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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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answered slots even. night when need to push themselves like never before a win for novice month site will stretch de lead at the top of the table and strengthen they've built for a 1st ever got title. we all got hot dogs this weekend this is 3 go with your newsletter from birth they want to judge their business africa next put me. on the detention of the freeness naturalist and explorer. too soon to bring to the public so no from the books for $250.00. morning on the floor of the discovery. expedition in boys.
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i'm not going to think out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes a question in here thinks he's a country that i don't. need it seems ridiculous drama there to me it's all that a new i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. the inflation rate in nigeria yes a one year old know the cost of food remains high in africa's biggest oil producing country we talk to all correspondents there to find out why. also coming up waiting for power in kenya fishing villages on the lakes to a comma still waits. to be electrified. welcome to your business africa monica
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johnson well and good to have you with us i was starting with fresh data from nigeria where the annual inflation rate is slowing in july it edged down to just above 11 percent now that's the lowest since july 28th but considering that nigeria is africa's biggest oil producer people still have to carve out a lot of money to get food on the table. nigerian farmers cannot produce enough food for the people of the country yet president mohamed to bihari announced he'll put a stop to agricultural imports the money that the country makes from with oil exports should not be wasted on expensive groceries from abroad the measure is as rigid as it is haphazard in 2015 there was a similar import ban no more rice from abroad. but nigerian farmers could not meet the demand and prices in the country skyrocketed. in 2017 the ban was eased.
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almost half the population $90000000.00 nigerians live on less than $2.00 a day if the government puts the new import ban in place prices for meat dairy foods fruits and vegetables will go up again. and appears we lost our correspondent will try and get him and move on with some of the other business stories making news. tax cuts and increased government spending has pushed the u.s. deficit past the one trillion dollar moch the u.s. treasury department says the country's deficit widened to $1067.00 trillion dollars in the 1st 11 months of this basically gear the largest it's been in 7 years. germany's finance minister has called for drastic steps to counter climate change all of shoals has been meeting with officials in helsinki to discuss energy taxation he says an international approach is needed to help reach climate targets
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. the independent south african brewer distil is complaining that the joint brand a.b. in there as ag miller was unfairly using its market dominance to get retailers to remove advertising with rival b.s. south africa's competition you know is investigating the allegations. and just to correct that number when i said $1067.00 of course it's $1.00 trillion dollars u.s. deficit the hash tag sandton shutdown was trending in south africa today as protesters marched on johannesburg's business district to demand that's corporate firms do more to fight violence against women the demonstrators gathered outside the johannesburg stock exchange and sound when they say corporate businesses in south africa of long exploited women and black people need to do more to address the problems crime figures released on thursday showed that sexual offenses including rape addressin by 4.6. yeah.
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to kenya now where wind turbines are providing plenty of powerful the national grid to lake turkana but the electricity doesn't reach everyone distribution is a matter of the state and local fishing villages are easily overlooked. lake turkana has plenty of fish but with this primitive raft tarla polity just catches a single fish that will earn a $0.90 at most his wife and 6 children are waiting at home the money will not be enough for a good meal in the evening. the fisherman can only dream of a boat like this the fishing village is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and also lacks the blessings of the modern world there is no electricity for miles around. fresh
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fish sell well in the nearby town but only catch needs to be chilled to keep it fresh this is difficult without electricity and dried fish however bring less money . we don't go i says only delivered here once a week to cool the fish but the so if we had electricity we could sell more fish and we would have more money to educate the children or look after them when they're sick or. the solution is not far away wind turbines international investors have installed many modern wind turbines for 600000000 euros they produce more than 300 megawatts of electricity so there would be plenty of power the people here fill their land with hope but these hopes are yet to be fulfilled the cables are laid the current is flowing the wind farm supplies about 15 percent of all kenyans power supply so what's the
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problem. the laws in kenya and the regulations in kenya for the provision of electricity late to cannot cannot provide power to the communities lake turkana must only sell to kenya power and lighting company which is the offtake and the only licensed and regulated off ticket to be able to take power the wind farm operators are only responsible for the electricity production every single wind turbine is strictly controlled distribution as a matter of state the kenyan ministry of energy says there are plans to connect the communities on the lake to the grid but it didn't tell us when that would happen. the wait could be a long one for the fisherman so all he can do is head out to the big lake and hope of a good catch. and i'll back to nigeria and to the annual inflation rate there which is slowing we have now standing by our correspondent in. eateries good to have you with us and why so prices just float in july including for food do you
