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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2019 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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government and. country. fear no he knows. start september 18th on d w. this is. scare tactics all merely inforcing goals. that the 70 protesters was writing could be looking at. what are the government's real motivations for a correspondent in hong kong as a special report plus. it's affecting more people and the whilst it is yes. he's really everyone's problem. and writing.
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heads and opinions. welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us over the past 3 months pictures such as these have come to define hong kong hundreds of thousands of residents demanding greater autonomy for their city but there are other pictures as well of defined hong kong like these violence on the city streets where these clashing with protesters more than $1300.00 arrests have been made since june and at least 70 people have been charged with the offense of rioting an offense that carries a 10 year. 10 years in prison for demanding rights for promised way back in 1997 is that too much double correspondent materials pulling go to ports.
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the shore new hong kong legislature has been a hot spot of the anti-government protests daniel chan has spent a lot of time here but that could change soon daniel not his real name was arrested and charged with rioting in july he faces up to 10 years behind bars now about logical halted in the moment i was arrested i was very calm i was thinking about what i needed to do in a situation but when i was told what the charges were it felt like i was entering another world hong kong has some of the most draconian assembly laws in the world some of them have rarely been applied until now but since the protests began authorities have brought the full force of these laws to bear daniel denies having been involved in any violence. like too much of a coward to get into fighting i don't want to be beaten i also don't want to stand there and do nothing so i went to the front line and to help those who were tear
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gassed and i helped them wash their eyes out with saving solution $43.00 others were arrested the day daniel was detained or have been charged with writing the most severe offense on the books it is the most people facing such charges since hong kong was returned to china in 1997 the british government established the laws to quell anti-colonial unrest but they remained in place after the handover then a squawk a lawmaker who represents the legal professions in the legislature says charges are politically motivated. if one is to look at these cases. impartially i think i'm sure you'll find that a lot of these charges are not supported by evidence and they were made up charges and done to scare people hoping that they would be deterred from going out. in a statement to g.w. the department of justice denies political considerations it insists prosecutors
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would act fairly and impartially daniel chan is not convinced. and i try not to think too much about the possibility that i might go to prison for the next decade. and like i would rather focus on what i can do to support the movement. to worry about the sentence will just demoralize me. something i thought. his trial is scheduled for the end of this month but whatever the outcome might be the government's strategy has already had an impact since july daniel hasn't taken part in any more protests. and be sure to go to a web site did other dot com forward slash for background information and analysis about the protests in hong kong. it's a phenomenon that threatens how much food reaches your plate and also where you live
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desired effect or the degradation of land is affecting more than 3000000000 people worldwide estimates are that a land area off the size of the european union is degraded annually and the worst affected regions are in africa and. when preached seeing looks at the fields in his village the tears come to his eyes here and how young they used to grow millet and make a good living from it today the land is bone dry in fact 30 percent of india's land is no longer usable why because of climate change and the leeching of fields by intensive agriculture. in years ago our soil was fertile but then there was less and less rain and we had to irrigate. now the ground water has too many minerals in the soil is salty that's why farmers can't grow anything here anymore. preet singh visits his cousin arrest his family in
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a rush was a farmer and had taken out a loan for seeds but the harvest never came the bank would no longer accept his dry farmland as collateral then last year in a rush committed suicide now his family doesn't know how to make ends meet. you you know it is many farmers have had to give up. thousands of hectares of land have become infertile many families have met this bank not just no rushes all the farmers in the country are suffering but nobody cares. every year 10000000 hectares of arable land are lost worldwide this is a global problem this year's un conference against desertion occasion was attended by more countries than ever before india's prime minister narendra modi promised that by 2030 his country would make 26000000 hectares of land fertile again other countries want to follow suit. and experts say it's high time that some countries
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can when read degrade our land it is actually our food that we are debating at the same time land is the best security of the promise have for many communities don't have assets other than land to any land to addition would mean poverty would mean reducing income for communities would mean the risks of irregular make racial. reforestation irrigation intelligent land use the global community wants to reverse the earth's desert a fixation by 2030 but this will cost billions. investing on land means restoring degraded land preventing further degradation from ecosystems because stopping the bleeding and secondly healing the wounds and now preaching wants to started to certification project in his village he wants farmers to sow an old plant species that should at least be able to get the salt out of the soil and make the fields
