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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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did you accuse few or know what he knows. stored september 18th on d w. a i. this is deja news live from berlin poland marks 18 years since the 2nd world war began representatives from dozens of countries joined ceremonies in warsaw germans president bush di my overcalls the cold war as a german crime that his nation will never forget also coming up after a night of clashes with police in hong kong protesters blocked access to the
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airports as pro-democracy demonstrations enter their 4th month. i'm calling assman welcome to the program leaders from across the world have joined ceremonies in poland to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of world war 2 both the german chancellor angela merkel and german president frank valter steinmeyer were intended it was on september 1st 1939 that german troops invaded neighboring poland the beginning of history's bloodiest conflict poland suffered some of the worst horrors of the war nearly 6000000 polish citizens were killed including some 3000000 polish jews speaking at the ceremony polish president unjaded aside 80 years on there are still lessons to be learned from the 2nd world war. the
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lesson around the city as the leaders of europe and the world are today this is a big lesson to us as those sons of guns who are members also been offered money can lions just as those who were members of the european union. you were represented we must not accept your engine do business as usual when things like that happen there have to sanction was and strongly steps have to be taken to test a visible that animal or terry aggression would be met with an absolutely decisive moment powerful response these are the challenges we're facing in the contemporary times we are german president frank also spoke at the ceremony and sought forgiveness from the polish people let us have a spirit of reconciliation let us continue on the path pay for what unites us.
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i look great for leave to the peoples fight for freedom. i found my head in grief before the victims he changed. my own ask for forgiveness for germany's historical guilt. and. i recognize our enduring responsibility. i'm joined now by our correspondent simon young who's in warsaw for us simon as we saw very poignant very somber commemorations in poland today what does this anniversary mean to poland after all this time. there co i think if people around the world think about what happened in poland during the 2nd world war they perhaps think of the invasion on the 1st of september 1939 perhaps also think of the death camps of basically auschwitz what they don't think of so much he's the sufferings of the polish
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civilian population and as you mentioned between 5 and 6000000 poles half of them jews are estimated to have died under the nazi terror so i think a lot of poles would like the attention sometimes at least to be directed towards places like the heirloom where the german president was early this morning a little town that had no military significance but it was just wiped out as part of the german military advance and so many other places across poland including here in warsaw were devastated their populations were deported massacred and you know the polish people suffered badly losing perhaps as much of as a 5th of their population during the 2nd world war so that's what it means when a german president comes here to ask for forgiveness. simon young in warsaw for us
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thank you very much. we also have wojciech show manzi from polish service here in studio you've been following today's ceremonies we saw of course both germany's presidents and chancellor in attendance the president being in fact the guest of honor what does that show about the relationship between these 2 countries the attendance of both from both the president and chancellor merkel it is indeed a symbol for very good and deep and for. relations between poland and germany the both countries have gone the route the way the path of the. conciliation and the attendance of from both their steinmeier today on the square saying some very important words is very symbolic and it's in evidence for this for this reconciliation i think prism steinmeier has used. the word stalking there too to the polish people stating it clearly it was
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a german crime this war dut. germany started 80 years ago and then saying important words for people as i ask for forgiveness i recognise our enduring crispness ability those kinds of words are always well you can't have enough of these kind of words when speaking as a german president in the very hot center of war so it wasn't a long time ago when germany might not have been invited to this sort of ceremony all right well it's a really long as i said the path of reconciliation in poland and germany. had to walk through we had to 9070 the very iconic visit of chancellor brandt then falling on his knees before the monument of the uprising in the war so we're so ghetto however it was a very long way but today seeing president steinmeyer there as i said and chance
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for a miracle saying this kind of words i think it is really a symbol of. friendship and good relations between those 2 countries there is no this controversial issue sort of hanging over today's ceremony and that is of reparations poland still wants germany to pay some billions of euros tell us about that well indeed as i said their relations are really good however does there are some there are some issue and one of them is the reparations well poland the government so there's a ruling hello and justice party in the worse so. says poland has not really hadn't got enough from. in germany after the 2nd world war they say how much should poland has lost how many people poland had lost warsaw has been almost completely destroyed during the war polish culture has been destroyed polish has been somehow destroyed so those are billions maybe of euros there are some accounts
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saying 800 maybe 850 billions euro but this topic hasn't been really spoken loudly today it's somewhere in the air between poland and germany but it hasn't been there today for the with the polish service thanks very much thank you . our let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world voting is underway in the eastern german states of saxony and brandenburg surveys have predicted big gains for the far right a.f.d. party the results could put pressure on germany's governing coalition of the christian democrats and social democrats hurricane dorian a powerful storm threatening the bahamas and the southeastern coast of the u.s. has now strengthened its a category 5 that is the highest level forecasters warn dorian could be the region's worst storm since hurricane andrew killed 65 people and destroyed 63000
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homes in 1902. on kong has seen another day of disruptions as protests protesters demanding greater democracy continued for the 13th consecutive weekend thousands of them around the city block roads and public transport links to the international airport creating gridlock at the airports bus terminal riot police cleared roads and pushed into one train station after protesters vandalized c.c.t.v. cameras and turnstiles the protest action followed overnight clashes between police and demonstrators that marked some of the most intense violence since the start of unrest. our correspondent charlotte johnson pillas been covering those protests for a she is in hong kong charlotte another disturbance at one of the world's busiest airports phyllis and what's the situation like where you are right now.
