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your own daughter would prefer to join terrorists rather than stay with you and she thinks it's cool. maybe i just wanted to rebel because of my agent and is not was kind of trendy i guess i just like. them things not to get out of bounds as you can how a father lost his daughter to islamic state budget just helpless. little or no. 15 minutes long t w. e flora. our culture. high hair. superman. super food stylish style
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this is d w news live from berlin pro-democracy protests in hong kong are marred by violence again clashes break out of all when probation activists face off with the protesters it's the latest confrontation as long as sometimes violent demonstrations go along to the scene also coming up some bob way business a final farewell to its longtime leader tens of thousands gather in the capital harare for robert mugabe a state funeral after his coffin our prime yesterday in kabul for 37 years before being ousted by his top military. cluster nisha is where the 2011 arab spring began. but democracy has not been easy for the country and the reason
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voters head to the polls on sunday for a snap presidential election nearly 90 percent stayed their stand up with politics . omarion evanston it's good to have you with us a pro-democracy protests in hong kong has been disrupted by counter demonstrators waving chinese flags the senate at a mall in the chinese territory became the scene of violent clashes when pro beijing activists confronted the demonstrators i this is just one of several protests planned for today on kong is in its 4th month the pro-democracy protests they were initially launched to pose a controversial extradition bill but have since why haven't to demand free
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elections and especially administering territory. correspondent mathias bearing a is following events at the scene in hong kong and he joins us now by t.s. what is going on where you are. i mean this shopping mall today the probe aging staged a protest people turned up with chinese flags chanting the chinese national anthem at the same time pro-democracy protesters showed up they came into the mall both sides faced each other trying to push each other to the side down there now just now the police was there they have left they are coming in and out on the 2 pounds off a seeing each other both sides extremely angry. accusing each other of this. drawing
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the city the probating compounds the protesters violence destroys the city the pro democracy comsat as that hong kong freedoms are being destroyed by the current current government and their supporters i promise he is the pro-democracy protesters said they've been planning a peaceful sit in at the mall i did these clashes come as a surprise i there are several things going on in several more. the clashes don't come as a surprise because both sides show up the i.c.u. police running now into some corridor both sides show up at the same scene there is of course a lot of tension and in this heated atmosphere where many people are really at the brink of their nerves often during these days there's a chance for these things to stay anti any peaceful. well we've been seeing clashes
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between the pro-democracy demonstrators and police but these clashes today between the pro-democracy camp and the pro beijing supporters is this a new kind of escalation i have been several types of installation throughout the time that have been former pro police rallies or pro establishment rallies where there have been little scuffles. but having everybody in one more is of course a very dangerous situation and the atmosphere is very tense and there is little chance that. this will and without further scuffles or clashes well monday is where you are is just where one of the demonstrations now turning very violent as we can see what else was planned for today in hong kong i. i there are several actions planned today there is
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a middle school students rally and other. smaller gatherings are happening the probe aging companies also organized several things this one was a known stance and event where they would come and chant and i'm broaches the shopping malls have somehow become the bad enough to focus in the last few days as mostly pro-democracy protesters gather and chanted and also sometimes the probe aging protesters that have been some attacks on these walls the lennon was reposted to protesters the pro-democracy protesters put up messages they have been destroyed by probe aging people so we are seeing this kind of scuffle in all the neighborhoods now today in hong kong before the big demonstration that is staged to to morrow another big march that has been banned by the police and that is probably
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going to be the main event this week and i t. is calling for our reporting from hong kong we thank you very much i. must get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world. saudi arabia's interior ministry says a major oil processing facility and an oil field in the country's east have been targeted in drone attacks it says huge fires at the 2 sides have been brought under control there's been no immediate claim of responsibility but yemen based who the rebels have targeted saudi oil facilities in the past. germany says is prepared to take in a quarter of all migrants who arrive in italy by boat german interior minister for the hoover revealed the decision in an interview with the. newspaper the parent goodwill gesture comes ahead of e.u. wide talks on migration do later this month. germany's finance minister has called
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for a drastic step to counter climate change all of shaw's navy appeal at a meeting with officials in helsinki to discuss energy taxation says an international approach is needed to help reach climate targets. to zimbabwe now where tens of thousands of people are expected to pay their respects later today at the state funeral of former leader robert mugabe. coffin arrived friday at the national sports stadium in the capital harare for public viewing the arena can seat up 260000 people they ruled zimbabwe for 37 years after becoming the country's 1st leader following white minority rule he was ousted by his own military in 2017 and died in a singapore hospital last week at the age of 95.
