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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2019 8:45pm-9:00pm CEST

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if you looked at the nominations for the m.t.v. v.m. a's this year the men didn't get much of a look at is what the music industry is all about at the moment with taylor swift and ariana grande dominating the awards with 10 nominations each also the video vying god award went to rapper missy elliott so let's have a look at who took away the big prizes this year. taylor swift won the m.t.v. video of the year award for you need to calm down the artist called out the trump administration for not responding to the equality act petition for l.g.b. t.q. rights promoted in the video. rock icon missy elliott received a lifetime achievement award missy elliott is me on it's night she's one of my favorite entertainers all time and i think that this honor is overdue and never is the 1st time she has an amazing heart but as an entertainer she's the game changer so i'm so excited to be in the building. and as is tradition
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and t.v. awards there were plenty of tax revenue and fashion statements her and a host of stones i backed her. up but the big story of the evening was the triumphant return of taylor swift who also took home the video for good awards and performed love from her new album. the venice film festival kicks off this week and that means locker room dollar crime of the film world heading to italy to watch the biggest film premiere as with the biggest stars and we're about to take a peek at some of the movies they'll. looking at the festival is also considered
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a barometer of the academy awards next february to tell us what all this means and the garridos through this year is movies. it's now the oscars a still haul for a year away david so what is all the fuss about the other half a year away but they're also half a year away robin but i mean for it it's time for the studios to really go into overdrive crank it out and show the academy and all the other awards what they've got and that's what they're doing this is the kickoff to oscar season ok so i was a big. primary at the festival that we should look out for what in terms of hollywood movies and big production values big number one movie i would say is ad astra this is a deep space if i draw my story brad pitt as an astronaut who goes to the edges of our solar system in order to save our planet of course but also to find his father who's also an astronaut played by tommy lee jones who's gotten lost out there
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somewhere and who may have turned to the dark side as it were turned to the dark side ok let's have a quick look at that. psychological evaluation. describe your current commercial. study. ready to do my job so best my billet. to control. system. space conduce my father's sponsible. syria this thing seriously has oscar nomination written all over it great cast and director james gray said that he wanted to depict space travel the most realistic
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that anyone had ever seen and any film to date of course c.g.i. is just getting better and better and better so it looks like it may deliver on that yeah it does look good while his hollywood summing up what another big premiere of venice this year is joker this is a new take on the d.c. comics villain that we all know and love or hate this time with joaquin fever you know that you don't need something you want one of these are. not going to pictures and i think we're going to we're trying to see joker with joaquin phoenix well i'll tell you a little bit about it so this version of joker really has a psychological take on the villain with joaquin phoenix playing him as a stand up comedian and there we go stand up comedian who is exposed to the hard knocks of life and his psyche just sort of cracks and then he turns to chaos and the dark side as well now this is a role that's been played in recent years by a lot of big actors including jared leto heath ledger won an oscar for his
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portrayal of joker so it's going to be exciting to see what joaquin phoenix. also a great actor brings to this chaos he's a great actor too but it's not all about hollywood what else we should be looking at the festival and one movie i am excited to see that we actually just got a little look at there is called the truth this is by japanese director. but it takes place in france and he does something that no french director has managed to do he's brought together 2 of the big icons of french cinema cats came to know of and be nice for the very 1st time in a film can you believe it took a japanese director to do that and a little bit about the movie. plays a big actress must come easy to her and she's just written her memoirs and you know for sure place her daughter is not happy with what's in them let's have a quick look at that we saw in 10 about. you know did you hear me as something i
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no longer want to his own man on i'm not going to know says you'll need anybody. what. you think of that week. is you let your leisure come with thanks. so much we've got an exam and exam else i dno now i need to see my name at the diploma. ok. so this is a record it does 1st movie outside japan now international audiences know him best for shoplifters the movie that won him the top prize at cannes and they're talking of can this is the 2nd year the french festival refused to show netflix films and of course venice is benefited right there are going to venice last year the big the big talking point was of course of the film roma couldn't be played at cannes because it was a netflix movie that came to venice and it got 10 oscar nominations this year it
