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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2019 5:30am-6:00am CEST

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elections but what is really forcing these phones to become friends is their desire to leave. out of politics and out in the cold he exudes call the gist of it conti has been on a wild ride 3 weeks ago he lost his job as prime minister when italy's governing coalition fell apart now he's been tasked with putting together a new government in office the wealth of the the country is in a very delicate phase we must put the political uncertainty triggered by the government crisis behind us as soon as possible we're facing critical economic problems. but i think that we could be sure that. the new coalition partners the antiestablishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party make strange bedfellows many italians don't see the marriage lasting long. time so . you never seem to get that i think this agreement is a bad thing you know. because they have haiti to each other for
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a long time and now they are forging an alliance so i really don't think it's a clever thing. some of them being to i'm not very sure because i don't think they will last long. because the differences are obvious and i think there are huge differences in the political programs of the 2 parties that the clear loser so far is far right league party leader matteo he pulled the plug on the last coalition by removing his party's participation he was widely seen to be angling for new elections but the new coalition puts a vote off for now i mean pick you up i would then vote those who are afraid of elections can run away for a month 6 months or a year. but not forever. the only thing that unites them is their hatred of the league know your. the drama is likely to settle down in the coming days conte said the new government's most urgent task is to come up with
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a budget for the coming year. and joining me now from rome is journalist sima good to us it is good to see you well what are the situation in italy right now i mean we've seen multiple failed attempts in recent years to form a stable italian government is this going to be the magic combination. i think that's the question everybody's wondering i mean at some stage 14 months ago when we saw on the 5 star movement getting together with the far right party everybody thought well that these these 2 are populist parties so perhaps the last we've seen that fall apart and now it's anybody's guess as to how long this coalition will last in terms of the government but for the moment you've got to and then he has the mandate now to form this government he has to live together who's going to be hitting the different ministries of both parties and going to be jockeying for
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positions on top of that they've got to come up with a particular program to which they will have to put this new government to a vote of confidence in both houses of parliament for the moment however we've seen a positive reaction as far as the markets i concerned on thursday when some of the bond yields fall to one quite a wreck was low also purely the markets believe that this grouping is at least more positive towards the european union as the perhaps the last one yeah that's a positive sign for sure and what about the interior minister matteo selvi i mean it it's almost like it's a machiavellian move that he made right bringing down this government surely he didn't think that he was going to end up being out of the next government but that's what is apparently going to happen has he been completely pushed out of politics with this. well not completely pushed out but definitely pushed out of government and then as you said a gross miscalculation on his part now he has actually referred to what's happening
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now is a test of democracy and he believes that the italians have been stolen off their right to an election in order to decide and leave now he believes that this government in his words was appointed by brussels appointed by the big powers within europe by france and germany and not by talents themselves for the moment though the president said there are a lot had the right to find a new prime minister and to give him the mandate in order to continue and that's why he's seen infante hoping that they will go forward and the priority be the budget for 2020 but mr salvini is not going to go quietly into the night he said you can't get rid of the this process and it's part of the supporters to gather together and call for a deal for artists on october 19th and let you go outside of italy are saying that this proves that the populace they can not govern oh it's been
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reported that way in italy well even in italy i think the view is that big just want to see a government come together and to avoid going to another vote in the feeling among regular italians that there was frustration with selvi pulled the plug on the government because they didn't want to see it happen so quick and we saw some of his popularity fall as a result of this now we'll have to see how the democratic party and what together with what was once the arch rivals and whether mr salvini wants to see that fall apart and whether he will then come forward in a fresh election for the moment during we'll just have to see what ministers they're going to put forward what programs and whether it's going to be approved in the house of parliament all right some of the purporting. to thank you for. well the united states is launching a unit in charge of its defense operations in outer space the name space command president trying to build the new defense into d n a ceremony at the white house
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today analysts predict space may become an area where future conflicts are waged many believe space command is a precursor to donald trump's plans for an entire new wing of the u.s. military called space force here is part of what trump had to say today the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now those who wish to harm the united states to seek to challenge us and the ultimate high ground of space it's going to be a whole different ball game we're going to stay here on earth washington d.c. our bureau chief there alexander for numbs he's on the story for us tonight good evening to you alexander i mean this does does sound a little bit like star wars tell me what is the difference between space command and space force. well space force is the future at least according to a president trump he wants to create a totally new and potentially independent branch of the u.s.
