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up we're going to find out if you want to and probably most of whom. are climate exodus starts september 5th on d w. get out of that. room. this is deja vu news live from berlin the fire in the streets of hong kong thousands of demonstrators the final police band in the 13th straight weekend of mass protests sunday night in the barricades as night falls on kong police ratchet up their response phil don't want corresponded with the latest also coming up a controversial citizenship list leaves nearly 2000000 people stateless in india's
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northeast the decision on who is officially indian and who is not separate and. i'm carl massive and welcome to the program we begin in hong kong where thousands of protesters have gathered for the 13th straight weekend despite strong warnings from police that marchers are risking arrest today's demonstration began in a stadium and was called a religious gathering in an attempt to circumvent a ban on protests today also marks the 5th anniversary of a decision by china's ruling communist party against full democratic elections in hong kong. after 13 weeks of mass demonstrations the crackdown takes on a docker's shade for the 1st time police fired water cannons loaded. with blue dye
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staining frontline protesters and promising to prosecute them authorities had warned hong kong residents not to participate in the ban demonstrations thousands defied them. for much of the purpose of hitting the streets today is to tell the government you can't scare us this way we also have to restate our main demands because i've never responded to them call them or you will go if you don't. go back on the street prominent activist joshua wong just a day after being arrested then released compared to activists being threatened by police being detained by those what is called the from the price i pay this release so i have no reason to give up was it began with a hymn demonstrators calling their gathering a religious meeting in an attempt to circumvent the ban on protests. the chorus
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grew louder as thousands joined in a peaceful march. was. but the tune changed as the scene turned chaotic with tear gas from police fire bombs from protesters and by night burning barricades blocking the streets. this weekend marks the 5th anniversary of china's decision not to allow full democratic elections in hong kong yet the flames of resistance burn on the was earlier i spoke to the. hill in hong kong about the situation on the ground. why the moment where in the busy shopping districts causeway beggaring the day this is bustling tonight again it is the scene of carnage once more at the moment there is a huge police presence as i'm sure you can see behind me a short time ago police deployed tear gas at large amounts of protesters who had
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moved over him many of them setting up barricades going to their barricades being satellite's police then charge through the process this will largely just but since then though we've seen a number of the arrests over the strike of those protesters who were left behind they were bundled into police vans what we're hearing is those protesters now moving on to another location this is very much a caps and mouse game called has been repeated not just tonight but throughout these 13 week protest is gather in one place and then they move on and police call it and tear gas in multiple different locations to be clear what is happening in hong kong is not in isolated places this is somewhere that is that is extremely widespread charlie we were just seeing pictures there of those fires that were set in the streets that you mention is this a sign do you think the protesters are now more willing to use violent tactics than they were before. we've seen the protesters on the
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frontlines using the fire multiple times in the pause in recent weeks we've seen them throwing molotov cocktails the fire projectiles essentially at police that's something that we saw again today we have also seen them as setting lights to bins in the streets that's something we've seen again today but there have been it seems many more this evening as protesters do try and build up those barricades to try and prevent the police from getting closer to them it would seem this is potentially you could see this is an escalation in violence on both sides police today using our water cannon once again the 2nd time within 13 weeks the last time . last sunday but for the 1st time that blue dye was used by police as well crucially people think to to mock to identify those protesters who are on the front line i say that they can be found later and possibly arrested today's protests come a day after more activists were arrested but that doesn't seem to have deterred
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most protesters there on the street. that's right a number of high profile activists were arrested as well as the legislative yesterday in a in a big sweep unprecedented in this may have been as so far cause 900 people have been arrested over the last 13 weeks but the fact that these people who were arrested yesterday was so high profile did along a lot of protests it is nevertheless they have been out on the streets a very peaceful day every year on today munching to find in the face of the threat of arrest something the police have said that they do face this is all true and on with their eyes praise as police have repeatedly make clear that anyone who is on the streets today is acting illegally nevertheless lot of people on the streets say they told us that while they fear repercussions from authorities what they fear more is what they see as the encroachments from beijing on their rights here in hong kong. charlotte charleston felt in hong kong for us thank you very much.
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let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world demonstrations are underway in london against forced johnson's move to suspend parliament critics have accused the prime minister of trying to circumvent our them entry democracy hundreds of thousands of people are expected to turn out today in cities across the united kingdom. the taliban have launched a major attack on the key afghan city of conducts the fighting started early saturday morning with taliban militants advancing on the city from several directions the offensive comes as the group and the united states old continuing talks on ending 18 years of conflict. in afghanistan. a sudanese court has charged ousted president omar al bashir with possessing illicit the word currency and with corruption a lawyer for bashir said he denied the chargers does fight admitting to the court that he'd received 20000000 dollars from the saudi crown prince.
