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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is g w news wire from berlin tonight a shocking shake up inside the white house president. and controversial national security adviser john bolton is out he says he resign trump says he was for the president strongly disagreed with both his positions on major foreign policy issues including talks with the taliban and the u.s. stance on iraq will departure mean more than just a personnel change for the u.s. also coming up a campaign promise designed to provoke israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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says he will and next march parts of the occupied west bank if he's reelected in a general election next week and europe's incoming commission president says climate protection is a top priority for her new cabinet we'll take a look at ursuline fund of lions proposed shifting the balance could wind up and her in vicious european. plus can skateboarding culture translate to competition at the olympics next summer's olympics welcome speak into his clamorous but tightly regulated world can the boys and girls and the men and women of the sport keep pace do they even want to go. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states. and all around the world welcome we begin tonight in
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washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump says he has dismissed his national security adviser john bolton announcing this latest white house sacking on twitter the president said that he disagreed strongly with bolton on many issues bolton is regarded as a foreign policy hall advocating regime change in countries like syria and iran he served as u.s. ambassador to the united nations in 20052006 trump says that he will name a new security advisor next week d.w. correspondent published is on that story for us in the u.s. capital i spoke to him a short while ago and i asked what prompted the u.s. president to fire his closest national security adviser. you're absolutely right brent and it appears that there was reports here in the media saying is there was
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a heated discussion between now the former national security advisor john bolton and president trump over at president trump more will say conciliatory tone towards the taliban he believes that it diplomatic effort was at the best way to put an end to the u.s. is the longest war of course in afghanistan it was one of his campaign promises let's not forget to bring the troops home or at least bring back the majority of the troops but it's believed that bolton was very much against it and he said that essentially inviting a terrorist this is what's being reported on that it's actually inviting a terrorist organization to camp david was pretty much setting a a dangerous precedent and he was very much against it and that this is that as you've kind of mentioned already one of many disagreements that it appears john bolton had with president trump and we know the drill bit bowled over iran as well we've got the iranian president's advisers saying that the departure of bolton
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shows that the u.s. is policy of maximum pressure against iran has failed are we anticipating massive changes now in the white house is iran paul's. well bred it was definitely what most of the questions were being sort of geared towards mike pompei of the secretary of state at a press conference that he gave here in washington earlier asking whether they would change the direction and it does appear that president trump is taking as i said before a little bit more of a considerate conciliatory tone towards for example north korea and iran as we're discussing now and we know that president trump. said that he's open to potentially meeting the iranian president hassan rouhani and we know that john bolton had definitely a more aggressive approach towards iran which it appears went against perhaps
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president trump is trying to what direction he's trying to take the united states in pump aoe didn't give us much information on that but he did indicate that perhaps the fact that it john bolton isn't there anymore you know it might be a little bit easier for these discussions to take place between presidents from me in the future. like i said it's one of the many differences of opinion that existed between president trump and john bolton let's not forget the 3rd national security adviser under the trumpet ministration like a revolving door inside the war it helps a writer who responded publicly in washington a story for july public thank you. well now to the campaign trail in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising to annex the jordan valley in the occupied west bank if he wins next week's election the jordan valley accounts for
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a large swathe of the occupied west bank and is a strategic strip of land along the border with jordan israelis will vote in parliamentary elections on september 17th the 2nd to be held this year the ballot could win that yahoo a 5th term or it could end his decade long dominance of israeli politics today i'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next government is really suffering on the jordan valley and northern dead sea there. are for more on this now i'm joined by our correspondent on your grammar in jerusalem good evening to you john you so help us understand what netanyahu is doing here when he says he intends to annex parts of the occupied west bank is he talking about an illegal land grab. well you have to see the statement a very dramatic statement in a way in the context of the elections i mean you said it's a week before the elections and he said he wants to the next the settlements in the jordan valley and north. sea and also in light of the possible revelation of the
