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tovan 1st 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is d w news line from berlin growing turmoil in britain as lawmakers deal the prime minister boris johnson more of a look they block his hard line breaks up and vote against his calls for a snap election and today he faces yet another challenge. also coming up desperation in the bahamas as people start picking up the pieces in the aftermath of hurricane dorian relief organizations say thousands need food water and medicine
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plus wrote about it and then abandon the pain and i feel we are dying out of that but i'm only the cinema but we're dying because cinematographs my culture of color and there aren't. many of yemen's cultural institutions have been destroyed by the country's ongoing war but our reporter meets young people there who are determined to keep the arts alive despite the conflict. i'm sunni so misconducts good to have you with us britain's prime minister boris johnson has vowed to take back control but now it seems he is the one losing control on wednesday night lawmakers rejected his call for a snap election they also passed a bill to prevent him from allowing the u.k. to leave. the e.u.
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without a deal it is a record number of defeats for the new prime minister and also brings the country no closer to solving its braggs that crisis. yet more setbacks for british prime minister boris johnson parliament voted to pass legislation blocking a no deal breck's it so he called for an early election. to go well this has been in my view and the view of this government there is now be an election on tuesday the 15th of october. might be right over gentlemen to respond to decide which of us is probably this is that crucial council on thursday the 17th of october the leader of the main opposition labor party jeremy called an appeal to lawmakers not to back an early general election before october the 31st the current deadline for britain to leave the e.u. . mr jenner me will be. thank you mr straker the author of the election to
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die is a bit like the offer of an awful to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of a no day i. called in said however that he would back an election once the government took a no deal praxis off the table the moment of truth or. then parliament's dealt another blow to the prime minister johnson needed to win the backing of at least $434.00 lawmakers but only $298.00 in favor of this political gamble on the part of the push prime minister that he can win a general election and see person leave the e.u. at the end of october is still very much up in the air. so where do you think.
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things stand now let's go to. in london good morning barrett so a triple blow for boris johnson and his plans to take the u.k. out of the e.u. what does this mean have m.p.'s now blocked the chance of a no deal break that on october 31st. m.p.'s have really dealt a big blow to prime minister johnson an absolute humiliation you have to say he's been very ruthless and pushing his agenda through he said do our dog we are going to leave at the end of october he has dismissed his own party colleagues who are threatening to rebel against him you said they expelled from the conservative party they can never stand again and yet they have voted against him because emotions are really running high when it comes to bret's it and it's not only the public where many people are incensed about it but also m.p.'s many m.p.'s don't want to leave without a deal and they don't trust the prime minister they don't trust him with anything he says and they want to just make sure that this doesn't happen and as we know now
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it looks like they have the upper hand they have. looks like they're going to pass this law it needs to go through the house if you notice well looks like it's on its way that the m.p.'s this time are going to win and brose johnson is there with his face could more strength and still get what he wants for it which is an election before this break that deadline. that really depends on the politics now he didn't get his way he didn't get it. being the strong man and threatening people threatening his own and that didn't work now he has to go to the opposition and he has to basically come to some agreement the opposition of course also generally always wants an election because they want to win the question is just about the time and the question is whether the opposition will agree to have
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the election before the 31st of october because many people here many m.p.'s are saying that their 1st priority is to prevent this no deal breaks and if there was an election before the end of october there would be the threat that still it coming could come to this nobody likes it so the question is when will the election be and will most likely find out within the next days maybe the next week i would presume because we keep talking about preventing a no deal breaks it on october 31st but we're talking about an extension and nothing has really changed in terms of the deal with the european union so are m.p.'s just trying to force the prime minister to kick the can down the road. well this is of course what was johnson himself and what all these people that we want in the 31st of october what they're saying they're saying there is no agreement however. there are many of them who feel that this needs to now go back to the people it needs to be
