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this is d.w. news live from berlin europe's top human rights court condemns russia ultimate death of the anti-fraud campaigner certainly magnitsky the court said my giftes treatment in prison led to a death in 2009 so what if any will the consequences be for moscow. also coming up brazil's president projects an offer of aid to help fight fires in india the g 7 group of wealthy nations proposed an emergency fund of 20000000 dollars to help contain the blazes but jarboe so narrow that there are strings attached so he doesn't want to. campaigning for votes in the final days ahead of regional
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elections in germany more than ever smaller parties like the environmentalist greens are expected to change the political landscape. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us the european court of human rights has condemned russia for multiple y. elations against the late surrogate magnitsky a russian corruption whistleblower who died in detention in 2009 magnitsky death came after he exposed widespread tax fraud that implicated russian officials the european court determined he had been ill treated and denied medical assistance in prison following his arrest for legit tax evasion his death resulted in the us congress passing the magnitsky act which allows the government to freeze assets and ban visas of human rights filed. leaders around the world. and we're going to turn
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to a one time friend of surrogate magnitsky bill browder is head of the investment fund hermitage capital management which was once the largest foreign portfolio investor in russia he led a campaign to punish russian officials for magnitsky his death and later lobbied the u.s. congress to pass the magnitsky act bill browder joins us from london good to have you won t. w. bell i know that magnitsky was your lawyer when he said he uncovered massive fraud by russian officials so what do you make of the verdict from the european court of justice today. well 1st and foremost this is 10 years in the coming magnitsky family and myself and various other friends of sergei magnitsky have been fighting for justice for 10 years and so it's nice and it's a big vindication for his family that he's gotten justice 2nd and more importantly the russian government has been lying and spreading propaganda about sergei
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magnitsky during this 10 year period trying to change the narrative of what happened to him and this unanimous decision by the european court of human rights a completely destroys the russian government's narrative and basically says that the russian government murdered surrogate magnitsky and that's a very important. court finding from the european court for human rights what consequences does it actually have for russia though bill. well the main consequence is that as a result of surrogate magnitsky is murder there are now 6 countries that have magnitsky x. the magnitsky act says that human rights violators should have their visas taken away and their assets frozen vladimir putin has made it his largest priority to try to repeal the magnitsky act by attacking the magnitsky story and by having this verdict in place it means of the magnitsky acts won't be repealed and that hopefully soon the european union and germany and many other countries in europe will have their own magnitsky acts but the reality on the ground bill is that
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nobody has actually been convicted in russia for the death of certain magnitsky. that is correct and until the putin regime and i don't expect that they will be convicted in russia and since we can't convict people in russia we have to get justice outside of russia and the kind of justice that we can get outside of russia is to go after these people's money and their freedom to travel which may not sound like true justice and it isn't true justice but it's something that these people value very preciously and the fact that we can take that away and with the magnitsky act is something that really does and the impunity that they're enjoying right now we should say that the russian government does that that there is nothing to this case that this is part of an effort to boost anti russian sentiment across the world how confident are you that the european union would now passed the similar magnitsky act to that which what the congress passed the u.s. congress passed in 2012. well the the proposal has already been put forward by the
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dutch government in the last year has been supported by the german government by the french government by various canon avian governments and i think it's something that will happen and it only improves our the probability of it happening with this european court for human rights ruling because to the extent that anyone believed the russian narrative which which you just summarized very nicely that has been rubbish by this court ruling you have been investigating what happened to the millions of dollars that disappeared when your investment fund was raided what were your findings. that one of the most important findings is that so we paid to the russian government $230000000.00 of taxes and what surrogate magnitsky had discovered was that a group of corrupt officials we funded those taxes to themselves we've traced that money and the most important recipient is a man named surrogate role doogan who is who was exposed by the panama papers as
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being putin's nominee so effectively vladimir putin has been the recipient of the crime that sergei magnitsky was killed over which is one of the reasons why putin has made it such a high priority to try to school quassia this law and try to change the story because he's involved right bill browder of joining us from london well thank you for sharing your insights with us today. brazilian president jarboe scenario has rejected an offer of aid from g 7 countries to fight the fires in the amazon the group said it would give brazil $20000000.00 to help contain the blazes but both the narrow question their motives earlier he accused the g 7 host french president in modern michael of treating brazil like a colony more than 80000 fires are burning in the amazon many of them are out of control. the air is thick with smoke and it's hard to bring them in a tree and now on the ground in the states or from tonia which has been hardest hit
