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have a bit of the. room. this is the diffuse live from berlin u.s. president donald trump says he would meet with iran's president if the conditions were right the surprise development coming as the g. 7 summit wrapped up in france the gathering was not without its problems including the frame tensions look at what the summit came up with also on the show. campaigning for votes in the final days ahead of key regional elections here in germany more than ever smaller parties like the environmentalist greens are expected to change the political landscape. and the death of
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a towering figure in the auto industry. p.f. the former head of v.w. has died at 82. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us today u.s. president dollar trump says he might be willing to meet with a rainy and president hassan rouhani within weeks that is if the conditions that he has laid out are met he made the remarks at the end of the g. 7 summit in france with host president i'm underwhelmed now the leaders discussed a host of topics including tensions over global trade. thank you. after 3 days of talks the leaders of france and the united states emerged to speak to the press and attention quickly turned to business and the trade war between the u.s. and china u.s.
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president donald trump played down global concerns saying he was certain his chinese counterpart was now sincere about negotiating and he can't lose $3000000.00 jobs in a very short period of time and that's going to be magnified many times over and it's going to break down the chinese system of trade and he can't do that so when you say do you think they want to maybe they want to and maybe they don't but i think they want to make a deal i'm not sure they have a choice and i don't see that as a threat no on the topic of iran french president emmanuel mccaughan said the 2 leaders had 2 things in common. before not there are 2 very clear things which are important to us that way ron must never have a nuclear weapon and this situation should not upset the stability of the region mccaughan denied reports that he had not informed the u.s. president before inviting iran's foreign minister to the summit in an effort to save the 2015 year killer deal i decided to invite as friends.
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minister zarif so i informed before making it i informed president trump that it was my idea not to involve the united states not to see this is on behalf of you of everybody but to see him as friends i think it would be a good idea to ask him to go back and try to negotiate something separately before making when pressed on whether he would be prepared to meet iran's president or honey trump indicated he would but only when the time was right if the circumstances were correct toward the right i would certainly agree to that but in the meantime. they have to be good players you understand what that means and they can't do what they were saying they're going to do because if they do that they're going to be met with really very violent force we have no choice yes yes so despite the hugs and handshakes it's unclear whether g 7 host book on succeeded in calming
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tensions between iran and the u.s. or whether the summit will ease any war was on the world's financial markets. well the g 7 leaders in france agreed on a 20000000 dollar fund to help tackle the blazes in the amazon but brazilian president higher balsa naro has rejected that aid saying the g 7 fun treats his country like a colony some $80000.00 forest fires have broken out in brazil since the beginning of this year. the air is thick with smoke and it's hard to bring them in a tree and now on the ground in the states are brown tonia which has been hardest hit by the blazes as soon as one fires under control the next one breaks out huge areas now resemble under another landscape. will fall if there are as one or 2 big fires we could deal with them better than all the small ones. money shot was a cool since there have been widespread protests since the fire thought it on
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friday under international pressure brazil's president both narrowed deployed soldiers to the region to fight the places brazil has said it will accept aid from israel and argentina but also now responded shoppy to a pledge of $20000000.00 from t 7 leaders on twitter he accuses french president among the moment of having a colonialist attitude towards brazil. oh you know. someone gives money without wanting something in return saying why do they have their eye on the amazon what if they want to get as good a laugh since entering office both narrow has slashed environmental protection in the amazon and if they do open up the area to industry and spur economic growth through massive spokes of the environmentalist tug picard about the fires during the summit in france he asked about that plan fun for tackling the places. back home because you just listen to the press conference of the american the
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french president the french president announced a huge age package for the amazon rain forest in order to save the forests there what do you make of it. i think what's president mccall said is very good on political level know what needs to be done on the basic level for the public is to step up to consume any product that comes from deforested areas or indonesia or whatever we need to stop to consume beef that has grown with hormones and antibiotics we need to come back to a much more reasonable way to live in to consume and if we do it out the governments would be obliged to follow to adapt to the consumer as president might call a prior to this g 7 meeting invited a number of n.g.o.s to the n.s.a. palace you were amongst them where your concerns you've raced back then her. i was invited to represent the civil society because i'm not coming from
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a political party and it's very interesting in that sense to show all the links between climate change pollution inequalities and all the disorders we have in this world today and we have to come back to something that is much more look even ecological but much more logical you know normally capitalism is here to grew all the capital and today it is destroying the capital it is destroying the human capital by squeezing people with the lowest possible salary destroying the environment destroying the natural resources putting poisonous chemicals in the food all of these is illegal it's allowed it and this is precisely what is not normal and i think president very very cleverly said that now all these inequalities have to be addressed at the high level so you have some go. brae sions who do very well with t.v. the other is not obliged to do well old so he makes distortion of complete t.v.
