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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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discover who. subscribed to documentary on you tube. a pleasant surprise for europe's biggest economy germany shows strong growth last month with trade wars taking out the good news. millions of venezuelans flee a collapsing economy to find work elsewhere like an argentine what happens when things go bad. and enjoys the sales in china but that doesn't mean it will shift production there the luxury goods maker says it's made in france label count. it's true business german exports rebounded
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unexpectedly in july europe's economic engine has been hit by the u.s. china trade war and uncertainty of a break said but new figures show exports rose by point 6 percent michel months and by it was 4 percent compared with the same period last year imports fell further than expected is this a 6 office says that underlines concerns the economy has lost momentum many economists expect germany to fall into recession later this year. meeting his chief economist at the bank and joins us from our frankfurt studios. where is the mighty german economy at right now losing steam last state about to lose a lot of state. the german economy has lost a lot of steam german economy is probably at the moment stagnating the export data are very volatile in july was a good month but some of data can be somewhat unreliable the overall trend judging
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by business confidence and especially by export orders is still down because the figures that we just got out now it's been a very different picture as far as exports go when when we start seeing the figures get getting bad when we really start seeing the downturn in numbers i'm afraid in one of the next 2 months we will probably see a notice of a downturn in these data normally export order our lead indicator for what is actually exported afterwards and export orders recently have been pretty weak and we have to see that exports to the u.k. that is to other european countries outside the euro though seem to be doing fairly badly and that is a trend that could unfortunately breck's it related continue for a while now is the trading as we all know the german budget is it is in
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a good place right now the surplus is also why needing according to these latest figures how prepared would you say germany is for a recession. germany would be prepared for a might recession once again and at the moment looks a bit more like stagnation with the export data not that bad but germany is prepared even for recession it has fiscal room and more importantly germany has mechanisms especially subsidizing under-employment on the drop it has mechanisms to prevent the export and especially the overall g.d.p. difficulties from spilling over very much into labor markets so germany maybe at the brink of recession hopefully not but consumers and workers will fortunately not feel all that much pain but could it be off recession i mean by spending a little more well germany would actually love to spend more germany is
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ordered amping up property investment as fast as it can the problem is with lengthy planning procedures with lengthy corporate c.d.'s and with lack of skilled plum bus and the like construction workers it actually isn't that easy to ramp up spending germany would probably come up with plans to spend more but the money would then be spend over the years rather than just this year or next year it takes time in germany i didn't realise it was that hard to spend money thank you very much for joining us there from. british airways has canceled almost all its flights as pilots begin its day strike tens of thousands of passengers have been left stranded it's the 1st time the company's pilots of take part in industrial action which could cost the airline almost $50000000.00 a day the strike was called of the pilots rejected an offer of 11 and a half percent is for his pay as far as the pay rise goes of 3 years be ace's it
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off as wolk last salaries and has reportedly boarded could withdraw perks like free flights of family members the pilots say they should be getting a bigger share of company profits. out of the frying pan into the fire millions of venezuelans and ditched their country leaving behind an economy in tatters for a better life and work abroad many ended up in argentina well how's that turning out it's not that different back. works in buenos aires for a delivery company is one of many venezuelans who fled their homeland. argentinean immigration authorities but their number at 650000 putting poverty in crisis behind them they came in search of a better life but now argentina's economy is in free fall. i was aware that in argentina i had an inflation problem. but i wasn't expecting
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this strange development and growth of inflation when i arrived here the dollar stood at 20 pesos a year it's gone to 16. the crisis intensified in the wake of the august primary elections which leftist candidate alberto finance one by a mile stock prices and the peso plummeted immediately investors are worried the country could soon see the return of a socialist government one touting similar policies to venezuela's. not a pleasant prospect for those who escape that very country. when i see if the government changes and inflation goes up even more it's very likely my great again i know a lot of people who have been in argentina and chile now and they're asking me over there and if necessary i'd move anywhere anywhere the important thing is that you can live well. but things are never quite as easy as that the number of
