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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin british prime minister boris johnson gets royal approval to suspend parliament just weeks before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. the move has outraged pro europeans and those opposed to no deal breaks it we're live in london as another to mulch was day is also coming up italy's 5 star movement agrees to form a new coalition government with their rivals for the democratic party bid to block the far right leader much news salvini this means more stability for europe's 3rd
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largest economy. also the u.s. military presence in germany has been a constant for 70 years now but the dramatic and are threatening to move to poland our special report looks at what that could mean for the biggest u.s. base in germany ramstein. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us britain's prime minister boris johnson has won approval by queen elizabeth to suspend parliament it will be closed for 5 weeks in september and october just before the u.k. is scheduled to leave the european union johnson says he needs the time to pursue his domestic agenda but opponents are calling the move undemocratic and over 1000000 people have already signed an online petition against it. it dropped
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like a bombshell in a letter to m.p.'s boris johnson explained that he wanted to suspend parliament until just 2 weeks before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. that severely limits the time opponents would need to try to stop regs it johnson denies it's a clever move to silence them there will be ample time on both sides of that crucial october 17th summit ample time in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the e.u. debate british and all the other issues and put up at a mockery to the is of the opposition parties only yesterday they had agreed to quickly put a bill before parliament designed to hinder a no deal breaks it now time is running away from them the speaker of the house of commons dubbed the lengthy suspension of parliament a constitutional outrage the leader of britain's main opposition party jeremy corbyn also condemned the move suspending parliament is not acceptable it's not on
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the premises doing is a sort of smash and grab on our democracy nor as a force through you know direction from the european union what is so afraid of that is suspend parliament to prevent parliament discussing these matters you know and there was fierce criticism from scotland to know what democracy is dictatorship and if m.p.'s do find a way of coming together next week to stop boris johnson in his tracks then today will go down in history as the any semblance of u.k. democracy. the queen has approved johnson's request to suspend parliament the opposition figures have now asked to meet with her putting the politically neutral monarch at risk of being dragged into the dispute. let's cross over to london now and get the latest from our correspondent there bigot mask good morning bear gets the opposition clearly outraged by this decision to suspend parliament but what are the british people make of this.
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you have mentioned the petition really within hours over a 1000000 signatures to stop the pro geisha of parliament demonstrations i was there last night i would say thousands of people and yes there was a sense of this is happening without our consent they were chanting stop the killing of course there are others there are others here might not approve of the means but they want is he breaks it seems true so they approve of the end and they say well if this is what it takes the parliamentarians they are the ones that hot and well undemocratic so they should really it's really not not a bad thing to you to throw parliament if this is what it takes to see britt's interest there's a lot of confusion about what this move actually means suspending parliament do we know what it means for the brakes a process. well what it means it's not just
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a boy's problem johnson has put a lot of pressure here on his opponents in the u.k. but also on the european union he has sent a signal that he really does mean business and what he wants it she wants to have some concessions he wants to have some changes to the withdrawal agreement and this is for this reason may has not succeeded in but 1st johnson is to time and to put pressure he says we are leaving at the end of october do or die that's what he said and now he's signaling well if you want to have a deal with us you better be give me something i'm ruthless i'm going to see bricks a tree say this interest him of course closer to 2000000 brits it because it's a high risk strategy might not play it might not be something and that with everything is done here in ukraine it's very difficult for him to get out of this corner he we will have to be at the end of october whatever happens the british
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opposition parties are outraged even backbenchers and boris johnson's own party are upset about his move to suspend parliament as you say a 1000000 signatures now are collected against it just virtually overnight can these people who are opposed to suspending parliament do anything to reverse it. first johnson's move has been very effective in just containing that and soon basically for legislation in column and to be seen through and after the trying time is virtually impossible it's very very different not impossible but it's very very difficult say for them to come together in the last months has been an enormous toss the house really found at home and away the opposition is a disparate group that not really united now we have seen moves this week for the empty seat to be more united to be would be tough. having said something in the way