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a 2nd referendum on the argument that people know no more what leaving the european european union actually means and what it what it would entail there isn't gets a majority for this thoughts m.p.'s now are yet more under pressure than they have ever been to come to a conclusion and to actually say what they really want and to find find a common ground and find a solution finally to this breadth of crisis. on the ground for us in london thank you barry. let's get a round up now of some other stories making news around the world iran's president hassan rouhani says he's taking another step away from the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers iran will start to develop centrifuges to speed up the rayney and enrichment under the deal aronne agreed to limit its nuclear activities in return for the easing of economic sanctions the u.s. withdrew from the pact last name. the mexican government has attacked
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a court decision to release a key suspect in the 2014 disappearance of 43 students it is asking authorities to review the handling of the case the abduction and apparent massacre of the students by corrupt police working with the local drug gangs sparked international condemnation. google and its you tube video service will pay $170000000.00 u.s. dollars to settle allegations that have broke federal law by collecting data on children the settlement is the largest since the law banning the collection of information about children under the age of 13 came into effect in 1998. and the u.s. national transportation safety board is investigating the boat fire that killed 34 people off the california coast all but one but a body has been recovered and rapid d.n.a. tests are needed to identify the victims 5 crew members are the only survivors. millions of people have been evacuated on the south eastern seaboard of the united
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states as hurricane dorian approaches the storm has weakened but still has dangerously high winds and is threatening to flood coastal areas in georgia and north and south carolina dorian left a trail of devastation in the bahamas after lashing the islands for 3 days at least 20 people are dead and it's feared the death toll will rise as rescuers reach more area. the legendary beauty of the bahamas lies in tasha's aerial photos show the brutality with which hurrican dorian battered the island chain winds strong enough to push a boat across a road and destroy the grand bahama international airport. now the focus has turned to finding survivors as. a whole the whole eastern end of the outlet has been cut out so people are right now trying to mobilize themselves boats jet skis they have they can't get there people have been
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stuck. for days we haven't heard an instance the wee hours of the morning on monday things are pretty bad. people are nothing and i see nothing wrong with the bulls on their back and they go home to nothing. but the nearby florida volunteers a packing relief supplies hundreds of people have donated goods they feeling lucky to have been spared dorian's full force. you're watching news still to come culture in a time of war our correspondent the people of yemen working to sustain cultural life while civil conflict rages around. but 1st russians are voting in local elections this weekend in the runoff there's been a series of standoff between last help police and protesters these demonstrators want free and fair elections and they kiss the government of keeping opposition candidates off the ballots now elections are being held across the country on
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sunday in 19 regions and critics say this vote will not be free or fair because as of moscow local governments have the last word on who makes the final list of candidates officially sanctioned candidates have had no trouble securing their slots on the ballot but those opposed to the russian government have often been silenced. yes i mean for me is furious together with thousands of others she signed her name and support of a social liberal candidate in moscow's upcoming local elections but then the electoral commission to create that the candidate was not allowed to stand. and this is the reason we weren't given an explanation they just said that's not your signature that was it. knew it so it was an arbitrary decision she says and it spurred her into action she spoke to independent media and then like tens of thousands of others took to the streets and authorized and unauthorized
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demonstrations. security personnel have regularly come down heavily on the protesters and fountains have been arrested. yet there's a good deal and i mean i went on the demos to show that i was against what was happening i want to influence how people live in our city. she's especially concerned about the area where her family has lived for 4 generations the garden district yes men volunteers in the district offices and that's where she met yelena rose occur over the election candidate who owing to allegedly forged signatures was forced to step down most a covert took her case to court but in vain will not. do in russia there is a group of people who make only important decisions. and they don't want change. that is she says all about keeping the status quo moscow's electoral commission
