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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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protests for nearly 2 weeks now say they will investigate reports of a racist attack by security forces that is believed to have prompted the unrest protesters in indonesia's eastern most province say police hold racist abuse at them accusing them of desecrating an indonesian flag one soldier and 2 protesters have been confirmed dead in resulting clashes in the region that is a long struggle for independence in. the indonesian region of papua plunged into chaos again in the largest city jayapura protests to set fire to government buildings and attack businesses throwing stones at shops and hotels. early a students from popular also vented their anger on the streets of jakarta. their process was peaceful. but their demands were clear. they want an end to what they say is racism by the indonesian security forces. some
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also calling for puppets a breakaway from indonesia a country they became part of 50 years ago after a disputed referendum. on michael we papuans students in indonesia won independence for papua that is our 1st demand. and secondly there was racism in the city by security personnel. but. the protests 1st started nearly 2 weeks ago after videos were circulated on the internet showing security forces calling papuans students monkeys and dogs. the rallies turned violent as protesters in indonesian troops faced off to try to stop the unrest the government shut down the internet the security forces are now also investigating the allegations of racism. we already investigated several people and 7. people are under intensive investigation but we
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still have not declared which one is the suspect. but many of the demonstrators say this is not to know and are determined to continue to push for change and what they say is justice for the people. so if you have a situation in pop where is ask anything with a communications blackout veronica coleman is a human rights lawyer who represents activists seeking independence for west papua i should give d.w. her reading of the current situation yes or car in the situation is very messy due to the not only the mistrust down but stopping from yesterday the phone communication that s.m.s. and calls services for it also blocked and it's gradually getting more cities that are being blocked i mean the phone communication. speaking there's a riot in the capital. and the band morningstar reflect on
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this phrase it means that a crackdown might be imminent and. to go with regards to the shooting yesterday hartley have talked a lot down on the hospital where the injured party asked us to our family has been complaining that they cannot get the dead bodies out and even visiting the no one did and human rights lawyer veronica come on now just days ahead of us president donald trump's next trip to europe senior u.s. officials have renewed threats to pull american troops out of germany unless berlin boosts its defense spending in june president trump suggested moving more than 30000 soldiers from germany to poland but would it really be very easy for the u.s. military to leave after decades here the doubly report a 5 in front to mock has been to ramstein the biggest u.s. base in germany where locals want to stay. a key american
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outpost in southwestern germany. ramstein airbase. the biggest u.s. air force base abroad. just what takes place there is kept secret even 70 years after the base was founded. it is impossible to get any closer to the air base the entering the compound is a high security zone and we certainly weren't allowed to enter the base itself with a camera team instead the u.s. military gave us some of their own video footage from inside. the u.s. military shows how munitions and weapons are stored supplies for fighters in syria mali or afghanistan. paratroopers practice jumping fighter pilots set off from here on their missions to africa asia
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and the middle east. defending germany only plays a smaller role according to this expert on the us this is not. of course is a bit of protection but at the same time history teaching importance of ramstein for u.s. foreign policy and security policy not be underestimated. and it's not just the air base the biggest american military hospital outside continental united states is also nearby doctors and health care workers train here for emergencies and for working in a war zone wounded soldiers are brought here from all over the world. soon they will be relocating not to poland but closer to the airfield. a new hospital costing around a $1000000000.00 will be billed more modern and better equipped. forest at the edge of the airbase has already been cleared.
