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below. this is g.w. newsline from berlin a green light for italy's new governing coalition prime minister to set the country gets a mandate to form a new government made up of the 5 star movement and the democratic party he says he hopes to leave the country out of its political instability as soon as possible but how stable will his government be also coming up anger across the u.k. as prime minister boris johnson suspends parliament to head up the briggs's deadline remainders and leavers who don't want to see a no deal break they are outraged more than a 1000000 people have already signed
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a petition against the suspension. as protests in indonesia the top who are robyn's turned deadly the government says it is prepared to investigate reports of a racist attack believed to be the cause of beyond. plus the world's oldest film festival gets underway in venice french actors catherine deneuve and through this inertia graced the red carpet as their film to the troops kicked off the competition for the golden mosque. and sumi so much going to thank you for joining us italy's president has given prime minister drew seppi kaante a mandate to form a new government country said the government would need to start right away on a budget for next year and would work to modernize italy to make it more competitive countries mandate follows a series of political twists. in turn after the country's far right deputy prime
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minister pulled his party out of the governing coalition 2 former rivals be anti-establishment a 5 star movement and the center left democratic party this week agreed to join forces to avoid a new election. and journalist standing by in rome with the latest good to see you so it looks like a green light for this new coalition but what hurdles does it still have to overcome. yes there are quite a few and as you mention these ones bitter rivals and now agreeing to work together so some of the sticking points the 1st off is the rule of law announced he's the head of the 5 star when and the deputy prime minister in the previous administration the current one fact now what will his new role be in this new alliance this new government that's been created that's one of the issues the issue of course is also this plan of it online not the 5 star but it is always called on
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its rank and file members to participate online in the fault to it who it's the policies so will they be doing the same kind of vote for others to establish an agreement on this new alliance as well as on what program they're going to be putting forward that is something the democratic party is unlikely to agree to and then of course agreement on what kind of program that didn't work for what the democratic party up with no new party pro-business party and then you have the 5 star movement that is quite euro skeptic and also suspicious of business well let's see what kind of program they put together but for the moment we do see that the markets are reacting positively to this proposal of the new alliance and so for that they see this as probably a more pro european a government as compared to the previous administration similar what about italians what are they saying about this new government and its prospects going forward. i think so many talents there was the tedious 5 going back to the polls going back to
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the election and so they were not very happy with the decision for taken by but you need to delete the details to pull the support for the for the coalition that's it though they want to see a government that comes to this and put in place a program that will help or. make ends meet so to speak at the end of the day they're concerned about rising taxes but the prime minister saying today that there may be any increase but it will be a cross of gold for all italians and it won't be such a high increase so they'll be looking to see what will come out particularly on this issue of the budgets of 2020 you mentioned matteo so they need a former interior minister he's predicting a short life span for this new government here's what he set. them in picking up i would have those who are afraid of elections can run away for a month or 6 months or a year but not forever. only thing that's uniting them right now is
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the hate they have a pretty a league. load your. so many they're still hoping for fresh elections have he and his leap party seen any drop in support over this political crisis. i think there was some just a drop for him and the to kill a full making this decision to pool the support and create this situation of instability but now he's rule if this new government is really put together his role in parliament will be as opposition and in that statement that he made he clearly is it blind he doesn't expect it to last and that's the question everyone is wondering of course how long will this new government last we saw the previous coalition when it came together people will say well maybe this time at least they're united in the populist ideas and perhaps it will last the full band but now we see the plug pulled after just 14 months so the question still remains as to whether this new government once we finally see the shape of the program put
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forward how long. is to salvini s.o.b not very long and hoping for fresh elections where he says at least it will be a government in invited by the will of the people as opposed to what he refers to as a a natural at the station journalist seem a good thing in rome thank you for your analysis there is widespread outrage in the u.k. after prime minister boris johnson surprise move to suspend parliament it will close for 5 weeks in september and october and reopen only 2 weeks before the u.k. is due to leave the european union johnson says he needs a pause to work on his domestic agenda but opponents say it's an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate over brags that and more than a 1000000 people have already signed an online petition against it rest in peace british democracy boris johnson as grave digger the message from bracks that