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when d.w. correspondent. is standing by at the stadium in harare where the state funeral from gaba is being held hello to you on trans so tell us what's happening right now. the stadium is still quite empty maxime are full and it's it seems to be if you talk to people even on the streets of power there's a lot of indifference because life continues yes normal on the other hand we have a lot of african heads of states coming in the country today about 10 of them many are scheduled to speak here during that state funeral and an interesting side effect is also there from this lead us i would cite africa reschedules a from russia from cuba and from china and this shows once again the kind of approach that governments to the west that would remember he was very critical of the with the bulls and i think this is a arrangement of the speeches of certain of example. but even there had been
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a dispute over where exactly robert mugabe who remains would be laid to rest how is that ultimately resolved. well actually was the schedule to be fair it's tomorrow right here is a good get an hour with the national heroes out there it's but then just today everything suddenly changed it's not going to take place because the country has been protesting they say the government. oh it appears as if it will take you 2 days to come up with find the perfect. but i mean we seem to be having a bit of a technical problem getting the audio but it's yours if you can still hear me we do see quite a number of people paying tribute to robert mugabe and yet he was of course a very controversial figure. how do you see his legacy. over this 2 sides of the story he's been celebrated as the gracious hero of the
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people who liberated it's a symbolic form that white minority racist put on the other hand what happened during his ruling of almost 40 years was certainly not good for the country that u.k. should system is down the economy up until now it's really struggling. to see people of the hood one it's an hour of trying to queue to get money from each of them said it's very difficult for them to watch all of the country's population have left zimbabwe because of the economic challenges of this is certainly part of his legacy and of course we must also remember the human rights abuses that were committed under his watch. a petri dish reporting for us from harare thank you. tunisians will be voting in a snap presidential election on sunday the poll was originally scheduled to take place in november but it was brought forward after the death of the incumbent a city $26.00 candidates are taking part in the race including the owner of the
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islamist party and and incumbent prime minister use of head to the asia is known as the birthplace of the 2011 arab spring the today it is held up as the only nation in the region to have successfully manage the transition to democracy nevertheless it's still beset by problems such as high unemployment and poverty. it's election time in the rural village of minute by young politician. jess shabab is trying to convince people heads to go out and vote but many farmers a skeptical politician comes out was that i was not a man i don't trust politicians they all lied to us none of them told the truth they cheated us the farmers more than others and so far we haven't had a single government that kept selection promises. broken i just above understands the frustration of many changes ian's are disappointed with politics
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now more than ever the economic crisis is causing problems for people and some blame democracy. several presidential candidates are openly in favor of a return to authoritarian rule china's is the only country that introduced a parliamentary system off to the arab spring 9 years ago democracy is now at stake that's why how joe wants to fight for it and i want to show you what i want to go up when i talk to a lot of young people i'm not that old i enjoy it when i tell them how much we used to dream about democracy when i ask them what they dream of today and how we can make their dreams come true when assad from using them and one of the most people are probably dreaming of getting a good joke about one 3rd of young chinese ins are unemployed especially university graduates a most of them want to emigrate. in the inhuman of the 2 things are important in the presidential candidates must 1st recognize this problem and secondly actually solve it and that if we can't meet the expectations of our young
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people soon it will be a serious threat to our country knew what i had i would say yes instead of working toward strengthening the economy politicians only care about themselves. for years she's been at the forefront of the youth movement and now she wants to boycott the election to have. been if i found the ethics of the political class very frustrating it's all about internal power struggles and accusations that frightens me. well nearly 90 percent of chinese in surveyed say that dissatisfied with politics but not everyone has given up more and more people have registered to vote in the last few weeks perhaps this is also due to the chair initiative which was launched by the president where young activists advertise the parliamentary system to other young people. like him but he must be someone that has a very asked people what they would do if they were in charge then we tell them where the election is important look at people need to understand what the
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president does want to parliament does well then politics will no longer be a mystery to them and that i use shop shall move on my mission up someone will pick up the wall. one topic that continues to puzzle is the outcome of the elections 26 candidates compete with very different profiles and goes according to polls no individual party can count on a majority the 2 top drunk candidates will probably have to face a runoff fights. are right since for it's now and the bundesliga is back after the international break with a disorder of drawing one all with organ the friday game kicking off match day for just the us home fans were treated to an early goal after 60 minutes attained cross found its way to nico gives the man who finished superbly to give the hose the lead it was a 1st full display goal for the left back bunch of us market back striker booted the course with the equaliser around the half hour mark skillfully set up by us that brick hollow after a scoreless 2nd half the match finished one apiece. you're up to
