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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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i'm bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome can the u.k. parliament use legislation to prevent its own suspension a la position leader jeremy corbyn tonight says yes it can he plans to introduce legislation to block prime minister boris johnson from suspending parliament ahead of bricks it just yesterday johnson announced that he will suspend parliament for 5 weeks between september and october he says the break is necessary to allow the government to develop its domestic agenda opponents say it's an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate before britain's scheduled departure from the e.u. on october 31st. more than $1000000.00 signatures were gathered within 24 hours against the forced recess of parliament many britons are furious with their new prime minister boris johnson including businesswoman and anti breaks at activist gina miller she has launched legal action to defend the rights of parliament in the
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courts. we're not questioning whether having that power using it is illegal or not what we're questioning is that the use of this power in parliament for such a long time 5 weeks greg said hardliners however don't understand what all the fuss is about jacob reese mog told reporters the move was democratic. here. behind the scenes at westminster opposition parties of forging alliances under great pressure to try to politically thwart johnson's plans they are focused on bringing forward legislation to prevent a no deal breakers that. will use every palminteri device that we possibly can and if that has to include at some stage a vote of no confidence that is will still be open to us that will be on the table what we won't do what we won't do is allow boris johnson to act like
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a dictator. but politicians only have 4 session days to get any measure through parliament it is a tight race against time. and for more on the legal aspects of this i'm joined tonight by dr joe well grove of senior lecturer in law at middlesex university or the bergen is going to have you on the show let's let's talk about time is the clock working against parliament now does parliament have only next week to stop its own suspension. very simply yes so let's start with the legal facts on the 31st of october 29th seen unless something else happens and that something else has to be legislation from the british parliament the u.k. will withdraw without a deal no deal breaks it on the 31st of october the parliament in order to avoid the situation has to legislate to do so but with this use of what is
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otherwise an ordinary power there's a correctness in saying it's an ordinary power but for using it to give 5 weeks of suspension 5 weeks with activate 5 weeks without any means of creating that legislation and avoiding any kind of no deal break said we're facing to a very simple question of there is little or no time so there's some very important points to think about that for days it was just mentioned that the parliament will resume it'll come back from its summer holidays summer recess on the start of a temper and it will probably program on the 10th of september if those few days are the very end of this parliamentary session any legislation which has not reached through both house of commons and has of the east and the come law by that date is dead it will not continue into next session but now the import and you would use if i could in what they were saying next week the parliament that's the only time you'd have to start the suspension but we're talking about
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a 4 week and correct me if i'm wrong but i mean the mother of all parliaments certainly could come up with legislation in a week to prevent its own suspension right. so we're going to be looking at is what's called standing order $24.00 it's bringing emergency debates bring emergency legislation now the problem and this is a problem that we face in the u.k. for essentially almost 3 years is consensus you can absolutely bring legislation but only if you have a majority in both the house comments and that has a lloyds now what opposition are going to be facing with for those few days is potentially filibustering and that's the house of commons and house of lords just done down that clock so that legislation will die in the house of commons or the house of lords at the point that parliament is suspended there's such little time we might see one of my favorite times parliamentary ping-pong where piece of legislation is going to bat very quickly between that you houses but again that is
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very little parliamentary time to get such important legislation through well. so if that is the case then look in your esteemed opinion is anything going to happen next we can stop this suspension or they can stop in new york city. so right now we're discussing the 3 different legal ways in which programs the suspension this stuff being a part of the stopping of debate can happen the 1st is the courts the courts actually we have 3 challenges going on right now one of which is being spearheaded by gina miller but this is going to be a big constitutional question in and of itself because this power to prorogue is actually of royal power it's something that's exercised by the queen upon advice of the government upon advice of the prime minister we could have actually seen a constitutional crisis yesterday in the u.k.
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had the queen at refused the advice of governments now what gina miller and all the other litigants in these cases are going to try and do is challenge that advice say that that given by government to the queen was illegal that it was an unlawful use it was an abuse of a power of government we're also potentially and this is why the opposition are going we're going to try and see legislation legislation try to focus on of voiding and no deal breaks that now in order to avoid a no jail break that it's not enough to say we vote against the new deal breaks that you have to vote for an alternative you need to legislation for an alternative and more than that and this is what time comes and again if you want either an agreement with the e.u. the e.u. with joint agreements you need a qualified majority of the european council to meet and agree with you you need legislation saying we want it with all agreements at the european council and the last european council meeting before brags that it's on the 17th and 18th of
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october now part comes back on the 14th but it's going to spend the 1st 5 days talking about the queen's speech you're not necessarily about it with and this is i mean is that we don't this sounds very bleak dr grogan let me ask you about this suggestion that was made today there is what's known as a humble address to the queen where parliament can pass a motion asking the queen to stop this program this purgation why not do that she gives the solver. this this comes back to the crew are essential this is why we're talking about such fundamental questions of the u.k. constitution the queen it's not political in fact the queen is an institution the monarchy is an institution in the u.k. has not been political in hundreds of years the last time the queen a queen it was queen victoria stepped in and changed the prime minister it caused a crisis now your rights absolutely correct in saying that the prime minister the
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government are appointed by the queen to not the voted in by people there pointed by the queen and a humble address in my humble opinion will bring the queen into such extreme political and almost a crisis situation forcing in a political body to make one of the most important political decisions certainly in a century dr 0 gergen senior lecturer in law at middlesex university laying out tonight tell the clock is definitely working against westminster tonight dr we appreciate your insights thank you. well is it the end of a very new piece in colombia a former senior commander of the demilitarized rebel group in colombia says that he is taking up arms again against the government but militant leader who is known as yvonne marquez is accusing the colombian government of violating the peace treaty that the forks signed with the government back in 2016 of that treaty ended decades
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of civil war he was the park's number 2 leader and he was the chief rebel negotiator in those peace talks marcuse released a video that was more than 30 minutes long explaining the park's new reasons for opposing the government to go it. was about well about and when we signed the accord in havana we do.


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