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this is d.w. news live from brooklyn a green light for italy's new governing coalition prime minister to set the country gets a mandate to form a new government made up of the 5 star movement and the democratic party he says he hopes to lead the country out of the political instability as soon as possible but how stable will his government be also coming out and approached the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson suspends parliament ahead of the brics a deadline for majors and leaders who don't want to see in the deal breaks that are outraged more than a 1000000 people have already signed
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a petition against the suspension. cost the world's oldest film festival gets under way in fact quite a controversy over gender equality threatens to steal the spotlight we'll tell you what. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us italy's president has given prime minister conti a mandate to form a new government country said the government would need to start right away on a budget for next year and would work to modernize italy to make it more competitive countries mandate follows a series of political twists and turns after the country's far right to deputy prime minister called his party out of the governing coalition 2 former rivals the anti establishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party this week agreed to join forces to avoid a new election. and journalist seem
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a go to is standing by in rome with the latest high c m a good to see you so it looks like a green light for this new coalition but what hurdles does it still have to overcome. yes there are quite a few and as you mention these ones bitter rivals are now agreeing to work together so some of the sticking points the 1st off is the role of luigi the maya not he's the head of the 5 star but and the deputy prime minister in the previous administration the current one a fact now what will his new role be in this new our alliance this new government that's been created that's one of the issues the issue of course is also this plan of it online not the 5 star but as always called on its rank and file members to participate online in the fault or to improve its policies or will they be doing the same kind of vote for others to establish an agreement on this new alliance as
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well as on what program they're going to be putting forward that is something the democratic party is unlikely to agree to and then of course agreement on what kind of program that didn't work for what the democratic party no new party pro-business party and then you have the 5 star movement that is quite euro skeptic and also suspicious of business well let's see what kind of program they put together but for the moment we do see that the markets are reacting positively to this proposal of the new alliance and so for that they see this as probably a more pro european a government as compared to the previous administration similar what about a tellings what are they saying about this new government and its prospects going forward. i think so many italians that was the team going back to the polls and going back to the election and so they were not very happy with the decision for taken by but he did that he took the party to pull his support for the for the
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coalition that said though they want to see a government that comes to this and put in place a program that will help ordinary italians make ends meet so to speak at the end of the day they're concerned about rising taxes but the prime minister saying today that there may be any crease but it will be a cross a border for all italians and it will be such a high increase so they'll be looking to see what will come out particularly on this issue of the budget for 2020 you mentioned matteo salvini the former interior minister he's predicting a short life span for this new government here's what he set. them in picking up i would of those who are afraid of elections can run away for a month or 6 months or a year but not forever. because of the only thing that's uniting them right now is the hate they have a pretty a league. load your may go to the leader so many they're still hoping for fresh elections have he and his li party seen any drop in support over this
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political crisis. i think there was some just a drop for him in particular for making this decision to pool the support and create this situation of instability but now he's rule if this new government is really put together his role in parliament will be as opposition and in that statement that he made he clearly is it blind he doesn't expect it to last and that's the question everyone is wondering of course how long will this new government last we saw the previous coalition when it came together people will say well maybe this time at least they're united in the populist ideas and perhaps it will last the full mandate but now we see the plug pulled after just 14 months so the question still remains as to whether this new government once we finally see the shape of the program put forward how long. is to salvini is hoping not very long and hoping for fresh elections where he says at least it will be a government in invited by the will of the people as opposed to what he refers to
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as a unnatural at the station journalist seem a good thing in rome thank you for your analysis there is widespread outrage in the u.k. after prime minister boris johnson surprise move to suspend parliament it will close for 5 weeks in september and october and reopen only 2 weeks before the u.k. is due to leave the european union johnson says he needs the pause to work on his domestic agenda but opponents say it is an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate over bragg said and more than a 1000000 people have already signed an online petition against it. rest in peace british democracy boris johnson is grave digger the message from bracks that opponents in front of downing street it's clear they're outraged that johnson has suspended parliament at such a critical time. he knows that it is not the will of the people or parliament to have a new deal breaker and that is why he's trying to sneak it through by suspending
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bob and other democratic outrage our elected m.p.'s should be able to stop him and he's using most of on democratic way forward hours after johnson's decision was announced it was a done deal and black and white approved by the crown it means that on october 14th the queen will read out the new government's program in parliament before that parliament will be suspended no new law can be passed here for nearly 5 weeks boris johnson says that it has nothing to do with bracks it would bring forward a new list of program across all hospitals and making sure that we have the education funding that we need and there will be ample toy both saw it so that crucial october the 17th so it taught in parliament the m.p.'s to debate the e.u. debate breaks it and all the other issues up to the queen's speech as a formality normally held at the start of each legislative session parliament is