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think that will help those $19000000.00 nigerians currently living on $2.00 a day. but this is not going to take any team. on the nigerians are not giving up well you know dollars because it's a boat and my crew economy all this week when you said batteries dry up in good condition you don't see them michael i don't see any way out because the prices of goods onsides us to the same in nigeria the way you buy rice do we buy too much believe you might want to feel. like you know seem to get a little bit of my god how likely do you think it is that the government will ban ivory culture in pause that ban of course would boost
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food prices yet again i. was going to stop it because the government knows what thomas function would go good and you get the sense of. what he's going to put i can speak in nigeria what the focus is it's more this time because the general public for doing that curious to see norm rice would pose any difficulty to nigeria. but the good. news. you conduct of course and i didn't mean to nigeria. but people there aren't happy about several other government measures including them wanting to increase the 80 from 5 to 7.2 percent snarly more pressure on consumers right. i says people on what i do would concentrate on what
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i think the. big increment in by would be do you mean we didn't get you didn't you say let. me. put my. i whether it was there reporting from a business street in a butcher thank you so much. the reserve bank of zimbabwe hiked its overnight lending rates to 70 percent up from 50 percent to curb rising inflation and support the local currency the bank also said it was introducing dollar denominated savings bonds to try to stimulate greatest saving zimbabwe's government banned the use of foreign currencies earlier this year as the country faces its worst crisis in a decade. airlines are battling a growing backlash against the impact of the industry on the environment climate
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change protesters took their fight for the planet to the skies today they've been deploying drones to shut down europe's busiest travel hub peter airport in london. you could call it fighting fire with fire valerie linder a part of a climate activist group that planned to use their own flying machines to tackle what they see as the scourge of air travel earlier this week they set out their plan to guide their drones into the exclusion zone of europe's busiest airport just before is opened we tell the authorities an hour before we take the action and then once we have flown the train we then call the place we've got a hotline we call the place and we wait for to be peacefully arrested basically with this footage posted online and the arrests of 2 men close to heathrow early friday morning suggest campaigners attempted to go through with their threat. heathrow has been a particular target of activists iowa because of plans to expand the airport
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supporters say a 3rd runway will prevent businesses being stifled by a lack of capacity and increased tourism the climate campaign is claiming to produce as much harmful carbon dioxide as the island of cyprus in terms of c o 2 bad travel is the least environmentally friendly of the mainstream forms of transport the train carrying the average load of 150 passengers emits 14 grams of carbon per person per kilometer that compares with 42 grams per person for a car carrying 4 people or 68 grams per passenger for the average person but the average plane to watch them all emitting 285 grams of carbon per person per kilometer. valerie and linda that leaves us with a clear choice we either stop emitting carbon in the oh we're going to die we have to accept that we have to make huge sacrifices but you can do is when you have
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control of some control over your future. british police say they won't tolerate unlawful activity aimed at disrupting airlines and passengers including illegal drone flights but activists. say with the world as stake they have to take a stand. on just enough time for this british airways is gearing up for more industrial action the carrier has cancelled all its scheduled g u k flights will see 10 but the 20 seven's one pilots will again strike in a long running over pay on monday and tuesday this week be a face to the 1st strike by pilots 100 year history. and that's it for me and the business africa team here in berlin the from all of us thanks for keeping us company.
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it's a. great crowd cranes bring good fortune to the environment. get in trendier their numbers are sinking dramatically. volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck charms.
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16. first. school in the jungle. first clueless and. then the doors grand the moment around him join the arena tango on her journey to freedom you know we're entering you turned him into the tour on entering into returns home. this is the dublin news africa coming up on the program fighting violence against women protest essence off a car way out in the streets on friday calling for action in a country where the woman is killed every 3 hours women are seeing enough is enough also coming up. it will be the mud how does it their blood meal out will doubtless
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. will cost then some rhymes michael mollies famous dropped last bus to me takes us on a tour of his own thoughts.


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