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this weekend on d w. this is d w news live from berlin hong kong braces for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations. protesters say they want peaceful gatherings as the city celebrates a traditional chinese festival with activists also say they'll keep fighting for more democracy and for the resignation of terry lamb leader the former british colony also on the program. will turkey continue to hold back syrian refugees want to cross to europe an upcoming summit could determine whether ankara sticks to the
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fragile 26 team migration deal to the degree of the european union. the next vice or thanks for joining. on kong is preparing for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations some recent protests have been marred by violent clashes with police but on the day of the chinese mid-autumn festival when families traditionally gather to gaze at the moon and eat moon cakes activists are protesting peacefully they're taking to forming human chains and singing a new democracy anthem called laurie to hong kong. ha. ha they're still singing their protest anthem glory to hong kong and they didn't stop for one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar the
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mid autumn festival. activists are forming human chains they using the event as a way to keep their movement in the spotlight. some of them took to the hills of the city to shine laser pens released lanterns with protest slogans and to sing the anthem. of the but they also probation demonstrators trying to make their voices heard was their version china keep going i want to show. like emotion and my loyalty to my country my month the country. tensions are running high between the 2 sides. so far only one of the 5 demands of the pro-democracy protesters has been met the government scrapped the controversial extradition law last week. but demonstrators are also demanding that hong kong's leader carry lyme steps down they want an inquiry into police brutality the more
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than $1300.00 arrests have to be released and greater democratic freedoms. correspondent yes building it is following a protest for us and sent us this update from hong kong people have climbed this line in iraq a small mountain in hong kong today because. it is mid autumn festival on traditionally people who go out that day they have people staged a light show the protest is often using every opportunity to protest any time today's atmosphere is quite joyful it's more like a scout outing compared to other occasions where we have seen violence in the streets 3 months after the beginning of this movement there is no sign of even slowing down protests slowing down people. enjoying the pro piss then throwing the guard here but at the same time there is fear that if the
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protests would stop there would be a revenge by painting and by the hong kong government that is what the people have experienced years ago when the umbrella movement in a moment or universe with troops when this pale. paging tight grip on the city and them occupation for people to continue is not to let this happen make down . let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world american actress felicity huffman has been sentenced to 2 weeks behind bars for paying bribes to get her daughter into university often was one of dozens of people indicted in a scam to help the children of the wealthy score places and top u.s. educational institutions she pled guilty inmate. in a hospital fire in rio de janeiro has left at least 11 people dead firefighters rescued dozens of patients from smoke filled wards the blaze is thought to have
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been caused by a faulty generator but officials have not ruled out sabotage. in paris several subway and regional train lines were shut down friday after public transport workers walked off the job or striking over plans pension reforms that would increase the age of her time. a 5th person has died after another day of trench will rains in southeastern spain hundreds of people have been evacuated from the regions of the north korea and transport networks have seen significant disruptions something this apologies have reported record rainfall. it's a phenomenon that threatens how much food reaches your plate and also where you live desert if occasion or the degradation of land is affecting more than 3000000000 people worldwide a un conference on the problem attended by $9000.00 participants ended on friday estimates are that a land area half the size of the european union is degraded annually and the worst
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affected regions are in africa and asia when preached seeing looks at the fields in his village tears come to his eyes here and how yanna they used to grow millet and make a good living from it today the land is bone dry in fact 30 percent of india's land is no longer usable why because of climate change and the leeching of fields by intensive agriculture yeah i mean imagine chargin 1000 years ago our soil was fertile but then there was less and less rain and we had to irrigate. now the ground water has too many minerals in the soil is salty that's why farmers can't grow anything here anymore. prefixing visits his cousin arrest his family in a rush was a farmer and had taken out a loan for seeds but the harvest never came the bank would no longer accept his dry farmland as collateral then last year in arrest committed suicide now his family
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doesn't know how to make ends meet. a year in that is money farmers have had to give up part out thousands of hectares of land have become infertile many families have met the state not just now russia's all the farmers in the country are suffering but nobody cares. every year 10000000 hectares of arable land are lost worldwide this is a global problem this year's un conference against desertion occasion was attended by more countries than ever before india's prime minister narendra modi promised that by 2030 his country would make 26000000 hectares of land fertile again other countries want to follow suit and experts say it's high time that some countries can read. it is actually all food that we had to pay to disable land is the best security of the promise for many communities that don't have access