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of bars john said but they have very little time to do that to say most likely keep you in motion and faces no confidence against prime minister also opposition m.p.'s against a run of conservative m.p. sorry vote against their own government say if that succeeds most likely see new connections to get thank you very much must there in london. in italy there's been a breakthrough in attempts to form a new government the anti establishment 5 star movement and the central left democratic party have agreed on a deal to form a coalition government which includes reappointing decepticon to his prime minister for this coalition sidelines mateo's vini the popular far right leader who sparked the current political crisis in a bid to take the premiership for him self but will the new government be any more stable than the one it replaces. after talks with the italian president this
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evening both the 5 star movement and the social democrats made clear an announcement one wants to stay in power the others still want to be involved. today we inform the president of the republic that the 5 star movement and the democratic party will reach a political agreement which is that the content will remain prime minister and try to form a lasting government. it's time to form a government that will move in a new direction no more business as usual it should be the beginning of a new political and social am right in italy. there's no lack of similarity between the 5 star movement and the social democrats when it comes to social economic and financial policy but the ability to work together has been repeatedly scuppered because of reluctant key players in italy's volatile political scene the conflict swirled around personalities even after the
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collapse of the previous government since the nonpartizan prime minister conti is close to the 5 star movement he will remain in office. francesco a journalist for the news agency has been following the story all along and joins us now from rome so francesco italy will keep its prime minister it seems but the governing 5 star movement is getting a new coalition partner so what changes can we expect in terms of policy. you're right i mean that it had remained the same while de lakes i'm one of the 2 lakes is going to change that what changes some in them i'm quite sure a lot there's going to be more social policies and more attention for more then i mean for a lot of classes and for the who are a part of the country which have been striving so fuck it which is of course a cause of the fact that a true force was shot basically from this who knew the metaphor will center
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leftists best active i'm now going to get in to form a government of course there are plenty of the old ends where the democratic party and the feist that movements we've got to find an agreement i mean that just think about this a railway the fox railway which is going to connect to rain and early on in france just to give an example but not all the days that so many issues awaits the 2 forces of being fighting got the guts and dogs in the bus one in the house here it's not going to fight in the not going to be easy to find an agreement with you that you have them but i'm sure that it would love to find a balance if they want to carry on and then to that is that your to jump to the national finish of the term where does this leave material being pulled his far right league party out of the government in the hope of becoming prime minister himself. well somebody made the banks it almost now he's in your position
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the announced a few years strong how that hoof less opposition to the. governing coalition and we ought to see whether he's going to be able to count the lights on himself the support of the rest of the center right we're talking 1st of all about siegel but i'm sure many would appear kind of redundant i think really not i'm sure they're going to presidential palace yesterday when the obvious talk with president not that a lot and yesterday we have to see whether it is going to be able to colt they i think some of the fact that he down in the a which is a kind of soberness the and populist unseat which used to be part of the extreme right which is now trying to impose itself within you but so they're real but for most of the money he's really managed unite to send to run it all without you just sound bite self we will find it in the next few weeks and cesco been going on with the news agency there in rome thank you very much. now to
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some of the other stories making headlines around the world today hurricane dorian has calls damage and flooding in the u.s. virgin islands but skirted past puerto rico forecasters warn it could grow to a category 3 storm as it moves toward the united states florida has declared a state of emergency with doria on track to hit the u.s. coast at the weekend. the menace film festival has kicked off with a film starring french actors catherine to nurse juliette binoche the truth is a family drama directed by japan's. korea and this year's festival is facing criticism for a lack of women directors and the inclusion of a film by convicted rapist roman polanski a. swedish climate activist gratitude bag arrived in new york on wednesday after a 2 week voyage across the atlantic ocean she's in new york to speak at next month's u.n.
