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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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worth a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here and he and his friends feel as fed has approved prime minister boris johnson's request to temporarily suspend the u.k. parliament johnson wants to shut down parliament until just 2 weeks before britain's exit from the european union opponents are calling the move out of range just any dark day for democracy. ben facility has business africa coming up next i'm sara keling in berlin thanks for watching stay with us. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. to. know. what if there's no escape. ritualised. good luck streets. how does thailand
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taste good. the new correspondent susan hum and host. picks for the various flavors of exotic cruising our food fusion and so i am the challenge for you. tasty tied to. start september 1st on g.w. . the likelihood of another deal bragg's it just rose again the pound phil the british prime minister receives the queen's blessing to suspend calment denies he's trying to force through his own e.u. exit plants. which happens to drive african growth because private china but says it can also quality. and a new generation of fashion savvy. ugandans give
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a boost to the base to take selfies. in physical and let's do business the pound is taking another pounding the deadline for the u.k. the even the e.u. is looming ever closer now the queen has agreed to prime minister barak johnson's request to suspend parliament investors are on alert there are only weeks to go till the brits have to strike a deal with brussels and it looks like johnson is trying to force through no deal breakers that the pound fell by more than one percent against the dollar no deal fears in the past months have pushed sterling to its lowest level since 2070. 5 and he is a european economist the bank in london it sounds like things just got bad really bad. yes that's true at least the number of days where oppositions to hot bricks it can't stop such outcome has
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now dropped by basically 2 weeks. those m.p.'s that want to stop it have about 3 weeks left i leave it to constitutional experts whether this is go for. it has definitely not made things easier for those people. opposing such a heartbreaks it it's always driven gloom every time we talk about brakes but are there any positives that you can gain out of this. well you could argue it kind of focuses minds among those that oppose the heartbreaks. yes the time is sort of taking but now even sort of the last in peace should have realized ok if i want to stop such a heartbreaks it by by accident or by did abrasion it's time to do so now and you have to remember some of the cabinet members like amber rod or paul hancock they've in the past said prorogue being would be outrageous so there might be
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a number of m.p.'s which have been in favor of such a no deal breaks it but. not in favor of provocation so this could create new dynamics of fear and i was just reading the doj of banks still sees a 5050 chance of a no deal breaker what are your forecasts. well that's really tough to say but basically the risk for chaos is very high risk or the charms of an orderly breck's it is. is falling at around i would say 25 percent and you left with sort of 75 percent of chaos whether this is sort of political developments including election or a friend referendum anything. it's sort of highly speculative to think of what could happen that's a a lot of chaos tell me who's hurting most of the moment especially with the pound
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continuing to fall. well if the if the pound continues to fall as we saw already in 2016 immediately after the break that referendum with that big hit is the prices of those products that you import here in this country. just going to rise so consumers true die on retail is providing food they they going to be hate oppositely and sort of all the companies which are very focused on the domestic economy retailers i mentioned before how spirit as obviously with their house prices not expected to. 2 to 2 to rise healthily in a scenario of brics it so in a number of of groups in the u.k. that would suffer. quite quite considerably. better that bank in
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london thank you very much. quality over quantity japan is open development talks with african leaders in an 8 forum managed to rival china on investment but it says it will be able to offer no strings attached business deals the benefit both sides. japan wants to make it impact in africa prime minister shinzo abbay told dozens of african leaders of the tokyo international conference on african development. but i thought from i pledge to you that the government of japan will make every possible effort so the power of japanese private investments of $20000000000.00 in 3 years should in the years to come be surpassed in you from one day to the next the focus on innovation infrastructure and climate change was welcomed by un secretary general antonio tara's lack of sufficient investment in education science technology engineering and mathematics can hold back africa's
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gross and the private use of opportunity the conference started over 25 years ago to provide aid to africa is development and japan's government has pulled out all the stops but firms have sometimes been reluctant to invest in africa and there been mixed results on meeting earlier pledges. things have taken on a fresh urgency because tokyo is competing with the growing clout of its regional rival china china is the largest asian and global presence in africa japan aims to offer high impact loans without the sometimes controversial strings attached to money lent by beijing. rising demand for customized fashion in uganda is giving local design is a boost it's also breathing new life into the country's resurgent textiles industry that means more jobs. fashion designer. has a deadline to meet a client has ordered over 200 t. shirts with a customized print saying i am so huge. at least one by the fashion
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house which is main business is printing t. shirts with creative statements chosen by customers designs you know going to find them anywhere else it's us who make them it's us who design and if there's a client wants to get something custom made if you see something or your sleeping and you dream and i think you would have to shut with these. just come to us and tell us what your idea is. and then we put it for you in a t. shirt i am so u.-g. is a patch it's a phrase among. the sacred. but it was authored by a local heap of artist. who had it printed on t. shirts for his music video. into a fashion line. in what he called support for. certain events and. supporting. ugandan fashion.
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fashion fashion designers and i feel like when i see that i'm always impressed because it means 5 years down. for you all the brands to support. me all brands. supporting our brands. to support local textile and fashion designers like mohan goosy uganda recently increased tariffs on imported used by 5 percent but this is yet to have a big impact because the country still imports over 3000 times of used clothing and . many ugandans are convinced that imported items from developed countries are cheap and of good quality which often leaves the local fashion designers struggling to make sales what is most important is to build trust with your clients so also to
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the fashion designers that are downtown all they have to do is trust. but with 7 out of 10 ugandans below the age of 30. to mystic many believe that targeting this population when it's too young gives hope that the market for local image functions and text tires will grow alongside this freshness the generation of ugandans. joins us from neighboring kenya joy is that still the problem that the clothes europeans discuss drive out local designers. it could be truth in that despite the fact that we're now seeing a growing fashion industry not just in uganda but across africa but the fact remains that almost 70 percent of all charity clothes donated globally do end up in africa and most of them and in what we've locally referred to as secondhand clothes
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in the different you know retail shops and they have pricing is quite very affordable for or people around east africa as well it's easy for them to walk into a shop and say that's what i want and easily get it but also you know we have seen that most of the east african countries and africa in general does have locks laws so in 2015 kenya try to find the importation of these clones but with little success because these are also another group of kenyans or another big population of kenyans who entirely depend on them for likelihood because they're cheaper and also considered to be quality what about the big global brands like that are actually actually shifting production in many cases from asia to africa surely that would be even more competition that would definitely be more competition we have seen in countries like the o.p.'s and kenya as well as uganda that are now being
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looked at as sources of garments and we've seen you know global brands like them so seeing governments from ethiopia and kenya as well and that is actually a sign that the african fashion industry is rising while they're also looking at africa as having cheaper labor the fact remains that you know we are providing garments with these global brands which should be a sign that africa's fashion industry cannot be you know what at this point in time just briefly these big brands would also i think production to africa create jobs. yes they will create jobs but that is actually a tricky question when you look at what's happening in the market today we have on one hand clothes being in food that is charity clothes being imported into african countries and then on the other hand we have already made clothes as well making their way into african countries and those that clothes maybe from countries like
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turkey germany and the united kingdom as well and the united states so these that market as well and then you have the local industry saw the labor is cheap but then there are options and you cannot actually force the markets to buy local products when they're choosing to buy products made outside of their original countries so is that and that competition is making it quite difficult for the local textile industry to rise at expected levels so when you look at the market it's a 20 market it's a split market it's day virus and you leave the choice to the buyer or dari bearer for you very much and i think that's not something.
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people cite sources. told her. to address. the floods droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could write any going to be snide if you want and probably most of the. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w.
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