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thank you. this is me is coming to you live from hong kong progress through another weekend of pure democracy demonstrations but they could be harsh consequences for those core topping clashes that we needed a young man due to go on trial and he faces a daunting sentence if found guilty. or not. and that now produces nothing as the u.s. conference of does that if it goes to a close in india we look at the problems and the possible solutions in a bed deserts advancing. and it is drawn in judo athlete want the best in the
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world who seek asylum in germany he defied iranian authorities by competing in the one championships their party you might have had to find against an israeli opponent who has been interviewed. hong kong is preparing for another weekend of demonstrations pro-democracy activists are coming up with new and innovative ways of protesting peacefully like this the. over the past few do is activists and citizens have converged on shopping malls to sing a new protest anthem chord glory to hong kong some of the earlier protests for
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a moment by violent clashes that have 1000 people arrested by police was so what are hong kong anti-government protesters demanding let's take a look now last week they achieved their primary goal of getting a controversial extradition bill to draw on so their 1st demand is already been it met as you see with that cross next they want an investigation into police brutality they also demand that authorities stop calling these protests riots and they demand full amnesty for protesters who face charges finally and most importantly they want hong kong legislature to be democratically elected by the people off hong kong in the protests over the last 3 months about $150.00 people have been charged with various offenses and their trials on duty begin soon as much as billing are reports some of them are facing daunting prison sentences to shorten
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your hong kong's legislature has been a hot spot of the anti-government protests daniel chan has spent a lot of time here but that could change soon daniel not his real name was arrested and charged with rioting in july he faces up to 10 years behind bars. the moment i was arrested i was very calm but i was thinking about what i needed to do in the situation but when i was told what the charges were it felt like i was entering another world. hong kong has some of the most draconian assembly laws in the world some of them have rarely been applied until now but since the protests began authorities have brought the full force of these laws to bear daniel denies having been involved in any violence. too much of a coward to get into fighting i don't want to be beaten but i also don't want to stand there and do nothing so i went to the front line and to help those who were
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tear gassed and i helped them wash their eyes out with saving solution $43.00 others were arrested the day daniel was detained or have been charged with writing the most severe offense on the books it is the most people facing such charges since hong kong was returned to china in 1997 the british government established the laws to quell anti-colonial unrest but they remained in place after the handover then a squawk a lawmaker who represents the legal professions in the legislature says charges are politically motivated if one is to look at these cases. impartially i think i'm sure you would find that a lot of these charges are not supported by evidence and they were made up charges and done to scare people hoping that they would be deterred from going up. in a statement to the w. the department of justice denies political considerations it insists prosecutors
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would act fairly and impartially daniel chan is not convinced but i gotta tell you . that i try not to think too much about the possibility that i might go to prison for the next decade. but only i would rather focus on what i can do to support the movement. to worry about the sentence will just demoralize me. something that's hot. this trial is scheduled for the end of this month but whatever the outcome might be the government strategy has already had an impact since july daniel hasn't taken part in any more protests. and that report on what he's villain who joins me from hong kong what he's going to have 2nd thoughts about taking part in 2 tests they have they could also face serious charges like the man we saw in your report. that was probably the hope of the
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government by pressing these charges so quickly after the arrest they were all charged the next day this group of people where this young man belongs to but it has not worked as little as threats to invade with the people's armed police from china have worked to terence's not working in hong kong people continue going to the streets of course not everybody goes to every protest some of the protests are really for people who take bigger risks and some of the bigger protests are really family events where you can see old people young people people families with children but overall the mood at the mood nobody is scared away from protesting. and like this war and the prospects that the manuf done here chan and others like him will actually have to stand trial and if they do again to expect a fair trial there. well the
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judges in hong kong are still pretty much independent and. have a high reputation whereas the prosecution is part of the government the department of justice and they can easily be instrumental allies for these kind of deterrence tactics. these these charges of rioting they need to prove that the person who has been caught on scene had the intention to use violence that is not easy to prove if somebody is arrested without any arms or bricks in his hand so there is a chance that a part of them might not be convicted. if if this controversial extradition law was the join the testers are focused on demands for democratic reforms for hong kong do they have any prospects of pushing those demands through against the will of i mean one china. i don't think any of the
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protesters think that they can is she universal suffrage this summer but most of them basically say we are going out because it might be the last chance to go out and if we stop now there will be a revenge and and hong kong's freedom will be further eroded so it's rather about stopping a process that has set in 5 years ago that was really eroding the the freedoms of the city when lawmakers have been banned from the assembly from the legislative council and people have been kidnapped in hong kong only to appear in courts in china the demand is universal suffrage that people can elect their government themselves and not through this mechanism that gives beijing a say but i don't think there is a big hope to achieve this anytime soon and finally let us what can we expect to see today and over the weekend in hong kong. today starts
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with. a human chain people will walk up the mountains and light their torches their phone torches and form a chain of lights tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there further protests planned they have been banned by the police that is usually a sign that we might see some violence some action to dispel the protesters and the protesters themselves will also be prepared for violence so we might see further clashes this weekend much easterling here in hong kong thank you very much. let me now being active that some of the stories making news around the wild checks to state attorneys have dropped criminal investigations into prime minister. he's accused of fraud related to tapping a european union subsidies the accusations had posed the biggest challenge to bubblicious political career yet long denied any wrongdoing. by the e.u.'s foreign
