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post. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight u.s. president donald trump says a meeting with iran's president may be in the works it's a stunning development and it comes as the g. 7 summit in france concludes the summit was not without its problems such as trade tensions and fridge plans to tax tech giants will examine what the summit achieve if anything also coming up tonight battling the amazon forest fires that are causing global warming the g 7 leaders say they have a plan to help but brazil's president says they're treating his country like
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a colony and a far right immigrant party is poised for big gains in regional elections in eastern germany will visit the region to gauge sentiment there head of the back. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the u.s. and all around the world welcome tonight u.s. president says he might be willing to meet with iranian president hassan rouhani as early as next month if the right conditions are met and he made the remarks today while closing out the g. 7 summit in france with french president emanuel. the 2 held their talks at the summit on a host of topics including tensions over global trade. thank you.
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after 3 days of talks the leaders of france and the united states emerged to speak to the press and attention quickly turned to business and the trade war between the u.s. and china u.s. president donald trump played down global concerns saying he was certain his chinese counterpart was now sincere about negotiating and he can't lose $3000000.00 jobs in a very short period of time and that's going to be magnified many times over and it's going to break down the chinese system of trade and he can't do that so when you say do you think they want to maybe they want to and maybe they don't but i think they want to make a deal i'm not sure they have a choice and i don't see that as a threat no on the topic of iran french president i'm on your macaw and said the 2 leaders had 2 things in common. we were you for not do so there are 2 very clear things which are important to us that way ron must never happen nuclear weapon and this situation should not upset the stability of the region mccaughan denied reports that he had not informed the u.s.
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president before inviting iran's foreign minister to the summit on saturday in an effort to save the 2015 year killer deal i decided to invite as friends. minister zarif so i informed before making it i informed president front that it was my idea not to involve the united states not to see this is on behalf of you or the robot but you see our friends i think it would be a good idea to ask him to go back and try to negotiate something separately before making when pressed on whether he would be prepared to meet iran's president or heinie trump indicated he would but only when the time was right if the circumstances were correct toward the right i would certainly agree to that but in the meantime. they have to be good players you understand what that means and they can't do what they were saying they're going to do because if they do that they're
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going to be met with really very violent force we have no choice yet. so despite the hugs and handshakes it's unclear where the g 7 host mccaughan succeeded in calming tensions between iran and the u.s. or whether the summit will ease any woes on the world's financial markets. you know lots of hugs and handshakes let's go now to do your mark as i'm sure he's got a hug and a handshake or 2 for folks out there could even see you again or you've been covering this summit let's analyze what happened over the last 3 days i mean we saw a lot of smiles and handshakes but was any progress made on those 2 big issues iran and china. well let's start with the surprise visit and i would say the surprise positive development of the summit and that is clearly iran i think german chancellor angela merkel really put it in a nutshell here when she said what micron has done here is created an atmosphere
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where dialogue is possible now and i think that's a good description of what's been happening michael has shown to trump that he can pursue this path of dialogue and let's put it this way at least donald trump has not contradicted now when it comes to world trade it's a little more tricky because when i started out reporting to an off days ago i started out by reporting that's donald trump had 2nd thoughts on escalating the conflict with china then the white house came around and said look at this is a misinterpretation it's not about regrets it is the president recruiting that he didn't slow slept half or say tougher tariffs on china and today we had news that actually the president thinks things are moving in the right direction and we're about to have a deal so let's put it this way no for the threats and no further insecurity for world trade today and again or you know everything you just said speaks to the fact that trump is as unpredictable as ever and yet emanuel mccrone he appears to be the
