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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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doing. off to firing his follies president. to install his wife grace as his 2nd in command the military intervened good morning. in a defacto coup they placed mugabe under house arrest after 37 years in power he was forced to step down sparking celebrations in the streets of her are a. known for. some especially africa will look obvious legacy in the fight against white oppression but many around the world will remember him as the continent's most notorious dictator. and joining us from zimbabwe's capital had out is tendai biti he is the vice president of zimbabwe's opposition party m.d.c.
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and he served as the country's finance minister from 2009 to 2013 mr beattie thank you for joining us here on d w 1st of all what is the moment of robert mugabe's passing mean for zimbabwe. well it's it by getting live in the film. it's quite clearly the closure of it off the charts that. it just looks to me that he was a child of the devices. and it is no question that he was and i couldn't for that space or neverland suburbans only question it but there's also no question that it was a decision or the set of contradictions there's no question that the single did it was a sponsible for myself the destruction that we've seen in the 22 years up to 2070 the mice are quite generous and people between 90 to 2 it is even when put in 2000 people with cute the torch out of some of us i was tortured in 2008 so for the
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destruction of our economy you know that the this is a contradiction that only can remove him from office so badly right now that tattered broke in the fingers did things that need to open. who put this in person it's that he presided over so is today's if there was money there but we have no illusions about it and then we just add in singapore mr big after asking about his your role and his legacy because from 2009 until 2013 you were probably got his finance minister and we have a picture here showing us that we're looking at right now with a mr mugabe do you feel in any way responsible for failing to clean up the corruption that you say is still plaguing the country after serving as finance minister but i think the police unit to put is that. that said that government was it was a coalition government so maybe there was was more control did i say it was
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a coalition between states and morgan trying to raise taxes so i sit in government even. if they're into the abyss if we started as. we could the economy. we're. short of balance what it would need to renovate the economy quickly so we've learned to working with the one thing i want to draw your attention is that truly our decent government that was it was a contradiction between capital to be put at us in the capital of the country that is liveable gentle. joke that you 2 would have to cross it was a contradiction the character in. my just illustrates a good chance the contradiction that there was one is soft and i think it's good you got into it with the other it's huge purses. symptoms
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that really take trees good we're talking about that complex legacy of a lot today mr beattie i have to ask you you said zimbabwe still shattered today but i have to say it's not a lot of change since mugabe's departure 2 years ago there are still crackdowns on protestors the economy still struggling so how much of what zimbabwe is today can still be blamed on robert mugabe legacy where you have a right to see that. it's about we think is it was or was it that after 22 months of innocent knock out work is the worst goes up and cause economic mismanagement. confusion. and corruption so. the people that have to say i'm probably.
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going to duplicate enjoy. their lives with the good looks so good. so. ok of the situation. ok tendai biti the vice president of the opposition and d c party served as the country's finance minister under robert mugabe from 2009 to 2013 thank you very much for sharing your insights with us. let's get a round of now of some other stories making news around the world pope francis has denounced corruption among political and business leaders in mozambique at a range soaked mass in the capital the pontiff said it was paradoxical that great numbers of people in the east african country live in poverty despite mozambique's abundant natural resources sudan's newly appointed prime minister abdullah hand-off has announced his cabinet is the 1st since the military ousted president omar al
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bashir in april it includes 4 women and as part of a power sharing agreement between the military and the pro-democracy movement docks priorities include tackling the ailing economy and reaching peace with armed groups . and yemen thousands have taken to the streets of aden to back the united arab emirates the u.a.e. launched air strikes on saudi backed government forces last week in an attempt to recapture aid and support separatists the city was seized by separatists in a power struggle the demonstration comes as saudi arabia hosts talks between both sides. in the bahamas the government is warning that the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering at least 30 people are confirmed dead but thousands are missing while dorian is now threatening the u.s. states of north and south carolina and international humanitarian effort is underway to help those affected in the bahamas the u.n. estimates that 70000 people are in immediate need of aid. under this rubble lie holmes oh blistery to life's cut short the extent of hurricane dorian's havoc
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is slowly beginning to america and so 2 stories of survivors clinging on whatever what one joke to show well once for life well shit what once is going to show. others here are frantically trying to get out of the airport departure lounge is overwhelmed. they told us that the baby is the right thing people and the elderly people who are supposed to be 1st preference. we have to be here we still have elderly people yeah right so it's not. it's not they're not living up to there were. some 70000 people here need water food and medicine or gently they used to refer to as a slice of heaven no the people who call it home fear it's finished
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they. all take it and they get a long long. mechanism for the running and they've. got you know if you think it's about a 100 i mean a 100 percent that one thing and all over. the neighboring grand bahama it is every bit as bleak the road to shelter here is littered with tales of hope. and of heartbreak. set up in the ceiling for all to do this but you are in my house. right now at the city of marco rubio so it wasn't the promise of brown. everywhere remainders of those who couldn't escape recovery workers measure the cost in bodies a moment's rest interrupted by the discovery of yet another victim little wonder
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that officials here are preparing from mass casualties. on a state visit to china german chancellor angela merkel has said that the freedoms of the hong kong people quote must be guaranteed after an official welcome at the great hall of the people in beijing local met premier league show and that you discuss the ongoing trade war between china and the us that the dispute is having global consequences and she hopes it can be resolved soon but it was her comments on hong kong that most resonated with merkel saying a peaceful solution to the territories pro-democracy protests is needed. one starts ireland for one country 2 systems is the basic principle and based on that we have an agreement signed by china and the u.k. in 1984 and the hong kong basic law guarantees the freedom and rights of hong kong citizens. during the meeting i pointed out that the freedom and rights of hong kong