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policy chief and he has announced an additional 30000000 euros in aid for colombia the funds are intended to help the latin american country grapple with the influx of venezuelan migrants colombia has taken in more than $1400000.00 venison is fleeing economic and political conflict at. the milesian kept being blanketed by thick toxic smog it's blamed on smoke drifting from forest fires in neighboring indonesia several schools across malaysia have been forced to close due to a hazardous evolution index and readings. heavy storms in southeastern spain have cleaned and other way to bringing the weather related deaths to tree drenching rain and floodwaters in valencia. regions have been sweeping away cars and debris forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people recently airports and
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dozens of roads have been closed. the dispute over the burial site of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe appears to have been dissolved a spokesman for mugabe's family says they've agreed to have been buried at a monument for national heroes in harare mugabe's relatives and the government had been at odds he should be laid to rest the family had previously said it intended to bury him in his home village now mugabe's remains on lying in state at a stadium in harare. our correspondent privilege of fun he is at the stadium in harare and he sent us this update. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader of the. has finally been resolved now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is better our arrangements with a center of discussion in the past few days where the family insisted that they
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wanted a private ceremony in his rural home while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes eka where most of the founding leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throng their roof stadium in harare to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the sense that this is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in 1080 he lives a complex legacy where some view him as a pan african east india liberator we liberated zimbabwe from the sheer cause of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwe an economy and also bear the human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the founding fathers of
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independent zimbabwe. correspondent privilege and he reporting from harare now with desert if occasion advancing in the world a united nations conference in india has been looking on how to deal with the challenge the problem is becoming more urgent with the loss of fun thailand which is threatening food supply and in many parts of the wild at a farm near delhi it was clear why the fields are drying up. when priest seeing looks at the fields in his village the tears come to his eyes here and how young they used to grow millet and make a good living from it today the land is bone dry in fact 30 percent of india's land is no longer usable why because of climate change and the leeching of fields by intensive agriculture. teen years ago our soil was fertile but then there was less and less rain and we had to irrigate. now the
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ground water has too many minerals in the soil is salty that's why farmers can't grow anything here anymore. preaching visits his cousin arrest his family was a farmer and had taken out a loan for seeds but the harvest never came the bank would no longer accept his dry farmland as collateral then last year in a rush committed suicide now his family doesn't know how to make ends meet. you you know that is money palmer said had to give up. thousands of hectares of land have become infertile many families have met this bank not just now russia's all the farmers in the country are suffering but nobody cares. every year 10000000 hectares of arable land are lost worldwide this is a global problem this year's un conference against desert occasion was attended by more countries than ever before india's prime minister narendra modi promised that by 2030 his country would make 26000000 hectares of land fertile again other
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countries want to follow suit. and experts say it's high time that some countries can when read degrade outland it is actually our food that we are debating at the same time land is the best security that farmers have for many communities that don't have access other than land so any land to addition would mean poverty would mean reducing income for for communities would mean the risks of irregular migration. reforestation irrigation intelligent land use the global community wants to reverse the earth's desert a fixation by 2030 but this will cost billions. investing. and preventing further. from ecosystems. topping the bleeding. healing dorms and now seeing wants to started to certification project in his
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village he wants farmers to sew an old plant species this should at least be able to get the salt out of the soil and make the fields fertile again but it will take a year. and if. one is covering the u.n. conference on dessert if occasion the mission as we heard the scale of the problem is huge what are the key takeaways. well i thought this is a conference that's trying to bring together close to 200 countries to meet some very ambitious goals on land degradation by the 2030 and one of the key takeovers that's been retreat at several times in the concluding remarks is that now the focus is shifting just from deaker dushan to the association land restoration has and the wide impact has had association it has with the environment with climate change the importance to incentivize businesses to commit to land restoration the importance of looking at joe as
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a key decision expected on drought management that all countries have taken together and also there's been an emphasis on putting people 1st on including bhiman the you with looking at economic policy looking at security all for people to ensure that such land restoration such vicious land estimation can be got out into is leading the conference for the next 2 years we saw that in the movie the prime minister was also at that conference what have been the challenges there. well actually i'm a thought in just kind of been a classic example of the impact of climate change on the land there have been for you to extreme drought and extreme flooding at the same time overlapping to. units in different parts of the country there has been a continuing farming distrust in the agriculture soft sector and have been increasing pharmacist lives across the country the government has said that the minister of environment was at the conference he's actually the president of see
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your reporting and he said that that have been dissemble assessments made to the farmers which are also supposed to be you would see towards land restoration but done so what's the sense that plants india has for land best traditions we should be united more about this in what is being cause the delhi definite action which is the closing speech meant all this conference also with the ambitious goal of the starting 26000000 hectares of land by 2030 that prime minister noda into the more they have set out we should be expecting to hear more about how exactly this is planned because farmers right now australian despite the support the government says it is offering so what it all new michelle what do you think this conference can achieve. well again i'm worth of this is a very important and crucial goal setting call on friends because by 2030 the goals of that setting out for land restoration don't only impact only impacts small farming communities close to half the population off the world is lower living on