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military military to oversee all military operation in space but to achieve this goal he needs congress he needs congregational approval congressional authority and congressional funding and that can take years and of course there are a lot of people critics questioning this adventure as they called it so therefore the trump administration has decided to move forward with establishing this space command it's and you need to as you have mentioned operating on that the umbrella of the u.s. forest consists of 87 people and it will draw all forces from all over a services in the u.s. military in how we supposed to imagine what space command is is preparing for all xander are we talking about space ships in. battle with each other i
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mean what is the white house in vision. well at the moment we are talking about satellites the u.s. nation's reliance on. difficult to protect satellites that provide. intelligence and sniff again that provide communications and their capabilities are vital to the military and the u.s. economy and the u.s. is accusing nations such as russia and china for example accusing them that they are trying to develop new weapons anti-satellite weapons and laser weapons and other offensive capabilities to disrupt and destroy you ask such a light so therefore the white house says it's very important now to focus on deterrence and fans and space and what about alexander we know. that he's
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known for saying in the sixty's we want to put a man on the moon in that decade because of what the soviets were doing now in china is in outer space is that a motive for trying to push ahead with space command in space for. yes i think that you're totally right china is a very good example because for example in 2018 china so plus the united states in the total number of space launches china has also managed to land a rover on the backside of the moon and by doing so they showcase a technical and technological advantage china has been accused of trying to. hijack. satellites operate. and russia is an average example russia has been accused of trying to jam g.p.s. signals that are important for nato military drills so that's why the white house
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says that it is essential to establish a space force in order to counter russia's and china's attempts to all its marked the you ass in space all right our own one our washington bureau chief and he's under phenomenal the story with us tonight the latest on space command alexander thank you and back here on earth u.s. president drunk he has threatened to pull out american troops from here in germany if berlin fails to boost its defense spending and it would be a big deal 35000 american troops are permanently based here in germany in addition a similar number of civilians both americans and germans work in jobs that are linked to the u.s. military presence other european countries hosting significant numbers of u.s. troops or italy as well as the u.k. there neither have quite as many as germany else sign of your japan who's the most american troops of any country except the united states at the moment poland we
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know troops favorite european country he said it has no permanent u.s. military base our reporter for being funded more went to rome star and the biggest u.s. base here in germany where most locals want the americans to stay put. a key american outpost in southwestern germany. ramstein airbase the biggest u.s. air force base abroad. just what takes place there is kept secret even 70 years after the base was founded. it is impossible to get any closer to the air base the enter the compound is a high security zone and we certainly weren't allowed to enter the base itself with a camera team instead the u.s. military gave us some of their own video footage from inside. the
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u.s. military shows how munitions and weapons are stored supplies for fighters in syria mali or afghanistan. paratroopers practice jumping fighter pilots set off from here on their missions to africa asia and the middle east. defending germany only plays a smaller role according to this expert on the us this is not really given such of course as a bit of protection but at the same time history teacher can portions of ramstein for us foreign policy and security policy not be underestimated. and it's not just the airbase the biggest american military hospital outside continental united states is also nearby doctors and health care workers train here for emergencies and for working in a war zone wounded soldiers are brought here from all over the world. very.
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soon they will be relocating not to poland but closer to the airfield. a new hospital costing around a $1000000000.00 will be billed more modern and better equipped. forest at the edge of the airbase has already been cleared. the mayor of the large investment alone means there will be no move. you never know what will get used or not but i can't see it happening. the u.s. has also invested a lot in modern warfare in recent years the air and space operations center is located at the airbase it's one of the u.s. military. it is now an open secret that plays a central role in the u.s. drone strikes important information on targets are relayed to the u.s. via out i'm stein opponents of the base are unhappy about preparations for war are
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being made in germany for them a u.s. withdrawal would be a reason to celebrate. but most people disagree. grown together over the decades as seen at the german american friendship fest. among the guests form and active members of the military who don't believe the airbase will be relocated. point in europe for the whole american forces and not only europe and africa middle east everything around. this place is going to stay here i will need to leave we have a good time only here. look carefully at the air base more than a 1000 buildings many of them underground the place for that reason they can't move it all to poland. the trump administration's threats to relocate or something
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cannot imagine will ever happen. the joint location is too important for both americans and germans. and. it continues on twitter. you can follow me at. every member whatever happens. is another day.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just started 70th birthday but it wasn't a happy one my guess this week here at nato headquarters is rose got so must feel good isaacson's deputy secretary general who is she now acknowledged the great sofa as serious splits in its unity conflicts of. decoupling. coach of federal. ruling time news from africa and the world join us on
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facebook d w africa it's coming. from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate comics on the phone books from $215.00 they were born on the floor each of discovery. expedition home boy on dino. in the air starts rising people fight for some little money a sentiment when there's a flood water comes up to your waist like a close fast and everyone but. not a lack of water is equally dangerous of. this and you can see people non-self so they can plant crops and find. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can the right.


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