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opponents in front of downing street it's clear they're outraged that johnson has suspended parliament at such a critical time. he knows that is not the will of the people or parliament or how the new deal profit and that is why he's trying to sneak it free by suspending part and that's democratic outrage our elected m.p.'s should be able to stop him and he's using mercy on democratic way forward hours after johnson's decision was announced it was a done deal and black and white approved by the crown it means that on october 14th the queen will read out the new government's program in parliament before that parliament will be suspended no new law can be passed here for nearly 5 weeks boris johnson says that it has nothing to do with bracks it will bring forward a new list of program across all hospitals and making sure that we have the education funding that we need and there will be ample toy on both sides of that crucial october the 17th summit taught in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the
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e.u. debate breaks it and all the other issues up until the queen's speech is a formality normally held at the start of each legislative session parliament is traditionally suspended before the speech but due to the bracks a dispute it has been an exceptionally long time since the last queen's speech and june of 2017 is this year's speech and suspension normal and necessary constitutional expert catherine had and doesn't think so. it's certainly not business as usual is a political act very clearly if you just want to and one session and starts another you can do it much quicker you don't need a full week break so in that sense it's going to be seen by everyone as a sort of make a political move and if the government didn't want it to be seen that way they could come and talk to get to parliament about how to do it differently politicians who want to prevent and no deal brax it are calling the move
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a crime against the constitution and an attack on democracy so when parliament does meet on his timetable very briefly next week the 1st thing we'll do is attempt legislation to prevent what he's doing and secondly to challenge him most of conference at some point discomfort is also growing among opponents of a no deal bracks it and johnson's conservative party a number of my colleagues would prefer to wait until the 30 days that the prime minister has talked about. and move in late september that will now not be possible will the suspension of parliament encourage the no deal opponents in westminster to take quick and unified action or will their hands be tied protesters marching through westminster want them to act the bracks a dispute seems to have no end in sight let's get the latest from london now due to abuse correspondent very good math standing by for us hi berkut we've seen such an
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outpouring of outrage over this decision what has the fall out been. it's really like an explosion sumi i mean he's caused absolute outrage like you said and the question is whether he will have succeeded. just uniting his enemies and use the really moderate conservative m.p. the former. and there are others who really have never thought that they might be rivals they're highly critical of. the prime minister and the question is will they unite behind an opposition leader will they vote maybe in a vote of confidence against their own government next week so this is what we have to have an eye on then of course there are. jacob riis for example he's the leader of the house of commons he's somebody who with boris johnson has led the neve campaign leaving the view and he says well you know it's not really such
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a big deal it's more or less business as usual and colleagues to come. up with the very latest from london for us thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world a former leader of the demilitarized fark rebel group in colombia says he will once again take up arms against the government the militant leader known as accuse the colombian government of violating a peace treaty that was signed with park in 2016 which ended decades of civil war. many separatist forces have regained control of the city of aden the war torn countries the interim capital separatists pushed out government troops who had attempted to take back the city both sides are also fighting against an insurgency of iran backed who the rebels and south korea's supreme court has ordered a retrial for disgraced ex-president. was sentenced to 25 years in prison on
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charges of bribery extortion and abuse of power after being removed from office and 2017 the latest ruling could result in an even lengthier sentence. now police in indonesia say protesters have set fire to a government building in power. province the region has been rocked by protests for almost 2 weeks authorities now say they will investigate reports of a racist attack by security forces that's believed to be the cause of the un brest protesters in indonesia's easternmost province say police hurled racist abuse at them for allegedly desecrating an indonesian flag one soldier and 2 protesters have been confirmed dead in resulting clashes in papa which is an area that has long struggled for independence. well students from papua venting their anger on the streets of the indonesian capital. this time the protest remains peaceful. but the demonstrators demands are clear. they're calling for an end to
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what they say is racism by the indonesian security forces but. some also want to break away from indonesia a country they became part of 50 years ago after a disputed referendum. that remarkable week papuans students in indonesia won independence for popular that is our 1st demand. and secondly there was racism in the city by security personnel. the protests 1st started nearly 2 weeks ago after videos were circulated on the internet showing security forces calling papuans students monkeys and dogs. the rallies turned violent as protesters an indonesian troops faced off to try to stop the unrest the government shut down the internet the security forces and i are also investigating the allegations of racism. we already
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investigated several people and 7 people are under intensive investigation but we still have not declared which one is the suspect. but many of the demonstrators say this is not enough and are determined to continue to push for change and what they say is justice for their people. the situation in papa is escalating as we heard with a communications blackout earlier we spoke to. a human rights lawyer who is on the board of our ai see indonesia an organization helping asylum seekers with conflicting reports coming out of i asked her what she could tell us about the current situation. yes the situation is very messy. not only at the mistrust. but starting from yesterday the phone communication that s.m.s.