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by the blazes as soon as one fires under control the next one breaks out huge areas now resemble undun a landscape. as will fall if there are as one or 2 big fires we could deal with them better than all the smaller ones will see money. there have been widespread protests since the fire started on friday under international pressure brazil's president both narrowed deployed soldiers to the region to fight the places brazil has said it will accept aid from israel and argentina but also now responded shoppy to a pledge of $20000000.00 from t 7 leaders on twitter he accuses french president a minimal mccall of having a colonialist attitude towards brazil. oh you know it will go again it will still teaching someone gives money without wanting something in return saying you get born why do they have their eye on the amazon what if it was
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a lawyer to give this kid a laugh since entering office false narrow has slashed environmental protection in the amazon in a bid to open up the area to industry and spur economic growth it's well land owners have reportedly been lighting many of the fires trying to clear forests for cattle ranching and agriculture something president also noro has supported in the past we spoke to our correspondent daniel call in porto brazil and asked him if also narrow could change his approach. well i personally don't think that this is going to change because also these farmers are some office big supporters they have been saying that in the past former brazilian president never really paid attention to the interest of those farmers now they are seeing that president. you know having this difference a strategy that he has been you know supporting basically that those you know farmers you know which a burn their land in order you know to have more space there for for there and
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a month so i don't really think that this situation is at the end going to change because these are you know his voters that he will need also in the future iran's president hassan rouhani says there will be no talks with the u.s. until sanctions are lifted he was speaking a day after u.s. president donald trump opened the possibility of a meeting with rouhani if the conditions were right trust made those remarks at the end of the g. 7 summit in france with host president. no on the topic of iran french president to manual mckown said the 2 leaders had 2 things in common thank you for an addition there are 2 very clear things which are important to us to do iran must never have a nuclear weapon and this situation should not upset the stability of the region the menu mccaughan denied reports that he had not informed the u.s. president before inviting iran's foreign minister to the summit in an effort to
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save the 2015 year kill a deal that i decided to invite as friends mrs aris so i informed before making it i informed president front that it was my idea not to involve the united states not to see this is on behalf of you of everybody but you see my friends i think it would be a good idea to ask him to go back and try to negotiate something separately. before making when pressed on whether he would be prepared to meet iran's president hosni trump indicated he would but only when the time was right if the circumstances were correct toward the right i would certainly agree to that but in the meantime they have to be good players you understand what that we've and they can do what they were going to do because if they do that they're going to be met with really very violent force we have no choice. so despite the hugs and
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handshakes it's unclear whether g 7 host mccaughan succeeded in calming tensions between iran and the u.s. or whether the summit will ease any war it was on the world's financial markets. let's get a round of now some other stories making news around the world prosecutors have filed a new a dyke meant against disgraced film producer harvey weinstein effectively postponing his sexual assault trial until january the indictment will allow testimony by actor annabella whose allegations of rape cannot be prosecuted because of an old statute of limitations law. the spanish capital madrid has been hit by flash flooding as heavy rain swept across the country streets look like rivers and several metro stations had to be closed after the sudden downpour on monday in some areas residents had to clear away huge piles of hail stones that had built up along the streets. hong kong leader harry lam says the escalation of violence in the
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chinese territories anti-government protests is becoming more serious lamb was speaking publicly for the 1st time since police used water cannon and fired live ammunition during last weekend's demonstrations the protests in hong kong have been continuing for 12 weeks. you're watching d.w. news still to come on our show our lovers around the world and the auto industry bid farewell to $39.00 the man who turned around these fortunes and made it one of the world's a top car makers will look at his legacy. but 1st it's being called a watershed moment in america's opioid crisis a court in oklahoma has ordered drug maker johnson and johnson to pay more than half a $1000000000.00 for its role in an epidemic that has killed thousands of people it is the 1st case of its kind to go to trial and could be a model for litigation elsewhere in the u.s. the judge says the company was motivated by greed johnson and johnson denies any wrongdoing. he's probably needed box's son austin is one of 6000
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oklahomans believed to have died from an opioid overdose since the start of the millennium a promising american footballer he died in his prime. austin was living a nightmare the nightmare at prescription drug abuse now the 1st of thousands of lawsuits aimed at holding manufacturers and distributors to account has made it through trial cleveland county district judge that borkman have said prosecutors have proven johnson and johnson helped create a public nuisance that would take decades to repair so on today a judge walker has affirmed our position that johnson and johnson motivated by greed and avarice is responsible for the opioid epidemic in our spirit. johnson and johnson will finally be held accountable for thousands of deaths and
