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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2019 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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iran a $15000000000.00 line of credit to be paid off with sales of iranian oil it would be a major rethink but the shocking turnaround is this tehran would agree to abide by the nuclear deal which already exists the deal which the u.s. withdrew from the deal which europe has kept a lot of the deal that trump himself has labeled the worst deal ever i bring gotham brillant this is the day. we cannot let iran have a nuclear weapon and they never will have a nuclear weapon get eat on but that we have said many times it is our policy it is one with peaceful technology. nothing approaching a j c p a way his commitment to full commitment will got out of town and that they care about richmond they can forget about it because it's going to be very good be very
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dangerous for them to enrich very very dangerous subject in the enemy imposed maximum pressure on us as. a response is to resist and to confront this us. also coming up tonight the losers when politics tries to win in the world of sports and iranian judo world champion says he lost his title and his home and he says the leaders in tehran have stolen both from him. in the. new life i've begun could have consequences for me not just could it definitely will 100 percent i can't return to iran. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the unbelievable unlikely but suddenly realistic possibility of a thaw in the decades long ice age of u.s.
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iranian relations as soon as he moved into the white house u.s. president aimed all the fury of his foreign policy at tehran he withdrew from the iran nuclear deal which is known as the james c.p.o. way and he has repeatedly slapped tougher sanctions on iran's leadership maximum pressure with minimal chances of a peaceful end until now earlier this week trump fired his national security advisor john bolton saying bolton was an arsonist who wanted war with iran and that may have opened the door further to trump meeting iran's president rouhani later this month at the united nations and yesterday trump said that he believes tehran wants to talk and he believes they want to make a deal i think iran has potential and i think do it's korea those are 2 countries we're dealing with right now at a very high level and i think iran has a tremendous tremendous potential. incredible people that they have we're not
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looking for regime change. we hope that we can make a deal out of we can make it in this mine too. well the deal in question is one that french president emanuel macron apparently set in motion when he hosted the g. 7 summit last month trump reportedly had an open ear suggestion that the u.s. offer iran a line of credit and ease sanctions in exchange for iran staying in the deal to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon if it sounds too good to be true it is to several of trump's remaining advisers take a listen how serious is this business 1000000000 dollar bailout or credit idea of war heroes or any of the things you could not to go for we see the absolute outside we've had direct conversations with president mccraw in our prelim are the finance minister and they absolutely understand they would need waivers from the u.s. to do that and that is not something we're contemplating at the moment well for
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more on these hints of dramatic changes i'm joined tonight here at the big table by hassan mahdi on sun is currently a research fellow at the iran project at harvard university he's also professor of middle east studies at the university of tehran science good to have you on the show tonight what do you make of these reports that the u.s. president is considering easing sanctions if iran by 5 a nuclear agreement. course the the porch of walton as a part is a positive news to be a bomb but the policy of maximal pressure as pump aoe and secretary minot and i have spoke about is not a policy of mr bolton so it's it is continuing and i think they are minister and the president of iran has made it clear that without you know change in the sanctions they are not willing and they have they don't have the up and basically
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to. you know go to negotiations with mr trump i think they've said that if the same sions were removed then the door would be open to talking again now of course that's that's their position so we should wait and see if mr trump will change the policy but the signs from the administration and from mr pompei on notch and are not that positive on that regard but do you not see at least a glimmer of hope here because as we know president trump does not let his advisors you know take him off the path that he wants to be on we saw that with bolton we saw that with 3 national security advisers who have come and gone now he is saying things that sound positive about changing course i mean are we witnessing do you think the u.s. finally moving in the direction that needs to be moved to meet iran
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so far there is no really signs back in this promise but we should be i think we should be hopeful that the course would change actually there was i mean the notion that president trump doesn't want a nuclear iran basically the j.c. did exactly that and withdrawing from it and you know rendering international. 1st of salvage salvage the deal irrelevant was working against the games so i think it's created you know crisis between iran and the united states by president trump i think he should change this course in order to set the scene for further negotiations and dialogue with what do you think about the reports about from saying he would use the same sions he would give the
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$15000000000.00 line of credit he would be in favor of iran selling its oil. in exchange he's asking iran to do what it's been doing the entire time right abiding by the nuclear agreement i mean isn't that a sea change isn't it because he said that agreement was the worst agreement ever it of course if that happens it's it's a totally different story so but but as i said i mean secretary mentioned you know refused the president trump said that and these are he's saying but but if these happens i think iranians would be happy and very willing to go into dollar with with administration but so far they don't see that change you know and the fact that he withdrew from from an agreement international agreement a part of the you know international law by you and the u.n.