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climate summit 2 in back had refused to travel by plane to avoid carbon emissions the young activists was greeted upon arrival by hundreds of supporters but she still less known in the u.s. than she is in europe. for the 1st time in 2 weeks solid ground under her feet swedish climate activist gratitude arrives on american soil after crossing the atlantic on this yacht she sailed 15 days to deliver a personal message to americans. the climate an ecological crisis is a global crisis is the biggest crisis your mother she is the face and if we don't manage to work together to cooperate and to georgia get there despite our differences there we will fail so we need to. to stand together and support each other. and to take action. $106.00 shown up to show to
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support to the 16 year old activist tim burke is known for the tireless companding turn those people are on to world to what she calls the climate crisis in the us she will attend the un climate summit in september i'm sure in climate strikes that are inspired by her own school strikes in sweden. with her own activism she has inspired thousands and thousands of young people and you know the un is listening to their voice says they will be involved and the climate summit and that we welcome that will put arms she is such a brave person as she has been in the ocean 1st 15 days. you know i don't know if her critics could be in the ocean for 15 days. to a new birth and choice less pain in the united states in europe her rival in the us was mostly noticed by international media the american public now has the chance to
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get familiar with the correct phenomenon. just days ahead of us president donald trump's next trip to europe senior u.s. officials have renewed threats to pull u.s. troops out of germany if berlin fails to boost its defense spending in june trump suggested moving the more than $30000.00 soldiers stationed here to poland what it really be that easy for the u.s. military to leave after decades of military presence here a reporter probably in front of mark went to ramstein the biggest u.s. base in germany the biggest one in europe for most locals want the americans to stay. a key american outpost in southwestern germany. stine air base the biggest u.s. air force base abroad. just what takes place there
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is kept secret even 70 years after the base was founded. it is impossible to get any closer to the airbase the enteric compound is a high security zone and we certainly weren't allowed to enter the base itself with a camera team instead the u.s. military gave us some of their own video footage from inside. the u.s. military shows how munitions and weapons are stored supplies for fighters in syria mali or afghanistan. paratroopers practice jumping fighter pilots set off from here on their missions to africa asia and the middle east. defending germany only plays a smaller role according to this expert on the us this is not true. of course as a bit of protection but at the same time history teaching importance of ramstein
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for u.s. foreign policy and security policy not be underestimated. and it's not just the air base the biggest american military hospital outside continental united states is also nearby doctors and health care workers train here for emergencies and for working in a war zone wounded soldiers are brought here from all over the world. soon they will be relocating not to poland but closer to the airfield. a new hospital costing around a $1000000000.00 will be billed more modern and better equipped forest at the edge of the air base has already been cleared. the mayor of the large investment alone means there will be no move. you never know what will get used or not but i can't see it happening. the u.s.
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has also invested a lot in modern warfare in recent years the air and space operations center is located at the airbase it's one of the u.s. military. it is now an open secret that i'm stan plays a central role in the u.s. drone strikes important information on targets are relayed to the u.s. via out on stein. opponents of the base are unhappy about preparations for war are being made in germany for them a u.s. withdrawal would be a reason to celebrate. but most people disagree. germans and americans have grown together over the decades as seen at the german american friendship fest. among the guests of form and active members of the military who don't believe the air base where the relocate it is a central point in europe for the whole american forces and not only europe africa
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middle east everything is centered around ramstein and that's why this place is going to stay here we don't need to leave menace we're having a good time over here. look carefully at the air base more than a 1000 buildings many of them underground know the place for that reason they can't move it all to poland. the trumpet ministrations threats to relocate for something people in the time cannot imagine will ever happen. the joint location is too important for both americans and germans. let's bring in our political correspondent simon young morning simon so we saw there folks in ramstein number of analysts saying they don't believe that the u.s. is going to really pull out its troops from germany any time soon but what about the political establishment here in berlin are they taking trump's threats seriously well i don't think politicians are on julie concerned they point out as we saw in that piece the there's a huge u.s.