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traditionally suspended before the speech but due to the bracks a dispute it has been an exceptionally long time since the last queen's speech and june of 2017 is this year's speech and suspension normal and necessary constitutional expert catherine head and doesn't think so. it's certainly not business as usual is a political act very clearly if you just want to and one session and starts another you can do it much quicker you don't need a 4 week break so in that sense it's going to be seen by everyone as a sort of naked political move and if the government didn't want it to be seen that way they could come and talk to get to parliament about how to do it differently politicians who want to prevent of no deal back said are calling the move a crime against the constitution and an attack on democracy so when parliament does meet on his timetable very briefly next week the 1st thing we'll do is attempt
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legislation to prevent what he's doing and secondly to challenge him most of conference at some point discomfort is also growing among opponents of a no deal bracks it in johnson's conservative party a number of my colleagues would prefer to wait until the 30 days that the prime minister has talked about. and move in late september that will now not be possible will a suspension of parliament encourage the no deal opponents in westminster to take quick and unified action or will their hands be tied protesters marching through westminster want them to act the pranks a dispute seems to have no end in sight. let's get the latest from london now did abuse correspondent mark of math standing by for us hybrid we've seen such an outpouring of outrage over this decision what has the fall out been. it's really like an explosion sumi i mean he's caused absolute outrage like you
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said and the question is whether he will have succeeded. just uniting his enemies. had the really moderate conservative m.p. the former chancellor and there are others who really have never thought that they might be. a highly critical of. the prime minister and the question is will they unite behind an opposition leader will they vote maybe in a vote of confidence against their own government next week so this is what we have to have an eye on then of course there are. jacob riis for example he's the leader of the house of commons he's somebody who with boris johnson has led to leave campaign leaving you and he says well you know it's not really such a big deal it's more or less business as usual and colleagues. with the very latest from london for us thank you. we just heard they're talking
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about a statement he says the ball is now in europe's court let's listen to what he says . it will be. reasonable whether it's going to insist on which we believe. are let's get the perspective from brussels now our correspondent there in record is following the story for us from bear hidebound so we heard there possibly talking about opening up negotiations on breaks and again it is that something the european union is even willing to entertain. as far as we know the simple answer is no no because both johnson and the commission president on the phone just on tuesday night 20 minutes and they couldn't agree on anything johnson insisted that the back stop the solution for the irish border should be scrapped altogether from the world leaders and what you guys had no be all waiting
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for some book a book about proposals by the bush government which have not arrived yet so the game of chicken is still on and the appetite of the other 257 member states to rigo shade and to open up the bills to all agreement is very little and it would not be higher after the drama which is unfolding in london right now so what does that mean ben that brussels is really preparing now for a no deal break that process is preparing for know the exit infect already for a couple of months there a couple of agreements in place already to keep fled planes flying and to keep drugs rolling off the breaks it but these agreements only valid for a couple of months and they have still to be signed also by the u.k. government there will be disruptions in traffic and also in the supply change that's clear but brussels is now ready and willing to do that french diplomats
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always tell us here in the us that we are prepared and the united kingdom to be hit much harder than the european union will be hit by this and still is what will happen after break that is also a question with a b. no go she ations about a free trade agreement with the u.k. very unlikely because both zones and does not want to pay his divorce and bust it says very clearly and loudly no money no talks all right ban regard for us there in brussels thank you dan. let's get a round of now some other stories making news around the world indonesian authorities are investigating an alleged racist incident that triggered a week of protests in the country's pup were province on wednesday a soldier and 2 protesters were killed in resulting clashes the controversy surrounds allegations that police hurled racist insults at students for allegedly desecrating the indonesian flag. south korea supreme court has ordered
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a retrial for disgraced ex president. park was sentenced to 25 years in prison on charges of bribery extortion and abuse of power after being removed from office in 2017 the latest ruling could result in an even lengthier sentence. a former leader of the demilitarized car rebel group in colombia says he will once again take up arms against the government the militant leader known as even marcus accuse the colombian government of violating a peace treaty signed with fark in 2016 which ended decades of civil war. and the many separatist forces have regained control of the city of aden the war torn country the interim capital separatists pushed out government troops who had attempted to take back the city both sides are also fighting against an insurgency of iran backed coup the rebels. swedish climate activist gratitude arrived in new york on wednesday after
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a 2 week across the atlantic ocean she is in new york to speak at the at next month's un climate summit to birkhead refused to travel by plane to avoid carbon emissions young activist was greeted upon her arrival by hundreds of supporters but still less known in the u.s. than in europe. and the frequently on her feet they talked to him back stepped off a yacht to new york harbor to choose from with crowned. she sailed across the atlantic for 2 weeks to deliver a personal message to a matter. hence. the climate an ecological crisis is a global crisis the biggest crisis you but he is the face and if we don't manage to work together to cooperate and to georgia get there despite our differences there we will fail so we need to. stand together and support each other.