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which is very bad for the general economy so the initiative oppose it president michael here in g 7 was really i think very very interesting you've said before that for mark calls a project to work he needs more help do you think he will get that help for an initiative like that is the g 7 enough. the g 7 the is not enough and he wants busy key to change the economic system in the world it's very ambitious and i'm happy that somebody is courageous enough to say it to address the topic but he said i can to do it alone i need the civil society i need big corporations i did n.g.o.s and they did other governments so i think this presidency of the g. 7 was like a stalled and i hope you will bring that old soul to the u.n. in order to have a wider support at home because thank you very much indeed. a spree if you down
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some of the other stories making news this hour u.s. judge has ordered drug maker johnson and johnson to pay over half a $1000000000.00 to the state of oklahoma for fueling an opioid epidemic the judge saying the company's marketing for the painkillers understated the risk of addiction this is the 1st lawsuit against oprah good makers and distributors to go to trial the company has promised to appeal the verdict. on kong's leader carrie lamb says the escalation of violence in the chinese territories anti-government protests is becoming more serious i was speaking publicly for the 1st time since police used water and fired live ammunition during last weekend's them stray since the protests in hong kong have been continuing for 12 weeks now. a chinese australian rider held for 7 months in china has been formally arrested for spying there a charge punishable by death. young hang drawing was originally detained in the south of china in january israel in government says it is seriously concerned
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about his welfare. a spacecraft carrying a humanoid robot has successfully docked at the international space station the russian soyuz spacecraft had to make a new attempt for reaching the space station after a failed to dock saturday for the robot named faith or will spend 10 days on the iowa says while learning to assist human straws. are turning to northern nigeria now where the boko haram insurgency and attacks by armed bandits are causing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and borno state many are seeking refuge at a military base outside the town of mangano but agencies say the situation at the base is becoming difficult dubey was able to access a good no by helicopter to get a glimpse of life in the middle of boko haram territory. mangano
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one of the few towns in the vicinity of lake chad that promises a shelter from boko her arms violent attacks but the camps here are overcrowded and overstretched things have reached a critical level there's not enough food not enough shelter more than 600 people share a single torn it notice the town of a real security even though the region's main military base has been built next to mangano attacks still regularly occur. just a few days before we arrived members of the so-called islamic state of west africa stormed into the town leaving 5 civilians dead and several others injured. 2 minus and her family were at the market when the attack happened there was no way to escape she explains as mongolia has only one entry and exit point. they were praying that the attackers would leave soon such incidents leave them feeling
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vulnerable but the mother of seven's biggest worry is not having enough food for her children often all she has is maize pirates to offer them. no good cloths not enough food and no real shelter how should anyone find peace of mind here. even our rooms sleep when it rained on us. she came to mongolia to escape hunger and violence but life here is anything but relaxed and safe. and for many children too the future looks bleak most of them don't receive any education when basic essential slack food are in short supply schooling is low on the priority list. for us how are mohammed puts it when you're hungry you can't know. she's 70 years old arrived in mongolia just a couple of months ago she was shocked about the situation in the village. like
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i'm worried that if the children don't go to school that instead join armed groups and grow up stealing. how i used to live as official woman in the far northeast and town of baka. massacres by poker and food shortages made her flee as. the man used to return around one at night from the lake and wait prepared to fish for them in the morning. but now there are no more fish. she fled to mongo only to discover that things here much better. people depend on dozens of n.g.o.s to feed them. and because that's not enough they look for other solutions some go into the bush to fell trees and risk falling into the hands of