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economically sound countries in latin america is shrinking all the time. facebook's troubles continue an alliance of u.s. states has announced an anti trust investigation into the social media giant the new york state attorney general says the aims to find out whether the facebook stifled competition input uses that risk by endangering that data is follows an announcement from the justice department that it will also be conducting competition review of online platforms. and russia's state communications watchdog says u.s. tech giants google and facebook allowed political advertisement so on their platforms during sunday's regional elections despite being asked not to russian laws as election advertisement should not be pro cost on the day of elections the watchdog claims that google and facebook did nothing to stop the ads being run saying that amounts to interference in russia's internal affairs google has responded by saying it supports responsible political ads that comply with the goal
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but it did not deny the russian claims. let's go over to comrade boobs in al correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange conrad this is pretty ironic isn't it. spend it is this it's not the americans complaining about russia meddling in the elections it's the other way around but this is where the comparison ends the russians are not complaining america of producing trolls algorithms on a large scale to meddle in their election like it was the case in the american election meddling in russia as you said the watchdog says that facebook allowed advertisement that have to do with election topics around the date of the election which might be breaking russian law but it doesn't look like a huge scandal it doesn't look like something facebook couldn't cope with especially also if we take into consideration that the russian market for the
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facebook app is far less important than say western europe or the united states because what's more important is this u.s. anti trust what can we expect from that. it's very difficult to predict their this there's a huge amount of such probes going on against facebook as well as against other companies so far those probes has not produced any results that investors think might become a fundamental problem for facebook if we'd take into consideration the share price a facebook for example at the moment it's trading around about 6 percent below a record tie it reached last july but also in july facebook was hit with a $5000000000.00 us dollars fine by the f.t.c. the federal trade commission in the united sates so of course some of this is being priced in here but basically i think it's fair to say markets and investors to
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continue to believe in the business model of facebook and of course i also have to add facebook it's coming up with new ideas every day now they are planning it dating app they want to matchmake their uses i don't know whether this is going to be come you know data related problem it's see it would be a good match the caret buson thank you very much like for goods maker the we've been told is cashing in on a surgeon demand from china but it's not planning a moving mehta factoring there to be closer to its customer all cut costs it's chief executive say is asian shop as a note interested in products made in that part of the world this is probably not the sassing you'd associate with a multinational luxury brand but it here in a remote french village that lou eve we ta'en had chosen to stass up shop and pissed is why the whole luxury chain depends on our
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designs when the artisans leave the artists following. what is taking place here is the convergence of artists of artisans in the same place which shores the longevity of the luxury business in france france is number one in the world in luxury it's because of these leather workshops. in. this region and western france was once renowned for its leather industry some 400 factories once made shoes that were distributed across the entire country in the 1990 s. production moved to countries with lower wages only a museum remains to tell the story of a golden age he did worked in the industry for 44 years says. if they'd foreseen the crisis a bit earlier we might have turned towards luxury goods because we had the expertise and if we'd gone into luxury goods we could have charged higher prices i
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think if we had we could have maybe held her own for much longer i don't know. the factory to worked at didn't survive but now the tradition is a specialist is being revived thanks to a global brand keen to maintain its image for quality and craftsmanship and the highly skilled work comes with a hefty price tag a bag like this will set you back well over 3000 euros business appears to be going well louis plutons planning to take on another 1500 workers in france over the coming years. business with.
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charts printers neutralised and. alexander from boards. were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition. i'm not going to think. well just some of them but most of the women. thinks deep into german culture. stereotypes quacks but interesting to see
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a country. needed to take this drama day out to me it's all that who am. i my job join me to meet again sunday w. . paused. in new. hardly a shift goes by without a physical assault. police officers are experiencing violence more and more often. now some german states are hoping body camps may help deescalate that trend worn on the uniforms the cameras record the encounter and may discourage potential attackers. that's the idea anyway.
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minds the state capital of a fine land. given shias and stefan male are going on duty the 2 officers carry a new weapon in the fight against the increasing violence and decreasing respect from the public body camps. but. the primary aim is our own safety and other words we wear the body cam as a preventative measure. we always carry them and we turn them on in dangerous and tense situations to try to influence the behavior of the people weighing gauge with . almost every team is equipped with a tiny cameras when they go out on patrol. the days 1st call.


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