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citizens should be guaranteed and the agreement in 1904 should still be valid under the current situation we should do the utmost to avoid violence. let's get more on the story now we can speak to mali advent a member of the german parliament for chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. party he joins us from leipsic mr event a good to have you with us here on you know you have called on chancellor merkel to openly raise the issue of human rights abuses in hong kong and we just heard what she said about hong kong during this visit to china are you satisfied. hello sumi yes i'm very satisfied i think it's very important that she talks about the problems and issues who went on in hong kong and who are already going on in hong kong and so also as. your head of the petition committee to protect the rights of the people in regarding to
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a buddhist talk to the parliament and do rights against the government i am very satisfied you might be satisfied but in an open letter to machall pro-democracy activists in hong kong have warned her against dealing with quote authoritarian and on just regimes and she did not reply to that what do you think of that stance from pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. i think an angle merkel has to see all the holes you i mean she know how it's communist party did in the past she grew up in that in that g r which was a dictatorship under the communist party and i thing she is not someone who made deals you know like mr trump do but she has to see the whole relation trip between germany and china she has to see also what happened in europe and we have to go on the way of dialogue and it is important and that's why i'm really not with her but you fulfill the trip but you don't want to have to program the course the most
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important thing is that we stay on the line and we need to stay in a dialogue with china and india speeches and into conversations with to chinese government we have to crystal clear marco points but we don't negotiate about values we do don't negotiate about human rights but we want to have to freedom of press the freedom of speech the freedom of wrote in hong kong as it is written in the basic doff hong kong i want to ask you about one aspect of this relationship between china and germany because china is also a hugely important trading partner for germany there was $195000000000.00 in bilateral sales last year alone and now the german economy is on the brink of a recession and china is also sensitive to any interference on the question of hong kong so is it possible that economic interests are being put ahead of taking a tougher line from the german government. i thing we have to find a way and i'm going to market is doing that when we come by our both economical interests and would we combine it with our interest to to fulfill the values of
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human rights or freedom of speech against the chinese government we are here in leipsic for example where free people moved on the streets for 80 years ago who break down a communist party dictatorship system and vis with this idea and do with knowledge we have to go on and i don't want to live in a future europe which is occupied by shiny government by economical power or by our influence yeah like we see it now in the west parking area for example to chinese influence and the thing to go in dialogue to stop while and is the best way to have both interest of our 2 to protect our values and to negotiate with china and to handle shina and together is the best way like merkel that alright ma invent a member of parliament for chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party thank you very much for joining us here and. you're welcome by the way
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it has now been over a month since india revoked kashmir special status and imposed a communications blackout in the region internet and cell services are still down and phone lines are only now being restored the restrictions have had an impact on medical care as well. went to kashmir to find out more and all the people she spoke to have not been named at their request. a city under siege. and a hospital struggling to get foot pounds despite it. sister was diagnosed with colon stones in february. she has been regularly suffering bouts of pin. insist i'll go prison when my sister is supposed to have surgery they told us to come today. when we came here today the doctor told us that the operation theatre is a closed only emergency surgeries will be conducted as it is will be away or the buzz
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. has been asked to return in 2 weeks to check for a date he's waiting to request if she could be slotted in earlier. but that looks impossible there are crowds of patients here we in the hospital thought it was to schedule even if surgeries doctors here have told us off camera that they cannot schedule these studies because certain peters are on standby for any emergencies that might pop up because of the tense situation on the ground. with many medical staff wonders though for emergencies doctors say that only house the usual amount of elective surgeries are taking place. malignant cancers take precedence. doctors say anyone else will have to keep coming back every fortnight to see if the situation has normalized enough pull regular operations to resume. a communication
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blackout imposed by indian authorities has meant that people cannot reach ambulances whatever their comedy about the health of hospitalized loved ones. want to hurt and some people are angry that you may get the medicine but some imagery seized at the will my sister is very sick we can't even call an ambulance because the phones aren't working you know i had to bring on a scooter for over 15 kilometers maze and if. you continue to pull into communication there are no communication channels mobile services are down everything's cut off my brother had an accident and some kind people came to our home 25 kilometers away to tell us that's how we found out that i. was writing his motorbike to his hometown in south cost me a heavily restricted area to buy medicines for his uncle he had an accident that passes by i found him barely conscious and brought him to the hospital the id card in his pocket help them identify where his family is. the medication. has been
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totally better. how would help my family if over a son is dead or alive. no nation in the world no civilization in the world no civilized people of the word of the. good i have no idea is that a proper destructions of. hossam has been put on the observation for internal bleeding he says his pain is not only physical it is the be an official meetings here inexplicably and suddenly cut off from the rest of the world waiting for normalcy. that report from. was she is now back in delhi and joins us for more on the story to michigan to see oh we just saw there in your report the communications blackout has had.


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