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and at least a dozen people have been much killed and around 50 others injured after a series of explosions at a chemical factory in western india and officials said a large chemical barrel exploded and ignited other parts of the bill. saying in india where the country has published the final version of its controversial citizenship list in the northeastern state of the some a list effectively brander's nearly 2000000 people stateless in order to be included people had to somehow prove that they had come to a song before march 24th 1971 that's the day before neighboring bangladesh went to war with pakistan the government says the list is meant to crack down on illegal immigrants from bangladesh but many of those affected say they've been living in a sum their whole lives. do you have been waiting for years to see the results their future cost into uncertainty by government put questions to very originates
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with the census concluded many awesome residents are facing a dream truth their names don't appear on india's new national registry of citizens to divide between who is officially indian and who is not much separate from elise . it's worrying the names of 2 of my brothers are not there it worries me i don't know why they're not there. to go but the 2 boys and a girl are not on the list but they're under the age of 10 and my wife's name is also not on the list. i'm very worried i feel bad in my heart i am feeling very sad. these are not isolated cases a total of 1900000 people were excluded from the list many of them have been living in this northeastern state their whole lives the region is a hotspot for cultural and religious tensions ever since the start of neighboring bangladesh its independence war back in 1971 many under which is to draw
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a few jews crossed into india the hindu nationalist government considers them and the generations that followed illegal migrants authorities say the national registry of citizens is supposed to quote weed out point infiltrators and with that east tensions with the north some small to cultural population but critics fear the new citizenship lists could not be used to talk of muslims and deport them those who did not make it onto the list have 120 days to peel the decision a last bit of hope for almost 2000000 people who just want to be allowed to live what to them is home. on twitter was left scrambling on friday after hackers briefly took control of twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey his account they tweeted racial slurs profanity and a bomb threat before the company regained control the reporter william noah glue prof is here with more on that story i mean my 1st question how could jack dorsey
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of all people i mean the c.e.o. of twitter how could he lose control of his account it's not as difficult as you might think i mean these were the account was hacked yesterday afternoon twitter seemed to be well aware of it quite quickly they said within 30 minutes everything was back under control and posted a tweet of their own a few hours later saying the phone number assessor the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider is allowed in an authorized person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number but that issue is now resolved at least resolved for the moment for you. this one count jack dorsey the hackers who are still unknown there is some connection to a chat group within these hacks tweets but still unclear who's actually responsible but as the twitter themselves said referring to the mobile provider the likely cause was that he was the victim of a sim swap ok so you know if this can happen to the c.e.o. of twitter then presumably a sin swap could happen to anyone i mean walk us through that happens to everyone
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happens to a lot of people not only on twitter a sim swap is basically when somebody can convince your mobile provider that they need your phone number posing as you on a different sim card and if they can convince your mobile writer to swap the phone number to a sim card the game's over and anything you use your phone number for is now in possession of those people i mean it's happened to many many instagram accounts actually in addition to $220000000.00 lawsuit against $880.00 the major american telecommunications company because people lost millions and millions of dollars in crypto currency using their phone number to secure their crypto accounts so this has been happening a lot and people don't really see their cell phone numbers as something to think about people think about bank accounts credit cards e-mail addresses as things that need to be secure but not so much phone numbers but of course we all use our cell phone numbers now in a 2 step verification process which is what we're told is a super secure way to keep our social media accounts our bank accounts and the like
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all safe but phone numbers were never really seen as something that would be a secure way of ident of identifying you just think about in the good old days phone numbers used to be publicly available in the phone book so phone companies are really prepared to find ways to make your cell phone number safe how can we make ourselves safe i mean i have a twitter account how can i protect it well to stop verification is still the best way the experts say to keep all of your online presence safe but there are ways to keep your phone number that you used to stop verification safe obviously don't just be giving it out and putting it online anywhere. experts also say you should call your mobile phone provider try to hack yourself call your mobile phone provider and see how much information they'll give you before they ask you for any passwords any kind of pin numbers anything to identify who you are because many mobile phone providers at the basic customer service level they're not tech experts are not security experts they're just customer service reps who are trying to do their job and provide customer service so call your mobile phone provider if there's no
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passwords on your account on your phone number get that put in to at least add extra layers that hackers have to get through before they can get to your phone number ok hack yourself interesting advise there like that oh really. thank you very much in friday's bonus legal action rb leipzig continued their superbowl start of the season with an away win against rusia mentioned. was the hero for bipes the striker scoring his 1st ever bundesliga hat trick as he took care of the scoring in his side's $31.00 victory the win means leipsic are still undefeated after 3 games and it takes them to the top of the take . tennis now in the u.s. open where a few of this year's favorites breezed into the final 16 including roger federer he defeated dan evans the swiss dominating the brits a cruise to a comfortable win in 3 straight sets meanwhile serena williams also taking taking
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care of business the 23 time major champion seemed to found her rhythm as she beat carroll enough 636 to. you're watching the news coming up next our documentary film series what secrets is a small box of photos from war to the whole world and all the latest news of course available on our web site that's d.w. dot com or on twitter at. i'm called aspen thanks watched. her 1st day at school. her 1st economy most of them in doors grandma with arrives. join the oregano on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary during general ranting returns home on the d w
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