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some mules in free wool is sold at auction. we've come to the astray exchange in sydney to find out more. the total of 320000000 kilograms of roll produced every year in australia the guild is worth the equivalent of about $2300000000.00 euros. andrew blanch is managing director of a large group production company and says merino wool is a key product for his clients. to a very big part of the australian economy. continues to be. a fantastic return for these. but not all who is the same and experts like andrew blanch can spot the differences it all comes down to the crimping or the frequency of the winds in the wool you can even tell whether the sheep that produce this material have a lot of skin wrinkles. the shape that they come from might be
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a bit small and could have a little bit more wrinkle at the front of the animal and the shape that. comes from could be shaped a little bit larger and much recite much plainer he says that the wall of mills in 3 sheep is not as fluffy and seems almost artificial. this one. feels more slippery it feels closer to synthetic i guess but it's held this one you feel just the way that it stands up and looks at you with your push against him to push back out your watch so it's almost like he's talking to you. the prices for marino will depend mostly on the daily demand on average the bias paid the equivalent of 15 euros per kilo. for you will cost about one euro. to you straight in wool growers association. set
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a target date of 2010 for ending the practice of new but that hasn't happened yet we're here to talk to walter merry men who was the associations chairman until last year we wanted to find out what he thinks of the increasing demand from using free will concerns about animal welfare. and. brain is that what i mean i can go. and buy it surely there's a huge part of the industry doesn't want. you mean by the industry the bias from germany for example like they don't find out now really specific in germany who want to but polish up to say there isn't any going from say 100. to 2100 change and that's what growers look at and until the time when that affects their market. for them to look after shape is where the shares your solution with
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iraq. but that procedure is still an exception among sheep farmers merryman says that mules in free will is available if clients are willing to. pay for it they'll get some more of that. but it is not moral wall. so it's nothing about money in the end isn't it. a business. so after. it's not yet clear what the associations policy on meals in will be under its new chairman. we wanted to interview some government officials about animal welfare problems in the wool industry but they declined our requests so we talked to a member of the new south wales parliament. we haven't. that can't adapt to the australian environment so it requires all these
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interventions by humans and some of those interventions are highly controversial some of them. very serious invasive treatments or procedures and they're often done without pain relief and if we did it to a cat or dog in australia you would be prosecuted and possibly put in jail. and propose legislation to end the practice of me. when i 1st brought the motion. to call on the house to commend the progressive growers and to move away from using and in the meantime provide absolute objection the next morning when the motion comes on for debate or consideration the government's object. 11 percent of a strain is exported to europe. about 75 percent is sent to china for processing some of that ends up in direct to fabric clothing.
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we've come to shanghai to visit a while processing plant that's owned by a french company. is here to make sure that the mules in free will that his company demand is not mixed together with inferior products. so that. kills the stoop we want to inspect this facility for ourselves so. this equipment is processing 20 tons of wool per day. central for us to make sure that the wool from our farmers stay separate from the rest of the material. in the . first bales of rule that share common properties including 5 the length crimping and fineness combined into production units that way several times each every unit is given a number then is washed and dried several times. production
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manager chris mckenzie keeps a close eye on the documentation so that the different varieties of wool stay separate. we see. what you want to get out. of the. bikes if you think you know. the difference. between real. positives i think our prices but that principle. measures this was. the rule that's been washed and dried it is them processed into finished on the batched number stays the same throughout the system which includes several different production sites and often different companies in various countries. few businesses take the time and expense to keep such
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a close watch on the production process. and that's really a good start to help that adds to the cost of our products and we put a lot of effort into doing these kinds of checks because we hold ourselves to a higher standard that makes our products more expensive markers for the business i'm straight out. we've come to berlin for the fashion week shows that are held here twice and here. we are some of the exhibitors if they know where the used in their products comes from. the compass teigen on ours is produced in australia. they pay a lot of attention to sustainability there and they make an effort to see that the sheep are treated humanely taught not buy tickets are very pleased about that because our customers are concerned about animal welfare see a monster couldn't promise i'll come. back but i don't know anything about conditions of specific farms in new zealand. for australia so. do your suppliers
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know whether the sheep have been subjected to musing for example wasn't a childhood and just as a family owned company we need to trust the people we work with it's on the. many of the exhibitors rely on their manufacturers to tell them where the wool comes from. it can be it's possible they might buy another batch of all somewhere else but if they do they tell me like this comes from patagonia product the shooter comes to c.n.n.'s candy forge a check on all of our distributors i am incumbent on says fish fish caught we're constantly in contact with them to make sure that the well comes from sheep that are raised humanely just as i once now take advantage of. germany's minister for economic co-operation and development good miller is committed to sustainable clothing production miller is opposed to musing but says more research is needed on this problem his ministry has developed