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military infrastructure already in place on the ground in germany and on top of that hundreds of millions of dollars. have been assigned for infrastructure for building projects and so on and by the way germany itself also spends hundreds of millions for the u.s. troops so i think people say well you know this is donald trump these kind of this kind of talk about a potential pull out the repositioning of u.s. military in europe has been going on. but decades but they also point out that it's about the security not just of europe but of the defense of the united states as well is secured by u.s. military operations in germany so i think angle a miracle the chance those not expecting major changes of any kind of thing we can have a listen to her reaction. i'm believe that the german bases
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are in good location with an include ing for the american soldiers a lot has been invested here and in that respect we will of course continue to welcome these american soldiers here as partners. there are good reasons to have these bases in germany. at the same time we know that we must strive to improve the condition of our german armed forces. we must strive to improve the condition of germany's armed forces we've been hearing that for a long time from german government officials is there any evidence that germany is actually doing that in any serious way well i think is a slightly different point is being referred to there because i've been problems within the german military about equipment about planes that fly tanks that can even having trouble getting hold of boots for the soldiers the west so there are
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problems there the new defense minister says that she's going to get a grip on that she's talking about increasing spending in fact german military spending has been edging up close to that to 2 percent go of g.d.p. the donald trump talks about a lot is in fact it's a nato gate but at the moment germany is still only 1.36 percent of g.d.p. so there's some way to go in terms of germany's military posture generally you know has been involved in international operations in recent years in afghanistan and you know syria and iraq as part of the international coalition alongside the united states as a changing germany's posture and should be him pleasing to don't trump i would have thought now donald trump is famous for infamous will say for making rash decisions how viable would it be for him to decide to just pull u.s. military infrastructure troop presence out of germ. the and shift everything to
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public what i think it would be easier told us $35000.00 u.s. servicemen here of another $30000.00 civilian military workers plus their families you know many of the most recent reports seem happy to spend part of their lives in germany some even you know buy property and stay off they've left the military so you know the ongoing investments are huge and you just don't have this kind of infrastructure available in poland the other point is that there is an agreement between nato and russia says that nato won't put permanently stationed troops on russia's borders that's why the for now 1000 u.s. servicemen who are in poland have to be rotated out for all that's on so the idea of a permanent presence anything like what you've got in germany in poland is pie in the sky and i think it's donald trump putting pressure on germany and russia to big nations he says well you know i'm pressuring big nations i look big. our political
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correspondent thank you so much for eons ites thing. a german footballing legend could be set to leave the game firebrand by in munich president lee harness is due to make an announcement regarding his future at the club later today he is rumored to be stepping down despite only returning to his post after serving jail time for tax evasion 3 years ago reports say violence lack of competitiveness in europe could be one reason for his expected decision. to the u.s. open tennis now and german domenic has reached the 3rd round in his 1st appearance at the tournament roger federer and novak djokovic it's went also went through on the women's side serina williams needed 3 sets to get past fellow american katie mcnally in the 2nd round well you lost the 1st set some time but finished strongly winning the next 26361. car jumping is
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a thrill seeking sport with high risk and little reward competitors did their best to defy gravity of the 2019 british summer championships risking their lives on every jump thankfully no one was hurt and fleas don't try this at home. seatbelts and safety gear for these drivers were a must as they went full hollywood stunt man. despite the clear and present danger drivers love the feeling it gave them. and wanted more. if. not every driver near the cars. and some attempts looked potentially painful. but luckily no major injuries were reported.
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in his battered black car was crap champion of the contest with the best light their distances. yeah yeah no as far as last time but you know i'm stating. the pride of winning the events surely outweighed the prize only about $55.00 euro swim to the winner but rather. to get a victory lap. just remind of the top stories we're following for you here today on day to be a news in the u.k. protesters own ranks of prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks ahead of the regs a deadline to denounce it as undemocratic more than a 1000000 people have already signed a petition rejecting the. middle east and the establishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party have agreed to form
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a new government putting rivalry aside. the 2 parties are joining forces to block an election that could have seen popular far right leaders much also getting elected as fucking stupid law. they're watching you know the news from berlin it's more like the jails will be here next with all this business stuff.
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the flaming going to. come. to. europe. look unites. what divides us. the money the books the driving force. what binds the content to our good answers and stories a plan to move. the spotlight on. 60
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minutes d.w. . s.o.s. europe. is in crisis. the future will be champions young champions. meeting bottom is what i'd best spots to be a no for a long time i took pieces of the things we valued about europe for granted that now i sense this need be something that we don't people in particular need to fight like a woman. comes to. me for activists from for a new country. your vision for the dream of a united church of. the can lay siege to european ideas. most communities and stand up
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to not have a fantasy and contribute to something important to note should come up see in. the future as europe starts september 2nd on d w. what's next in the us china trade war saga asian stock markets life as investors are losing confidence in a swift solution to the conflict prompting talk of 8 looming global recession. and british the british pound is also under pressure as london seems hell bent on delivering bricks. but come to business i want to get the to have you with us starting with the u.s. china trade wall which is done.


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