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the mayor of. the large investment alone means there will be no move. you never know what will get used or not but i can't see it happening. because. the u.s. has also invested a lot in modern warfare in recent years the air and space operations center is located at the airbase it's one of the u.s. military. it is now an open secret that plays a central role in the u.s. drone strikes important information on targets are related to the us. opponents of the base are unhappy about preparations for war are being made in germany for them a u.s. withdrawal would be a reason to celebrate. but most people disagree. germans and americans have grown together over the decades as seen at the german
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american friendship fest. among the guests to form an active members of the military who don't believe the air base will be relocated. point in europe or the american forces and not only europe but africa middle east everything is centered around. and that's why this place is going to stay here we don't need to leave mannus we have a good time of year. look carefully at the air base more than a 1000 buildings many of them underground the place for that reason they can't move it all to poland. the trump administration's threats to relocate or something people cannot imagine will ever happen. the joint location is too important for both americans and germans. the world's oldest film festival has opened in venice with $21.00 films vying for the coveted golden lion
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the lineup includes plenty of hollywood heavyweights including brad pitt's johnny depp and meryl streep but the competition began with a film starring 2 french leading ladies. once again it's time to see and be seen actors and directors bring their newest films to the oldest film festival in the world it's no secret here if you win a golden lion on the venice lido you've got a good chance of winning an oscar. your critic i believe that this year to a film that's run here in venice will be awarded to moscow by the academy and hollywood. the be and ali opened with the film love elite 8 for the truth by hirokazu korea and with cutting to nerve and juliette binoche the 2 women play mother and daughter to do plays a great actress who has just penned her autobiography but the daughter finds the truth revealed in the memoir upsetting which strains the relationship. as you know
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but. the mother is famous for making up stories when she answers interview questions because imagination is more important to her than this truth or reality is something inside her that lives with fiction. critics saying that not enough female directors are taking part in the competition but the festival director has so far refused to set a quota. was taken to a sport taking kenya by storm skateboarding is relatively new to the country but with a sport debuting at the olympics next year nairobi sisk a boarding community is already dreaming big as the w.'s melanie call it about found out in the capital's largest skate park. skating helps me to be strong when i'm on my skateboard i feel free when i move in
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on the board especially when i'm dropping into the ball and i come out i feel sorry good enough to visit he. whenever 16 year old william gets a chance she trains at the shangri s.k. park she grew up here just a few meters away at the chandelier children's home in nairobi where more than 100 children in need are provided with a shelter regular meals and free schooling but the best part of course so the children say is that skate park. gets every day. getting the clothes out must get. the park opened in 2014 and it's not only east africa's 1st skate park but also its largest . this speed park represents much more than a sports facility and
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a space for leisure this is where the children of trying to build out the steam and well on the weekends they welcomed children of all backgrounds from across nairobi to help and learn from each other fun friending together and most importantly to build long lasting friendships. for the chamber up in self-confidence they've been able to express themselves they've been able to pool so feel over people from outside when the children from outside come. true one thing for them all. and also all of the cult level to open up and appreciate it but. # as money says that when she looks at the children skating she sees their troubled past full of neglect and abandonment fade away she sees kenya's bright future. is up from the clinical international train of going to international competitions or to the olympics and also introducing other women to skating showing them that
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they shouldn't be afraid of skating because nothing is impossible you just have to be fearless and have enough confidence were confident enough. i think she becomes and then pick champion and not a name helps to make a living with scapegoating one day when she does she wants to build a home for underprivileged children and that dream house etc could be the state park. on the italian island of stromboli has erupted for the 2nd time in 2 months this video was captured by botha the massive plume of ash that drifted over the to anyone say before they say no explosion did not cause any significant property damage or travel to be on it was temporarily restricted as a precaution. up next. when world war 2 shipwreck us become an ecological time bomb in poland that's coming up in focus in new york i'll be back at the top of the out of
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a good. sure
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of. what unites. us what divides. us. trudging course. what binds the continent together. cancers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people. on g.w. . as so west europe. is in crisis.
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it still has a future it will need champions young champions. a bottom is what i'd spear know for a long time i took pieces of the things we valued about and hear it for granted that now i sense this need be something that we don't people in particular need to fight like oh my god oh my god. comes to. me for activists from for a few countries. they are pushing for the dream of a united church of. to stand a chance. and they saved a good team in idea. the most but i know you can stand up to you right here and must and contribute to something important to note the gumption. the future of europe to start september 2nd on d w.
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come. hello and a warm welcome to our program thanks for joining us today europe's coastlines are littered with ticking time bombs remnants from the 2nd world war that are becoming ever more dangerous in the north and baltic seas alone around 1600000 tons of war ammunition lie on the seabed like this huge underwater my most of it was simply disposed of in this city by the victorious allies and decades on erosion is threatening to release the toxic loads substances such as arsenic mustard gas and t.n.t. could contaminate the already vulnerable waters of the polish coast and one of the
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biggest worries for ecologists is the massive amount of oil from sunken warships found in places such as the bay of. environmentalist ogust sarna fears that the past will soon catch up with the present and ruin see that holds a very special place in her life. the best to plant a peninsula in the good times called the channel this is where the shots were fired that marked the start of the 2nd while being polish marine conservationist augustana is worried about the threat posed by contaminants and munitions that are still lying at the bottom of the baltic sea. there is at least. 80 to 100 wrecks in the baltic that are potentially dangerous to the environment and my. still could contain a big. and out of oil in them and if it leaks would be the whole eco system of the bout equal be in danger the hum composes the most serious.


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