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boko haram. if there's no food to eat and no water to drink people go into the bush and collect firewood they want to sell you know that's why firewood is becoming scarce the hot weather be deviled us. cutting down trees is also accelerating the process of turning the region into arid wasteland that's a challenge n.g.o.s tied up in emergency response and shortage of food supplies can't even begin to focus on. currently there's no room for long term strategies there that's exactly what's needed in the green room without urgent change the conflict is likely to simply ask i'm a father. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show the automotive world and its farewell to cards i think of. the man who turned around the w.'s fortunes and made it one of the most top car makers will look at his likeness. but 1st key regional elections are taking place this weekend here in
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germany in the eastern states of brandenburg and saxony they're being very carefully watched because traditional parties are expected to support in the far right e.f.t. is forecast to make big gains also for the 1st time the environmentalist green party has seen a surge in its approval ratings in the east did obvious michel a cover that up with the co-leader of the greens or albert hall back to talk about his party's prospects and the idea that he could succeed all america as chancellor of germany. this man cycling to small town saxony could well be on his way to succeed aguilar machall as germany's next chancellor in recent months about harvick has taken his green party to new heights in the opinion polls they're expected to double their share of the vote in next sunday's regional elections in the eastern states of brandenburg and saxony a development that raises big questions about bigger ambitions. for my walking
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through the countryside here with the future chancellor of germany. most of all you know walking next to a party leader who's campaigning in saxony and brandenburg together with his colleagues at the beginning of the year everyone said sure you have good opinion polls which you will get are crushed in brandenburg and sectioning and they're the opposite could happen as germany's big 10 parties lose support the greens have been going mainstream they are the greens the new center of force of jump politics. your visits nearly certainly hold positions other parties used to hold before that have become part of germany's d.n.a. like the fact that a social market economy is there to serve the people and that we don't want to die hard capitalism europe has to be the core aim of germany foreign policy. the former rebel greens at ease with becoming establishment so again ready for chancellor. it's a fair question as we've been around the 20 percent mark for
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a while now but it's too early for that opposition. in saxony the greens try to prove they are unafraid of the right wing populism that is dividing the country further north they're aiming even higher. whereas this side of the road here in saxony the greens are unlikely to significantly change the political game just across the road in the neighboring state of brandenburg the greens are well on the way into regional government here they have been able to score with voters in the race to offer alternatives to the far right if tea party the tightly contested race between those pushing for change and those promising the return to good old days sees the green zone as an anonymous a trained doctor up against the if tea parties and the us kind of gets an army veteran. because we cannot afford to fail on our climate targets time and time again we finally need to get serious about meeting the 1.5 degree target of the
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paris accord we only have a couple of years left to do that. a liberal leaning crowd feels the a if he protests too much overt rhetoric on migration. we have to openly address the problems people have and that's what the f.d.a. is about we don't start fears. the high hopes of the greens prove that the political battle in eastern germany is not simply about the rise of the far right it's also about who might replace uncle americal as her political era draws to a close now was one of the most powerful men in the global car industry. as died. as head of the w. is reviving that company's fortunes and turning it into one of the world's biggest car makers. he had v.w. in his d.n.a.
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13 and was a man practically born in the driver's seat p.s. grandfather was ferdinand porsche the man who designed the iconic folk frog and beetle. discovered his passion for cars and technology at an early age he studied mechanical engineering and after climbing the corporate ladder became c.e.o. of the v.w. group which was then nearly insolvent transformed the company. and for there are always winners and losers. and with our partners which v.w. has across the whole world. in turn to be the winner. within a few years v.w. was again making a profit that laid the cornerstone for his reputation as a visionary car executive when v.w. acquired porsche was already group chairman the merger with a long time ambition of his the father of 12 children believed v.w. and pushup belongs together. that in 2015 p.s.