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a new seal of approval for companies that produce socially and ecologically sustainable textiles. churches and these standards also apply to animal welfare and can and has. been going through for as many proceedings as the seal is associated with a large number of basic standards which of course also cover animal welfare as far as all is concerned. i would as well but this is a very complex situation. that has said the sea will also deal with animal welfare standards met in because. it is my staff will explain the details of. the spokesperson says that the minister will provide a statement later today. you might think that good moola would welcome the opportunity to discuss a project that's very important to him and. we
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try to talk to him again later but he declined our request for an interview. so we went back to the consumer initiative office. does this new seal apply to animal welfare not mine i'm vison but it's based on what i've learned so 5 plays only a small role if any too small just in the certification program needs to address the issue of animal welfare people who are concerned about this need to make their voices heard and if the minister takes those concerns into account he'll be on the right track and done starts. but how can consumers make sure that they're buying sustainable products. every purchase makes a statement that people need to pay more attention to the sources of the textile products that they buy that way we can effect change. but how much influence to consumers really have how will they react when they find out more about how merino
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wool is produced. the young women we met earlier was shocked when we showed them videos that we put together for this report. i didn't know that it was this bad the company's always put a positive spin on it and they tell you that was a wonderful material but when you see something like this you think twice before you buy well of. course the chemical fashionistas i think i'd pay more for that was produced in humane conditions. don't suffer if you shop and get it. out of. the big chain store should do something about this they have the financial clout to make sure that well is produced humanely.
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but a lot of clothing manufacturers don't pay a lot of attention to animal welfare and many retailers don't ask enough questions about where they will comes from a strain will produce is a do. vij as on by the team's traditional all humane methods consumers who a concerned about this situation will have to put pressure on the textile industry i am i well as issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in
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a room as syma it was hard i was fair i even got white hair is that learning that jed my language head melnotte this the gates nate and take up much nipping to entrust this of say you want to know their story and spur fighting and reliable information for margret is long as mine i just you know go to dame nothing now the change you know the bank spain your own july and so watch the language of a bank in money for speaking the truth for global news that matters d. w. laid for minds this
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is d.w. news from berlin tonight british lawmakers try to rein in the prime minister and his brakes of plans before they are forced to go prime minister boris johnson will suspend parliament after a key vote tonight for 5 weeks but before they go lawmakers are likely to repeat their rejection of the prime minister's call for a snap election also coming up tonight is a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party democracy and a small german town outraged as a neo nazi is unanimously elected unopposed to be the new mayor and reporting under a communications blackout imposed by india d w speaks to journalists in trouble
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kashmir struggling to get the news out the best way they can. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight we are witnessing the final attempts of the u.k. parliament to put the brakes it brakes on the prime minister before the prime minister sends members of parliament home m.p.'s are about to begin a 5 week suspension imposed by boris johnson in one act of defiance lawmakers have backed a demand for the government to release confidential documents on preparations for a new deal breaks it and before they're sent home members of parliament will again vote on prime minister boyce johnson's call for a snap general election they are expected to reject that call for a 2nd. johnson began his day in dublin with talks with the irish prime
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minister. at issue the question of how the 2 countries will manage their joint border if and when the u.k. leaves the european union we'll hear about that in just a moment but 1st this report. live rock care had been waiting 2 months for this meeting since boris johnson became u.k. prime minister to close neighbors and allies but these men are poles apart on the question of the irish border brags that. when the u.k. finally leaves the european union the only land border between them bull beyond irish soil the so-called irish backstop is a plan to avoid checkpoints and border checks something many fear will endanger peace in northern ireland it would keep the u.k. in the customs union off to bragg's it leave campaign as an boris johnson supporters in the u.k. find that acceptable boris johnson has promised to solve the issue but in ireland
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they want specific proposals what's we cannot do and will not do and i know you understand this is a greets the replacement of illegal guarantee with a promise our businesses need long term certainty and the people decide the norton sides need to know that their livelihoods their security under sense of identity will not be put at risk as a consequence of bragg's us boris johnson is gambling that a no deal brags that threat will make e.u. leaders change the divorce deal and if they don't move he wants everyone to share the blame i look catholic act no deal i would suggest it's called sequences both. our country and and yours and yes of course we could do it but be in no doubt that outcome would be a failure of statecraft for which we would be responsible 1st johnson lives aren't.


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