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u.s. peace plan after the elections and that he needs to mandate from his voters from the israeli public to do so immediately after the elections now it's not really a new plant in israel has always said they want to keep this jordan valley especially security barrier as an east of possible eastern border but of course there is a big if if he's reelected that the theater matic development because it could have seen in towns like jericho in the jordan very little enclaves israel occupied kept it and occupied the west bank in one to 67 and of course such a move would then make at this occupation come an end and also you know the notion for the palestinians of a possible palestinian suffer and palestinian state and 2 state solution for those people who still believe and a 2 state solution would actually go away and of course it's and against
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international law and against and no notion of an negotiated deal you know that with see a sovereign palestinian state and so on your what about the timing of this is netanyahu is he making this promise to appease those orthodox parties that he needs to win ahead of the election. but he's certainly and i think all the media tonight a son is about put it you know statement in an election campaign and he certainly appeals to the voters that's right thing base but he wants them to go to the cootie doesn't want you know to be too dependent on those extreme or slightly smaller parties he needs for his coalition. but again you know it's i think he really would push for it and if he makes it. also depends what kind of could listen he would be able to put together then. also that on the point of view for the palestinians or
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the corresponding funding framework in jerusalem tonight thank you thank you well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world officials in iraq say more than 30 people have died in around $100.00 have been injured in the city of karbala after a stampede during a shura celebrations well that's when many muslims commemorate the death of the prophet muhammad's grandson and saying some celebrations include self flagellation rituals italy's new left leaning coalition has cleared the final hurdle to form a government winning a confidence vote in the country's upper house the senate the new coalition of the anti establishment 5 star movement and the central left democratic party is led by former prime minister if you sceptical intent and it shuts far right leader but to yourself any out of power. where she is serious about climate protection today the european union's incoming commission president set fighting climate change is one of her top goals of her proposed cap ursula fund
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a lie and veiled her choices for you commissioners in brussels today the 27 strong commission is the most gender balanced since its inception and it has to be approved by the european parliament before it takes office. tackling challenges on the climate tech and jobs that looks set to top personal affront to lions agenda because e.u. commission president under the newly named teen was issued to the german conservative got elected darling to make europe greener and the man set to oversee the task is dutch socialist france to mamma he's been tapped as executive vice president for the so-called european green deal. i want the european green deal to become europe's whole mark. at the heart of it is our commitment to becoming the world's 1st climate neutral continent it is also
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a long term economic imperative because those who act 1st and fast will be the ones who grasp the opportunities from the ecological transition. fund our land pledged to present the european green deal within her 1st 100 days in office she wants a legally binding target for the e.u. to become climate neutral by 2050 and she wants more ambitious goals on reducing the blocks carbon emissions by 2032 at least 50 percent. another goal for fonda lion but she's being gender balance in her commission 13 out of $27.00 nominees are women the highest female representation over the top ranking woman under-funded lyon is certain be done marks by creative a star go who is tasked with shaping the e use digital future should also remain in charge of competition policy where she's already built a reputation for taking on tech giants and demanding tougher regulation father
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strong broad skills from latvia was nominated to look after the 3rd key portfolio on economic and financial affairs he's a conservative like fonda lyon and is known for pushing for fiscal discipline more in our funder lion has to get her team approved by the european parliament and that's not a given. well one of the leaders of hong kong's pro-democracy movement josh huang is on a global tour to make his calls known and that is drawing fire from china wang is here in germany at the moment today he met foreign minister heiko mosse a meeting that led to a diplomatic complaint from the chinese foreign ministry calling the meeting disrespectful long says that the hong kong protest movement will continue despite the government dropping a controversial extradition bill that started the protests or what is joshua
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long's end game in hong kong i'll ask that question and more in my interview with joshua long that's coming up a little later on the day following this newscast. well the german finance minister says that he is prepared to spend billions of euros if a future economic crisis hits but minister olof scholtz also says that he will stick to germany's strict no new debt policy even if there is a recession german parliamentarians are debating a budget for the year 2020 says he can manage maintain a balanced budget despite an economy that is showing signs of flagging maybe even recession is proposal puts an emphasis on labor and social issues as well as relief for low income families. here is part of what a loft schultz said today during the budget debate in the buddhist minus the in my view it is essential that with a solid financial basis that we now have we can react with many many billions of