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date now and you get the carrion and steve thanks for watching. the. mclean. and i'm game for the brand new delusions are most vocal explosive devices the topix the success all. climate change to return. only brings the checkout. hi dad its me there's no future for us here i don't have one single dollar. if there is
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a smuggler who got 10 women out of here yesterday without any problems. but . i see it shatters any illusions you might. be your own child would rather go join terrorists than stay with you. and even thinks it's cool for the liquid like sex and i was young i guess and wanted a bit of revolution islam was sort of in. this film tells the story of a father i accompanied over a period of 4 years and his daughter. come on this is pretty it's clear to us that she's not only some little girl who was groomed me to hug and i loved it unfold
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around sure i was naive and euphemism which is also a perpetrator of. the story of 2 vastly different worlds. it was to get out of there as quickly as you can go. a story of life and death. i'm waiting please dad plays. in march 25th. mike messing's world was turned upside down his daughter had suddenly disappeared without a trace he then started receiving messages on his phone from a stranger. the
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job was a mere 3 months i couldn't understand what he was telling me and walk law but when i saw that tiny profile photo of him and clicked on it it looked horrible for your . and saw that flag. that was like final. and. his daughter leonora was 15 years old at the time her parents had separated some years earlier mike who runs a bakery in a small town in eastern germany had recently remarried was that the reason for leonora's disappearance had she felt like a 3rd wheel mike didn't know. to those around her she had seemed like a typical teenager interested in boys and beauty products desperate for clues to help make sense of it all mike searched leonora's room he found her diary and was confronted with a parallel existence one dominated by islam and in which his daughter was wearing
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a headscarf. he found photos on her computer which showed her hidden transformation. mike hadn't noticed a thing and blamed himself. for is that you keep coming back to yourself and ask why for what process or for why we will perform for what is a. young girls in germany have been systematically recruited by the supporters are searching social media for potential targets event after girls are often married off while they're still minus and push to produce new fighters if they fall out of favor they become slaves so why are girls and young women from across europe choosing to go and live in this darkness scene. for an agonizing 12 days
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mike heard nothing from leonora then finally he received a voice message little did the father know that soon he would be keeping his phone by his side at all times. it would become the sole source of contact with his daughter. hi dad i'm trying to send you a voice memo that reaches you quickly. i'm doing really well we have a really big apartment here. that is that is decorated everything in purple of course we have you know we don't have couches here but these pillows you said on. i'm also sending you photos of the president he gave me gold. leonora was talking about how wedding aged just 15 she married an islamic state fighter this is the official wedding photo she was one of the man's 3 wives mike's layo was now living in another world in syria in the midst of
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a civil war. previous world had been biking by a village of 200 people in the hearts mountains region of eastern germany. at this point mike approached me. i am a journalist and already had years of on the ground experience covering i-s. and had been to syria and iraq often we immediately had a good report but at that 1st meeting in 2015 we had little idea of how often we would speak and meet over the next years and every time we met one big question loomed why. can suffer the consequences shut us out she left us without any opportunity to be part of her life. she was a girl who went voluntarily to syria go back in the aisle and welcome to the talk show 2 and a half years after the u.s. withdrawal iraq is at risk of being plunged into chaos also here are a mass safe distance we might pinch ourselves as to the pace at which
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a few 1000 jihadists a terrorizing an entire country designing their militias are over running around one 3rd of iraq and syria and setting up a ruthless regime of terror. and somewhere in the south declared caliphates was leonora gushing with pride over her husband who went by the name of me heard. me heard it was born martine lemke and was a welder you know mine in germany before joining us where he reportedly came to hold a senior position and i asked intelligence a fellow german i asked for a crude would later testify that instead of torturing people himself lehmkuhl had others do it for him leonora was getting acquainted with her new home rocca the capital of the i asked color for it she texted her dad about what she'd seen.
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us the roundabout was right outside leonora's home. by us used such violent images as propaganda on the internet in order to recruit new people and intimidate opponents. in the weeks after leonora to submit the police were informed and visited mike's home where they seized his daughter's computer. but there was little they could do. yet mike is heading to berlin to a counseling center called high out arabic for life it was set up.


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