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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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the i am. i am . this is d. w. news live from bali the clashes in hong kong as demonstrators and police ramp up the violence pro-democracy protesters got barricades in the hope contextual dongs police respond with tear gas water cannon and make numerous arrests during the city's 13th straight weekend of mass protests also coming up. the taliban that launch an attack on the afghan city of could use trickery now was a gun battle and many casualties the latest on it's going to jeopardize the peace
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talks between the insurgent group to the united states to change the war in afghanistan to. carry. the am. i'm headed home free glad you could join me well we begin this program with some breaking news coming in police in the u.s. state of texas say that an active shooter has been shot and killed in the city of odessa earlier at least $22.00 people were injured off to being shot in the cities of midland and odessa there were reports of a gunman firing at random from a hijacked vehicle well for more on this story i want to bring in john this jenny hoff who is in austin texas good to have you with us jenny what more can you tell us about this shooting. well just as a few minutes ago this was still a very active situation in fact i was watching the local news from that area middle
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and odessa and the newscasters were in one of the malls that police were raiding to see if there was a suspect they had to actually go off the air so leave the screen and continue talking for their own safety they said they saw shoes on the ground in the mall as people just left all of their belongings behind and running out so just as a few minutes ago it was still a very active situation and though we've been told that the active shooter has been killed and there is no longer an active shooter threat really those areas those cities are still on lockdown the university there is on lockdown the mall area hospital is reported on lockdown so it's still a very tense situation in the area as they figure out if there's any more threat that they have to worry about now jenny this comes just within a month of the el paso shooting or so in texas where is the discourse on a gun nor is there right now how are people feeling. well texas is
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a very pro-gun state so this is a state where people take the right to have own guns very seriously you've got a lot of hunters you've got a lot of people that believe it's very important for self-protection we've had our governors always very supportive of gun rights even campuses are allowed students can bring guns on if they have the right permits and certifications so this is a very pro-gun state but of course in situations like this you're going to have discourse and you going to have people asking did there need to be no more laws in place to there need to be more restrictions do we need to have a better way of vetting people before they buy these weapons that it is a still a very pro-gun state here in austin the capital city it's a much more kind of a progressive environment where they believe there needs to be a lot more restrictions on guns but throughout the rest of the state including where these shootings happened you've got a lot of pro-gun advocates but it's definitely sparking this discourse in the area and we see that through some of the elections that we've had lately where you've got more lawmakers who say we need to put some more restrictions on this and they
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are gaining some steam in the elections journalist jenny hoff bringing us the latest from a texas thank you. all right let's cross to washington now where the w's and it's not the fun that nominee is standing by and it's under has there been any reaction in washington as of yet. yes president's trump seems to be monitoring the situation and he said on twitter that he has been briefed by attorney general william barr and he also added that the f.b.i. and law enforcement are fully engaged and nonstick more is full and there are more and more politicians. issuing statements like the governor of texas who said he and his wife are barely heartbroken and he also think the 1st response we also see more and more polish and democratic politicians talking about this monstrous thing one of them is bad or rule a former congressman from texas and so one of 2020 democratic
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hopefuls he said on twitter that our hearts i quote are with me to learn to everyone in the west in west texas who has to endure this again and he also added we need to and this epidemic and there are more and more democrats saying that there need to be a change to the gun laws in the us needs to be stricter now of course it's the latest in a series of shootings in recent weeks alexander you were recently reporting from el paso do you get the sense who you're porting there and your coverage in washington as well that there is any momentum behind a tightening gun in the united states besides talk. well i've covered opossum i covered several mass shootings here in the as a you asked correspondent and i have to say that we always believe that there will be
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a movement a sense of momentum as you sat for example off to the mass shooting at a high school in parkland florida and february 28th when we saw a student getting involved when we saw hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in washington for for stricter gun laws and also off to apostle there there seemed to be a sort of a momentum when president trump said that he wants to have stricter or universal background checks but then he backed down and then again he said that he may be willing to to have universal background checks so the problem is that you always have a feeling that there is a momentum and then but then nothing happened and we actually have to add that the democrats they passed a quite sweeping legislation that would require background checks for all gun purchases also in on the internet or at gun shows but the senate didn't do anything
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so it's really difficult to believe that that quote change you don't use an exam the phenomenon in washington and he. and we should say that police are now saying that 5 people have been killed and 21 wounded in that shooting day in texas well let's move now to hong kong where thousands of protesters have gathered for the 13th straight weekend define a ban by all thora ts action on the streets intensified on saturday with the demonstrators starting fires and police responding with a new tactic a water cannon designed to mock those who took part in the protest well today's clashes took place on a symbolic date for 5 years ago today excuse me my mainland china said no to open elections in hong kong. after hours of clashes police storm a subway station. inside this.
