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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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discomforts. subscribe to the documentary. this is the image forever connected to the 1st g. 7 summit attended by u.s. president donald trump what a difference a year makes or does it is the picture a better one now what we can confirm tonight the u.s. president will host next year summits in the g. 7 trump wants a return to the g. 8 a place at the table again for russian president vladimir putin's umbrella from berlin this is the day.
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president rouhani agreed to meet with president trump. and i'm convinced that they could reach an agreement. they have to be good players no nuclear weapons no ballistic missiles and they can't do what they were going to do because if they do that they're going to be met with really very violent force with. we just have to make it happen maybe it works maybe it doesn't say. anything maybe it works maybe it doesn't thank you thank you. also coming up for the 1st time hong kong police have used them. to push back protesters to. bill's tells us it's now a movement that may need medics you guys not afraid.
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right. i'll die i've read off got to show. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world well we begin the day at the end of the g. 7 summit in france and the question what just happened this was u.s. president 2nd g. 7 summit and it can be argued that u.s. ties with its most important allies have suffered under the policy of america 1st today tweeted that even suggests that would be fake news in their final press conference today trump congratulated french president for being a great host and for organizing a great summit he did not answer reporters' questions however about why. he was the only no show during yesterday's meeting on climate change and when asked about
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unity among g 7 countries trump said next year he wants a russian president at the table a return to the g. 8. i think it would be better to have russia inside the tent than that said to ted he was a part of g 8 and all of a sudden he's not out or is not in so i think john actually that's a pretty tough thing for him you know he's a proud person what i invited my would certainly invite him and i think they're very smart and i think presidential is a great leader who happens to be a brilliant man and he can't lose $3000000.00 jobs in a very short period of time and that's going to be magnified many times over and it's going to break down the chinese system of trade and he can't do that so when you say do you think they want to maybe they want to and maybe they don't but i think they want to make a deal i'm not sure they have a choice and i don't say that as a threat yes let's be honest there's been a lot of tension because of misunderstandings or in reaction to what very powerful
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economic actors said about additional tax we spoke about it sometimes we joked about it but i think with found a very good deal thanks to the work of our ministers that it was it. the president this morning president rouhani made it clear that he was ready to meet with any political leader if it was in his country's interests that what i said to foreign minister zarif what i said by phone to president rouhani was dot's if he agreed to meet with president trump i'm convinced they could reach an agreement but . it cannot cope with that little bit i think that already is a country of tremendous potential we're not looking for leadership change we're not looking for that kind of change this country has been through that many times before that doesn't work we're looking for nuclear weapons no ballistic missiles and a longer period of time versus impulse we can have it done in
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a very short period of time. aren't let's take this story now to be rich friends where the g. 7 summit just wrapped up. its joins me good evening to you georg you know we went into this summit wondering if there would be a breakthrough in the china u.s. trade war instead we're talking about iran and maybe even a meeting as early as next month between the u.s. president and the iranian president mr rouhani did anyone see this coming brant clearly it was a surprise for many absolve us here although there are some indicators that because the french president really carefully trough that this plan he invited the iranian foreign minister for a meeting prior to the g 7 in preparation of the g 7 he had a phone call with the iranian president and then once donald trump arrived here he immediately briefed him having a long lunch a long discussion
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a discussion that the american president. said he really enjoyed so he really put out if you want to the big dog and see he's started a big charm offensive there in order to present this package to donald trump that was mission stuff food that was a great few there was a beach that comb the beach which you see now in the dark behind me all blocked it's still closed all of that in order to tell the french the american president look we have to work on this one and we have to walk on this one together i mean if there is this meeting between the iranian leader in the u.s. you know that would be a new president and the french president is looking like the facilitator of the middleman here but the white house today described the news of this as well as the iranian foreign minister going to france as somewhat of a curveball i'm wondering is this maybe
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a fait accompli for the french president. no i don't i don't think that that is the case in the french president but also the iranian side made clear it's still a long way it's a hard way to go i think on the americal the german chancellor put into a nutshell really want to happened here and she said in an atmosphere was created where dialogue what was made possible and i think that's a quite accurate description of what's been happening. what would you say were the other big takeaways from this summit i know there was no final communique this year compared to last year and i know trump refused to sign it last year. well there was after all although. the french president took out some pressure by saying there will be no final communique there was a one page declaration that had a number of bullet points including iran including china and the trade policy but
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quite interesting it also included 2 other bullet points one of them being a digital tax a tax on tech giants like amazon or google who are not paying the right amount of taxes that is why france unilaterally has put up a tax for them and that is why the american president has threatened to throw to slap real high tariffs on french wine now that raul could if the edge was taken off of that route because the communique really set this one page declarations that everyone agrees that international standards for attacks need to be agreed we didn't hear donald trump contradicted so let's presume he goes along with that and we'll have to see how it works out. what do you make georg u.s. president drunk saying that he wants to invite the russian president vladimir putin
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to attend the summit next year when the u.s. is the host how did that go down with the other g 7 leaders. oh on that one you really had a situation of 6 plus one you know the waltz the other leaders did not agree at all they still do want to see progress in the peace caught in the in the conflict in the in the peace process rather in ukraine in eastern ukraine the whole situation in crimea is not being resolved and as long as that is the case and the british prime minister but also that a chairman chance a little wary clear as long as that is not the case of readmission of russia it's not on the agenda but of course donald trump you know learn from the french president who invited a special guest and so you announced today that he would also invite a special guest and that would be flooding that putin next year whether he would come or not the american president said he couldn't say you know you never know
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that we used to have much on the story for us there in beer in france where the g. 7 summit just wrapped up here thank you. but with the a rainy and foreign minister visiting the g. 7 summit over the weekend iran is looking to defuse tensions with the united states after washington pulled out of that 2015 international nuclear agreement the u.s. is applying a power policy of maximum pressure and that includes economic sanctions you don't use to research reuters she has been looking into what all of this means for ordinary every day during. the economic heart of the iranian capital beats in the bizarre at 1st glance it seems to be bustling here. but looks can be deceiving. has travelled all the way from isaan to seven's fabrics but business is slow today.
