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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin clashes in hong kong as demonstrators and police ramp up the violence pro-democracy protesters burning barricades an old molotov cocktails police responded with tear gas water cannons and hundreds of arrests during the city's 13 straight weekend that's protests also coming up voters go to the polls in eastern german states on sunday with the far right a.f.d. party expected to make big gains the freaking elections exposing germany's east
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west divide. i'm calling asman welcome to the program we begin in hong kong where thousands of protesters have gathered for the 13th straight weekend defying a ban by authorities action on the streets intensified on saturday with demonstrators setting fires and police responding with a new tactic a water cannon designed to mark those who took part today's clashes took place on a symbolic date 5 years ago today mainland china said no to open elections in hong kong. after 13 weeks of mass demonstrations the crackdown takes on a doctor's shade for the 1st time police fired water cannons loaded with blue dye staining frontline protesters and promising. to prosecute the authorities and warn
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hong kong residents not to participate in the ban demonstrations thousands defied them. for much of the purpose of hitting the streets today is to tell the government you can't scare us this way we also have to restate our main demands because i've never responded to them call them was if you don't like back on the street prominent activist joshua wong just a day after being arrested then released compared to activists being threatened by police being beaten by those police caught the fish was the price i paid the swedish so i have no reason to give thought was it began with a hymn demonstrators calling their gathering a religious meeting in an attempt to circumvent the ban on protests. the chorus grew louder as thousands joined in a peaceful march. but the tune
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changed as the scene turned chaotic with tear gas from police fire bombs from protesters and by night burning barricades blocking the streets. this weekend marks the 5th anniversary of china's decision not to allow full democratic elections in hong kong yet the flames of resistance burn on the. joining me now on the line from hong kong we have w. correspondent charlotte shells and bill charlotte we're getting reports now of police storming train stations as today's protests are wrapping up what more can you tell us about that. yeah we're hearing police have and to these 3 train station so far there are some distressing images on social media please if you think about it and some reports as well that they used pepper spray on people inside the train carriages we have stayed that have been numerous arrests inside
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the train station the number of people as well gathered outside police stations now it responds to those images which really are going viral hit home call on social media a lot of anger. process to supporters of the protest movement what they say is an example of excessive police violence and a sign of how far apart these 2 sides are in hong kong police of issues during same as there are version of events they said they said to the police station in response to protest a bundle i think the station they also said that protesters had been assaulting citizens at that point prompted them to and said now on to those events 5 train lines have been suspended the disk essentially shut that area down that was really causing a lot of upset here is the fact that. some protesters it appears would have been on
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their way to it's not a process that was getting traction by some when it's just been going higher that was the end of a very long very bonded you think tonight and of course some people is trying to avoid a bit of both in the protest tool that look just been. on the train. this is proof that police was serious in that warnings that i've been making over the last 24 hours that this protest movement today was illegal it was banned and anyone taking part was breaking little one about that charlotte earlier today we saw those large fires in the streets is a sign the protesters are now more willing to. use violence tactics more so than before. yeah there were a lot of fired center around the city today they were sitting by the barricades it isn't time to try to calm the police down at least trying to clear them from the
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area we also saw. protesters using want to cook. something that we have seen in previous weeks as well i think anyone watching these prices on i will say that these prices really have escalated again this evening on both sides police today using water cannons once again we're getting reports that the police officer is also fun to design warning shots into the ad but these these vote on the really want to go ahead this started as a protest against the extradition in the bone to pick up israel and the police have going at this at this protest movement. charlotte shelf until the latest from hong kong thank you very much. our to look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a manhunt is underway in friends after 2 men stabbed a person to death and injured at least 6 others near the city of the old one
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suspect has been arrested his accomplice is still on the run authorities have not provided a possible motive for those stabbings. demonstrators have been demonstrations have been taking place in london and more than 30 other cities across the united kingdom to protest against boris johnson's move to suspend parliament critics have accused the prime minister of trying to circumvent parliamentary democracy before the bracks a deadline in 2 months. at least a dozen people have been killed and around 50 others injured after a series of explosions at a chemical factory in western india an official said a large chemical barrel exploded and then ignited other parts of that building. hurricane dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm as it heads towards the northwestern bahamas and the u.s. president donald trump is declared a state of emergency the storm could make landfall on the east coast early next week although its exact path remains uncertain.
