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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin and president trump says he might soon hold talks with iran's president rouhani this as he wraps up the g. 7 summit in france with president might call to hail discussions on a wide range of issues including on contentious french plans to tax tax giants will examine what was achieved at the summit this week also coming up battling the amazon forest fires that are causing global alarm she 7 leaders hatch a plan to help but brazil's president says they are treating his country like
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a colony we go live to brazil. welcome to the program french president emanuel makana and u.s. president donald trump have held a joint press conference to conclude the g. 7 summit in france world leaders had convened for 3 days of talks in the town of beer now president trump said that he's open to meeting soon with iran's president under the right conditions to try and resolve tensions over the 2015 a wrong nuclear deal president micron also said that the u.s. and france made progress on a dispute over french plans to tax tech giants trump opposes the tax and have threatened to a tally of tory tariffs. let's hear now part of what president mccracken said about his talks with trump on issues relating to iran the grail can. there are 2 very
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clear things that matter to us iran should never have a nuclear weapon and never threaten the situation in the region france has always taken a lot of initiatives and i've always informed president trump on them to be able to get the technical means to move forward because the decisions of the us have taken in the past few months have added a lot of pressure and have put us in a situation where it is indeed necessary to improve the security situation in the region the road map has sort of been set but nothing is set in stone and we will have to move together to find an outcome. let's go straight now to be a ritz where did i mean mattis is standing by so despite the efforts of these 2 presidents to present a united front iran really seems to have been a major source of difference at the summit what should we make of micron's and trump's closing statements. well it clearly is an effort here that should pay for the way for that should pay for the way and make it possible
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that the talks can take place in the future the french president worked very hard on that subject and the american president was open to the idea of meeting rouhani the iranian president and. very warm words from from his side on the idea that diplomatic relations should be picked up pm for size that iran had changed and that there is potential to be pursued in that direction and that is exactly what german chancellor angela merkel said has been achieved when asked about iran she said that there is an atmosphere now in which dialogue is possible and that is something that the french president can say is really a tangible result of the summit now president time for his part he said that he is open to meeting with iran to resolve the nuclear standoff but that if iran does not agree to being
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a good player it will be met with quote very violent force should we take this seriously. oh we should take everything serious the american president says. so whether you will follow up on that is that something we should take away from that conference anyways is a lot of positive words here are less negative maybe one should say than anticipated for the meeting a lot of things that the french president put on the agenda has worked out at the end of the day we do have now have a at least one page declaration but whether world leaders will follow up on what is written on that page we'll have to see here and the other big topic of this summit was the u.s. trade war with china it is impacting the global economy president trump saying the chinese officials wanted to talk i want to just have a quick listen to what he said and then get your reaction and china has taken
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a very hard hit over the last number of months where they've lost 3000000 soon be much more than 3000000 jobs their chain is breaking the prayer chain is breaking up like nobody's seen before and once that happens it's very hard to put it back together you understand i think they were very much want to make a deal and the longer they wait the harder it is to put it back if it can be put back at all and so i believe they want to do a deal that tariffs have hit them very hard in a fairly short period of time the united states will have collected over $100000000000.00 in tariffs georg president trumps trade war with china has this summit cleared anything up. sarah after a lot of conflicting messages that the president sent on that subject in the past $1.00 and $2.00 and a half days rather this still is a change in tone now whether this change in tone will be followed by
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a change in the rules in the w t o as is claimed in this one page declaration that came out of the summit that will be interesting to see because that is something that the other 6 members of the g. 7 apart from the united states really wanted to pursue they went into this summit as saying clearly look we have to deal with china because they throw subsidized products on the world market but we have to deal with them not in a we go it alone mantra as donald trump has been doing starting a tit for tat trade war but we have to work on the rules and regulations that run the international trade that's something the french president emphasized over and over again and seeing that donald trump did not contradict we should take that as a step forward in the right direction at least from the perspective of the of the other 6 world leaders here and it also has to be mentioned here that you know at the start of the summit the host president across on he warned that expectations
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should be kept low just walk us through what was concretely achieved here. a number of things working concretely achieved you've mentioned the digital tax earlier there you do have now the at least not exactly an agreement but you have the 4 step towards an agreement where the united states and france have said yes we would like to pursue a solution that we find a solution to become police like amazon and google so that they do pay the rights taxes and in that respect you already have to note that it's a positive that trump no longer repeated his threats to slap happy levies on french wine something he did before he got on that onto the plane to come here to be a ritz in france and then you have of course the amazon rain forest. and age package of 20000000 has been pledged in order to extinguish these fires in order to
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help roots reforestation the only bitter pill if you want in that respect is that when that decision was made to the most important meeting on the environment in the amazon the friend of the american president was not what happened not to be in the room and also some critics have already said look the summit has cost almost twice the amount of money that is now put into the rain forest there should be a lot more efforts in long term at least then have been pledged so far. thank you. well as we've heard g 7 leaders have agreed to a 20000000 dollars fund to help amazon countries fight the wildfires raging in the rain forest brazilian president jr both sent out o. sent the military to fight the blazes after coming under international criticism for allegedly doing too little to stop them he's criticized the g 7 funding plan saying that the 7 host of money will mccrone was treating brazil like a colony meanwhile the firefighting efforts continue.