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one leader who can accurately read the u.s. president would you agree with that. i would say my call made a real effort here to find a way to communicate with the american president and to. try to find a diplomatic way of moving things forward and so actually we started out by saying look we will not have a declaration of this summit so there was no pressure there was no chance for trump walking away from that declaration something that happened at the summit in canada last year but at the end of the day what he got out of donald trump with a massive charm offensive if you want is he there was a declaration now it's only one page but at least you have a number of bullet points where leaders did agree yeah it's a very good way of analyzing it and we have not seen any attacks on twitter against
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the hosts the way we saw at the end of the last g 7 we know that the french president jacques rogge he said at the start that this year's g. 7 would address the issue of inequality was anything achieved there. there were a number of really interesting meetings here with african leaders the french president was keen to have a broad agenda again in order to make sure he knew that there were divisive issues on iran on russia the potential of readmitting the russian president something the g 7 largely was against and only donald trump pushed that idea but seeing that he broadened really the agenda and so you have a number of tangible results for instance an aid package for these a hill area to fight terrorism support for the military and then you have the financial package for the rainforest so a number of things that have come out of this summit and that was something the french president also made clear in his speech to the french people in order to
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make clear you know this is a meeting that is important this is a meeting that will bring results that will make life better. right d.w.b. of monstrous wrapping up the g. 7 summit force in your words france thank you. live here were saying the g 7 leaders in france they agreed on a 20000000 dollar fund to help tackle the blazes in the amazon but brazilian president bills in all robey has objected to the idea of an international alliance to save the raid force saying that the plans well they treat his country like a colony the president only announced this past friday that he would send thousands of troops in to battle the flames. after weeks of raging fires still they burn the smoke choking its way across brazil affecting the lives of millions of people. it's
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not good it blocks there's a lack of air it's difficult to sleep because it's hard to breathe. the fires leave their mark where ever they go to strong what ever is in their path. after an international outcry soars ileum president bolsa naro decided to send in the army. military planes have been pumping vast amounts of water across the amazon state of rhonda neo in the north of the country. soldiers have also been offering back up to struggling firefighters in this region and in other states. but with almost $80000.00 fires registered across brazil this year alone it's a monumental task. protests
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across brazil including here in rio de janeiro of pointing the finger at president bolsa naro and his government level aiming them for allowing mining and farming in the rain forests areas that before merely protected this is the most defending the amazon is defending human beings humans depend on the amazon we are part of nature we are nature so it's impossible not to defend it. the sea will. the amazon fires have also spread into belief here. proof if anymore when needed that this unfolding environmental crisis knows no boundaries. much as he spoke to the environmentalists to baton picard about the amazon fires during the g. 7 summit in france and he asked about this planned fund for tackling the blitzes.
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that's not because you just listen to the press conference of the american the french president the french president announced a huge age package for the amazon rain forest in order to save the forests there what do you make of it. i think what's president mccall said is very good on political level now what needs to be done on the basic level for the public is to step up to consume any product that comes from deforested areas or indonesia or whatever we need to stop to consume beef that is drawn with hormones and antibiotics we need to come back to a much more reasonable way to live and to consume and if we do without the governments would be obliged to follow to adapt to the consumer's president might call a prior to this g 7 meeting invited a number of n.g.o.s to the n.s.a. palace you were amongst them where your concerns you've raced back then her.
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i was invited to represent the civil society because i'm not coming from a political party and it's very interesting in that sense to show all the links between climate change pollution inequalities and all the disorders we have in this world today and we have to come back to something that is much more look even ecological but much more logical you know normally capitalism is here to grew all the capital and today it is destroying the capital it is destroying the human capital by squeezing people with the lowest possible salary destroying the environment destroying the natural resources putting poison the chemicals in the food all of these is illegal it's allowed it and this is precisely what is not normal and i think president very very cleverly said that now all these inequalities have to be addressed at the high level so you have some good.