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and to take action. hundreds of people turned up to show their support for the 16 year old climatologist. to back is the leading figure of the climate process known as the fridays for future movement she sailed to the u.s. to attend the un climate action summit in september while bash also plans to join climate protests and made activists with her own activism she has inspired thousands and thousands of young people and you know the un is listening to their voice says they will be involved in the climate summit and we welcome that will put arms she is. such a brave person she has been in the ocean for 15 days. you know i don't know if her critics could be in the ocean for 15 days. too but has become an icon of the climate movement in europe in the u.s.
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she's not as well known yet. but the american public will now get a chance to get familiar with the gretta phenomenon. the world's oldest film festival has kicked off in venice with a screening of the truth it's a family drama with true strong female characters played by french actress catherine deneuve and julia you know but despite that star female talent the festival is facing criticism of gender bias over a lack of women director. it once again it's time to see and be seen actors and directors bring their newest films to the oldest film festival in the world it's no secret here if you win a golden lion on the venice lido you've got a good chance of winning an oscar. your critic i believe that this year to a film that's run here in venice will be awarded to moscow by the academy and
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hollywood. the be in l.a. opened with the film love very take the truth by hirokazu korea and with cutting to nerve and surely i've been on the 2 women play a mother and daughter plays a great actress who has just penned her autobiography but the daughter finds the truth revealed in the memoir upsetting which strains the relationship. as you know . the mother is famous for making up stories when she says interview questions because imagination is more important to her than this truth or reality is something inside her that lives with fiction. critics say that not enough female directors are taking part in the competition but the festival director has so far refused to set a quota. china is preparing to launch its social credit system a massive surveillance system that will score every residence
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a adherence to social norms everything from proper trash disposal to crossing the street on a green light but it's not just individuals will be evaluated both foreign and domestic companies will be required to install surveillance cameras in their on their premises and share the data with the government and they will also be rated on their tax records and compliance a system that has many firms spooked. a traffic light with facial recognition cross on red face of public shaming and lose social credit points in some chinese cities it's already a reality even those who sort their trash incorrectly have to reckon with point deductions in some places as well as the penalties for low scores like losing the right to ride the fast train the point system is scheduled for full implementation across china by the end of 2020 and it will also affect businesses the new system will monitor whether business is it here to customs regulations pay taxes pay off
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loans or follow environmental regulations those who flout the rules face point deductions experts warn that firms with bad scores could be hit with sanctions or even lose their licenses. it's a completely new system unique around the world everything relating to the company exists in a single system which produces a single score we fundamentally support this system it's a positive thing to clean up things in china but there are uncertainties and one of them is that it's difficult to see how the scores calculated. it's a system that still remains opaque to most businesses according to the german chamber of commerce 7 out of 10 german firms don't know what the new social credit system will mean for them. sports now and a german football legend could be set to leave the game byron munich president is due to make an announcement regarding his future at the club later today he is
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rumored to be stepping down despite only returning to his post 3 years ago after serving jail time for tax evasion now we're ports say a dispute with the chief executive over who should coach the team is one reason for his expected departure. american daredevil jesse combs has died the racecar driver and television host was killed while attempting to set a new land speed record in the u.s. state of oregon the 39 year old crashed as she was a racing across the dry lake bed she was attempting to beat the 512 mile per hour women's record combs dreamed of becoming the fastest woman on earth and has been pursuing that goal since 2012 she was called and amazing spirit by those close to her formula one has announced its draft calendar for 2020 and as expected germany will not have