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says it's familiar with such arguments but seems unable or unwilling to do anything if it's just a snub on you right now i can't see any reason to call of the elections. on you but yet if we see problems like those in other regions of the mill act accordingly. the presence of us boards in the local elections in moscow have developed into a serious political crisis and although the opposition barely has a chance yes my fucking me says she's not giving up. the early schnabel on you to. do what i'll continue to fight and take part in demos. but almost all of this is leading to the degradation of our society and the answer to god i don't want that. especially not for her children she says she hopes that they might have the chance of one day living in a democratic russia. cultural life in yemen has almost come to
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a complete halt since the beginning of its civil war 5 years ago in a country where people struggle for access to basics like food and electricity culture might not seem that important but did abuse funny for charm met people in yemen seeking a semblance of normality through the arts they say more culture could lead to less conflict. strolling through crater the story part of aden is not easy for people here most are struggling to survive and young people are fed up with the limited opportunities they have due to the lack of security they have not an act of. yet so i'm still. living in little and eating some books and movie and watching shouldn't be the only museum in town was partially destroyed in the civil war. cultural life in public has already been quite limited in the early ninety's when fundamentalism started being ground with civil war in
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2015 things you clicking through. this place right here is just one example. this is the old the cinema in yemen but not much is left of its former glory. what do you think about it you know something quite a 150 volts of power. and this screen played color and black and white movies. it was beautiful it was perfect. you got it i. used to be responsible for 8 years he still has to keep to show me around for him thinking about life before the war he's paying for it quite a nice gift you know. people came with their wives mothers with their families and you could find a culture. and respect. people were dressed in their last glimpse. it is not just because of lack of food that yemenis are dying people saw with or away
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without access to contra he says i'm going to get done what. pain and i feel we are dying you know what i'm only the cinema. but we're dying because cinematographs my culture and art. invaded for moonface dinner and walk out if the cinema still existed i would not. have it for the. market. but these young people want to revive cultural life in yemen they are rehearsing a play to be performed in public for the 1st time in more than 4 years and even with basics like electricity hard to come by the theater is a way to vent. turn the power on from the other line. is it your hobby to make my life miserable what nonsense talk just.
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this situation the director of believes that art is necessary to channel people's emotions about the difficulties in their lives but is it the right time to talk about art. or sport but that's not true because if everyone stopped doing what they have to do all sunk in the same situation real life expressed through art for artists in yemen it's a way to promote dialogue and ultimately peace in their country. and we have got tons filled with us she's the head of research at the independent yemen polling center good morning thanks for joining us those are inspiring stories of young people who are vibrant culture how common are these stories you wouldn't expect but . they are not as uncommon of course the majority of yemenis do not
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concern themselves with art at the moment but for many young people are really the only way to contribute to shaping society without resorting to violence so for them it's a very important place. we've seen that museums have been destroyed a cultural life cinema as we saw as well tell us about the cultural project that you yourself are working on a building in yemen yeah i am part of a project which is a magazine that focuses on cultural projects in yemen it is run by young yemenis who are based throughout the country and they cover these kinds of art initiatives including this young man who was the director of the theater in aden but the magazine also publishes short stories and portree and films and the goal is really to create this kind of platform for these people it's for them to have visibility and for them to to receive the kind of support they need to to continue
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this the these projects and of course these these kinds of initiatives initiatives give hope to the people of yemen but they also connect different parts of yemen because the division that we're seeing because of the war really goes down deep to the level of the family and and these are initiatives people come together what kind of stories do you see coming out of them yeah so one story that is really fascinating to me was the story of a young woman in mccullough who. who together with her friends did an advocacy come pain to allow breakdancers to continue dancing because it was forbidden by. the local politicians and they succeeded and these dancers are dancing again but there's so many other stories that are really worth telling and they're. seen as a place to to see these stories the u.n.