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could be the same thing some very strong movies from netflix have gone out to cannes but again so. venice and one of them is the movie laundromat starring meryl streep i think we've got some pics of that now that flicks hasn't released any trailers of this it's still under wraps here we go so this is all we've got this is directed by steven soderbergh about the panama papers scandal this is actually opening the festival another movie from netflix is marriage story which is a comedy drama about marital issues and stars scarlett johansson and adam driver by the wonderful director know about this promises to be another corky family portrait which is what he does best venice once again clearly benefiting from cannes no netflix policy now the good news is also. venice has doubled the number of female driver. to this year as opposed to one last year yeah they came under huge
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fire for this last year and the director of the festival said well there's not going to be a woman quota if they did and they get in this year to have gotten a lot of critics say the festival is biased ok david as always thank you for your insights we'll have a cold more on the festival later in the week thank you. brad pitt is actually going to appear briefly in this next report because he is a fine man of hats made by fiona bennett here in berlin ben it is one of the people featured in our alternative to risk guide planet len so what about entrepreneurs who come to this city from abroad and have thriving businesses here. fiona bennett never feels properly dressed without a hat she creates exquisite head again in her judio. is always on the go and that fascinates me. the end of it has been
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designing ladies and men's hats for life so glamorous moments. since the late 1980 s. shop had asked in the central to garden district is so stupid and shop in one she displays her creations like works of. classical whimsical or extravagant but wearable that's fiona bennett's milk. pad current collection is inspired by vintage kimonos. goodness on only clients christina i get there also was fiona bennett's creations so does not yet our money and hollywood star brad pitt he discovered her camps when he visited palin in 2000 and night. i was lucky enough that he picked out the mount them cap and then or nothing else but that for years and ordered more of them in pretty much every fabric. stop
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and that. bennett was born in 1986 in brighton england her 1st years in the elegant seaside resorts have stayed with her even after she moved to berlin with her family at age 6 as a little go fiona bennett already knew she wanted to be an artist she trained as a millionaire in 1902 she started her judio in downtown beilin and write used eyebrows with off the wall fashion performances. later she provided film productions with her hat creations panties and the costumes for the raaf crew ramstein is very 1st told. it's bad and i think i was a single mother my son was 2 years old and i opened my 1st shop and i didn't really have any other choice i told myself ok i'm going to conquer the world from berlin.
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fiona bennett's creativity seems to be limitless working together with her partner in business and life hands you. kimbo she helped to design what may well babe elin's most beautiful restrooms for the vintage. staying alive and curious is fundamental to the artist. my name's mark my motto is to remain flexible and if you stay flexible nothing really bad can happen to you and i think the city of berlin can teach you to stay flexible enough to supply. someday maybe she'd like to live by the sea again but until then fiona bennett intends to remain true to. morrow on all the protagonist from planet to limit the to slash planet by limbo about soul for this edition of our culture i leave you with music highlights from the shares m.t.v. v.m.
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ace thanks for watching and join us again soon if you can. i. i i'm. going to.
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kick off. treat is the magic number 7 blues leave you come secure 3 points with a trio of go. in this dome and in come on come i'm against freeman made to susan and do so little montage again minds tribe of the mind of lone wolves told in the mean time by 11 dusty with his own country again shall soon. be. done. oh. i'm not often kept at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but most of the things which has happened recently i haven't think stevens or jam a culture of looking at the stereotype question but in a simple solution of the culture that i now i am. needed to take from this drama
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day out. it's all about a new i might show join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. how does tom taste it. w. correspondent susan hom and close to a legion to explore the various flavors of sonic craziness our food fusion and sun i am love the challenge for you. tasty tie to. start september 1st on d w.
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this is news live from berlin tonight europe's top human rights record since a rebuke to russia over the death of the time for all campaigners magnitsky chord said that my treatment in prison led to his death in 2009 so what if any will be the consequences for moscow also coming up brazil's president says he will not accept any aid to help.


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