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no to good my notes to bring with exclusive inside and oh must see concerning far claim culture keen your of the a should be full curious mines do it yourself networkers it so serps drive it don't miss this news africa coming up on the program the poll isn't town falcon some to belong people are well come pulled from system a zombie to us he begins his green is intro all the africa so how significant is a pulse visit who talk to our rate is just a fast or spawn also coming up sieved by the t.v. he nearly joined under slum missed a student scoop box don's to we t.v. program he change his mind now he hopes to use his story so the sky weeds out this from being radicalized
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i i'm eddie micah geneal you're welcome to the show pope francis is in mozambique other stopped of a 3 nation tour of south an africa he's phrase the country's new peace deal and cold for unity meeting with a country's president on difference village just groups is also off at his solidarity to the victims of to psych loons which devastated parts of a country ellie out this yep after stops an in was um beak the pulp war then head to the island nation of madagascar was is suffering from the effects of the for a station the last leg office tall will take him to or bishes the pontiff ski issues include maintaining peace on the climate crisis it is his 4th visits to the continent i warm well i'm for the pope
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from these nuns in mozambique's capital so. let my people that i'm. just the with the babies i'm really happy because we're here to greet our shepherd pope francis the father of the whole catholic church so all of us are here with all of the people of mozambique to welcome our father of joy and enthusiasm and reading to the actual. ilb incidents as he's coming to bring us hope and courage meant to be good i mean reinvigorating our faithful and i think it's a very important moment because we believe he's bringing a strong message of hope he passes them in fact in his ways and he spread out. with a strong message of peace the pope's visit comes just weeks after mozambique's government and opposition signed an landmark peace agreement it's aimed finally stopping the violence that has been recurring since the civil war officially ended almost that years ago but as the pope cautioned whilst meeting president felipe
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a new say peace is fragile and must be protected they're going to do what must continue with determination but without fanaticism and with courage but without excell taishan with tenacity but in an intelligent way to promote peace and reconciliation not the violence that brings not only destruction it is seen above. the pope's warning is a timely one elections are set to take place next month meeting with groups of different faiths he called for unity and for better opportunities to ensure lasting peace in mozambique. on this i'm joined in a studio by the views religious affairs correspondent matson got. many thanks for that. i'm so the pope is in mozambique how does this benefit ordinary muslim big
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guns i mean essentially you know there is a way in which international organizations of the size of the vatican they feel it leads that they can actually put a lot of pressure into regional governments and there's not only the case for africa and muslim be in particular but this has been the case for sort of conflict areas for instance at least where the vatican actually had a huge impact on the syrian war in the process of bringing parts together for conversation as well as and that's in america for instance the case of cuba in muslim begin particular john paul the 2nd was the last pope to visit the vatican has been very much involved in negotiating and trying to a piece of bards and bringing to the table the fact is that the country has relapse into war no for 16 years and i think that the hope of this pope and the hope of the entire diplomatic operation about this by around this pope because it's not really just one person it's really an entire set of people is that they can actually push
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the agenda push the front cards and put pressure on the government to actually develop and force a peace process now many expected him to do this that cycle only die affected areas but he will not why not he will not unfortunately i mean it would be something that many of us would be very interested in seeing because there is still very very much in this stage of a centrally complete break arias and this has not i mean reports at least are that there has not been sort of you know widespread rebuilds and that there are still sort of massive problems but the fact is that this is a pope that is struggling under very very strict security security rules and it is essentially a security issue the reason why this pope is not going to be live in the capital ok so he's booking about climate change he spoke ng about the country keeping the peace how much weight does his words carry i mean it's a very good question that it's really very difficult to right now but in. the way
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the pope i mean in the way that this was you know parades is that 6 months later you can always look at what is that actually happened while the pope was no longer there i think that the press is essentially they come in they flex muscle they put pressure and then the diplomatic machine gets into the country and has a conversations with government so the fact is that we might see for instance in mother scar where there is a berm of the forestation the vatican pushing in the ocean essentially the bronze of preserve a nation of course is not going to happen overnight and this is not a pope that particular like the spotlight so very likely there will be a push to see reforms on the ground then to actually see great declarations tomorrow morning or the day after it was about issues and to talk about i mean i think that one big issue for the pope in africa is the question of how different african churches had become very much conservative churches in the way there is a certainty for. a certain distance at which they stem from what is the current policy of the vatican which has become much more progressive at the same time i
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mean these are spots where the relation between different communities particularly christian community muslim community are very important in this the main topic for this pope into religion religions magic jack did of use religious affairs correspondent many thanks for your time my pleasure. now got us presidents not. that threat of terrorism to the country in the west african region poses a good risk to gonna so he wants to adopt measures that ensure that country warts of extremism one of these measures is better access to education for young people especially young muslims in ghana being targeted by terrorist groups online correspondents i met one of them who almost joined the so-called islamic state. the move was just 22 when yak reach to join the. islam
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expedients he had recently finished school and was unable to find way the movie whose name we have changed to protect he say 20 was recruited through facebook he says the told him if he joined the group who became even money in some way to leave. no i got them i was i was like i was used to almost. stuff to be missing or like. money and everything to validate for. you see what i got them my menu was what to get the money i was no false but i was a wee. you know what comes to force but just days before he was due to leave him russo a program on t.v.