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germany's far right political party the alternative for germany or a.f.d. is expecting big gains and 2 state elections on sunday one of those elections will be in saxony that's the state with the highest population density in eastern germany 4000000 people live there and it's also the region with eastern germany's strongest economy the big employer there is the car industry and the area around the state capital of tristen is also home to multiple technology companies but far right violence is a problem and saxony incidents rose nearly 50 percent between 20172080 our correspondent kate brain. sent us this report. love stop on the campaign trail for germany's big tent party is in saxony and dressed in the social democrats and
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unlike zick the conservative c.d.u. both currently in a coalition governing saxony but that could be about to change both the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. are expected to suffer significant losses s.p.d. lead candidate martin do attributes the losses to the upheaval in german society especially since the 2 geminis united in 1993 american are now on call we're seeing a different kind of division in this country which it's no longer only between poor and rich east and west men and women. there are other divisions emerging between fear and assurance hatred and trust between those at the top and those down below which is so to speak the no 2 lies in that we know we have to overcome these divisions that miss these aspire to move up in but it's largely these divisions which have driven so many voices in saxony to the far right alternative for germany party a.f.d. that currently polling in 2nd position such a result would be felt even at federal level signaling
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a decrease in power of angela merkel's fragile coalition government in keeping with party tradition sex in his conservative state premier refused to mention the a.f.d. by name you know this week that we have to take a clear position against those who talk down everything those who turn to appreciate our liberal democrats or gordon that we have posed this resolutely and should not indeed despite their expected losses at the polls on sunday the c.d.u. is still set to come out on top but continue in a coalition with the s.p.d. is looking unlikely. but the drama here in saxony could well now take place in the weeks after sunday's election when angela merkel's conservatives here in saxony might want to get creative with that coalition building with maybe even 2 or 3 other parties as we shall catch mass exodus. her and say her man has ruled out forming a coalition with the far right am i the way i'm already shaky government. is preparing. right now it's time to face the music.
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on twitter was left scrambling on friday after hackers briefly took control of twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey as account he tweeted racial slurs profanity and a bomb threat before the company regained control the reporter william noah glue croft is here with more on that story i mean my 1st question how could jack dorsey of all people i mean the c.e.o. of twitter how could he lose control of his account it's not as difficult as you might think i mean these were the account was hacked yesterday afternoon twitter seemed to be well aware of it quite quickly they said within 30 minutes everything was back under control and posted a tweet of their own a few hours later saying the phone number says you're the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider there's a lot of an authorized person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number but that issue is now resolved at least resolved for the moment for
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this one account jack dorsey the hackers however still unknown there was some connection to a chat group within these hacks tweets but still unclear who's actually responsible but as the as twitter themselves refer to the mobile provider the likely cause was that he was the victim of a sim swap ok so you know if this can happen to the c.e.o. of twitter then presumably a sin swap could happen to anyone i mean walk us through that happens to everyone happens to a lot of people not only on twitter a sim swap is basically when somebody can convince your mobile provider that they need your phone number posing as you on a different sim card and if they can convince your mobile divider to swap the phone number to a sim card the game's over and anything you use your phone number for him. now in possession of those people i mean it's happened to many many instagram accounts is actually in addition a $220000000.00 lawsuit against $880.00 the major american telecommunications company because people lost millions and millions of dollars in crypto currency
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using their phone number to secure their crypto accounts so this has been happening a lot and people don't really see their cell phone numbers as something to think about people think about bank accounts credit cards e-mail addresses as things that need to be secure but not so much phone numbers but of course we all use our cell phone numbers now in a 2 step verification process which is what we're told is a super secure way to keep our social media accounts our bank accounts and the like all safe but phone numbers were never really seen as something that would be a secure way of ident of identifying you just think about in the good old days phone numbers used to be publicly available in the phone book so phone companies aren't really prepared to find ways to make your cell phone number safe how can we make ourselves safe i mean i have a twitter account how can i protect it well to stop verification is still the best way the experts say to keep all of your online presence safe but there are ways to keep your phone number that you users use that verification safe obviously don't
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just be giving it out and putting it online anywhere experts also say you should call your mobile phone provider try to hack yourself call your mobile phone with either and see how much information they'll give you before they ask you for any passwords any kind of pin numbers anything to identify who you are because many mobile phone providers at the base of customer service level they're not tech experts they're not security experts they're just customer service reps who are trying to do their job and provide customer service so call your mobile phone provider if there's no passwords on your account on your phone number get that put in at least at extra layers that hackers have to get through before they can get to your phone number ok hack yourself interesting advise there like that i really was old lou croft thank you very much. well tragic news now from the world of motor racing where french driver and as died after a high speed crash in belgium a bell was racing in formula 2 that's the level below formula one when he collided with another car the bell was just 22 years old the race was abandoned
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