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after weeks of raging fires but still they burn this smoke choking its way across brazil affecting the lives of millions of people. who probably could be not it's not good it blocks you and there's a lack of air it's difficult to sleep because it's hard to breathe. the fires leave their mark where ever they go destroying what ever is in their path after an international outcry as soon as elian president bolsa naro decided to send in the army. military planes have been pumping vast amounts of water across the amazon state of rhonda neo in the north of the country. soldiers have also been offering back up to struggling
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firefighters in this region and in other states. but with almost $80000.00 fires registered across brazil this year alone it's a monumental task. protests across brazil including here in rio de janeiro pointing the finger at president bolsa naro and his government lead blaming them for allowing mining and farming in the rain forests areas that before merely protected because there was a defending the amazon is defending human beings humans depend on the amazon we are part of nature we are nature so it's impossible not to defend it. suitable to. the amazon fires have also spread into believe via proof if anymore when needed that this folding environmental crisis knows no boundaries.
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and let's get more on this story now we are joined by mathias eve bertie has travelled to the city of portobello which is in the brazilian state of virginia in the north of the country that has been among the worst hit by the amazon wildfires welcome to the program to you and it is i'd like to begin by asking you can the armed forces make a difference in this situation bring it under control. yeah for sure they will make a difference because they respect fully equipped they have special forces who can fight the fires here in the amazon and so they are really a new step towards a better you know you can they can change the situation they have special airplanes firefighting airplanes and so i think they will now change the situation in the next days and weeks but they themselves say it will take one month at least to get the fire under control because they're in remote places among the whole state of
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indonesia and further it's huge distances little little infrastructure so it's really a challenge also for them to do it but they can make a difference in the next weeks mathias i'd like to ask you about the assessment of the situation from a brazilian climate scientist this is coming from carlos no bray who says that he worries that if 20 to 25 percent of the ecosystem is destroyed that the amazon could reach a tipping point how much is already destroyed how dire is the situation right now. so far we have not reached the tipping point but. it is the fear among many brazilians that we can get back to earlier times with both so now as president. dark times regarding the amazon destruction in 95 this was the all time peak where the destruction of the amazon forest was the highest ever in 2004 on the left
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of president lula da silva as well really really a huge amount of force had been. diminished and so on the most narrow the the rate it's increasing the deforestation and his radical is also going this direction so many brazilians fear and in foreign countries many people fear that we could come back to a dark times regarding the amazon now days in 2920 s. just briefly i'd like to ask you because we saw on sunday 1000 showing out up on the streets of rio de janeiro protesting the actions of the president ayad posa not all is losing ground. he is losing a little ground his polls say that he's not as famous as he was his great was no never good but it's worse than a little but still he has a strong. strong fellows behind him who are in favor of his amazon policies so it's
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not so far really he's a really weak. journalist joining us from portobello in brazil thank you. a quick reminder now of the top stories we're following for you here on. u.s. president donald trump and french president emmanuel knock down have concluded the g. 7 summit in france with a joint press conference the 2 presidents held talks at the summit is positive and suggested trump could soon me with his iranian counterpart to discuss tension over the iran nuclear deal. don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store which will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can use the app to send us photos and videos that are news relevant and watch this program on live stream.
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coming up next it is deja vu news africa with christine romans one to watch zimbabwe one year after president emerson non-god what came to power we look at the situation in the country today i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching have a great day. welcome to the what is the good here for a day so. we're going to talk about a. group that's a little. clearer. i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was ha.


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