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found himself in a power struggle with the w.'s then c.e.o. martin venter cornered it was a struggle p.s. lost and he resigned an abrupt end to a storied career. monica jones joining us now in the studio good morning monica finally. was it was truly a giant in the world of course what made him such unique cards what i mean he was an extraordinary figure in the global automotive world as we saw in this report i mean he was born into an automotive family fighting on porsche and the fed in a porsche being his grandfather and i did a little bit of research as interesting that as a little kid he was actually viewed as being very neat with little sort of promises of making it you know achieving anything in life was only after he was sent into a really strict and hoss. boarding school in switzerland where he got to that that gripped that characterized him and certainly allowed him all the success later and
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yes it's true i mean he turned into this huge global brand that we know nowadays and he also turned out he from just another brand that existed into this super duper luxury brand highly successful and very popular car and if you consider that fox was similar to ford you know meant to be the people's car at the very beginning so everybody can afford it you know the people's confidence it was him who sort of thought yeah that's all very well but we also need lamborghini we need to go we need bentley and for some some reason he managed to make it credible to have these super high end luxury cars on the same roof as the beetle the candidates in all these things that the people's car so that's a great achievement and i personally think it must have been a very sad day for him in 2015 when that scandal broke the diesel emissions count yes. and he didn't see eye to eye with the. intercon that all his life's work
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sort of seemed to fall apart and he sold almost all of his shares in fault as of that that must have been a very sad moment we're just looking at the god either that was the courthouse. where he drove a beautiful vehicle you know his training as as an engineer was was was a core to how he run v.w. how he performed as as a company i mean he used to technology again similar like his his grandfather i don't know what the person the relationship was but they both were fascinated by technology he certainly was fascinated by it and by new design and he was responsible for an awful lot of new models i tried to do a little bit of research and i found an automotive block called jalap make and they have this to say about ph he's the magic genius behind much of porsche and racing successes as well as all out engineering and to. luxury pushed from the 2000
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and that was gave us cars like the gotti they were on if you ever seen one in real life they're beautiful there go it was also doing a little research and circular get it's very interesting is that it's amazing yeah we have it i mean her knowledge is i will look at it more closely and i do have a lot of costs people sitting in the newsroom they gave me that information it's a 16 cylinder engine producing 1001 force paua that's going to down the road it's tested at 400 in 7 kilometers an hour it's the worst os the street legal car i don't know way you could use that speed but it's certainly interesting the autobahn is street legal yes some some parts of it the cheapest model now that's why it's interesting starts at 1700000 euros maybe some people would consider a bargain i don't know and the most important thing is folks about reportedly loses millions with that particular cop but the performance for its image for folks like an image seems to be worth it and i think that explains ph that's exactly that is and i know a beautiful loss leader that. monica thanks so much for coming in office pleasure
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well we have some sports now and the last tennis grand slam tournament of the year the u.s. open getting underway on monday roger federer and novak djokovic should reach the 2nd round while the match of the day saucer williams crushed her longtime rival reassure over now williams 16161 just 59 minutes as she looks to equal record for career grand slams that's 24 championships the american lost in last year's final. well meanwhile the 1st major upset of the tournament saw germany's undulate kava crashing out in the 1st round losing to france's christina letter novich 2 sets to one it completes a bad year in grand slams for the champion of the 2016 u.s. open. now the annual and t.v. video music awards brought the glitz and glamour of the event to newark new york new york city pop superstar taylor swift won the award for best video the best
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artist prize going to be on a grand day and there was also a special and many say long overdue nod for one that her and musician. no. it wouldn't be to video music awards without a lot of wild and crazy. like that for an event daughter to buy megastar after mega star proving a lot of credit for their fun presence was guaranteed to. her. taylor swift won 2 of the iconic m.t.v. awards including video of the year for her gay pride anthem you need to calm down she said her win proved that fans want of world where all are treated equally. rap i can missy elliott received a lifetime achievement honor at the event missy elliott is being honored tonight
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she's one of my favorite entertainers all time and i think that this honors over do not i love her as a person she has an amazing heart but as an entertainer she's a game changer so i'm so excited to be a building like. the steamiest performance was delivered by sean mundus upcoming. something to keep chance warm until next year's award season begins. let's get your modern our top story at this hour u.s. president trump says he might be willing to meet with 3 new president hassan rouhani within weeks if the right conditions are met he made the remarks at the end of the g. 7 summit in france with host presents model. don't forget you can always get to go download our half from google play from the apple store that gives you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos.
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among those here in the studios will be right back with your business news coming up straight ahead i'm brian thomas the entire team thanks for being. odd. odd.
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a challenge for you to hold their rate in and they're really good food confusion and fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasty taipei starts september 1st on t.w. for. the folks. could a u.s. u.k. trade deal help offset the economic damage of a no deal breaks it british prime minister boris johnson thinks so but from the u.s. congress there are strong voices of concern we tell you why. also coming up the drug maker johnson and johnson find out it.


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