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this is did every news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the senate countries clashing with conservationists zimbabwe it was one enemy of the coach to those of africa's in a fenced off and happy about the decision to continue the battle on ivory trade despite their appeals to the international regulation of. the nuclear to be full of good clues as to see a gentle giant something because for 4 people wanted to skid this i mean move away from death you just gave them away from the group to the road crews would have most people do 3 more never went through this. thing will go inside ethiopia's only free long term drug and alcohol rehab facility wait most patients are being treated for their addiction to the beefy stimulant caps. and will meet the young canyon soon hope to become a limping champions in skateboarding. hello
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i'm christine wonder it's good to have you along the news africa the world's biggest conference on wildlife trade finished in geneva today and full day of pause 37 african countries are unhappy with the outcome of some bad way of botswana and the movie ahead appealed to the convention on international trade and endangered species of wild foreigner and flora to end the ban on trading ivory the 3 countries are home to 61 percent of the continent's elephants zimbabwe's president in some one double was particularly scathing in his response to the decision he say to a no call reporter they kill us from but they bar us rather from killing our animals for sending ivory bats they want to strip protect them from being poached he continued to say europeans have consumed all their animals but they want to save rules for us we've managed to. my guest today is to dash
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a foul spokesman for his involved a pox and wildlife management authority he's joining us from out he welcomes the african mystified why is the zimbabwean government so opposed to that i very bad. thank you thank you kristin their little citizens the way we are. today but because most of the people who bear the brunt of this i mean was there in the communities people benefiting people one of getting anything and most of the people making decisions on our behalf or on behalf of the communities. in copenhagen they don't know who's to hear borders with these animals and we think that there's a stark contrast on how people from the west and view of these animals when you look at these animals from a boat crew somewhere or in. drive in the people compete for water for the source
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of these animals there's a stark contrast when you look at it from the boat. you see a giant something which is solved but for people to say this i mean was away from their fields to scare them away from their they know who it was we've lost people due to human ordinary conflict this year alone we've lost more than 15 lives in this is this is something that is happening almost every day in the communities that's why we're pushing for. minute is voices to be had unfortunately not go through but did the most unfortunate thing is people pushing for the buy and those who are in jewels who are putting in a little money in finance but then it investing in these communities we are seeing a fantasy and i want to find a lot in the midst must be good in 1st i want to see the apologies but why do you think i mean e's seem to be making the case but why do you think that you appeals off falling on deaf ears why is the international community not coming on board.
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we don't know i honestly can't speak on their behalf but we've tried all the things possible to say the word life management issue it's a sales based issue and decisions must be based on science when you say. you did a college girl cutting capacity this is science these are no 2 motions this is this isn't mass to be made based on science based on faith and one of them put in faith does that i think the world must you know is or the global ellison's of that that it into the extinction animals in southern africa that don't face an extinction we are sitting on more than 84000 elephants in a small kind of legs and bob i can give you an example more than a 100 years ago we had about 4000 elephants and we had also a very small population of settlers and black natives in zimbabwe but the numbers of 20 forward for the 100 days that i'm talking about in the lead is not expanding
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the same thing is happening in our neighbors in and i may be able to one these are the challenges that we're facing but we believe that when we believe that the best thing that we can do is to ensure that our communities are benefiting because the 50 lane of defense for these animals are the communities we believe that the animals and the people these communities must see these animals is equal to me which when it is so that people get jobs for them so that these old people get education distilled that's what they believe in because the numbers they've exceeded the political killing capacity they're causing a lot of problems in our communities they're not only killing people they're also destroying crops with that with our people being employed varied by these animals for no benefit our governments are facing and that social computing needs like education you know they do other things and i think you do the asking for too much for the same government too but we are doing our best we are saying we believe that and in was musty look after themselves to gnash it had always spokesman for the
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parks and wildlife management authority thank you. thank you mr. this poncho see behind me is known by many names it's called in kenya and uganda and rwanda and cats in somalia and ethiopia chewing the plant is a popular pastime on the horn of africa and using catch is often dismissed as a harmless cultural activity rather than a social problem but one clinic in ethiopia is now offering treatment for cat addiction and usual move in a country where few people see the use of cuts as problematic. these men are all in rehab because of an addiction to cat chewing the cat plant for its stimulating effect has been common in ethiopia for centuries but users can
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struggle to curb their habit of being an addiction for the past 15 years for but with a lot of for a big percentage that sounds like. secret. like marijuana. at this state run rehab center treatment is free and patients are encouraged to give up using cat a rare approach in a region where few try to stop people using the popular drug. here in ethiopia chewing cat is legal and widely seen as a cultural activity but experts say users can try to turn to other substances such as alcohol to dampen the plant's amphetamine like effects. most of. start. at reading for increasing cost of work. for increasing the performance in study in different walks. complain of everything
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from irritability to nightmares and depression here that offer treatment for withdrawal symptoms given psychological help and even work out. in this part of the capital addis ababa truckloads of fresh supplies arrive every day it's chewed openly on the streets here but many aren't convinced that cat is a cause for concern. that's not true the people who say that already addicted to alcohol and other drugs before they use cat. cat is ethiopia's 2nd biggest export behind coffee and more and more farmers are now abandoning coffee and other crops to grow it as a result domestic consumption is growing. one makes story we drop
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in on the skateboarding scene in kenya the sport is relatively new in the country but it's picking up in popularity and with skateboarding having its stay view at the olympics next year some in nairobi already dreaming big as corrigible found out at the biggest skate park in the capital. sky using helps me to be strong when i'm on my skateboard i feel free when i'm moving on the board especially when i'm dropping into the ball and i come out i feel sorry good enough will be. whenever 16 year old william gets a chance she trains at the shangri s. skate park she grew up here just a few meters away at the chandelier children's home in nairobi where more than 100 children in need are provided with
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a shelter regular meals and free schooling but the best part of course so the children say is that skate park. was good to. getting the clothes out must get. the park opened in 2014 and it's not only east africa's 1st skate park but also its largest. this skate park represents much more than a school to solicit and a space for leisure this is where the children of sangli have to build themselves the sea and well on the weekends they welcomed children of all backgrounds from across nairobi to help and learn from each other fun frightening together and most importantly to build long lasting friendships. the children have been self-confident they've been able to express themselves they've been able to pull sophia loads of people from outside but the children from outside come or children
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one thing for them all. and also all of the people called global to open up and appreciate. us money says that when she looks at the children skating she sees their troubled past full of neglect and abandonment fade away she sees kenya's bright future. is up in the clinical international dream of going to international competitions or to the olympics and also introducing other woman to skating showing them that they shouldn't be afraid of skating because nothing is impossible you just have to be fearless and have enough confidence confident enough . and there she becomes and then pick champion and not the man hopes to make a living with skateboarding one day when she does she wants to build a home for nairobi's underprivileged children and that dream house that's the proxy . and that isn't one now from africa as always you
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can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page so today will leave you with pictures off some of africa's wildlife as we hit in the program steady but sometimes coexistence is difficult we'll see you next time i think.
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i'll took over more than just one reality. where i come from you know the transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. i'm out here at the heart of the european union in brussels where you have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. why this is not all the work of the government.


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