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addiction caused by their activities. the company was accused of flooding the market with painkillers and deceptively marketing them it denies wrongdoing saying its sales claims were backed by science it plans to appeal against the oklahoma court's decision. we have sympathy for all who suffer from substance abuse. but johnson and johnson. did not cause the opioid abuse crisis here in oklahoma. or anywhere in this country. the many more claimants disagree with the company for 2000 years of course of their hire later this year. also in the u.s. health officials say a person who used east cigarettes has died after developing lung disease at least
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200 cases of respiratory illnesses have been reported across the state of illinois but it is still unclear if the death or the illnesses were caused by the use of isa carets which is also known as vaporing. they've been marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco the cigarettes are now a $1000000000.00 industry popular with teens and young adults but after a wave of a ping related illnesses including a death in the u.s. experts are scrambling to pinpoint the cause. at this time here in illinois we do not know what is contributing to these respiratory illnesses a common link among our 22 cases is that all individuals have a reported history or recent beating or use of electronic devices urge people to use caution and consider avoiding the use of such material while tobacco use is at an all time low in the u.s. they ping is on the rise more than 3 and a half 1000000 teens used electronic devices last year. no clear link has been
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established between the cigarettes and illness but the devices do contain heavy metals and cancer causing chemicals the american dating association has rejected claims that vaporizes are harmful blaming the cases on quote tainted black market t.h.c. products the team from the center for disease control is now investigating the cause of the illness is. now germans into eastern states go to the polls this sunday to elect new regional governments and the votes are being closely watched because it is expected that the far right alternative for germany could emerge. strongest political party in one or both of those 2 states meanwhile the environmentalist green party has also won more support the greens are already the 2nd largest party nationally but they have traditionally had little support in the east of the country but in the state of pond and book they now look set to double their share of the vote compared to the last regional elections that took place
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here in 2014 and it is a similar story in neighboring saxony where the latest polls indicate that the green share of the vote is going to increase to double figures compared here to just 5.7 percent in 2014 in those last elections well these numbers could transform the grains in eastern germany from a fringe party to a force to be reckoned with and beyond that the greens co-leader love at hob is being talked about as a possible future german chancellor chief political editor michel was out on the campaign trail with opic this man cycling through small town saxony could well be on his way to succeed as germany's next chancellor in recent months topic has taken his green party to new heights in the opinion polls they're expected to double their share of the vote in next sunday's regional elections in the eastern states of brandenburg and saxony
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a development that raises big questions about bigger ambitions. and i'm i walking through the countryside here with a future chance of germany i'm open to retiring from the fruits the endeavor from a pretty good bar come from the bottom and come from the south of the store from north from from the i don't know there's a very are. more fertile pretty good over from the docks here to the rest of. the city but even. as germany's big 10 parties lose support the greens have been going mainstream. the greens the new center of force of jump politics. you visits new info to produce your own the proper time for. this card. i was just. marked for chuffed mark to mentioned use i don't want to convert a list which was. pretty exciting morse the former rebel greens at ease
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with becoming establishment so again ready for chancellor. strike toughed isn't that sort of you. tired. opposition. in saxony the greens try to prove they are unafraid of the right wing populism that is dividing the country further north they're aiming even higher whereas this side of the road here in saxony the greens are unlikely to significantly change the political game just across the road in the neighboring state of brandenburg the greens are well on the way into regional governments. here they have been able to score with voters in the race to offer alternatives to the far right if tea party the tightly contested race between those pushing for change and those promising the return to good old days sees the greens also an anonymous a trained doctor up against the if tea parties and yes kind of it's an army veteran . because we cannot afford to fail on our climate targets time and time again we
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finally need to get serious about meeting the 1.5 degree target of the paris accord we only have a couple of years left to do that the navy yard a liberal leaning crowd feels the a protest too much overt rhetoric on migration. we have to openly address the problems people have and that's what the f.d.a. is about we don't start fears. of the high hopes of the greens prove that the political battle in eastern germany is not simply about the rise of the far right it's also about who might replace uncle america as her political era draws to a close. and our political correspondent is with us for more on this story hi emma what do you think these state elections tell us about the german political landscape well it definitely shows us that there's a shift of the voters away from the traditional parties and towards parties like
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the greens on the one hand and the of the on the other hand now the far right party or the could become the 1st party who is around 21 percent of the voting intentions and it's actually death goes up to 25 percent which means percent which means that if you could become the 2nd political force in the region now do greens affair into 5th place in the book and in the force base in saxony what does that mean even means that's a devote his trust has shifted indeed and those changes could be beneficial for both parties but a bit of so for the greens and even perhaps even more so for the greens because those state ministers in london before president ministers so the people who regional parliament declared that they would never enter a coalition with a far right party but will consider a coalition with the green party what we mentioned that the greens have seen their share of the vote in these 2 states rise but there's still