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operations who do very well but if the other is and that obliged to do well old so it makes distortion of computing which is very bad for the general economy so the initiative oppose it president michel here in g. 7 was really i think very very interesting you've said before that for calls project to work he needs more help do you think he will get that help for an initiative like that is the g 7 enough. the g 7 these nuts enough and he wants basically to change the economic system in the world it's very ambitious and i'm happy that somebody is courageous enough to say it to address the topic but he said i can to do it alone i need the civil society i need be corporations i did n.g.o.s and they did other governments so i think this presidency of the g 7 was like a starts and i hope he will bring that old soul to the un in order to have a wider support. thank you very much indeed. for here's some of the other stories
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now that are making headlines around the world to harvey weinstein who's been charged with 2 additional counts of sexual assault the disgraced film producer appeared in a new york court today where he pleaded not guilty to the new charges which relate to rape allegations by sopranos actor on the bella she or weinstein's trial was delayed until january of next year heavy rains have caused a bridge to partially collapse in the turkish town of terror on the black sea look at that video there to pedestrians they tumbled into the water along with the vehicle authorities say that both people survived the bridge collapse with only minor injuries. israel says it is having fuel supplies to gaza is only power plant the defense ministry says that the cuts is a response to rocket attacks launched from palestinian territory gaza already suffers from chronic blackouts its power company says that residents may now only
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get 4 hours of electricity per day. you're watching the w. news live from berlin still to come manchester united football club fed up with the online racist abuse against its players club plans to meet with twitter and facebook to try to put a stop to all the things that's coming up in just a moment. but 1st 2 states in eastern germany are gearing up for elections this weekend that could see a far right party make big gains opinion polls put the alternative for germany or the a.t.f. dea party tied for the lead in the state of brandenburg which is just outside of berlin where we are and they put the party in 2nd place in neighboring saxony the w. traveled to the city of camden since saxony the scene of far right rioting that followed
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the fatal stabbing of a german man by an asylum seeker last. election campaigns are in full swing encampments there is parties are hoping to win over undecided voters people like nick kids here ski he's 28 years old a sports trainer and a martial arts enthusiastic. moment haven't decided yet which party will vote for in the regional elections. with their anti immigrant slogans the right wing populist party a f t is gaining popularity. nick wants to hear what candidates have to say. in the nick my name is nick i was born here and was raised here what are the 3 main things that the f.t. wants for kim that's off these are for kim it's possible. that the problem with migrants in this city is clear you hear it from everybody. and they're concerned of
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course because they're just not used to that and former east germany yes from history but. back then we had people from vietnam and cuba. yes i know all that and i think it's good but what did we do back then it was mostly people who came here for a reason to do vocational training and then they took that training and went back to their home countries. the main talking point here encampments is the german government's refugee policy the true extent of local dissatisfaction became clear a year ago when a german cuban man was stabbed to death in the city center and the kids yes he says since then everything is changed here is this is the memorial to daniel h. who was murdered here a year ago on august 26th 1900. or more the rightwing mobs use the incident to go on the rampage throughout kennett's shouting racist abuse giving the hitler salute and chanting nazi slogans if the politicians and other
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members of the right wing party were seen demonstrating alongside local neo nazis according to the kids here ski the demonstrations polarized the city with people on both sides still unable to bridge the divide. the atmosphere here in chemists has gotten much more aggressive with their divisions among my friends and within my family makes grandparents new chemists when it was part of socialist east germany they say the city no longer feels safe. now this means i can't go out at night anymore i'm too scared to go into town it wasn't like that before we don't have to beat around the bush it's the asylum seekers i said that. if there were more security people and maybe more police than the atmosphere would be better without us defeated and the skipper kind there's no problem with foreigners i grew up in a world that's totally globalized and which only functions through globalization
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a country where everyone says the foreigners have to leave has no future couldn't believe it's land and the kids often hears friends express these fears still he doesn't think the f.t. party can win the upcoming state election they certainly won't be getting his vote . fulfilled in one p.s. one of the most powerful men in the automotive industry has died at the age of 82 he has reportedly collapsed at a restaurant on sunday night and later died at the hospital here started his career at his grandfather's although company porsche before taking over in transforming albion later volkswagen theirs was praised for reviving the company's fortunes and turning it into one of the world's biggest car makers but he was also criticised over the books why didn't these all cheating scandal which occurred when he was head of the company's supervisory board. as he's known.