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cause if yesterday was defined it will be remembered by its violence today so far it's all about the chaos i'm at the train station that you mentioned a short time ago where the protest moved off to they came away from the airport now police moved into the train stations here cleared protesters out sending them running but as i'm sure you can see behind me there is still a normal transports carry yours here that really was the goal of today's protests they wanted to shut down roads train lines leading to the airports of course as much disruption as possible the goal being to try and bring that cool so the attention of the rest of the world the thinking that if they shut down the airports if they stop the planes from leaving the airport stopped passengers travelers from getting into hong kong then they will create a lot of attention to their cause here now there hasn't been any
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violence so far but we are hearing that at the moment as people move away from this area riot police all waiting for them as they get off the ferries were also saying very dramatic pictures of the protesters on travel is indeed as well trying to leave this area on foot walking along the big main road sometimes traveling working for hours to try and get away from this at an airport area which is completely shut down now among the protesters today and in previous days we've seen a number of lawmakers taking to the streets as wow that goal being to try and keep things calm to try and observe and protect the safety of the protesters in fact yesterday a day which was was mobs really gone by the violence we met one lawmaker in particular who said he had made it his role his responsibility to keep an eye on what was happening take a look. he's a familiar face here democrat you know make
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a lot. chuck ting knows this protest isn't authorized police have made it clear anyone taking part face is a rest but still he's here another defiant figure in the crowd. weeks of violence have shattered his faith in the police he's come here not to make noise but to act as a witness i think it's my duty to call the to the law enforcement of the police force and if they try to. weave it in they skew to labor to i best me then i could only defend myself in the court. lunch acting knows all too well the risks he's taking on friday 3 of his fellow lawmakers were arrested for their alleged role in protests. then there's the physical risk back in july protesters were attacked by
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a gang of men at the un long train station joke ting was among the 1st on the scene and live streamed what he saw on social media i have. my. 5. 105. was my. he was left with a fractured wrist and a cut to his face he says police failed to stop the attack. but the will be best by the police or attacked by the king's service a king. it is not the letter i have to concern and the boy are to get every phone call people is try our best to fight for democracy or phone call and. protests and. if although. it's not long before reports of
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clashes outside the government complex come in and he's on the move. during the week this is his office but today he can only stand back and watch the chaos unfold . as molotov cocktails are thrown from one side tear gas and water cannon on the other. he posts frequent updates on social media using his platform to his tens of thousands of followers to stay safe knowing that for some it will be futile another night of violence just beginning. charlotte these protests now entering their 4th month i mean how difficult is it for protesters like who we just saw there to keep that momentum up was really striking about this 13 week protest movement now is how the president really has managed to keep up the
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momentum they keep reinventing themselves finding new ways of gaining international attention what we're seeing at the airport is one of them we know that they've tried that tactic before it failed because their pages were accused of being too violent at that airport they're now trying a different way disrupting transport links to the airport this really is an ever evolving and ever changing movement charlotte shelton bill for us in hong kong thank you very much. watching the news live from berlin more news on the some people. go. to the group today. you know the banks. and so was the language of. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made 4 minds.


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