some of those sites of the most obvious sites for the creation of the making of nuclear weapons. and those things have to be changed and other things have to be changed and i will tell you i have very good feelings about it i think that we're going to. do something it may not be immediately but i think ultimately we're going to do something as i sit around is a much different country than it was to have years ago and we can get that back and i'd encourage it i actually had friends years ago. many years ago they were in the real estate business and they were read and they were building houses and building
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housing and building office buildings and apartment houses and they did very well the middle out of money and to this day they're not exactly the youngest developers anymore but they were young when they were over there they made a lot of money and they loved the people and they loved what was going on and it's a country with tremendous potential i also say that by the way with respect to north korea kim jong un who had gotten to know extremely well 1st lady has gotten to know kim jong un and i think she'd agree with me he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential here in between china russia and south korea people want to get the south korea again to get there somehow and if they're going to do anything other than essentially fly they want to go through so railroads and everything else so many things want to happen there i think that
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north korea has tremendous economic potential and i think that kim jong un sees that he would be the leader and i think he sees the tremendous potential that it's . with respect to iran same thing iran is a credible people and a credible country potentially location that's a little rough neighborhood but it eventually it's going to be a beautiful neighborhood i think that it's going to be i think it's going to work out and i really believe that those countries that went into the original deal that more and more are agreeing with what i did but i think those countries are going to be saying thank you someday i hope they're going to be saying including france including the president because i think we did the right thing i know we did the right thing. if for no other reason it's just too short it's almost expired if you think about it and somebody said well you'll go and make an extension no no the great negotiators look at what they did to get the deal look at what they did to
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john kerry. and to president obama look what happened with the bring in planeloads of cash planeloads big plane 757 sprawling 757 s coming in loaded up with care what kind of a deal is that so i think a lot of good things are going to happen and i just want to say those because i've spoken a lot with the president this less 2 and a half days we've never had a better relationship we had a law that lasted for quite a while that many of you got to see it was the 2 of us no staff no anything he was in trying to impress his people i wasn't trying to impress his people we were just trying to impress each other and i'll tell you what it was the best period of time we've ever had and we accomplished a lot i don't mean just gee whiz wasn't that nice is a very capable man to integrate france he did an incredible job for the g.
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7 and i just want to thank you and you go ahead to use conference and very special this was a very special. very unified 2 and a half days and i thank you for thank you thank you. thank you thank. you thank you i will leave the floor and the 1st conference to prison term and i will do and wait for the end of your own press conference. because it all i did the. work if you are just joining us you're watching the coverage here. live coverage of a press conference taking place at the g. 7 summit in france the french an american president speaking there are mccrone
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saying there was a lot of tension ahead of this meeting but there is a message of unity coming out of it trump saying there was a lot of unity just false reporting on some of the discord between the 2 leaders. you know or and it sounds like they're still taking some questions let's listen in on your french was ok right to love your french one so thank you very much that's funny because i. think you're right yes you. know we wait for the end of this press conference to which all right as we said we're listening into that press conference a series of questions perhaps most notably coming out of that michael and saying he hopes to see a meeting between the american and iranian presidents in the coming weeks and that he heard from the iranian president that he would like to see that happen so we've been watching this with having requests from the german council on foreign relations and of course kerry much else has been following all of this from the air it's there gary let's start with you on the ground you know
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a lot of anticipation leading up to this press conference as you said it's been a topsy turvy weekend with the a lot of mixed messages over the past few days some tense meetings and then today what seemed like more positive messaging so what did you take away from this press conference between michael and trump. and so we i would say adding even a more positive spin on these last positive messages also shedding some light on the big issue off iran here i think that is really the main takeaway from this press conference apart from the fact that this was really a charm offensive from the french president and the american president both emphasizing how much they enjoyed this how much they liked each other how. great a partner the other side is on the iran i think the most interesting part was that the french president said that he hopes that he could a ranch a meeting between the iranian president and the american president and the american president went on to say if circumstances are right he would be up for such