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euros if that's the recession in germany or europe and we will do it then via bad news often are for more on this i'm joined now by our political correspondent leigh only from homer stein she is here in berlin and here the big table with me is kris kobach from d.w. business leone let me start with you says that germany can spend its way out of a possible economic crisis maybe even in a recession but why not use that money now to prevent the crisis. well that's a lot to do with the famous or infamous black 0 policy and what that is is the self-imposed goal of keeping the federal budget balanced and it's been the basically the pillar office german fiscal policy under chancellor i'm going to makkah and her finance ministers the times the chancellor has repeatedly i viewed that it is important not to burden future generations with more debt especially in
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light of germany's ageing population so it's safe to say i'm going to america and it's a really committed to that black 0 policy but they're facing really has criticism not only by politicians from the opposition who have divonne doing more investment investment boost in infrastructure in climate protection measures but also because now as you said germany is facing an economic slowdown but it's has repeatedly stressed and argued today again that the government will only act if that slowdown is turning into an actual economic crisis yeah that could be the case is there is this you know commitment to a balanced budget is a sacred cow in german politics but we've got economists saying that this sacred cow could turn into a in economics in right we have renowned economist saying that this new new debt policy is
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a fetish for the government one that clean 2 might not be very smart in these days the major reason here being if we look at the journey the bond market german but the years for german bonds are somewhere around 0 some bonds even some years even a negative territory meaning if the german government borrowed $100.00 euros from an investor it would have to pay back only like 99 years or so because investors still see an investment in in german government bonds is a very very safe investment so they're willing to pay money for it and the other reason it is it is. a very good time to borrow money because the interest rates are not going to say no for ever here's another reason economists are saying wide would be good to to to borrow money it is high need for investment and he just said it we need to invest in infrastructure in schools in education in general in mobile internet coverage and if we don't do it now these economists are saying. it's the
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future economic growth is certainly in danger so what would happen if germany did decide to start borrowing what would the markets react with a b. in shock i don't think so i don't think that there's still a demand as i said for safe investment investors still don't know where else to put their money so if germany were to hold a big bond auction i think it would be heavily oversubscribed and they only there's also talk about a shadow budget that would allocate billions to climate protection measures what do we know about that. well we do know that climate protection measures really high up on the agenda of policymakers here in berlin at the moment and the economy minister peter my actually suggested a plan he wants to create a climate foundation which was basically combine private funds and state funds to then be able to actually invest money in measures to reduce carbon emissions in
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germany like cheaper train tickets like for supporting families in the transition to more news and engineer life and so you once to fund to actually accumulate up to 50000000000 euros so that would be a solution to sort of keep the balanced budget but at the same time invest in climate protection measures that the opposition is demanding that people in germany on demanding germany does something about the carbon missions. only from hammerstein on the story for us in berlin and chris crocker here at the big table to both of you thank you all a female iranian football fan who set herself on fire after her arrest for attending a game dressed as a man she has died so hard for the yard was known as the blue girl in social media circles after the colors of her favorite men's team iranian rights activists and
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football's world governing body they are among those mourning her death and the treatment of female fans by iran's political leadership. tragic death has high in the debate around the barring of the woman from attending football games in iran and sparked outcry across the world so hard coded yari known as the blue girl because of how she disguised herself at matches has died a week after self-immolating in protest could a yari litter self on the fire outside of a tehran court house after hearing she could be jailed for 6 months for attending a men's football match. women have been banned from men's game since the 979 islamic revolution and often resort to disguising themselves and sneaking into stadiums which can draw harsh penalties supporters of cota yardies favorite club condemned her treatment and the politics making her support illegal while activists
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like mozzie allin a judge have called for a boycott from male fans and players and for reform from thief. he thought have offered condolences to family and friends and president gianni and fenty know has previously spoken about lifting the ban on female fans and people are hopeful this will happen before iran's october 10th world cup qualifier against cambodia. iranian women are not barred from attending men's matches abroad and the 28 team world cup was an inspiring moment for those who made it to russia. it was a. game before it was the 1st time that i could just say down and it was just so good i really enjoyed the game i always give her the eva everybody that's good to say to me it was. increased pressure both domestic and international following code yardies death could make that fancy british
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a reality. skateboarding makes its debut in next year's olympic games in tokyo and it will be a historic moment for the sport providing it with greater recognition but there are fears among the skateboarding community that this mainstream exposure will endanger the sport's individuality. his skateboarding turns heads tyler at my eye is a rare breed in europe the 18 year old from the south of germany critz school to focus on skateboarding i was in the us how it's gone sidestream in the olympics has been a dream of mine since i was a kid is the coolest thing and it's what i look forward to another skateboarding is part of the olympics it's really cool i said not everyone is the optimistic some skaters are unsure of their sport fits in impacts i. guess skating has