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and called services were also blocked and it's gradually getting more cities that are being blocked i mean the phone communication. speaking there's a riot in the capital. and the band morningstar reflect off west bob all of this is raised and it means that a crackdown might be imminent and. to go with regards to the shooting yesterday there's currently a total lockdown on the hospital where the injured party starts to our family has been complaining that they cannot get the death bodies out ok even visiting the woman it's ok that we've heard that the government says protesters here are provoking the violence what do you think how the indonesian government is dealing with the situation. i think the indonesian government approach to the. protests. in total
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state of denial the government being just trying to block the information out to bait the ones. in the pen and journalists aligning this just down the attempt to silence them. do not use from covering. protests in others and so i think that this is not going anyway. the process that's happened here and. this that today is the 11th day of the largest protest that they demand is an independence referendum and. ok phrenic a common human rights lawyer speaking to us about the situation in papa thank you very much. just days ahead of u.s. president donald trump's next trip to europe senior u.s. officials have renewed threats to pull u.s. troops out of germany if berlin fails to boost its defense spending in june
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a tramp suggested moving the more than $30000.00 soldiers stationed here to poland but would it really be that easy for the u.s. military to leave after decades of military presence here our reporter fabienne fundament went on stine the biggest u.s. base in germany where most locals want the americans to stay. a key american outpost in southwestern germany. ramstein air base the biggest u.s. air force base abroad. just what takes place there is kept secret even 70 years after the base was founded. it is impossible to get any closer to the air base the enteric compound is a high security zone and we certainly weren't allowed to enter the base itself with a camera team instead the u.s. military gave us some of their own video footage from inside. the
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u.s. military shows how munitions and weapons are stored supplies for fighters in syria mali or afghanistan. paratroopers practice jumping fighter pilots set off from here on their missions to africa asia and the middle east. defending germany only plays a small role according to this expert on the u.s. . this is not. of course is a bit of protection but at the same time his teaching importance of ramstein for u.s. foreign policy and security policy not be underestimated. and it's not just the air base the biggest american military hospital outside continental united states is also nearby doctors and health care workers trained here for emergencies and for working in a war zone wounded soldiers are brought here from all over the world. pretty.
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soon they will be relocating not to poland but closer to the field. a new hospital costing around a $1000000000.00 will be billed more modern and better equipped forest at the edge of the air base has already been cleared. the mayor of. the large investment alone means there will be no move. you never know what will get used or not but i can't see it happening. the u.s. has also invested a lot in modern warfare in recent years the air and space operations center is located at the airbase it's one of the u.s. military state. it is now an open secret that plays a central role in the u.s. drone strikes important information on targets are relayed to the us via.