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a meeting so that's clearly a very interesting development also another fact that was very interesting here is the detail that's potentially europe could look into buying oil again from iran that was when the french president said if you run meets its nuclear geishas if it shows responsible behavior in the gulf states have to get something in return and that's something in return is what diplomats told us in the last day is potentially that oil could be bought again from iran meaning money would flow back into iran and the american president on that aspect he has not commented but overall he said iran are great people and that he sees great potential for resolving this conflict guert a lot of points to get into there but i want to ask you about that charm offensive you mentioned there were you know the symbolism of the shaking of the hands even a hug towards the end michael was a fuse of in his praise of the 1st lady millennia trump is this part of as
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a strategy from the french president after we've seen in previous meetings last year in canada and the g. 7 summit a donald trump essentially storming off and essentially shattering the progress that was made during the some it afterwards. i mean i think obviously the french president has learned from the past has known from past meetings and has it been has it flattered the american president that great food was soft that the this place is a picturesque an idyllic seaside village that the other leaders. priced some of some of his steps so the whole atmosphere of what was positive yes probably that has helped but you know what has also helped obviously is in regards of trade new spec home if things are getting tough the pressure increases back from the united states from sawyer farmers who are unhappy off a trade war developing from the stock markets who are unhappy about the
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controversial comments he made yesterday and the day before and that obviously is also an explanation of why the positive that the mood is so positive but yes the french president did get along very well with trump and you could see that in that press conference just now. henning what's your take on the press conference that we saw and i think it should reflects unity and co-operative attitude of all the people people on board i think it showed found this important a great. agreement on the risks that come from unfair trade practices from china and. i believe this is also a very strong signal for for trump that he can take home the g 7 are not indifferent on the on that they react with of course negotiating with china but also on. renegotiating the rules of the world trade organization which has not been
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up to the task to keep keep china from doing that and i think this is a good good message for for. trump as well i don't really believe the trump is crazy about visiting housen rouhani as long as you iran has not moved quite a bit and has not made concessions not only in the nuclear field where it actually sticks to the agreement most of the time. it has only extended in a very gradual way it's the enrichment but also in terms of ballistic missiles in terms of withdrawal from the conflict. where it supports shia groups in the region and that is something very difficult to do and very difficult to give evidence to if they actually do and how long will you have iran do responsible behavior in the in the persian gulf until you actually lose in sanctions so this is all a very open situation and trump clearly said when the conditions are right i will meet with hassan rouhani but this is
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a break great if we had president michel try to to reiterate where they stood on the same side when it comes to iran and he mentioned that a few times in the press conference we have a clip of that let's listen. because a very clear thing. iran should never have been a nuclear weapon and it situation should not threaten the stability of the region and france has taken a lot of different initiatives and i've always informed president trump on them to be able to get the technical means to move forward because the decisions that the us taken in the last few months have put a lot of pressure and put us in a situation where it is indeed necessary to improve the security situation off the region the road map has sort of set but nothing is absolutely set in stone and we would have to move ahead to one together to find. an outcome heading what do you think of that assessment
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a french president saying the u.s. has put a lot of pressure on in the last few weeks there's been asked waiting tensions between the u.s. and iran and that has pushed us to move to try to make things move in terms of dialogue in terms of diplomacy has it been an effect of the trumpet ministrations a strategy and maximizing pressure on iran i think you could also say it has been. successful or effective that iran chose to. take the issue to the international level by making the passage through the. strait of hormuz and the persian gulf more dangerous because this is raised the attention this has threatened of course. created the risk of an escalation that might turn into an all out war between the west and iran with great repercussions for other countries in the region this is something that the europeans feel very much they could stand on the sidelines and
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actually see. iran suffering from sanctions and then of course the europeans try to to to live up to that and to ease trade with with iran but. it's not really affecting them directly but with threatening to. carry carry the conflict into the international trade to the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz. the europeans became much more alert to add to that the fact that they were not able to actually cooperate with their strongest partner the usa in keeping mission to secure and protect the free passage through the persian gulf because the frictions on the on the iran issue and i think this is also one of the reasons why the way the europeans tried to actually get back into talking mode with the u.s. as president tom said who knows maybe we will see some movement on that issue