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a 4th and 5th in these 2 states why do they have such a hard time building momentum there well if you look at the history of the green party in those wages the greens started out in the west where there is a different mentality different preoccupations and often in shows their focus is met mostly on environmental questions while. most of the capacious evolve that revolve around the economy situation and that's where the 2 world 2 worlds collide how can a party i'd like to greens promote renewable energy in a region east germany where the economy revolves around the coal industry for example and that's where the challenge it is' for the green party and its origin let's throw forward if on sunday we see the far right come out with a strong. party in both states what does that mean for chancellor angela merkel and her government here in berlin well if you look at the campaign of the h.d. d.v.d. played on voters' frustrations on feelings of having being forgotten by the federal
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government the time of their initial cation and the. xenophobic and racist minority in those regions using populists with or make anti immigrant feelings now that eve day they're fed read about a dozen actions that would be another said for and america's government and another proves that voters don't place their trust anymore in mainstream parties step back does that mean that it would actually threaten the stability of her coalition government the coalition government is. already fragile but of course it would set a new stability all right our political correspondent in many ways she is covering the story for us thank you so much for your insight thank you. it's now he was one of the most ingenious pioneers in the global auto industry fed in on pierce has died at the age of 82 as head of v.w. he is credited with reviving the company's fortunes and turning it into one of the world's biggest car makers. he had v.w. in his d.n.a. 13 and p.s.
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was a man practically born in the driver's seat p.s. grandfather was ferdinand porsche the man who designed the iconic folks frog and vito. discovered his passion for cars and technology at an early age he studied mechanical engineering and after climbing the corporate ladder became c.e.o. of the v.w. group which was then nearly insolvent transformed the company. give him a good dinner and for the we are always winners and losers. and with our partners which v.w. has across the whole world are intended to be the winner. within a few years v.w. was again making a profit that laid the cornerstone for his reputation as a visionary car executive when v.w. acquired porsche was already group chairman the merger was a long time ambition of his the father of 12 children believed v.w. and porsche belongs together. that in 2015 p.s.
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found himself in a power struggle with the w.'s then c.e.o. martin venter cornered it was a struggle ph lost and he resigned an abrupt end to his story to korea. to sports now in the last tennis grand slam tournament of the year the u.s. open has gotten underway roger federer and novak djokovic reached the 2nd round match of the day saucer arena williams crushed her longtime rival maria sharapova well it was 16161 in just 59 minutes as she looks to equal the record for grand slam singles titles that's 24 championships the american lost in last year's final . meanwhile the 1st major upset of the tournaments on germany's undulated crashed out in the 1st round losing to france as a christine at loudon ovitz 2 sets to one it completes a bad year and grand slams for the champion of the 2016 u.s.
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open. and a panda in the berlin zoo is pregnant and due to give birth within the next 2 weeks that's the word from the zoo's facebook account maggie and her mate. have been living in the zoo for 2 years there and are on loan from china she was artificially inseminated after the pandas made it to further increase the chances of conceiving a slight bit of bad news for berlin any panda cubs born abroad must be returned to china within 4 years. or minder now of our top story here on d w with the european court of human rights has condemned russia for multiple violations against russian corruption whistleblower serbian monica magnitsky who died in detention in 2009 magnitsky death came after exposed widespread tax fraud that implicated russian officials. you're watching news from berlin we'll have more coming up at the top of the hour head to our web site
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dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock and our twitter handle is apt news for all the latest headlines thank you for watching.
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salmon man damo condos they're delicious they're delicacies. they're dangerous because the price pain to produce them is highly contaminated water forced to be forestation and england organized crime the dark side of trendy food. comes up next on.
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the temple of technology. the rhythm of the market. the momentum of the morning were. made in germany. your business magazine d w. the worst pressurizing people fight for some. when there's a flood water comes up to your waist when you close faster everyone but. the lack of water is an equally dangerous. stampede is the people not self so they can
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plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any matter if you want and probably more the federal. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . avocados and salmon are in high demand in europe right now. avocados shipped all the way from mexico they bring people their prosperity bought can also bring death . balkanize crime gangs are waging a war against small scale farmers and they are fighting for survival. some more it's an awful situation. salmon farming is booming in chile that's had a negative.


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