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this is one of the most important parts of the bazaar this is where clothes and textiles are part and sold this area is known worldwide as the trade hall but as you can see it's almost empty it shows you how badly the economy is doing right now hardly anyone comes here. to see nice. some days many traders make a single sale u.s. sanctions the depreciation of the local currency and now the standoff in the persian gulf have all taken their toll. hopes for fresh negotiations between the u.s. and iran. we have to solve our problems and make peace with the rest of the world. we live in a time of communication we can't close the doors to the outside world
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since many traders here share that opinion but by no means all of them the constant uncertainty has made people wary and tired many believe a new deal with the u.s. under donald trump it's no longer possible. there should be a war we want war then at least we'll know where we stand for better or worse. more than a year since the us pulled out of the nuclear deal such sentiments have become more commonplace. i set off to discover what people think in other parts of the city. i'm not surprised to hear words like these down here in the south of tehran where views have always been more traditional and more conservative but is the mood all over the capital shifting to find out let me take you to the north of to run the clocks tick differently. i stop to visit
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a man with been following the situation in iran very closely. i want to know what effect all of this has on the political mood in the country they're wanting administration actually was elected on and agenda of dialogue and engagement with the world to settle differences on the nuclear issue and other issues but now that you know the nuclear file and the j.c. is not there because of in terms of u.s. withdrawal and other parties iran complains that they are not living up to their commitments it is basically radicalizing the general public which was probing gauge moment at electing a government that was calling for engagement with the world now it is turning the other way around. after coming to the northern part of the city to hear what people have to say it's mostly young well educated and well to do iranians who live here
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they voted for president rouhani and celebrated his commitment to the nuclear deal nobody here wants to see war. they should make friends and be done with it. or want to help us we should be friends with the whole world and work together so we can all move forward. so i have given up hope 1st our regime has to change. more or regime change the political viewpoints into iran have become more extreme in both directions. well perhaps the strongest sign of just how isolated the u.s. president appeared this weekend is the big fear with no u.s. president yesterday during the g 7 meeting on climate change trump was noticeably absent in fact the only leader who did not attend today reporters pressed him about why he was a no show with the number one energy producer in the world soon it will be by far
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the number one. it's tremendous wealth. and ellen g. is being sought after all over europe and all over the world and we have more of it than anybody else and i'm not going to lose that wealth i'm not going to lose it on owning dreams when windmills windmills are the talk about that i'm joined now by senator john mccosker he's a republican and a member of the nebraska legislature in omaha nebraska so there is good to have you on the day we just heard what u.s. president trump said today about climate change and chasing windmills today you tweeted something about climate change i want to show our viewers you tweeted it's important to listen to different ideas and belief systems with one the exception climate change deniers don't deserve a seat at the table they are dealt is insincere unscientific and often funded by
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industries intentionally trying to deceive. you are a republican just like when he was president do you know what his intention was when he skipped the climate change talks i mean what signal is he sending to the people where you are in the heartland of america. well he has made thing a grave mistake the farmers of nebraska have suffered grievously with some of the trade policies he's had and not only that climate change is real and i think it's time the president recognized that. he's he's. not serving his office well and i'm afraid that he made a terrible mistake by checking out of that meeting you are a wife long republican your father i think he was a republican member of the u.s. congress this is in your d.n.a.
