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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2019 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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this is when has just been announced and it is a young artist from our say france that lives and works here about that. for you. is the winner from our side on artist is the joint to receive the coveted prize. i feel so well coming. in a future that is not mine originally it is beauty full and also i ween surprised me . with a world that is not that i think going to be easy to. handle. to like. the jury rewarded jordan's challenging and compelling language saying how it works open up an uncertain experience the berlin based artist combines installations with performance of film with sculpture at the hamburger bahnhof museum in berlin she is presenting to new installations.
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that the film that is focusing on the fantasy which is women who are not anymore mansouri to do our bidding again he found pleasure. men opposer women in the throes of sexual lost in a way women at this age are rarely shown i love sera types not only for show little but archetypes in their representations have a very important function of projection of projection of fetishism i try to break downs of stereotypes by pushing them somewhere we are not used to see them to correct the serial types this is what i tried to. judge than convince the jury with homeworks the prize is a solo exhibition which will be put on next year until february her works will be shown together with those of the other shortlisted artists the shortlist.
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exhibition is considered a major overview of the upcoming contemporary art scene all 4 artists have already attracted plenty of international and national attention the price has been promoting contemporary art since 2000 and. the must see when you see how important and successful the prize has been measured by the number of prize winners who are a major artist today and i'm happy that the prize continues and that it really goes to those who deserve it if you want to try giving good thank you one thing is for so we'll be hearing a lot more from oh please young artists but especially from corning. thank the swiss american photographer robert frank was one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century renowned for his role and expressive style which changed the course of documentary photography he captured ordinary people doing ordinary things finding guarded moments and intimacy in his subjects
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a retrospective of his work just opened and planned long before the news came of his death last tuesday of the age of 94. a seemingly tranquil image behind it is a history of the question secretary should embrace it and this is just 103 it's made robert frank a legend. the fighter both the americans captured the 1950 s. in the united states the photograph taken of a month traveling across the country posed the heart of america. it was a group that really made a star in the united states because it showed pictures that nobody wanted to see because they showed another america. the picture that people had been down mines i think changed the course of photography and they changed. if you people have
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a yard of the 950 is bright enough to. respond franks saw a country so different to his arm he had a nuanced gates of an outsider the lens of the way would travel on american society the study of the beat generation. before the rubs the right move there were other for those it wasn't up to the standard that the professionals would think would be a good photograph was. the c.e.o. gallery in berlin is now exhibiting robert frank on scene and anonymous and his photographs provoke the curiosity of the world that he sees his gaze a radical frankness unpolished spontaneous and sometimes even intrusive. thanks this was one of his favorite photographs. i think
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said i have in mind chose a black couple in a park in san francisco and they look at the photographer i've asked the viewer kind of shop and angry because he's taking a picture. of the exhibition also displays only unpublished photographs which he took in europe again we see the close look he takes of people in all walks of life with the enduring paris london he's telling the narrative with a visual language. later in life he also makes films and videos he's rolling stones tour documentary it became a scandal that the way they were doing it was not. just a few days ago robert frank died at the age of $94.00 he started in 1941 and he photographed until last year or maybe the beginning of this year that's like so i have to croak like all. was 7 years in the war of photographs and films and it's
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it's an enormous amount of work that is left over this is a legacy does is an unparalleled his photos and now classics subjectives truthful he was a giant in photography and artistic destruction who kept his eye conventional view of the world and to the very end. fabulous fun times also for this edition of arts and culture i leave you with polka monier singing from a campus called a breakout fest in oct i was watching a box about. the way. the super bowl the school the school. stood.
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in good shape to take some light weight for us in forests and fields and that dangerous. and down more than 100 different species of ticks some of them is news and others are transmitting the disease after mosquitoes to other most dangerous victor for diseases everything you ever wanted to know about ting's. next d.w. . coming up sunday the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. too soon to bring to clicks on the from him bones from 250. barking on the for you to discovery. expedition in boyd on the dole.
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welcome to you in good shape coming up on the show vacation time how long do all parties need to recuperate. no more nail biting how best to quit the habit. clubs takes the dangers that could be lurking in the grass. and here's your host dr custom like a top. hello and welcome to in good shape a walk through the great old dogs can be fun but it can be dangerous too because there are predators there are snakes and there are ticks.
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that for up blood as ticks burrow into our skin to get it they can infect us with viruses and backs.


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