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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2019 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin hong kong demonstrators defied the authorities police fire tear gas and blue dye crowds in the 13th straight weekend of mass protests thousands of both democracy demonstrators ignoring a police ban to march on the streets also coming up a controversial to citizenship list published by the indian government could leave nearly 2000000 people stateless we'll talk to a reporter for the latest. i'm
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carl asp and welcome to the program we begin in hong kong where thousands of protesters gathered for the 13th straight weekend in defiance of an official ban on protests and strong warnings from police that marchers risked being prosecuted a day of peaceful demonstrations escalated as night fell with barricades being set on fire in the streets police for the 1st time fired water cannons loaded with blue dye which stained protesters outside of government headquarters today marks the 5th anniversary of a decision by china's ruling communist party against full democratic elections in hong kong. but joining me now from hong kong is g.w. correspondent charlotte johnson bill charlotte we saw those images there of that large fire in the streets is this now a sign that protesters are willing to use perhaps more violent tactics than before
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. that was one of several large fires that we've seen throughout the day call it seems that the strategy of protesters is to set light to some of the barricades as i'm sure you can see behind me the idea being that they try and slow down police who would gradually advance to try and clear them out of the way that is a pattern that we've seen repeated several times so far today firstly outside the legislative council which was the scene of some violent clashes where those water cannon were fired earlier on today and then later on near police headquarters now from what we understand protesters have now moved on to a main shopping district tear gas is being fired is that once again it appears this cats and mouse game between protesters and police is happening again tonight tonight a very violent night on the streets of hong kong. we're taking a look now at live pictures from the scene there in hong kong now charlotte today's
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protests of course were an authorized how did police respond to the demonstrators decided to defy that bad. police have made very clear headed this process that as you say was an authorized and therefore anybody taking part in this protest was acting illegally that's something that they put out on social media multiple times they mentioned it in a press conference yesterday and when protesters did take to the streets we saw some of them throwing molotov cocktails at the legislative council towards police the police then did step in and that's when you saw that the water cannon and crucially for the 1st time in the 13 weeks call we saw that blue dye the idea being it would seem to try and mark the protesters to sustain them with blue so that they easily identifiable later on the fear among protesters being that that means that they are easier to find an easier to arrest people here had been deeply concerned today that we was going to see
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a large number of arrests that softer multiple high profile figures and legislators were arrested yesterday the thinking being that authorities here in hong kong were trying to send a signal to protest this is a saying if we can and we can arrest these high profile people we can arrest you when you take part in this on 2 eyes protest so those police tactics this band that we saw today how much do you think that affected the turnout of today's protests. we saw thousands and thousands of people on the streets today the state of course stopped peacefully the people that we spoke to said that they knew the risks that they were taking when they took to the streets they knew all those warnings from police but people we spoke to said that the the fear of repercussions was not as great as the fear of what they say is the growing encroachments of beijing on their human rights people here unbowed defiant still taking to the streets in this now
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the 13th week at this protest movement our correspondent charlotte bill on the scene in hong kong for us thank you very much. for let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world the taliban have launched a major attack on the key afghan city of could induce the fighting started early saturday morning with taliban militants advancing on the city from several directions defensive comes as the group and the united states hold continuing talks on ending the 18 year war in afghanistan. demonstrators have started taking to the streets of london for a planned protest against prime minister boris johnson's move to suspend parliament critics have accused johnson of trying to circumvent parliamentary democracy underwood's of thousands of people are expected to turn out today in cities across the country. the german chancellor angela merkel has received an honorary doctorates in the eastern german city of life sick for her approach to economics
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according to the teen who presented her with an award the doctorates is miracles 17th honorary degree. at least a dozen people have been killed and around 50 others injured after a series of explosions at a chemical factory in western india and officials said a large chemical barrel exploded and ignited other parts of the bill. is staying in india the country has published the final version of its controversial citizenship list in the north eastern state of us some the list fact of the renders nearly 2000000 people stateless residents gathered on saturday to see if their names were on the national register of citizens or and are seen to be included people had to somehow prove that they had come to a song before march 24th 1971 that's the day before neighboring bangladesh when she war with pakistan many of those affected have been living in the somme