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a race financial difficulties mean hockenheim has had to drop out and may never return from one is pushing into new markets and will hold an inaugural vietnamese ground pre next year as part of a record $22.00 grace calendar. to the u.s. open now and roger federer and novak djokovic chav made it to the 3rd round german dominic also went through in his 1st appearance at the tournament on the women's side serena williams needed 3 sets to get past fellow american katie mcnally in the 2nd round williams lost the 1st set 75 but finished strong winning the next 26361. now to a sport that's taking kenya by storm skateboarding is a role is relatively new to the country but it's picking up in popularity fast and with the sport debuting at the olympics next year some in nairobi are already
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dreaming big as melanie cord of all found out at the biggest skate park in the capital. one say. skating helps me to be strong when i'm on my skateboard i feel free when i'm even on the board especially when i'm dropping into the ball and i come out i feel sort of good enough. whenever 16 year old william gets a chance she trains at the shanty s.-k. park she grew up here just a few meters away at the chandelier children's home in nairobi where more than 100 children in need are provided with a shelter regular meals and free schooling but the best part of course so the children say is that skate park. i'm scared to death i like getting the clothes out must get.
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the park opened in 2014 and it's not only east africa spassky but also it's largest . this represents much more than a school to solidity and a space for leisure this is where the children of sangli have to build that self-esteem and well on the weekends they welcomed children of all backgrounds from across nairobi to help and learn from each other help fund training together and most importantly to build long lasting friendships. for the children poppy self-confidence they've been able to express themselves they have been able to pool socialize with people from outside but the children from outside come or children one thing for them all. and also for people to help them both to open up and appreciate. us one he says that when she looks at the children skating she sees their troubled past full of neglect and abandonment fade away she sees
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kenya's bright future. is up in the clinical international dream of going to international competitions or to the olympics and also introducing other women to skating showing them that they shouldn't be afraid of skating because nothing is impossible you just have to be fearless and have enough confidence confident enough . there she becomes. not to make a living with skateboarding one day when she does she wants to build a home for underprivileged children and that dream house etc to be a state park to. all right a volcano has erupted on the italian island of stromboli off the coast of sicily for the 2nd time and recent months a cell phone videos captured the dramatic plume as a cover of the popular tourist island in ash the explosion did not cause any
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significant damage to property and no injuries have been reported but travel to stromboli was temporarily restricted as a precaution. let's get a recap now of our top stories here on d.w. italy's president has given the prime minister just 70 kaante a mandate to form a new government that's after 2 former rivals the anti stablished and firestar movement in the center left democratic party agreed to join forces to block the power grab by the far right leader matteo selfie. in the u.k. protesters are outraged at prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks i had the budget deadline as on democratic more than a 1000000 people have already signed a petition denouncing the move. coming up next conflict
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so tim sebastian sits down with the deputy secretary general of nato rose gottemoeller and there's more news at the top top of the hour please stay with us.
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in the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the most of them security organization nato has just tried its 70th birthday but it wasn't a happy was my guest this week here at nato headquarters is rose got so mux b. organizations deputy secretary general kofi now acknowledge the great show 1st
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serious splits in its unity conflict so for. europe. what unites. what defines. the motherland looks trojan horse. what binds the content together the fences and stories aplenty going to. spotlight on people. going to 60 minutes on d w. o. o. o. quiet melanie resounds mine the light of the moon. ready and in small
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repeat resonate when it's. the mind and the music. talking 1st wand 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. much cannon. you never stand up for your what of course we stand up for europe just seem to live in a kind of the universe you know i don't know what's not and simply please the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just had its 70th birthday but it wasn't a happy one constant carving by donald trump about defense spending has caused it's a resentment here in europe my guess this week here at nato headquarters is rose got some of.


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