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potentially water scottland millions i suspected to migrate because of land degradation open migration is something that has predominantly was a bullet in india as well sort of the conference here the emphasis has been that the impact of the results is not simply on land degradation it could be successful implementation all these policies can lead to the sustainable development goals off the un to become more achievable so this is the kind of impact the conference hopes to have and it will be an important step in continuing the journey to teach these goals by. the mission just one in delhi thank you very much for that informative interview. and now to the story of a former iranian judo who says he fears for his safety and that of his family. after he ignored orders to pull out of last month's was championships iranian authorities were concerned that saved might face an israeli opponent in the final israelis considered an arch an anime by the iranian leadership when i now is in
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germany considering whether to seek asylum do you dan we spoke with him at an undisclosed location about his a platic on this political fight. saeed mulai arrived at the 2019 world judo championships in tokyo with nothing but glory on his mind but after he reached the semifinals in his weight division things turned sour mulai claims his coach then received 2 calls from iranian authorities instructing him to withdraw his fighter from the tournament to avoid meeting an israeli judoka in the final. however he did contest the semifinal and he says purposefully lost showing disappointment at the time. now at a secret location in germany he told what happened that day. but
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you see my fights i mean the best for my career i beat the olympic champion and the bronze medalist i beat many of the best but then came the semifinal in order to comply with the laws of my country i lost the fight and the much for bronze to add to what it will. mulai says his family was being threatened now he's being kept in a safe location but fears for his and his family's future in the age issue which at this new life i've begun could have consequences for me not just could he definitely will 100 percent i can't return to iran and you know that. it's uncertain whether i'm alive he will be able to stay in germany or compete at becoming a lympics from now sport is not his priority. joining me now is talk you from a sports desk you talk more about this story welcome so we heard the story about.
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the problems that he's facing as possibly seeking refuge or even asylum in jim you look at this one month court that iran was softening its hardline stance. i guess it sounded all too good to be true but they were some positive developments back in may the international judo federation had talks met up with iranian officials and they talked about respecting you know pick charter and hoping for less state interference but as as as decide eat more law a case of course shows us that that was perhaps nothing more than just lip service and look the truth is that the international judo federation they are aware that ukrainian athletes are always pressure to lose whether that means losing whether that means pretending like they injure. throwing a game anything that they have to do in order not to face and use for any sort of israeli opposition and of course that goes back to the political tension between
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iran and east for israel iran does not recognize the state of israel and therefore for bits its athletes to play against any sort of israeli opponent who says that his family back in iran is free seeing pressure what kind of pressure are they facing so we know from past athletes that there's often a lot of intimidation tactics there is a harris men there is a lot of pressure being put on family members it's very similar to what often political activists or dissidents in the country go through so we know for example about one popular tactic that the government will use though take a family member to basically denounce the athlete on state television of course that is also to send out a signal and in a worst case scenario they will use torture against family members but of course that hasn't been the case so far in case they limited explain that one. sidetrip obliged to lose this match intentionally into
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a queue against an israeli opponent now of course so we know that as we heard in the report that. the iranian authorities had put pressure on him and it turns out that these authorities iranian authorities where one of them was the deputy sports minister of the country and the other one was the president of the reigning olympic committee that they had also told him to withdraw to not try and it turns out that they had told him that the iranian security. services where at his parents' house putting pressure on his dad so of course when you're in that sort of situation you don't care you're going to do anything to protect your family so is it getting any support for his position from the outside sports world yeah so the international judo federation for example they have thrown their complete support behind him they've even said that will help him to do anything in order to make it to the summer olympics next year so you know he might even
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though they might prompt they will probably help him compete under the refugee flag or some sort of neutral fact we don't know but he might still get a happy ending so we'll just have to wait and see if we hope for the best for him i mean her talking to the media of the supposed to thank you and you can find out more about the former judo and champion understand of what they had on. dot com. the fighting the heat and humidity in the olympic games in tokyo next summer could be a big challenge with sweltering temperatures expected but all in as a found a creative way to beat the heat at this i catching event in the japanese capital organizers have experimented with artificial snow designed to keep spectators cool if successful snow machines would be needed to produce tons of fake snow temperatures are expected to exceed 30 degrees celsius in the olympic months of july and august the green field even to warm up because of the high humidity.
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now moving from snow to fire in china the rich are known as leon who in which before my eyes make walking through fire look easy as you can see they walk barefoot across burning codes agitating the fire in order to ward off evil spirits the final walking is thought of the mid autumn festival that takes place in china and other countries in the east and southeast asia the days believed to have the fullest mood afia is celebrated with fireworks displays as it is lanterns and cakes. now here's a recap of the top story that pure fun ratio another weekend of pro-democracy protests has begun in hong kong with demonstrators singing a defiant downtown forward to hong kong similar demonstrations are expected on the shopping the ones and their plans to form
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a human chain. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin up next programmed in good shape i feel it and half an hour with more news and information i look forward to that i'm back.
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