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fertile again but it will take years. so what are some of the strategies that could reverse desired effect there's a good up was in there correspondent michelle just fall for that question to dr joseph or lead scientist for the un convention to come but does out of the question . the 14th conference off the u.n. 50 hoskin q a did in india india has committed to restoring 26000000 hectares of land by 2030 an ambitious goal i have with me dr ordered the lead scientists at the un c.c.d. dr or how exactly are countries planning to meet these ambitious goals so in the past when we had goals like this we focused entirely on restoration but this conference of the parties recognize that we have to look at the entire environment every aspect the economic side of this how do we link all of that restoration to the livelihoods of those people living in those areas the value chains the markets that are out there so it's
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a very innovative approach that looks at governance it looks at land tenure all of that was discussed at this conference of the parties and also there is an association for hearing between and droughts and migration patterns as well how is the conference planning to address this in a country like india so one of the interesting things is in the in traditionally we had drought separate from land and that's because we always think of drought in relation to rainfall and the releveled of our reservoirs but the reality is that if we change our land use and we plant thirsty crops or we have degradation and we lose the water holding capacity of our soils we can have severe water scarcity and not necessarily register it that's the big change here we're bringing the land and the drought communities together and we're ensuring a much more cohesive approach to build resilience in both communities and ecosystems. dr all speaking that would be a double correspondent. defined death is
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a daily toss. in that a popular attraction in the government carnival making the circuit around the country and one among them is quite the standout sporting job rather than the head but she's training audiences while blowing right past stereotypes. each time at the wall of death where stunt writer speed around it more than 100 kilometers per hour. where one star writer flies in the face of gender roles here in indonesia. i want to show you that women are usually considered weak capable of doing dangerous things like id.
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other than that i would say like challenges before becoming a stunt right i dreamt talk become a psychiatry or those that never came cherry. but i think that. d.d. series her career and another direction. inspired by her step brother. much to the thrill of spectators. about my god this is the 1st time i've seen a woman who dares to be a stunt rider typically people quickly and only a man dares to do that so i think she's really brave i'm excited to see her in action she shows that women can also do things that men usually do it's cool when. d.d. makes it look easy in the ring but carnival life has its challenges where the temps go she goes along with her 18 month old daughter and husband who keeps the motorcycles stunned ready. this working mom puts on a show up to 300 times
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a month usually pulling in around 1000 euros a day. but she says she loves her work though well aware her chosen occupation may turn heads. back if god isn't a gun i always wear a head jap one i'm working on some people still have negative opinions about women in my line of work so i hope by wearing a head they won't be so critical critical but good looking. and from the look of things people can't get enough of a woman define expectations while defying gravity. running strong right it right that's it for today we're given off with a look of the end of the 11th big race of the festival by. my watch across several
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feet into a different god running interference with superstar for black. welcome to the what is the good beer for dessert. we're going to talk about and. that's why. it's time to take place. to.
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touch your own just such the. fun for the true player. to overcome trends and connection. time for. the future of idiocy coming up ahead. finds. his beijing trying to support the economy or extent control china's fascist state run companies are called upon to invest more in hong kong. also coming up euro zone finance ministers meeting in finland to discuss the book sluggish growth and how to finance the fights against climate change. on protestors attempts to shut down europe's busiest travel hop heathrow airport by deploying a small toy drug use. welcome to business asia michael jones and
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glenn good to have you with us and starting with this is the london stock exchange has rejected a 39000000000 dollar takeover bid from the hong kong exchange calling it a fundamentally flawed a surprise offer made on wednesday was turned down and let us say that a swift and certain implementation was simply not credible the elizee says it's sticking with its plans to buy data and analytics group definitive. now at the same time the 2nd biggest i.p.o. this year could soon come hong kong's way bloomberg news reports that an has a bush embed has revived plans to raise $5000000000.00 for an i.p.o. in hong kong the brewing giant behind brands such as stella artois and u.s. but visors said it's asia.


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