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to be a republican and earlier this month you took to twitter to criticize your party the g.o.p. and that is actually what got our attention initially i wanted to show our viewers these 2 tweets that you sent out earlier this month you tweeted we have a republican president who continually stops raises fears in his base he calls certain countries tells women of color to go back to where they came from and lies more than he tells the truth what i am saying though is that the republican party is complicit to obvious racist and immoral activity inside our party it's that strong words is quite an indictment the response that you got was a letter from the republican party basically telling you you can love it or leave it so are you still in the party i am indeed and i don't intend to leave i've got a good platform now to comment on the activities of our president and the
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republican party and i won't be leaving at all so they've got me whether they like it or not. i know that the u.s. president has intimated exactly those words numerous times since he became president and leaders here in europe they're scratching their head a lot there's trying to understand u.s. politics in this age of donald trump is would you say is he a a phenomenon or is there something deeper here is there something about the soul of the republican party your party right now that is in jeopardy well donald trump is an outlier an aberration i can't explain exactly how he came to office but i am hopeful that another year and a half we can correct that mistake i think we have seen the full manifestation of donald trump and increasingly people are seeing that error of their way there's
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i want to ask you about what we've seen happen in the united states recently with these mass shootings in your party and remains quiet following the mass shootings in dayton ohio paso texas and what point do you decide to exit the party in order to rescue the values that drew you to that party to begin with. well i expect we'll see both some gun legislation in the brown school legislature and also in the u.s. congress i hope mitch mcconnell is willing to at least consider some of the democratic proposals coming out of the house it's high time i think the american public demands that and you know i for one in the nebraska legislature will be looking at such things as universal checks will be also looking at the length of
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time that passes between an application and receipt of the receipt to have a gun those are some of the things we're going to be looking for and i think we'll see it on the national stage as well where do you think this is all leading us then senator when we reach election day and 2020 is a democrat democratic president is that going to be the only solution to president roh well we'll see who that democrat is but polls in indicate that president trump is garnering between 40 and 45 percent of the population so that obviously leaves more than 50 percent unhappy with our president . i think it's likely that he'll continue to alienate people in this country and he will go down to defeat i'm going to have to reckon if they're on mcallister joining
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us tonight from the great state of nebraska a lawmaker from that state senator we appreciate your time and appreciate you sharing your story with us as well and sharing it with the world thank you thank you brian. for the 1st time since britain handed over hong kong to china more than 20 years ago police in the city have used live ammunition to push back protesters police fired a warning shot during protests on sunday and security forces also used water cannon to try to shut down by islands as pro-democracy protesters turned out for the 12th weekend in a row they don't use it charlotte jails until she is in hong kong where she has been accompanying volunteer medics who were out helping those injured in the protests i. sprinted to with the anneke
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as others run for cover pecial bombs and tear gas sends kelly and yasmeen adults into action. another night on the front lines tending to those in the. u.s. mina among those caught off guard but she's been faced. all over the. people or people. in there by shopping center becomes them makeshift clinic is protest isn't passes by shelter from the chaos. these 1st aid is of volunteers kelley's of freedoms journalist is mina a kindergarten teacher. just a few weeks ago they were strange is now they stand side by side like talk tonight . as the chaos dies down it's time to move on. the server market over her cargo there are no cargo gardner. kelly in
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yasmeen a lurch from one battles when the other as multiple clashes crop up across the city their reason is simple we are on call in the us. messaging networks help them connect and coordinate with other volunteer reports come in the clashes across town it's becoming one of the most violent nights yet news that police a fight of life gunshots into the yet quickly spreads to the other state it's a you guys not afraid for your safety. of course armor it right every day to do that i feel that for the afraid of. a frail die i fraid of gunshot yeah i'm afraid of i get injured but we have with you have to do that and it's not just but any harm they risk by walking on the front lines they also fear arrest there's a 1st they preferred are called a lot of police and there are also our new
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social workers that court so i are more for that if that court through tonight they remain safe in a few hours yasmina will be back at school as students none the wiser about her weekend on the streets. well known to a new record over the weekend the mexican city of what a long hard hosting the biggest folk dance you see and behind me in the world. a total of $882.00 men and women in traditional costings braved intense heat to dance in stamp their feet to mariachi music they nearly double the previous record which was set in the same city 8 years ago.
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you know there's no grass growing under their feet and one last item for you tonight it's been 80 years since the hollywood classic the wizard of oz 1st flicker across the silver screen and wizards at google they have just paved us a 21st century yellow brick road to help commemorate the anniversary now all you have to do is you have to go to google and you have to google wizard of oz then you just imagine that you're in a lot of and you click the heels of your ruby red slippers together. and suddenly you are back in black and white kansas virtual kansas until you click on the hurricane or the tornado i should say and the whole house flies back to. i wonder what dorothy would have said the beltway virtual yellow brick road all right the day is almost done the conversation
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continues online to find us on twitter you can follow me a bridge golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day see that report.
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all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must die so millions can live.
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this is g w news live from berlin tonight u.s. president donald trump says a meeting with iran's president may be in the works a stunning development and it comes as the g. 7 summit in france concludes that summit was not without its problems such as trade tensions and french plans to tax take. will examine what the summit in chief if anything also coming up battling the amazon forest fires that are causing global warming g 7 leaders say they have a plan to help but brazil's president says they're treating.


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