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all right chris crocker joins me now from our business desk so he was it was a huge figure in the german of the motive world why the real heavyweight 2 reasons . one is that himself said building cars is my biggest hobby he was a real car enthusiast he was an engineer incredibly involved in all the technical things so he knew what was going on when technicians were building new parts of engines or somehow trying to to improve the car's user is really into detail really into that and that certainly helped him and that is the 2nd reason turning around the fortunes of the fox wagon company headed for 9 years until 2002 and let it out of crisis. he introduced the 4 day working week so that. yeah. the company was able to survive he drastically slashed costs and later
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on when he was not c.e.o. anymore he was head of the supervisory board and from there also a made made his impact felt and you see him making cars was basically in his d n a and he knew you know the minutiae of putting a card together and what did that mean for the diesel gate scandal. well it's it's hard to say legally because. up until now prosecutors are still trying to figure out who knew what when what we know is that as you mentioned into our introduction that he was had is the proviso board when this all happened. which makes it fair to assume that that he was there when you know not just when the scandal broke but also in the in the run up to it so when all the. bad things happened he was the one that brought martin winterkorn the folks back and c.e.o. that later had to go over the deal get scandal to the top he was his mentor and. he
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later broke with him right before. the scandal broke there are no official reasons why but there is speculation that he was unhappy with fox wagons performance in the . and i did states where the scandal broke yeah i mean when you cut your your life you know you get a reputation of being maybe a cold blooded executive was he he was he could end executives careers with as much as a smile and say you're out he once had a quote and i'm paraphrasing here saying my desire to harmony is limited. and i remember being at car shows where he would be obviously as the head of the supervisory board of banking his table would always be packed with journalists everybody wanted to hear what he said he's built in a very soft voice he would only speak if he spoke at all to newspaper journalists so he knew what sort of figure he was maybe he chose his words very carefully it's
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something that seems to be a short supply today chris got to thank you facebook and twitter have agreed to meet with the british soccer club manchester united after 2 of its players were inundated with racist insults last week on one day a twitter users and least a barrage of reese's abuse on manchester forward paul by after he missed a penalty in just a few days later teammate marcus ratchford faced a similar fate after missing a penalty. for more on this i'm joined by my colleague i mean i said so you've been looking into this now either if i'm right about this neither soccer nor social media are strangers to racism but it seems that in this case it's almost like it's worse than we would expect yeah and the frequency is unbelievable to do it seems like there's a trend right now that every time a black player on the team this is feel free kick and they get
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a raise of these like you said but the team has actually come together around them and we can see what the team manager actually. i just can't really wish will sit here in 2019 talking about lease instances. of courses or social media a place where people said people hide behind fake identities i don't think it's and to me to change it. there's so many only going to filter out on twitter and social media that i know it's not me and of course it's we've got to do something about it the authorities got to do something about the ones who. spread this hate so you see for him one of the key issues is this fake identity the ability to just create a fake identity online nobody knows if these are manchester united fans or somebody on the other side of the globe spinning racist hatred so for them they see this is a key issue other players and a team of also said that this is maybe
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a way to solve the racist abuse that's come out on twitter and twitter and facebook and they responded well both companies have actually agreed to send representatives to meet with this team with manchester united to address specifically the abuse that's being directed at the players there so ok yeah twitter issued a statement they have said they issued a blanket statement we can see that right here they said we are fully aware of and share the concerns around the online racist abuse towards certain footballers in the u.k. over recent days then you also see what they another part of the statement is that this is a societal issue and requires a societal response you can see that maybe 2 ways you could say this is twitter saying you know we want to reach out and help solve this problem as a as a social issue but it's also a way of saying hey this is not our problem exactly i mean i know we've had cases of getting hate mail here over social media if we do respond almost every time the person he was and it apologizes that but they did know that human is on the other
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end if there are humans on if there are on the other hand. a reaction on sunday right that really brought the story into. spotlight tell me about that yes this was a pretty emotional tweet he even said that it took him a while to respond tweeted it he also put it up on instagram we can see that here where he says that this is been a long time coming the ancestors of my parents suffered for my generation to be free today to work to take the bust to play football z. says racist insults are ignorance and can only make me stronger to fight for the next generation i don't know if it is holding his child in that in that picture and i got 1700000 likes on instagram 300000 likes on twitter you can see just by scrolling through that this guy's a really was a very beloved player yeah industry pin numbers for the good guys and also for the guys who are you know sending out toxic reese's slurs you know i mean thank you
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thanks. well the west tennis grand slam tournament of the year the u.s. open got in the way on monday and the 1st major upset soldier believes carol crashed out in the 1st round care bill lost to france's christina laila no bitch by $0.02 to $1.00 it's the 2nd time she's fallen at the 1st hurdle at flushing meadows since winning the title there in 2060. you're watching e.w. news from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight the g. 7 summit in france this time around he was president rob says he liked.
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discovered. subscribe to the documentary to. this is the image forever connected to the 1st g. 7 summit attended by u.s. president dog will drop well what a difference a year makes or does it is the picture a better one now well what we can confirm tonight the u.s. president will host next year. trump wants a return to the g. 8 a place at the table again for russian prison.


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