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other than land and so any land to good vision would mean poverty would mean reducing income for communities would mean the basics of the regular migration of. reforestation irrigation intelligent land use the global community wants to reverse the earth's desert a fixation by 2030 but this will cost billions. investing on land means destroying degraded land preventing further degradation from ecosystems which requires stopping the bleeding and secondly healing the wounds and now preaching wants to started to certification project in his village he wants farmers to sow an old plant species there should at least be able to get the salt. out of the soil and make the fields fertile again but it will take us. so what are some of the strategies that could reverse the certification if you w.'s india correspondent mr jaiswal put that question to dr barron james joseph or lead
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scientist of the un convention to combat it certification the 14th conference off the un 50 of the highest concluded in india india has committed to restoring 26000000 hectares of land by 2030 an ambitious goal i have with me dr ordered the lead scientists at the un c c v dr or how exactly are countries planning to meet these ambitious goals so in the past when we had goals like this we focused entirely on restoration but this conference of the parties recognize that we have to look at the entire environment every aspect the economic side of this how do we link all of that restoration to the livelihoods of those people living in those areas the value chains the markets that are out there so it's a very innovative approach that looks at governance that looks at land tenure all of that was discussed at this conference of the parties. and also there is an
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association for hearing between land droughts and migration patterns as well how is the conference planning to address this in a country like india so one of the interesting things is in the traditionally we had drought separate from land and that's because we always think of drought in relation to rainfall and the real levels of our reservoirs but the reality is that if we change our land use and we plant thirsty crops or we have degradation and we lose the water holding capacity of our soils we can have severe water scarcity and not necessarily register it that's the big change here we're bringing the land and the drought communities together and we're ensuring a much more cohesive approach to build resilience in both communities and ecosystems that was dr barron joseph or the lead scientist for the un convention to combat this certification turkey is preparing to host a summit with russia and iran next week to discuss syria's ongoing civil war turkey
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has taken in millions of syrian refugees and is seeking to prevent any more fighting that would drive more people across the border european countries are also concerned they fear ankara will pull out of a deal with the e.u. and allow migrants to cross the sea to greece. turkish troops by warning shots and tear gas at the border with syria. they're trying to prevent syrian protesters from storming across the front here. the demonstrators are demanding protection from an offensive by the syrian government on the last rebel stronghold of 2. that if nothing is done to help them we are coming to turkey and europe a lump of. this is added once fear that the destruction and the death in a glib will send tens of thousands more syrian refugees towards his country joining
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the nearly $4000000.00 who've already fled the carnage. he say's it will have to matter consequences not just for turkey but for europe too. the couple that are struggling we will be forced to open the gates. of the large world building and we will be forced to open the gates. if you're going to provide support then provide support if you're not sorry everyone sees this area in northern syria as one solution to any new refugee crisis. turkish and american troops are already patrolling here ahead of the establishment of what's being called a safe zone for the resettlement of up to 1000000 syrian refugees but everyone says the international community and europe in particular are not offering enough support for the plan. he also accuses the e.u. of failing to honor its commitments in a landmark 2016 refugee deal with turkey. the e.u. offered ankara $6000000000.00 euros to stop the flow of migrants into europe in
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2015 but added one says he's received barely half of the money europe says it's willing to have a discussion with at one but greece which takes in most of the new arrivals says he must 1st change his tone. the migration issue is a european matter it is not a bilateral issue and mr edwin must understand that he cannot threaten greece and europe in an attempt to secure more resources to handle the refuse issue love look at the difficulty. that would move migrants reaching greeks 2900 minutes any other time in the last 3 years athens also knows the dissolution needs to be found. sports know and the bonus league is back after the international break with drawing one all with in the friday game kicking off match day for. home fans were treated to an early goal after 16 minutes
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a tame cross found its way to nico. finished superbly to give the host elite a 1st but is the goal for the left back but will spur kick back with a striker vay course with the equaliser around the half hour mark skillfully set up by yourself. after a scoreless 2nd half the match finished one apiece and beaten moving up to 2nd in the table. and despite being called giant pandas the 2 cubs born at the berlin is due 2 weeks ago still look tiny if more than doubled in size though since they were born they still weigh less than half a kilogram the yet to be named duo are starting to grow white fur and are developing the typical dark circles around their eyes still it's hard to believe they'll one day look like their other. and
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. another weekend of pro-democracy protests has begun in hong kong with demonstrators forming human chains across the city they've also been singing a defiant anthem called glory to hong kong this weekend's protests coincide with the chinese mid-autumn festival. there watching you know the news live from berlin up next news africa i'm max foster thanks for joining us. now from her 1st day of school in the jungle. first clueless and. then doris green the moment arrives. join the ring of change on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour of bring you jane returns home on t w dot com
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