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calls the current situation in yemen the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world is it difficult to get people to focus on culture when there are other more pressing issues certainly. in. the magazine we're seeing that most interest is coming from within yemen but the of course internationally it is difficult to just get and have been for yemen at all unless there is some kind of new development in the war or. or the humanitarian situation is getting more urgent it is really difficult to get any kind of attention for yemen so give us an important point i want to ask you about something we heard the report the gentleman saying if cinema existed there would be no chaos so what role can culture arts and culture really play in resolving conflict yes of course artists and intellectual. important role in any society whether there is war or not and these intellectuals
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through art find an avenue to dream and vision to yemen that allows defend kinds of people with different social backgrounds to come together and artists create these visions for for people to consume and to to watch and to have hope so certainly art is the most important avenue. to model to look at. that is not the that does not involve violence arts and culture planting a seed of hope in yemen micah transfield head of research at the independent yemen polling center thank you very much for joining us to thank you. now nigeria has the largest number of children in the world who are missing out on education officials say more than 10000000 children are not in school many of them are homeless living on the streets so how can they be brought back to the classroom our correspondent flourish discovered how dance is helping some kids find the focus fane need to keep
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learning. when 11 year old dami discovered dance she discovered happiness. was one of those. fields makes me feel a. little for a very special i have to just for one or 2 on the road. or like the other kids in the dream car turns down scroope demi was moved on the show treats after her father died when she was just 7 demi had to do whatever she could to assist her mom and younger siblings. 2 years later she met her dance instructor and foster mother she only ali who has a similar story. that we're. well into in 10 i'm 35 from a guided financial setback on them i'm going to screw over the history of closing
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time with about them was able to block all those then they saw someone get a call from young children to be a better person and i didn't get anyone to do that. it's may seem like just a drop in the bucket but one child at a time only only is getting kids back in school to 27 year old has helped several off island and home less lives through primary and secondary school only only currently has 9 kids living with the all core hot mama whenever they are in front of her she works as a t.v. screen writer and choreograph are you doing we've had personal forms and donations from people line only early sponsors the kids screaming and takes care of their daily needs. these kids love to dance and they come here for me has those every day but she only gives that one
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condition to continue dancing and doing well in school. or in any charity that doesn't perform well screw is disqualified from dancing but you can still leave in the house for me is more than the dance and this will involve some from 11 themselves and many come home to sync with and meet all the group of whom from only on his work has been recognized on several occasions and had downs videos have gained popularity they have even caught the eye of international stars but the one that remains dia to her heart she says was when american music. beyond c. she had her video on instagram. and then the song was a song where more. thinking about your. song
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it was in part. the. dummy says besides down scene she also wants to become like how mama. german fashion photographer peter lindbergh has died at the age of $74.00 lindbergh was widely credited with inventing the 1980 s. a supermodel who was famous for photographing women without heavy makeup and his iconic images made household names of models like miami chapel percy turlington and cindy crawford lindbergh is survived by his wife and her son. this is news these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has suffered more major setbacks in his brags that policy lawmakers passed a bill and at stopping a no deal bread's it then later rejected his call for an early election johnson
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wants a snap poll in the hope of winning a majority so he can fulfill his promise of leaving the e.u. 31st. the u.n. says 70000 people in the bahamas need lifesaving assistance following hurricane dorian the storm inflicted widespread destruction at least 20 people have been killed many are still missing doreen is now moving towards the u.s. where millions of people have been ordered to evacuate. iran's president hassan rouhani says he's taking another step away from the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers with iran starting to develop centrifuges to speed up your brain iyam enrichment under the deal iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities in return for the easing of economic sanctions the u.s. withdrew from the pact last may. this is g.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at com or follow us on twitter at d w news. coming up on the w.
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business we're taking you to south africa where the world economic forum is set to begin bottle a recent wave of xeno public attacks and violence against women is overshadowing business advocate. ventures one has that story more coming up on d. to business thank you for watching.
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your family scattered across the globe. it's a good system to do is to. turn to the root issue again minutely. the charge family from somalia live around the world. one of them needed urgent assistance and. the family starts october any on w. . investors snub the global steel giant. an industrial heavyweight with over 200 years of history is kicked out of germany's main stock index. takedowns post the world economic forum on africa as violence notes south african businesses at home and abroad. and taking the air out of germany's which power sector one of the
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