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about anti extremism and changed his mind he says it saved. you seek is education though we are lucky. education oh i notice and i seem to say. if. the program was made by the west african center for counter extremism. its leader that terrible moment in booked our says that in just 2 years they have stopped more than 50 young people like you more room from joining us community engagement and talking to young people is also part of the initiative so if someone is significantly influenced by religious doctrines or religious ideals negatively yours ideals we come from the perspective of religion what are the counter messages
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to counter narratives that can help this person get out of days you wouldn't want to look at other approaches to country in this you know to help in the specimen regained his vocals and leave him positively in society. so far. as group has reached nearly a 1000 young people but it wants to do more counselling and more job opportunities will hope he says him or wants to hope to although his 2 can't reveal his identity for fear of stigma he hopes that soon you'll be able to use his story to discourage others from being radicalized. so what can be done to count out a threat of terrorism and violent extremism in the region that's what political leaders are discussing an article theone on peace and security for in ghana's capital accra the on all 4 brings together political leaders diplomats and experts
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for talks on evolving trends in peace and security germany's ambassador to ghana christophe is among those taken out our correspondent isaac lady met him and asked for his. months of the security situation in west africa on the salary region there's good reason to be concerned about the security situation in west africa if you look at the asylum region if you look at the lake shots region if you look at the situation in north east and if you look at the maritime security situation in the gulf of guinea and there is reason for growing concerns and i think we really have to find a strong and united on sort of this challenge what is germany doing to resolve some of these issues will we have together with france and other g 7 partners just recently alone spot a german chancellor. initiative fettuccine 7 meeting in directs we have the strongest to date contingent of the german buddhists where the german army in mali
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was more than 800 soldiers and we are working closely with the good name the armed forces and german army advises we are working with ecowas we have strong development programs in the region of west africa because we are convinced that you cannot separate development from peace there will be no peace without development and no development without peace and this is what we are doing and i think this is a strong monster. well that's it for now from good of you news africa you can catch all our stories on our web site on the facebook page so sweet ones and the show how we started it with people of welcoming to the was upbeat see you again soon good bye. was was.
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the they were before before. i. know. that people for information. they want to express. on facebook and twitter and coke addict in touch. i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair.
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i mean the language. keeps me maybe in trouble it's the same thing you want to do their story. fighting and reliable information for margaret. hello there and a warm welcome to our arts and culture news of fans of stephen king our rejoicing because pennywise the callao name is back in it chapter 2 so we'll see if the sequel packs the same horrifying punch and meanwhile here's what else is in the pipeline. these little guys have a long history in germany and we'll visit one of the last traditional manufacturers of garden gnomes to find out if they're a dying breed. and in our series planet berlin we need
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a self-taught fermentation expert from japan who's supplying a unique flavor twist to some of britain's finest restaurants. it's the most successful horror film of all time believe it it a chilling funhouse romp that centers around a sinister clown that loves to eat children based on stephen king's $986.00 novel of the same name it was the 2nd adaptation of the book following a successful mini series back in 1990 and so expectations were very high for the continuation of the tale. i used to live here. like you remember cleaner. you feel free to look around while i get the water boiling.


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