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their whole lives. are let's get more on that now we want to bring in correspondent nischelle just wall who has been reporting in assad. some 2000000 people as we heard have not been included on this citizenship list you met with some of them what are their biggest concerns. well call for the people who have now been left off of this fine those national register of citizenship citizens the n r c list there's some good news the center has said that nobody will be deported nobody will be detained nobody will be declared a foreigner no until that up be used the process is over these people can go too far no tribunals that are 100 already going to be 200 more set up make not of course this is $100.00 to $2000000.00 people and the cows and up land and if the former tribe the most on the movie they can go through the process of going through the high court a new benchley the indian supreme court but it's also important to note that these
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people have already been fighting legal battles to get onto the job national register or citizens and not want to be ready emotionally and financially exhausted this is a very expensive process the government has said that some legal weed would be provided to do was left off but it's still not clear exactly how they plan to give this out. now with this list is it possible that you could see potentially some members of a family being on the list and some being left off a century splitting a family into. yes absolutely call already the draw for a list that came out last july or for the last you're an appeals process have been going on and one of the most common things that activists on the ground found and some stories that i found myself is that members some members of the family are on the list while some members are not even though they trace the heritage back to the same what is called the legacy person say
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a grandparent who was already in india at the time they had to prove that they had people who they had had a pitch in india itself so for example one family i met out of $33.00 members total were left off the list seems children were the only ones who made it so of course depending on what exact cause of action is taken there is a potential for families to be separated. some critics are saying you know this is really a move by modi's hindu nationalist b j p party to target india's minority population what you make of that. but all the government will tell you that there are hindu names on this list as well so there's no targeting but again research on the ground shows that more of the people are left off of this list are muslim it's also important to note that another law a separate law that got fast by india's parliament would actually allow for the hindus left off to v.m. citizenship so essentially this could be a we do target muslims in the region many of whom claim that they have always been
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indian and don't know what to go of what to do and where to go from here. jase well before him for us in delhi today thank you very much. along the 1st of september 1939 hitler's germany invaded neighboring poet and that they disconcerted at the beginning of the 2nd world war in the early hours a german warship opened fire on a polish garrison in what was then the free city of dun sick at about the same time bombs rained down on the small polish town of v a loon killing $1200.00 civilians it was the german loofah 1st air raid on poland and the 1st of many more crimes to come. up with survivors of the german attack on v. a loon on the 80th anniversary of the start of world war 2. his exact. remembers it like it was yesterday when the germans detect poland she was 11 years
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so. we get out that we need to get out i was in bed in my nightgown when i suddenly heard a loud rowing sound then the ceiling started to crack and the windows were blown out our bedrooms were located close to where the 1st bombs were dropped after the bomb hit it was the 1st of several waves of attacks and by german looked off and die for us a war crime. is a fuel which has only a few photos that have probably carried with him 1st as a social in the polish on the later as a prisoner of war. the truth on this one reads sunday 939 germany. is from. i think if you all the time. the bombing also had dramatic consequences for the survivors loss dr manion could
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by chick was 5 when the war began later as an adult he examined the survivors for long term psychological effects. many had ailments and more only able to work because of the trauma of the raid. after the war the suffering of valence citizens was not addressed by the communist government for the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of world war 2 the city museum is opening a new a larger exhibition. on the people in poland the government and especially historians both polish i'm german veiling more and more details about the tragedy of ilan. mali and coup by chick hopes for reconsolidation between poets and germans.
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today germans are completely different people than they were back then that poles are different too. sophia hutchens goes no 91 years old she still has trouble dealing with the past like she wants to be. when you ask the germans about it they say that wasn't us it was the nazis but where did the nazis come from from germany and if you ask me whether or not i can forgive well no i'm trying but i don't trust the germans here what if this were to happen here all over again. 80 years after the start of world war 2 many poles feel that the air raid on and germany's attack on their country has not been suitably dealt with in german polish relations. all right sports now and friday's bundesliga action rb leipzig continued their super start to the season with an away when against brucia gladbach team
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olvera no was the hero for leipsic the striker scoring his 1st ever bundesliga hattrick as he took care of all the scoring in his side's $31.00 victory that win means leipsic are still undefeated after 3 games and takes them to the top of the table. our u.s. open where a few of this year's favorites breezed into the final 16 including roger federer who defeated dan evans the swiss dominating the breadstick cruised to a comfortable win in 3 straight sets while sabrina williams also took care of business she has won 23 major titles she's looking for a 24th the she beat carolina which over 6362. watching d.w. news coming up next world stories but 1st as you can see behind me will leave you with a little bit of footage of this weekend's high role be an olive hosting the fireworks
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