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opponents of the base are unhappy about preparations for war are being made in germany for them a u.s. withdrawal would be a reason to celebrate. but most people in the i'm stunned disagree that. germans and americans have grown together over the decades as seen at the german american friendship fest. among the guests of form and active members of the military who don't believe the airbase will be relocated away implies a central point in europe for the whole american forces and not only europe africa middle east everything is centered around ramstein and that's why this place is going to stay here we don't need to leave menace we have a good time of year transition to government look carefully at the air base more than a 1000 buildings many of them underground i know the place for that reason they can't move it all to poland and. the trump administrations threats to relocate for
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something people cannot imagine will ever happen. the joint location is too important for both americans and germans. more on the story with our chief political editor michel is now here and our studio hi michelle what were the people there in that report in lunch time saying we don't think the americans are going to leave what about here in berlin does the government take donald trump's threat seriously to pull u.s. troops out well the government always takes the best trick even if it's only respect seriously but at the same time they come to the same conclusion as a very young group 45 in front of that base is simply too important and there's hundreds of millions of euros being spent on the investment there from the american side so the threshold to do something like that would be extremely high on the other hand it's times of donald trump and we've seen him change policy with the tweets. we have to say that some here in berlin especially also in the defense
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ministry do agree with donald trump that germany could be contributing more to defense when it comes to its contributions to nato so in a sense he does have a point there that yes germany is still a far cry from reaching 2 percent in defense spending and it could come out of the new defense minister conservative c.d.u. party to who also wants to become next when and if machall goes she made a point of asking for 1.5 percent which is a way the op and not from what is realistically on the cards here in the budget right now so we're seeing some more political weight also in germany added to that very demand from across the atlantic at the same time there's stiff resistance within the current coalition the social democrats and it's one major bone of contention also here internally but there are more bones of contention aren't there between donald trump and berlin at the moment not just the 2 percent spending it's how much time do we have one of them of course is the north stream to pipeline
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which would make europe. closely linked in particular germany independent of those eastern states as a direct pipeline to prosper for strategic reasons america is against the also because america wants to export its own liquefied gas to europe those in pellets have gone up after donald trump complained but there is a broad spectrum of disagreement also on free trade on the new ming trade war with china so there's a very very long list to go through and with the american ambassador here and by the never being so high of pressuring german businesses as he does on north stream and also making a lot of diplomatic noise on the very issue of defense there's a very uncertain future on how much more pressure there will be on this vital transatlantic relationship both sides still stressed that it is indeed that i told our chief political editor mr cooper thank you for that analysis. now the world's
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oldest film festival has opened in venice with a total of $21.00 films vying for the coveted golden line the line up includes plenty of hollywood heavyweights including brad pitt johnny depp and meryl streep but it was a film starring 2 leading ladies from france that kicked off the competition ringback. once again it's time to see and be seen actors and directors bring their newest films to the oldest film festival in the world it's no secret here if you win a golden lion on the venice lido you've got a good chance of winning an oscar. i believe that this year to a film that's run here in venice will be awarded to moscow by the academy and hollywood. the bee and ali opened with the film love for the truth by hirokazu korea and with country into new been on the 2 women play mother and daughter plays a great actress who has just penned her autobiography but the daughter finds the
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truth revealed in the memoir upsetting which strains the relationship. as you know . the mother is famous for making up stories when she says interview questions because imagination is more important to her than this truth or reality is something inside her that lives with fiction then the. critics say that not enough female directors are taking part in the competition but the festival director has so far refused to set a quota. american daredevil jesse combs have died the race car driver and television host was killed while attempting to set a new land speed record in the u.s. state of oregon the 39 year old crashed as she was racing across the dry lake bed she was attempting to beat the 512 mile per hour women's record combs dreamed of
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becoming the fastest woman on earth and had been pursuing that goal since 2012 she was called an amazing spirit by those close to her. a volcano has erupted on the italian island of strong boley off the coast of sicily for the 2nd time in recent months a cell phone videos captured the dramatic plume as it covered the popular tourist island and ash the explosion didn't cause any significant damage to property and no injuries have been reported but travel to stromboli was temporarily restricted as a precaution. reminder now of our top story here on d.w. italy's president has given the prime minister do something kaante a mandate to form a new government that's after 2 former rivals the antiestablishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party agreed to join forces to block up power grab by far right leader the tail i'll be. coming up next conflict so tim
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sebastian sits down with the deputy secretary general of nato rose gottemoeller and there's more world news coming up at the top of the hour thank you for watching.
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in the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just tried its 70th birthday but it wasn't a happy one my guess this week here at nato headquarters is rows got so mux b. organizations deputy secretary general who she's now acknowledged the great so far
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is serious splits in its unity. earth home to millions of species the home worth saving. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation . using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. in the saddam international forum fires came from jurors or dealing with any and i killed many civilians i mean the
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irish coming committing my father was so hard and i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like these totally but suddenly life became knowledge kind of sob . providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. but. you never stand up for your what of course we stand up for europe you seem to live in a kind of the universe here oh i don't know who let's not be silly please the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just had its 70th birthday but it wasn't a happy one constant coughing by donald trump about defense spending has caused bitter resentment here in europe my guest this week here at nato headquarters is rose gottemoeller the organization.


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