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nothing to do with the olympics skate most of his life gazing is like freedom you can do what you want to do there are no rules you can wear what you want you do the tricks you want. skateboarding has always been more padi than sport even at the german championships and doesn't go out everyone is young and image the international olympic committee wants to use to its advantage that skateboarding now has to play by the olympic rules. so teams into became an olympic sport everyone that wants to participate has to be part of a club the club has to be part of the national association doping control officers come and test young skates as they take your examples. it's best to develop talent at a young age like nearly stuff asked us she's only 12 years old and already a 2 time german champion and. nearly has our eyes on tokyo 20 trainee. she'll be 13 by then yes instead i missed the 1st 20 in the world rankings qualify
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at the moment i'm number 20 find the list will be adjusted because only 3 from every country are allowed to take part so i could be 17 or 16 that's why my chances are good i think i can do it thanks dr chan it's tough because many represents a new generation of skateboard for them skate. as a competitive sport and not just the lifestyle it's the same for. both have to find at the german titles and now hope to showcase their talent on the biggest stage of on. and for more on this new skateboarding moves i'm joined here to be table now by shear and have a coffee is the deputy chairman of germany's skate board commission if you didn't know what he bought a skateboard with and is good to have you on the show i mean you're serious about this sport what do you say is skateboarding something that should be in the olympics for some of us definitely yes for the most of the skate burress and my age
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it's like curious to see skateboarding entering until 11 picks since when i was born olympics was for like fends and all these traditional sports but we see a big allusion in sports in the olympics so why not and we have seen the. snowboarding and during the great success so it's a huge possibility for those who are interested in that you know you save for your age you are in your for use in a lot of people look at skateboarders and think of them as being teenagers or are people you know in their in their their twenty's are i mean are you to vote for this sport no i didn't think so and i'm too old i'm just you never quit skateboarding a was a never been a skip or a that's what's dense mountain one of our biggest idol it's said and i have to say it's true i'm going there outside and skating more or less each day i mean is this
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for the fact that the sport does have sort of skateboarders like yourself the fact that it is going into the olympics does does that prove that this is a sport that is maturing and that its time has come. i would say both has matured olympics and we so olympic. change we change and we take this chance that see what's happening we want to see some real good skateboarding there and from my side i will push skateboarding as far as i can go and have a big nice contest there and at the olympics and if the 5th works out there will be a big interest for that but then there's on the other hand a big scene that's not interested in that one as any world when you get into sports there is this perception of skateboarding being a peter pan sport you know people who skateboard are usually young people who don't want to grow up is there any truth behind them well peter pan is
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a big idol for us anyhow because it's a good thing to stay young to say we're bill used to you know ask questions to be there all day in the streets and have some context of a person doesn't grow old in a mindset and mainstreaming the sport by going to the olympics it will not do that no i don't think so it's like to rebellious it's too vital and there is lots things happening in skateboarding which will never touch the lympics at all you can sure on how because deputy chairman of germany's skate board commission we appreciate you coming in tonight and bringing your board with you thank you thank you i roll come you are now to the indian ocean island of more issues for the kite surfing world cup 14 year old kylie sol has triumphed with a stunning display in the freestyle competition she now tops the world rankings things to amazing jobs just like this she's good or she's also hosted the men's
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competition a very corneal of the dominican republic one that after some serious monster jobs taking him to the top of the world rankings defying the fine gravity in the process while. our here's a reminder the top story we're following for you u.s. national security adviser john bolton has been sacked from his job as president double trump dismissing both citing what he said were strong disagreements on many issues. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day to night my interview with hong kong growth democracy activist joshua why.
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this is the cue to. turn back to the roots mr chairman of. the church family from somalia live around the world. one of the many needed urgent assistance if there's. a family starts october in any own d.w. . 30 years ago the berlin wall fell the bricks and mortar along the cold war's fault line crumbled as people rose up demanding freedom and berlin is an inspiring story but does it translate beyond europe's borders well this young man says it already has the activist joshua was his is the face of protests against the heavy hand of chinese rule tonight he is here in the german capital and he tells me why hong kong is now the new berlin i'm bored.


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