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security council is telling it when he is you know part of the debate in iran how can we trust trust that when he signs a deal it will stick to its terms of observed. he would argue that president obama was it was president obama's deal that wasn't his deal although you know you and i know that not help it's supposed to work. are there are forces in the iranian leadership that could torpedo this possible thawing of relations we know that president rouhani is going to new york at the end of this month there's talk about him meeting with president draw. do you think that's going to happen well i think president rouhani has answered this he said with the sanctions there is no meaning to any meeting to it was talking to president mcconnell so i think with the sanctions in phase i basically the united states is out of the j.c.
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is not observing gets commitments based on the deal the president. is not really willing because it's the main achievement of his foreign policy basically and his campaign you know. part of his campaign for be it for being a president elected as a president so his foreign policy at the moment looks really bad and the fact that he is even considering easing the sanctions that probably has everything to do with the french presidents what kind of credit do you think the french president is getting in tehran tonight the fact that we're the fact that you and i could even talk about you know a meeting between rouhani and trump has to do with emmanuel micron is he getting that acknowledgement do you think in tehran well i think when you were very much for symptoms of the french an initiative and. president cons you know trying to ease the tension through the plan that was laid out. by his admission by his
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government and the visits the phone calls between the 2 presidents iranian and france but french president the visit of iran's foreign minister to the g. 7 summit and i think all of these are indicators of that the fact that you want was receptive of the initiative but at the end of the day it was the u s calls to you know give credit to its ally france but that didn't happen as a matter of fact we should wait and see if this can go on you know you're a man of caution i see a son of mali young with the iran project at harvard university and we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you joe thank you. well still to come on the day a country torn apart by war and the mother who risked everything to get her son to safety we have the moving story of
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a libyan woman who almost drowned trying to cross the mediterranean to reach europe the human cost of the migration crisis that's coming up in just a moment. now to the story of a former iranian judo world champion who says he now fears for his safety and that of his family all because he ignored orders from tehran to pull out of the judo of tournaments where he wanted to defend his title iranian authorities were concerned that saeed malala might face an israeli opponent in the final match up where israel is considered an arch enemy of the iranian leadership mulai is now here in germany he doesn't know for how long he spoke with him at an undisclosed location about his sports his home country the very things that he may be about to lose. saeed mulai arrived at the 29 judo championships in tokyo with nothing but glory on
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his mind but after he reached the semifinals in his weight division things turned sour mulai claims his coach then received 2 cool's from iranian authorities instructing him to withdraw his fighter from the tournament to avoid meeting an israeli jew toca in the final. however he did contest the semifinal and lost the fight appearing to show disappointment. now at a secret location in germany he told the w what happened that day. you've seen my i mean the best of all my korea i beat the olympic champion and the bronze medalist i beat many of the best but then came the semifinal in order to comply with the laws of my country i lost the fight on the much for bronze to add to what
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it will. mulai says his family was being threatened now he's being kept in a safe location but fears for his and his family's future in the age issue which at this new life i've begun could have consequences for me not just could he definitely will 100 percent i can't return to iran. yet. it's uncertain whether mulai will be able to stay in germany or compete becoming a lympics for now sports is not his priority. at a talk about this disturbing situation i'm joined now by max merrill from our sports department max you know we just heard this story a man seeking refuge maybe even seeking asylum here in germany over a judo tournaments and that's despite indications that iran's hard line on sports
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was actually sold so yeah that's right brian i mean in may the international judah federation actually announced they've reached an agreement to end neurons boycott of israeli athletes a lesson from the iranian judo and olympics if issue as was actually brought up but later the head of iran's olympic committee deny that such an agreement ever been reached and a lie himself in the past has been guilty of faking injuries throwing fights when he thought he was going to face israeli athletes he told us this time he wanted to show that he was brave and the absurdity of this whole situation is that he was ranked world number one going into the world championships now because he dropped out of the israeli psyche a move he managed to win gold in the final saki muki the israeli is actually world number one the on. irony of it all right how much support then is he getting within the sport well from the international jews a jew a federation a lot the president maurice visor has said they will do anything to help him to continue compete there's talks of him at tokyo 2020 at the coming lympics
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potentially competing under the refugee flag we'll have to see what his status is then and the i.g.f. the federation has actually heavily sort of marketed historian tried to push it to the wider world several officials and media outlets in iran have said this is all a conspiracy orchestra's said by the federation however online the hash tag i support my lai has captured the imagination not just of juda fans and on instagram ally actually congratulated his israeli counterparts on winning the title and they had a comical i could go back and forth briefly before we run out of time and sporting boycotts of israel is nothing new and not just from iran now i mean iran is pretty much the main culprit here but for instance right now in september right now the world powers swimming championships were meant to be happening in malaysia they've been moved to the u.k. because malaysia wasn't granting visas for israeli athletes the u.a.e. and 2017 for instance refused to fly the flag and play the anthem at a judo tournament so it's
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a common thing merrill is always max we appreciate your reporting thank you and you can find out more about the former you know world champion and his troubles with tehran by going to our web site it's d.w. dot com. can germany make a difference in libya this week the government here in berlin said that it wants to host an international conference in a new push to stabilize the country that is considered a failed state fighting and unrest have plagued libya since 2011 when dictator moammar gadhafi was ousted a rebel commander launched an offensive earlier this year on the capital tripoli which is held by the internationally recognized government well that campaign has to read 2 years of new and peace efforts germany has now floated the idea of that conference in conjunction with the u.n. in libyan diplomats they say that they see germany as an impartial mediator that in
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2011 germany unlike france of the u.k. voted against a u.n. plan to set up in the fly zone over libya where the battle for tripoli has reportedly displaced more than 120000 people add this to the turmoil in a country full of migrants that are hoping to cross the mediterranean to seek a better wife year in europe if they don't die 1st tonight the story of one libyan woman and her son who almost drowned after there after they boarded a boat from tripoli they made it to militants main port of valetta where now they're here in germany adapting to the challenges of a new life this is the story of necessary in her own words. but i think in. this limbo for how to. manage it and how to.