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garrett coming back to you on one of the other big issues we've been talking a lot about today namely the u.s. is trade conflict with china and we heard president trump say a few times during that press conference that china is really suffering from this but we also heard president called say we have recognize the fact that the rules governing world trade at the moment aren't really working they aren't really fair so what did you make of that. well i think it was another effort off of my call really putting on the table the interests of the european leaders but also of japan and canada who have a clear interest in changing the rules within the working system so changing the rules of the w g o in order to deal with a state like china that subsidizes its own companies and throws out cheap goods onto the market whether donald trump will be fully on board here i think you could not learn from from that press conference but you know speaking about tangible
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results i think the strategy of the french president has been really to work with donald trump constructively on a number of things and to put them out there in the press conference and seeing that the american president did not contradict you can already see that as progress remember on the issue of why and when the memory can president left for this g. 7 meeting he said he would slap tariffs on french wine like you've never seen before and today in that press conference the french leader explained that they've worked on a compromise seeing that the digital tax was the reason why trump said he would slap those tariffs on wine he said for my call said on the digital tax they worked out a compromise and so a tax on wind would not be necessary and in fact of what what i have heard here this has been received very well from a bridge users in france who are rather concerned about it so it's small things
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like that where you can see a change of mind at least in the sense that the american president did not contradict but rather said they had constructive and coach talks here all right so a lot of positive takeaways from the state 7 summit in berets we'll have to see what remains of where the chips fall our correspondent for us n.p.r.'s and heading rica with us here in our studio thank you both for your analysis. now one of the issues where a g 7 leaders did seem to agree unanimously is to agree to a 20000000 dollars fund to help amazon countries fight the wildfires that are raging in the rain forest and brazilian president jabal sonar has come under international pressure to take more action he has not applied the military or dumping water from planes to try and contain the blazes. after weeks of raging fires but still they burn the smoke choking its way across brazil affecting the lives of millions of people.
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who probably know it's not good it blocks you know there's a lack of air it's difficult to sleep because it's hard to breathe. the fires leave their mark where ever they go destroying what ever is in their path after an international crisis super a zillion president bolsa naro decided to send in the army. military planes have been pumping vast amounts of water across the amazon state of rhonda neo in the north of the country. soldiers have also been offering back up to struggling firefighters in this region and in other states. but with almost $80000.00 fires registered across brazil this year alone it's a monumental task. protests
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across brazil including here in rio de janeiro of pointing the finger at president bolsa naro and his government there blaming them for allowing mining and farming in the rain forests areas that before merely protected the for the most are defending the amazon is defending human beings humans depend on the amazon we are part of nature we are nature so it's impossible not to defend it with a suitable. the amazon fires have also spread into belief here proof if anymore when needed that this folding environmental crisis knows no boundaries. you've been watching the news and we've been bringing you special coverage from the g. 7 summit which is wrapping up in the french city of beer that's at a joint press conference just moments ago u.s. president trump and french president mark all hailed what they called positive and
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productive talks that have concluded after 3 days president michel said that the u.s. and france have reached a deal were guarding french plans for impose additional tax that could affect global tech giants president trump opposes the tax and have threatened retaliatory tariffs michael also said that he is hopeful that trump would meet with iran's president in the coming weeks to try and resolve tensions over the 2015 iran nuclear deal. well don't forget you can always get your news on the go download or from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the d.w. up to send us your photos and your videos and you can also falls on line dot com as our web site you'll get all the latest news and information there and twitter our handle attitude of the news thank you for watching.
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the sprinters all working march toward the. you know my niece who now is 45 year old continuous. just hours old her would just give the order in order to marry you know here in kentucky one minor after another contract black lung disease. or see a more case as a way or have a new united states. leaving the victims to fend for themselves. global free trials are next on t.w. .
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as so west europe. is in crisis. it still has a future it will be champions young champions. meeting bottom is what i'd best spots you know for a long time i took peace in the things we value about europe for granted the now i says this not be something that we can people in particular need to fight. kempson. me for activists from for a new country. they are pushing for the dream of a united church. didn't stand a chance. and they saved
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a good team an idea. more spontaneous and stand up to you right here than most and contribute to something implicit in time you know to succumb to. the future as europe starts september 2nd on d w. global 3000 thanks for joining us in guatemala gang warfare casts a shadow over daily life what does that mean for young people dreaming of a better future. a few months ago mozambique was devastated by a slight claire in one.


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