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week it's not clear whether all of those targeted had attended saturday's protest. the as videos and photos flooded social media many allege that the beatings were indiscriminate and that 1st aid responders were denied entry. police said they were responding to protesters vandalizing ticket machines. they made numerous arrests. under the current ban anybody who protest is breaking the law. including the thousands who marched peacefully earlier in the day. many had their faces covered but police deployed a new identification tactic loading water cannon with blue dye. the young people on the street said they would not be deterred. so much the purpose of hitting the
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streets today is to tell the government you can't scare us this way we also have to restate. because i've never responded. as dusk fell to his flat. and truncheons his flaming projectiles and burning barricades this weekend marks the 5th anniversary of china's decision not to a 9 fold democratic connections in hong kong stocking huge protests this wave of demonstrations has now lasted longer and this political crisis is deeper. and earlier we spoke to t.w. correspondent sean itself impaled in hong kong an oscar to about police storming train stations today's protests were wrapping up at least have ended these 3 train stations so far they're all distressing images on social media please bastien some reports as well that they used pepper spray on people inside the train
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carriages we have seen that that have been numerous arrests inside the train station the number of people as well gathered outside police stations now is response to the images which really are going viral here calling on social media a lot of anger. protest is of course that the protest movement what they say is example of excessive police violence that is signs of how far apart these 2 sides are it homegrown police of issues during same as there are of the best they said they said to the police station in response to protest to sunder lies at the station they also said that the protesters had been assaulting citizens at that point prompted them to and said now on to those events 5 train lines. have been just best to just essentially shut that area down that was really causing
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a lot of that here is the fact that while some protesters it appears were the thing on their way to recall the crisis that was educating traction by some or the just been going higher it will be as it is very long there you find that you think i did of course some people a straight white you get a vote in the crate as a tool there live just dead. on that on the train. this is proof that you that police. seriously and that warnings that i've been making over the last 24 hours that this protest movement today was illegal it was banned and anyone taking part was breaking the law of course want to show the chosen pill in hong kong at that well let's bring you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world. india has published the final version of its controversial citizenship in the east in the north east and saying to some effectively rendering 82000000 people status the next intends to identify legal residents and weed out
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illegal immigrants living in this state people next on all the list will have 120 days to appeal against their exclusion. israel's military says it would it extra forces to be sent to its border with lebanon raising fees of another war between israel and the shiite movement hezbollah tensions are high in the region and last week israel reportedly carried out a drone attack on has been the targets in lebanon. demonstrations have been held in london and more than 30 other cities across the united kingdom to protest against boris johnson's move to suspend parliament critics have accused the prime minister of trying to circumvent parliamentary democracy before to break that deadline in 2 months. at least 15 people have been killed in a taliban attack in the northern afghan city of conduce the fighting started early on saturday morning and gun battles continued off tonight for now the attack could
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jeopardize talks between the taliban and washington in doha aimed at ending 18 years of conflict in afghanistan. but the taliban launched their large scale attack in the middle of the night many police officers as well as civilians were killed and dozens wounded authorities shut off power and telecommunications in the city of candace residents were advised not to leave their homes but not even there could they feel safe and off the field and the taliban have barricaded themselves in a hospital and a residential area they're using civilians as human shields for the government the attack comes amid ongoing peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban both sides were optimistic about reaching an agreement soon to end the conflict in afghanistan only 2 weeks ago u.s. president donald trump spoke of a possible breakthrough on the horizon. we have been very good discussions with the taliban who are having very good discussions with the afghan government but months
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of negotiations could now be rendered worthless after the attack on kunduz how the taliban attack is irreconcilable with the peace talks this proves the taliban are ready for peace and they will keep fighting. this attack raises many questions the most pressing one certainly being how can the peace talks possibly resume after this massive breach of trust. wild war 2 veteran ray willy has celebrated his 96th birthday with a truly special day to himself a wild record no less actually it was his 3rd but the englishman broke his own record as the world's oldest active scuba diver plunging to a deck the 42.3 meters explored a shipwreck off the coast of cyprus for 48 minutes when he says he refuses to accept the fact that he's getting older and has already announced that if he can still die through trying to bring home his 4th record at the age of 97.
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and we certainly hope he manages that you want he w. news the bundesliga follows off of the break with all the goals from saturday's games that get you could always get the latest news and information on our web site d w dot com i'm headed on for a thanks for joining me by phone now. some people for the information provided. the means they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date in touch. follow us. you're going to an official estimates more than $1200000.00 venezuelans even colombia legally and illegally.


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