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thought so for the whole no. shade or some live who didn't feel like in the adult origin but when her lawyer told me that couldn't mean but her last saw the leak went. bust a move so low get so low that i had. to have. well i'm joined by christoph hi yes with doctors without borders here in berlin he leads the organization's libya policy it's good to have you on the show i mean that report that we just saw how common is it just the successful stories of migration from libya today. to be honest it's not very common what we can see there i'm coming from libya just 2 weeks ago when we see that the departure facilities which
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are un run down the country or do we set of people who are currently detained in libya is not working because the facilities are full and countries do not take people out of those facilities you know those facilities are sometimes the targets of attacks right this correct now we have seen for a couple of weeks ago a bomb being on in a detention center in libya where 60 people have died so this is also a reason why recall the government of germany to not bring people back to libya which. came to rescue in the military you know i mean libya as you say correctly it's now a host country and receives you know hundreds of millions in funding to reduce this irregular migration to europe could someone like nasreen that we just saw in that report could she still make it to europe. theoretically yes because the facilities have there the system is there so there is
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a resettlement program as i said but. realistically today we have to say that this is them is not working but the goal is to keep them there hopefully hopefully resettle them somewhere in northern africa or maybe send them back home. programs also exist so there is a voluntary return home so in my own words these. programs exist so i cannot say really what the political reason you are but i have to feeling that in the civil society more and more and more people are aware of the situation in libya more and more people we have that we have. a lot of emergencies in the military and see where people are dying we have 640 people lost in dying while attempting to cross the military and so people are more more aware and i think the. pressure on the government is increasing to. what do you when your fellow doctors what do you see in terms of conditions that these migrants face when they decide that they want to make that journey from north africa across the mediterranean. in the time i was in
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libya vote 2 months i've been almost every day at the detentions and that was working so i was discussing. a lot of times with the migrants detained for stories idea terrible times over 2 years on on the journey they were forced to labor they have been victims of violence they have been victims of rape they have also tried to cross the military the day they were brought back with the libyan coast guard to libya back to the detention center so it is a cycle which hardly anybody can escape at the moment libya plus the conditions at the detention centers itself is a very bad nutrition is a very bad hygiene these people. infection of tuberculosis in the detention center i was working from september last year into my 22 people don't have the pickles was it what about the conditions there in those detention centers the
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libyans do they want the migrants and refugees do they want them the urge they want them to disappear. this is a very difficult question if so you have to measure it is 2 kinds of migration and libya is migrations which happens in the detention centers and there's about 800000 people living in libya and working in libya and somehow part of the society in libya and also accepted christophe with doctors without borders here in berlin mr hu we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at brant goth t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag today and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that.
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the fun. and. the w.c. talk show strong opinions clear positions for international perspectives beijing is taking a tough stance on pro-democracy protests in homecoming its economic influence is growing dramatically and it's boosting its military facilities and so is china striving for global supremacies find out going to the point shortly. to the point next on top of. the world economic forum
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2019 going to africa from cape town which is data africa's new oil. data is below 0 it's probably the opposite to each other fuck ups or go fish from the african government tough to make sure that i'm confusing the beaches to hold down cokes g.w. presents a high profile town discussion hosted by media c'mon talk in 45 minutes on d w. well we were. when we were now 80 percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen. that matters couple. times. come. to the interest of the famous naturalist and explorer.
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to some the racial politics on the front of the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. . hong kong is the new bulletin in the new cold war says pro-democracy activists joshua one speaking here in the german capital and he told the w.t.v. that the people of germany must stand with the people of hong kong beijing though immediately let it be known that there will be consequences and many are asking how much of a threat is china to western democratic values.


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