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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2019 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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and for you. another weekend of pro-democracy protests has begun in hong kong with demonstrators forming human chains across the city they've also been singing a defiant anthem called glory to hong kong this weekend's protests coincide with the chinese mid-autumn festival. there watching you know the news live from berlin up next the news africa i'm max foster thanks for joining us. for. her 1st day of school in the jungle. first clueless and. then doris green the moment arrives to. join the ring to take on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour around the ring in 10 returns home on t w dot com getting.
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excited about the fact that. this is the the news often kept coming up on the program surprising violence against women put this test in south africa where out of the streets on friday calling for action not countries where the woman is killed every 3 hours women are seeing enough is enough also coming out. and it will be the mudville i visit their blood been properly. lost in some crimes and by michael mollies famous rock pop sumi takes us on a tour of his hometown. and
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if i could join you know your welcome to the program activists are calling it an epidemic of violence against women in south africa every sensed string of brutal attacks on women a spock protest across the country today hundreds to to the streets of johannesburg to demand more action from the government and bring about change in the society that doesn't respect women the figures are alarming every 3 hours a woman gets killed in south africa there were 3000 family sites in 2018 that is 5 times the global average sexual violence against women is also a huge problem last year on average of 114 of aids were recorded by the police each day the victims are largely women as many rapes go on reported their real figures
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are likely to be much higher at the protest in johannesburg women see they live in a climate of fear i think ask ask myself in my next in my next it's guarantee love our society and schools workplaces way i mean i don't know how can i put this but they which place i was safe and even in your own home not safe so you haven't seen that. everyone that was my thought was right when i was 18 and it wasn't someone that anyone would have one was. about to be the next like i love god i'm so. happy the life a lot of what i was. we walk down the roads and we feel like any man is upgraded we don't trust any man. we don't want to
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be left in a room alone with a strange man and the trust has been broken like there's too much violence i have to activists join me now from south africa. is that there are told rise up against violence on. ronnie is the activist thanks for talking to us mandisa it woman is killed every 3 hours in south africa what is to blame for that . locality the issue that we have is that reaction out of me saying that masculinity and maybe are not sites and also the site actually has a lot of trauma that hasn't been result out psychosocial support any type of services available so you find it made a specific itself in the most line and so great and unfortunately that's why actually my site rate is so high. man i guilt over these
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crimes what is wrong with south african men. i mean what is wrong with men in the world right as monday says it is this toxic masculinity that just continues to let men believe that then title to women's bodies and that toxic masculine it in that form of control and power is the reason why men think that they can rape and kill women and gender nonconforming people in south africa. this issue has also been huge on social media dozens of hostile acts on which people have taken to twitter to vent their frustration and anger one woman to my body is not and should not be your crime scene woman 2 people my body is mine and another is polluting my gratitude to the famous novelist says men are free that women will laugh at them women are freed that men will kill them another woman is angry with
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the president she writes of all the presidents that i know i was sure the quietest that's not how the wife or daughters or grandchildren is our plight not worth the attention so mandisa anga direct at other presidents what can he and the government of south africa do to protect women. ok so what can the south african government do to protect women. interventions for example prevention they can go with social be a real change programs that can actually assist in and adjusting the cultural norms that actually create this. but also what they can do is they can strengthen the response line something does take place so for example cup as a greek crisis since it ensured that women exorcists out in the event that then in the recent relationship you have a properly working criminal justice system so that all changes actually you know there's some of that and some of the interventions that they can actually do that
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they can actually make. the scourge of sound that there is hope that it's a well. and they're completely and to sustain a sponsor and to. mend the tritos of violence against women the are the ones who need to change how can that happen. i mean we have to think about what men do so is saying in the prevention stage we talk about social behavioral patterns right and learning talks and masculinity but in all truth the simple fact is men should stop killing and raping women i know it sounds quite simple but if men can like just look into themselves and treat women and gender nonconforming and queer people in a respectable manner we would go a long way and ending gender based violence right now i don't think that men respect women and believe women to be humans and that's why they are continuing what they're doing to women and that's country picking up from that we had
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a protest i see it's difficult to trust men it was a woman talking about that so how can this trust be regained in the chest men and women well it's pretty simple they need to stop killing and rethink but obviously that's. we need to accept some kind of societal change some kind of exceptions trip which some kind of i'm learning of where there should be some kind of trust a ship that starts and goes because at the moment issues. like i mean i'm going to play chess and we don't even feel that the ice base is we can extend ourselves i mean if we can be killed in the post office there's nothing stopping them from doing anything ok mondays can you live and that's normal granny thank you both. and zimbabwe the confusion of where and how former president robert mugabe should
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be buried appears to have been settled our reports are previewed we shun the reports from the stadium and had already well gabby is currently lying in state. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader. has finally been resolved he will now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is better our arrangements with a center of discussion in the past few days where the thermally insisted that they wanted a private ceremony in this rural home and while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes where most of the founding leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throw their federal stadium into hot rodded to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the sense that this is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in 1800 he lives
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a complex legacy where some view him as a pan african east and a liberator we liberated zimbabwe from the shit cause of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwe an economy and also bad human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the founding fathers of independent zimbabwe. few the beats in bamako mali's most famous drop out must assume e takes us on at 4 of his home town it's one of the fastest growing cities in the well but that comes at the expense of the poor in society but must assume he uses his rhymes and his influence to address social issues and give back to the people he grew up with as the sunni muslim. leader system the street lawyer the voice of the voiceless. homemaker the city of the 3 came and come with me and discover my
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city. this may lead to a cape. a mastiff so me it's one of molly's most famous backpacks he was born in bamako in 1983 and has lived here all his life around 3000000 people call this place home but pretty much everyone knows his rough name and it's no wonder over half of mali's population is under 18 in their own music. can accommodate $35000.00 spectators would be allowed to march and. march says many conservative bent. there's a lot of huge concerts the stadium is named after a much deeper kid the 1st president of the republic of mali. many types you molly personnel are mark. loves playing in. he simply launched the vibe here the city which was built on the banks of the ribeye
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niger innis one of the fastest growing metro police. sometimes at the expense of those who are below the poverty line. must assume many comments on the social change in bamako in his news right. now. therefore our. dependence to get the must assume a studio in and told me. she gets the creative energy he meets. was that it sinks in french in mali its national language of. the country's musical heritage is a huge source of inspiration for much to so many was. to
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give my music an authentic turn to use traditional instruments such as the guitar like cora under. or the song. a tradition of. pleasure whenever we could be with think about what's traditional instrument the 5th best my goal is to create a symbiosis a mix of the modern and the traditional you know you. don't need to do traditional i must assume you grew up in sokoto. and he's never forgotten his roots he often organizes festivals and invites produces as a way of giving back to the young people in these communities the winner of these rap battle in color all will be rewarded with that record contract and maybe even at chance to escape poverty. and use africa you
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can catch all our stories on our website facebook page so i hope you enjoy the show and i thank you i'll give you a great weekend until we meet again it's good bye. do you speak this like. your camps. and. thanks. come to the right place. 16th street. takes only.
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with people to make the game so special. we'll all be well that ends well. this week and the ongoing us china trade war and markets reasons for hope. also euro zone finance ministers. to finance the fight against climate change.


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